Best CRM For WordPress

Best CRM For WordPress

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Customer relationship management (CRM) happens to be a crucial component of managing your interactions and connections with clients and prospects. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if there had been WordPress CRM plugins that could seamlessly incorporate customer relationship management into your site? Fortunately, there are a few, and we’ll go through the greatest ones, as well as their benefits and drawbacks.

You can create a blog without the need for a WordPress CRM application, but the benefits will be limited. You may quickly obtain client information using a CRM plugin. The data may then be separated by customer characteristics, and clients can be filtered based on specific traits. These features are available in most WordPress CRM plugins, and they help you better understand your customers for promotional and business purposes.

The availability of automation features is one of the most typical variations between different WordPress CRM plugins. Simply eliminating repeating activities can help you to boost productivity and money. Another significant distinction is that some extensions give observations while others do merely the most basic functions, such as saving client information.

There are many CRM plugins to pick from, but we’d like to emphasize the must-have characteristics while you’re researching CRMs. Here are some things to keep an eye out for:

  • A full contact capturing solution that includes form builders and tools for embedding forms on any website. This should be as straightforward as possible. Widgets, drag and drop builders, and shortcodes are all things to look for.
  • Several databases for storing client information and custom fields to tailor the database to your own company requirements.
  • A reporting module featuring graphs and reports that may be printed. We prefer to see aspects of publishing and printing because we know you won’t be reading the reports all by yourself.
  • Task schedulers can assist your employees to stay organized and arrange appointments with clients.
  • Keep track of your activities and take notes so that you may go backward and see what was discussed with your consumers.
  • Tags, filters, and search bars let you find the clients and organizations you need quickly.
  • Apps and plugins, or an integration tool for connecting to other CRMs, website platforms, and extensions.

Here are the best WordPress CRM plugins recommended to help you sift through all of the possibilities available.

1. Best CRM for WordPress

1.1 HubSpot

HubSpot CRM for WordPress

HubSpot is simple to use and integrates with over 300 different tools. Having all of your contact database’s information in one place makes contact management simple, useful, and actionable. HubSpot is an all-rounded development platform that assists organizations in becoming more successful. Businesses may use the platform to better engage, attract, and delight consumers.

The CRM plugin includes a free form generator that will instantly sync your visitors’ contributions with the CRM. Those leads will be sent to your list of contacts automatically, even if you’re using a separate form tool like Ninja Forms or Gravity Forms. Banners, pop-ups, and embedded forms may all be made with the form builder. You also get live chatbots to interact with your prospects and customize your discussions at scale, in addition to that useful CRM. In the CRM, all chats are immediately logged.

HubSpot’s WordPress plugin is a unique WordPress CRM solution since it provides free tools for those who do not go over the restrictions, but it becomes pricey for those who do. For example, it’s fairly unusual for small firms to send more than the threshold of 2,000 emails every month. However, with inexpensive email marketing options outside of HubSpot, the price jumps considerably. In short, HubSpot isn’t cheap for small firms, but it’s a valuable ally for fast-growing organizations with a steady cash flow.


  • The plugin comes with a number of pre-designed email templates.
  • There’s a tab dedicated to your reports and statistics, which includes detailed information on how the life cycle is progressing and if or not your emails are successful.
  • You may select which pages your live chatbots, popups, and other customer communication elements appear on.
  • Over 300 smooth integrations are included in the plugin, including Stripe, WooCommerce, and Gravity Forms. HubSpot may also be linked to Zapier, allowing for even more connections.
  • Interactions and discussions with each contact are updated in real-time. You won’t have to continue making updates to the client profiles manually this way.
  • As a customer service alternative, live chat sessions are available.
  • A client management platform is embedded within the CRM, making segmentation and list building simple.
  • HubSpot keeps track of all client interactions, letting you know what they’ve done on your site and if you’ve had any discussions with them.
  • You may check back on each contact’s page visits to observe how they engage with your website.
  • The form designer is excellent for creating designs that are consistent with your brand. Popups and other advertising strategies are also available through the form builder.
  • Each client is given a uniform chronology that explains where they are in the customer journey and if or not you should contact them.
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1.2 WP ERP

WP ERP CRM for WordPress 

WP ERP offers a free plugin that integrates an HRM, CRM, and accounting solution for small and big businesses. It has more than 10,000 active installs and a positive rating.

This CRM plugin for WordPress consists of two modules: one for HRM and accounting and the other for CRM functionality.  They don’t have any restrictions, so you can fill all of the modules with as much data as you wish.

To start with the WP ERP plugin, you don’t have to spend anything. The most critical features to assist your business remain in touch with clients and tracking those interactions are included in the free edition. Company information management, holiday calendar, and location tools are just a few of the free features.

The majority of these CRM functions are available for free, so this is a good option for budget-conscious businesses. It’s also a fantastic tool if you’re going to have a lot of integrations. It works with a variety of accounting software, email campaign managers, and payment gateways, for example.

Finally, because the WP ERP extension includes an accounting program, you might be able to do away with other accounting tools entirely.


  • Payments from customers and clients all across the world may be collected in over 40 different currencies.
  • Attractive notification mails are sent to both customers and administrators, with a variety of themes to select from.
  • With white labeling, you may develop a whole corporate profile.
  • The WP ERP plugin includes an HR Manager with tools for managing locations, administering employee benefits, and disseminating company-wide announcements.
  • With capabilities for managing customer lifecycle and building contact groups, the CRM’s client administration is excellent.
  • You have the ability to create comments for all customers.
  • The records are maintained so you can go back and examine what you spoke about with consumers.
  • You may use characteristics and keywords to filter your client database.
  • The plugin helps you to allocate certain connections to specific persons in your organization if you have agents.
  • The CRM performance report is useful for determining how your business is progressing and whether your offerings are benefiting your customers.
  • The CRM comes with a fantastic accounting system that includes capabilities for folks who aren’t accountants. A financial statement, income monitoring, and reporting are among the features.
  • You may pay for a number of extensions, including an HR frontend, an attendance module, and WooCommerce integration.


1.3 Salesforce’s Web-to-Lead

 Salesforces Web-to-Lead CRM for WordPress

Salesforce is the most well-known CRM product on the market. It’s a powerful alternative with a clean look and extensive functionality that’s used by both large and small enterprises.

One of Salesforce’s biggest benefits is that data is saved on the cloud so that you can view it from anywhere via the web or your mobile device. They now offer a Salesforce Web-to-Lead plugin.

This plugin helps in collecting leads straight from your WordPress website and sending them to your Salesforce subscription. Although the extension is free, you must purchase a Salesforce subscription. The monthly pricing starts at $25 for each user. Salesforce offers a variety of solutions and suites at various pricing points.

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Salesforce comes with a steep training curve and a hefty price tag. However, if effectively implemented, it rapidly pays for itself. Salesforce is great for implementing all kinds of sales or customer interaction technologies into your firm, regardless of how big it is. Overall, we appreciate this CRM as a fully-featured solution for viable firms looking to grow quickly.

Some of their free plugins are better solutions for tiny businesses with little cash flow. Also, bear in mind that you can use the Salesforce WordPress extension only if you have a Salesforce subscription.


  • The plugin connects to Salesforce, one of the most sophisticated CRM platforms available, eliminating the requirement to import and export customer data from WordPress.
  • The plugin adds a contact page to your WordPress site that you may position anywhere.
  • When it comes to placing your forms online, there’s a widget that gives you even more options.
  • The form builder is found on the WordPress dashboard, and it allows you to select from a variety of contact information fields.
  • Customer communications, corporate conversations, and links to social networking sites are all available through account and contact management aspects.
  • Salesforce has a feature called opportunity management that allows you to stage products, assess the competition, and send out estimates.
  • Salesforce has lead management features that allow you to monitor your prospects in the most effective way possible.
  • From the comfort of your Salesforce dashboard, you may check your sales statistics.
  • Salesforce increases productivity by allowing for visual workflows and data synchronization, to mention a few capabilities.
  • Salesforce provides a wide range of marketing tools. A mail studio, a trip builder, and a networking studio are just a few of them. They’re all directly integrated with Salesforce CRM.

Salesforce’s Web-to-Lead

1.4 Bitrix24 

Bitrix24 CRM for WordPress

Bitrix24 CRM tool isn’t strictly a plugin, but rather a WordPress-specific integration. It saves contacts in the WordPress user database, and you may manually enter them or have them captured automatically using a lead generating form on your website. If the concept of potential prospects and customers getting labeled as users makes you uneasy, remember that you may choose the default role that is allocated to them. You may also specify which fields are necessary using advanced settings.

Each contact record includes a communication thread and may be sorted by contact type, allowing you to keep a record of every connection. The assistance choices are a significant benefit of this product.

Bitrix24 CRM also comes with a number of apps that you may use. Some are completely free, while others need a fee. For those looking for a free CRM, Bitrix24 CRM appears to be a good option. Apart from the applications, there aren’t many upsells, therefore most of the functionality is included in the basic plugin. Not to mention that many of the applications are available for download for free. It’s also ideal for individuals who don’t want to use a separate CRM dashboard. This is a tool that takes care of everything in the WordPress dashboard, giving you a familiar experience.


  • Bitrix24 CRM offers simple tools for generating contact forms, as well as direct connectors with various add-ons for sending emails and customer management.
  • With the use of shortcodes, you may insert contact forms everywhere on your website.
  • Custom traits and categories provide you with more ways to organize your people.
  • Using list filters, you may find certain persons. This is especially useful if you have a huge contact list.
  • You can keep records of all of your consumer communications. This means you’ll be able to keep track of communications and make notes about all your users.
  • Bulk and individual editing options are available for modifying the structure of your database.
  • You may use the notification control area to choose which of your clients and employees receive notifications when specific events occur.
  • The CSV export and import tool allow you to input large amounts of data in bulk.
  • On the dashboard, dynamic charts are provided to quantify the data and understand how you connect with your clients.
  • An extension for delivering SMS notifications is included with the plugin. If you want to market contacts in your CRM, this is ideal.
  • Some of the connectors are particularly useful for keeping track of when most of your bills have been sent out. You may check for clients who haven’t paid and report paid bills.
  • The CRM features custom fields, including some that are specific to the CRM, such as previous sales, the ideal time to contact a client, and the services required.
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1.5 Groundhogg

Groundhogg CRM for WordPress

Groundhogg is a marketing automation plugin and self-hosted CRM for WordPress that helps organizations consolidate, simplify, and automate advertising and profits. With funnels, CRM, email marketing, and more, you can automatically route your clients through the sales funnel with this CRM.

It’s a freemium corporate structure, which means you can launch for free and then pay as you need more features. You may get some of their 40+ extensions to interact with the most common WordPress plugins and services, as well as add extra features like money collection and conditional funnel logic.

Because it’s open-source, has a big community, and paid features are backed by a committed staff, Groundhogg is an exciting CRM for all users. Not just that, but you may select from a broad number of integrations. Groundhogg isn’t the most affordable CRM on the market. You are, however, paying for specialized customer service, community access, and services that are regularly tested and updated.


  • Many WordPress plugins, such as WooCommerce and Gravity Forms, as well as LMS plugins like LifterLMS, may be integrated.
  • Social Proof, Payments, and Appointment Bookings are among the approximately 16 extensions that focus on sales and lead creation.
  • The plugin is self-hosted in its entirety. This means you own all of your data from the minute you record it until the time you wish to export it.
  • You can make data-driven judgments thanks to the clear reports. Some of these findings feature complex charts as well as capabilities for sharing them with all of the interested parties.
  • The Groundhogg WordPress extension is an innovative emailing system that allows you to send automatic and manual messages to your contacts. It also allows you to send limitless emails, so you’ll never run out.
  • The data list is also limitless, with enormous contact lists supported.
  • Contact forms and records can have an unlimited number of custom fields. Make the paperwork as specific as possible to your company.
  • The drag-and-drop email builder is ideal for creating professional-looking emails without requiring any coding or specialized programming knowledge.
  • The plugin includes a funnel builder, which allows you to choose the stages you want to include in your sales pipeline. To help you get started, we’ve offered some suggestions and templates.
  • Exporting and importing is unrestricted, which means you may bring in and send out whatever you choose. Because so many database tools strive to make it much harder to export the data or keep control of your lists, this is distinctive to Groundhogg.


2. Conclusion

Once you’ve started creating a client basis with your site, you’ll need a WordPress CRM system to assist you to grow your business in the future. The more information you have about your consumers, the better equipped you will be to give them the services, products, and customer service they require.

CRM systems are also useful for identifying underperforming client categories and identifying growth possibilities. Only a few alternatives have been discussed thus far.

There are several CRMs on the market, and new ones are being produced on a daily basis. We’d love to learn about the tools you use to manage customer data and interaction. Let us know about your views in the comments section below!

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