Best Lead Generation Software

Best Lead Generation Software

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A lead-generating system is a time-saving sales and marketing tool that allows you to produce more leads and channel them to the appropriate team automatically. It aids in raising brand recognition, attracting more quality leads, and closing more transactions.

Do you realize that nearly four out of every five marketing leads never result in a sale? It is because they don’t have the right lead creation software and tools for prospecting and nurturing leads.

Lead generation tools, often known as lead gen tools, are used for more than just gathering data and producing leads. It also entails scoring, qualifying, and nurturing leads to turn them into clients. It might be difficult to integrate and bring the full process to fruition. It can result in the loss of prospective customers if it is not simplified.

That’s where lead generation software comes into play.

1. What is a lead generation software/platform?

Lead generation software programs automate the process of generating leads. You may use these techniques to create leads from various places, including landing sites, social media, and so on. These leads may be nurtured and converted into clients using other methods.

Each lead-generating software works differently and has its own set of capabilities based on the channels used to create leads.

2. What should you look for when purchasing lead generation software?

Even though all tools are different, they all have certain similar features that you should look for when choosing the finest lead generation tool for your company.

  • The curve of learning: Choose simple-to-use lead-generating software for your sales and marketing teams. It should also offer a comprehensive support service and enough training materials to ensure a seamless onboarding for your staff.
  • Options for tracking and targeting: Make sure the lead-generating platform you chose has audience targeting capabilities, so you can gather leads from the correct people without bothering others. It is not enough to just collect leads. You ought to be able to gather and track all of their transactions with your company in one location.
  • Tiers of pricing: Various price choices are available for various lead generation tools. They may offer a paid subscription as well as a free account. There are tiers within premium plans as well, allowing you to select the best choice based on your budget. Some lead-generating systems also include a free trial period, allowing you to evaluate the product before making a purchase.
  • Provide in-depth data analysis and sorting: Converting leads into clients involves data analysis. Not every visitor has the potential to become a customer. As a result, the tool you use should assist you in sorting out the possible possibilities from the jumbled data. It should allow you to categorize leads so that you may rank various lead categories.

3. What are the various sorts of lead generation software/tools?

The method of generating leads isn’t one-size-fits-all. In truth, there are several tools (and methods) for lead generation. They are as follows:

  • On-page lead generation: Uses sign-up forms and campaigns to generate leads straight from your website.
  • Email marketing: Use programs to nurture those leads and keep them interested in your business.
  • Find email addresses: Make contact with those who aren’t already on your mailing list.
  • Prospecting and outreach: Gather contact information from anonymous visitors and make contact with possible leads.
  • Tools for customer relationship management: Leads should be connected and tracked throughout the sales funnel.
  • Sales tools: Convert leads into paying clients while keeping in touch with current ones.
  • Communication tools: People like chatting and communicating with one another. Use it to your advantage to create leads for your company.
  • Advertising instruments: Drive traffic to the website by using social media and paid advertisements.

4. What are the methods for generating leads?

You can generate fresh leads by doing the following:

  • For lead generation, use quizzes, surveys, polls, and other methods.
  • Organizing competitions and gifts.
  • Use chat, phone calls, emails, and social media to communicate directly with your customers.
  • Paid Advertising Campaigns and SEO

Let’s proceed to look into a few of the Best Lead Generation Software out there which we have categorized under five sections.

  • Best forms lead generation software
  • Best landing page creations lead generation software
  • Best outreach campaigns lead generation software
  • Best AI lead generation software
  • Best database lead generation software
  • Best social media lead generation software

5. Best form lead generation software

5.1 Overloop

Overloop forms lead generation software

Best For: Pipeline management, CRM, lead prospecting
Suited For: Small to big enterprises
Integrations: Yes

Overloop is a customer relationship management system that specializes in email address prospecting, dialogues, pipelines, and workflows.

A drag-and-drop dashboard helps you to examine all of your streams at a glance, providing you with a clear picture of your organization.

Overloop’s automation is based on a graphical dashboard, allowing you to automate your sales prospecting. Most of all, it interfaces with a variety of services to automatically gather contact information. As a CRM, Overloop is completely free to use. Credits for email finder start at $39 per month for 250 credits and go up to $299 monthly for 10,000 credits.


  • Find email addresses in bulk and one at a time.
  • Turn your emails into unsolicited emails in one tool.
  • Track email campaigns with detailed data.
  • Automated processes cut down on time-consuming chores.
  • Using the last name, first name, and corporate domain, locate and validate your prospects’ email addresses.
  • Get email accounts from websites, social media pages, and professional networks using this Chrome plugin.
  • To target and develop leads at certain stages in the sales funnel, create automated processes.
  • From the Overloop inbox, you can manage all outgoing and incoming interactions.
  • To increase productivity, create and assign projects to your team, establish deadlines, and track progress.
  • Provides native iOS and Android applications for managing leads on the move.
  • Provides a live chat window for your website that may be used to engage visitors and create leads.
  • Create and integrate web forms to collect contact information from visitors.


5.2 Qualaroo

Qualaroo forms lead generation software

Best For: Lead forms, Survey, behavioral insights, on-site polls
Suited For: Small to big enterprises
Integrations: Yes

Qualaroo is the greatest lead-generating software solution and a powerful CRO tool that allows you to collect user feedback and behavioral insights, map customers’ journeys, and produce new leads all at the same time.

This software is suitable for small and big enterprises and is best known for lead forms, behavioral insights, surveys, and on-site polls.

It costs $80 per month, billed yearly.


  • To generate new leads, create feedback surveys with a lead form at the beginning or finish.
  • To lead clients to your newsletter and email subscription page, include an external survey link.
  • Nudges is a pop-up survey that you can embed in your app, website, mobile browser, or SaaS product to gather consumer feedback and acquire new leads from any platform.
  • To enhance lead generation for your site or app, position the Nudges in the appropriate locations and ask the correct questions.
  • Pre-built templates, over ten-question kinds, conditional branching, branding choices, and more are available to help visitors construct fully unique surveys.
  • To create your surveys and acquire behavioral insights from your visitors, you may use NPS, ratings, multiple-choice questions, CSAT, and free-form response types.
  • With advanced targeting options, you can choose when, how, and who to engage with each Survey or lead form.
  • Sentiment analysis is driven by AI to keep track of mood indicators and buzzwords across all customer comments, including free-form responses.
  • Collect client feedback to identify faults and complaints, then use that information to create a concept for A/B testing and improve your product, site, or app.
  • To automate workflows, aggregate leads data, and arrange follow-ups for nurturing them into clients, easily integrate with apps like Slack and Salesforce.


5.3 ProProfs Survey Maker

ProProfs Survey Maker forms lead generation software

Best For: Scored surveys, quizzes, surveys, polls, web forms, a sidebar form
Suited For: Small and big businesses
Integrations: Yes

ProProfs Survey Maker, a lead generating and conversion rate optimization application, is meant to increase user engagement and encourage them to complete survey forms. Scoresheets, skip logic, more than 15 question categories, graphic questions, and more are just a few of the features provided by the Survey Maker that make your surveys interesting, engaging, and tailored for your visitors.

Survey Maker is best for surveys, forms, quizzes, and multi-channel development and can be used by both small and big businesses. It contains a huge collection of ready-to-use templates and over 100,000 questions. You may also utilize graded surveys and quizzes to engage your consumers and generate additional leads.

Paid plans for the software start at $0.05 per response billed annually.


  • Create stunning surveys, sidebar forms, online forms, quizzes, polls, evaluations, and much more in minutes with the drag-and-drop editor.
  • Create quizzes and surveys in minutes with 100+ gorgeous templates.
  • To increase response rates, send the questionnaire and polls by mail, integrate them on your site, and promote them on social media.
  • Create polls to find out what your visitors think about new updates and adjustments.
  • Use entertaining and immersive scoring surveys and quizzes to encourage people to provide their contact information.
  • Add a non-intrusive lead form, feedback form, or contact form to your website with the sidebar.
  • For rapid data analysis, use the extensive reports area. On the same screen, you may examine survey replies, user information, survey ratings, and more.
  • Integrate with CRM platforms like Salesforce, Mailchimp, and Zendesk to deliver lead data and create prospect lists.

ProProfs Survey Maker

5.4 Picreel

Picreel forms lead generation software

Best For: Lead forms, surveys, on-page lead generation
Suited For: Small and big businesses
Integrations: Yes

Picreel is a great lead-generating solution that allows you to target visitor behavior to learn more about improving the customer experience and generating leads. It emphasizes an exit-intent pop-up to assist you in understanding customers’ intentions and encourage them to leave contact information so you may expand your prospect list. Follow-up interactions with the leads can be used to re-target them and convert them into clients. Picreel is best known for its lead forms, surveys, and on-page lead generation– both small and big businesses can use this software. The pricing starts at $14 per month, billed annually.


  • Using the visual editor, create unique offers and rename them to fit your website.
  • Overlays offer personalized offers depending on visitors’ activity, position on the website, or time spent on the page.
  • Offers combined with lead forms to encourage visitors to provide their contact information.
  • When users visit a page link, use Reelinks to display a lead-form overlay that allows them to subscribe to the subscription list or browse to another page.
  • Integrate survey overlays to get vital feedback from your current visitors.
  • To optimize interaction, target users based on visitor type, geography and demographics, referral site, and other factors.
  • It has a mobile-responsive design for website overlays.
  • With the in-depth analytics dashboard, you can track the website performance and campaigns. For rapid analysis, it displays conversions, page views, impressions, and other valuable analytics.
  • Integrate with other apps to deliver leads to your CRM software and convert them into customers.


5.5 Hotjar

Hotjar forms lead generation software

Best For: Behavioral insights, surveys, feedback
Suited For: Small and big businesses
Integrations: Yes

Hotjar is a platform for analyzing visitor behavior and generating new leads via surveys, comments, and on-site polls. This single lead creation solution has a slew of capabilities for mapping customer journeys, collecting feedback, generating leads, and analyzing consumer behavior. Hotjar is best known for its behavioral insights, feedback, and survey forms. This software is one of the most effective behavioral and lead-generating tools available, along with having a cost-effective pricing structure– it starts at $99 billed annually. It also includes tools for finding the optimal lead generating chances, such as heatmaps and screen recording.


  • It allows you to examine visitor behavior using heatmaps and session records.
  • See what your clients are focusing on and create a path map for them on your website.
  • To capture customer comments and visitor information, strategically post feedback and survey widgets on the website.
  • Support for multiple devices. It works on your website’s mobile, desktop, and tablet editions.
  • Allows you to construct a prospect list for your sales staff by integrating it with your CRM software.


5.6 Typeform

Typeform forms lead generation software

Best For: Quizzes and Survey forms
Suited For: Small and big businesses
Integrations: Yes

The capacity of lead generation systems to ask targeted questions in surveys to identify your clients so you can follow up appropriately is what makes them so powerful in lead generation and cultivating them. That is exactly what Typeform provides for you. The software is best known for its type forms and surveys. Typeform’s pricing starts from $35 per month.


  • Create surveys, forms, and fun polls for your site visitors using Typeform.
  • Using custom layouts, pre-built templates, and themes, you can create forms and surveys in minutes.
  • You may also utilize conditional logic to provide your respondents with a genuinely tailored experience. It sends users the appropriate follow-up questions based on their prior responses.
  • Add the Survey to your website, distribute it on social media with a link, and email it to the contact list.
  • Offers connectivity with Slack, Mailchimp, and other services so you can export data to your CRM and nurture the prospects you’ve received.
  • People may provide vocal and visual feedback using the VideoAsk function.
  • Offers an AI-powered interactive chatbot widget for product recommendations, software lead generation, and more.
  • To get you started, a well-designed onboarding procedure and training advice are provided.
  • Both general opinion and basic user testing can benefit from the VideoAsk function.
  • Beautifully crafted templates for online forms and quizzes are included with this sales lead generator.


5.7 WPForms

WPForms forms lead generation software

Best For: Survey forms
Suited For: Small and big businesses
Integrations: Yes

WPForms is one of the top survey form-based lead creation solutions and customer feedback software. It’s a plugin for WordPress that lets you build and add questionnaires to your webpage in moments without having to write any code. WPForms is best known for its survey forms, and pricing starts from $79 per year.


  • The drag-and-drop WordPress form builder allows you to create lead-generating forms and surveys quickly.
  • It’s perfect for entrepreneurs, bloggers, designers, programmers, and photographers.
  • To collect useful comments and generate new leads, simply embed your forms in pages, blog posts, sidebar widgets, and footers.
  • A mobile-friendly view that is responsive.
  • Integrate with mailing services like Mailchimp to create a contact list and launch mail campaigns to distribute engaging survey forms through email.
  • Comprehensive documentation and a support center.
  • To locate the best leads, Pro plans include extra unique features such as conversational forms, online forms, and conditional logic.


5.8 Survey Anyplace

Survey Anyplace forms lead generation software

Best For: Personality tests, surveys, and quizzes
Suited For: Small and big businesses
Integrations: Yes

Survey Anyplace is a lead-generating solution that uses quizzes, surveys, and personality evaluations to increase consumer interaction and produce new leads. It enhances the value of your polls and quizzes by providing customized results that increase visitor engagement. Anyplace is best known for its personalized templates for surveys, tests, and quizzes. Its pricing starts from $33 per month.


  • Personalize surveys, marketing questionnaires, personality quizzes, and lead generation quizzes for your customers.
  • Customers will be encouraged to complete your quizzes and surveys as this software provides them with a meaningful result at the end. It might be a score, piece of advice, level of maturity, or personality type.
  • Send the tailored result and advice through email or a PDF report that is created automatically.
  • To enhance consumer engagement and lead generation, embed the Survey and questionnaire on any device, such as an iOS or Android phone or tablet, Facebook page, native app, web app, and other suitable devices.
  • Integrate the software with your CRM system to export data and follow up on leads.
  • Allows responders to add photos to help them visualize and replicate the problems.
  • Custom CSS allows for a lot of design flexibility.
  • To find the best leads, it has more advanced skip logic settings than other programs.
  • You can also build scored surveys.
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Survey Anyplace

6. Best landing page creations lead generation software

6.1 Sumo

Sumo landing page creations lead generation software

Best For: Welcome mats, list builder pop-ups, smart bars
Suited For: Small and big businesses
Integrations: Yes

Sumo is a lead-generating solution for your website that is both easy and effective. Sumo’s creators claim that the software can be set up in under a minute and that it comes with a variety of lead-generating tools, including Welcome Mat, List Builder, Share, and Smart Bar. Sumo’s main attractions include the Welcome mat, Smart bars, and list builder pop-ups. It offers a free plan, and its paid plans start from $50 per month. It combines several targeting and lead-generating technologies into one convenient location. The user interface remains simple. Furthermore, the dashboard allows you to receive a bird’s eye perspective of all tools you’ll use.


  • Create a website with Smart Bars, list-building pop-ups, welcome mats, and share button panels.
  • To produce new leads, encourage viewers to act, such as filling out forms or subscribing to newsletters.
  • Enhance client involvement and satisfaction.
  • To handle leads, easily link with systems like Zapier and Mailchimp.


6.2 Proof

Proof landing page creations lead generation software

Best For: On-page lead generation, expressions, and social proof.
Suited For: Small and big businesses
Integrations: Yes

Proof, a SaaS-based lead generating application, uses Social Proofs and encounters to encourage website viewers to take action. The proof is an excellent tool for establishing brand trust and credibility among your visitors since it allows you to illustrate how people engage with your site and items in real-time. This software is best known for on-page lead generation and social proof and experience. The pricing for proof is based on customization. However, plans start at $29 per month.


  • Social proofs provide users with notifications about real individuals and their engagement on your website. Recent activity, hot streak, current visitor count, and more features are available.
  • Build credibility and brand trust using social evidence and experiences to personalize your visitors’ experience and produce new leads.
  • Showing what the other customers do on your webpage in real-time might encourage visitors to place orders, fill out forms, and sign up for newsletters.
  • The onboarding procedure is quite well-designed.
  • When you are close to going over your plan’s limit, it sends you an alert.


6.3 Hellobar

Hellobar landing page creations lead generation software

Best For: Sticky banners and bars
Suited For: Small and medium businesses
Integrations: Yes

Hello Bar is a more basic lead creation software than the others on the list. It does, however, efficiently attract visitors’ attention and encourages activity, such as responding to CTAs and completing survey forms. This software is suitable for small as well as medium businesses, and it offers a free plan as well as paid plans starting from 29$ per month.


  • A Hello Bar widget provides an inconspicuous sticky banner to the bottom or top of your website, which acts as a direct marketing tool.
  • To encourage visitors to take action, you may personalize the messaging and CTA.
  • Encourage visitors to join the email list & fill out forms in order to acquire fresh leads.
  • To attract consumers and enhance conversions, including product announcements.
  • Rewards, such as free PDFs, ebooks, or discounts, can be used to encourage consumers to complete survey forms.
  • Use geo-targeting to reach out to particular audiences in specific places.
  • A no-intrusive notification bar is an excellent tool for generating targeted leads.
  • Advanced audience targeting is available to assist in attracting the proper visitors.


6.4 Leadpages

Leadpages landing page creations lead generation software

Best For: Sticky bars, pop-ups, website and landing page creator
Suited For: Small and medium businesses
Integrations: Yes

Leadpages is another useful lead-generating platform that provides SMEs with a variety of options for designing and deploying landing pages as key lead generators. In addition, compared to WordPress, you can design stunning, fully working websites in half the time. Leadpages is well-known as a CRO and sales lead tool due to its A/B testing capabilities, optimized templates, and other CRO features. The software’s pricing starts from $37 per month.


  • Beautiful designs are featured in mobile-responsive landing page templates.
  • Make web pages that are 30% faster.
  • By focusing on the activities of visitors, pop-up forms may help increase conversions and capture new leads.
  • Increase engagement by displaying product updates and new promotions in non-intrusive alert bars.
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of your site and landing pages using an in-depth analytics dashboard.
  • A built-in SEO optimization toolbox is available.
  • Over 50 tools are included.
  • Pricing is more reasonable than those of competitors.
  • The drag-and-drop editor is useful for quickly creating landing pages and websites.
  • There are over 200 layouts to select from, making it simple for anyone to create stunning pages.


6.5 Instapage

Instapage landing page creations lead generation software

Best For: A/B testing, AdMaps, CX personalization, building landing pages
Suited For: Small and big businesses
Integrations: Yes

Instapage has been one of the top landing page tools for creating dynamic lead-generating landing pages. It also allows you to do A/B tests on the sites to see which ones convert better. Landing page development, experimentation, personalization, interaction, AdMaps, and page speed are all available in one spot, making it an ideal sales lead generator. The pricing for Instapage starts at $199, billed annually.


  • Create mobile-friendly landing pages without having to write any code.
  • To get ideal leads, create tailored landing pages for business sales advertising.
  • To optimize landing pages, it offers tools such as A/B testing, multivariate testing, heatmaps, and in-depth analytics.
  • To evaluate and enhance website load speed, use the Thor Render.
  • To control data flows, integrate with over 100 workplace apps.
  • Supports changeable landing page content based on the ad that was clicked. It allows you to target multiple types of leads on the same page.
  • When contrasted to other similar platforms, the page performance is really quick.
  • Keep track of the results of your marketing campaigns.


6.6 Unbounce

Unbounce landing page creations lead generation software

Best For: Sticky bars, pop-ups, forms, landing page optimization
Suited For: Small and big businesses
Integrations: Yes

Unbounce can help you generate leads and bring your website to life by creating engaging forms, landing pages, and sticky bars that encourage users to take action and enhance engagement. It’s one of the most intriguing lead generation products on the market right now. Unbounce is best known for its pop-ups, landing page optimization, and forms. The pricing for this software starts at $80 per month.


  • To increase visitor engagement and lower bounce rates, use a drag-and-drop landing page designer and 100+ themes to create and optimize appealing landing pages.
  • To capture visitor information, create and embed opt-in, lead forms, pop-ups, and sticky bars onto the website.
  • Pop-up ads and sticky bars can appear when users enter a website, leave a site, click an item, scroll down, or at any other time.
  • It also allows for A/B testing. Experiment with a message, forms, and UI design to see what works and what doesn’t for your visitors.
  • Real-time data panel to monitor the performance of your pages and testing.
  • Other technologies, such as Slack, Google Analytics, and others, can be integrated.
  • The built-in web analytics engine is far more versatile and straightforward to configure than Google Analytics objectives.
  • Both newbies and experienced users can benefit from the SmartCopy function while writing targeted page content.
  • In addition, the staff is continually working on your recommendations and comments.


6.7 ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels landing page creations lead generation software

Best For: Sales funnels, affiliate programs, creating landing pages
Suited For: Small and big businesses
Integrations: Yes

Another wonderful tool for lead generation is ClickFunnels, which allows you to create new websites, squeeze pages, landing pages, membership sites, opt-in pages, and much more. It’s the ideal sales funnel builder for creating a lead-generating strategy and attracting more leads into your sales cycle. The pricing for ClickFunnels is customized. This software is best known for its sales funnels, affiliate programs, and landing page creation.


  • Create a website, sales funnels, landing pages, lead forms, and more with the drag-and-drop editor.
  • Build sales funnels with no coding and 40+ pre-built templates.
  • To increase conversions, incorporate payment methods into your purchase funnels and websites.
  • To gather bulk leads and deliver tailored messages to prospects via mail, SMS, and social media, use mail automation.
  • Provides a built-in affiliate program manager to help you generate more leads for your sales funnels.
  • Click-throughs, opt-ins, conversions, and visits may all be tracked immediately from the dashboard.
  • The software is simple to set up & utilize.
  • Without redirecting visitors, you may collect payments straight on the sale funnels.


7. Best outreach lead generation software

7.1 Intercom

Intercom outreach campaigns lead generation software

Best For: Email marketing, chatbots, live chat manager
Suited For: Small and big businesses
Integrations: Yes

Intercom is a conversational engagement platform that may help you create new leads while also serving your website visitors via live chat assistance and email marketing. This is best known for email marketing, chatbots, and live chat management. Intercom’s pricing starts at $39 per month.


  • It supports live chat, bespoke chatbots, in-product messaging, outbound emails, push messages, and alerts to increase visitor interaction.
  • Use bespoke chatbots to automate interactions with visitors by sending personalized welcomes depending on what they’re doing on your site and collecting useful data.
  • Using complex routing rules, streamline workflows so that chatbots may talk, qualify leads, route leads, and book meetings with potential prospects with the appropriate team.
  • All chat channels may be integrated and managed from a single location.
  • Respond to consumers, initiate a live chat or phone conversation, and send outgoing emails all from your inbox. Integrate Intercom with products like Salesforce, Stripe, Marketo, Shopify, and others to sync information and automate workflows.
  • To find focused leads, use computerized multi-channel marketing for your campaigns.
  • Thanks to the unified inbox, you may interact with clients via their preferred media.


7.2 Mailchimp

Mailchimp outreach campaigns lead generation software

Best For: Lead forms, social media marketing
Suited For: Small and big businesses
Integrations: Yes

Mailchimp is an all-in-one lead management and marketing solution that lets you design your marketing campaign using email marketing, social advertisements, survey forms, and A/B testing. It is suitable for small and big firms and is best known for lead forms and social media marketing. Mailchimp also provides a free plan, and basic paid plans start from $10 per month.


  • Create interesting emails using the drag-and-drop editor along with pre-built, customizable templates.
  • To retarget website visitors, publish content on social media, and establish ad campaigns in Mailchimp.
  • Using automated follow-up emails, assist your viewers from filling out sign-up forms to purchasing your goods.
  • Use behavioral targeting to provide messages to visitors based on their activity, such as a welcome screen or a relevant product suggestion for a recent customer.
  • Create and add customizable forms to your website’s sidebar and footer to gather contact information.
  • To create fresh leads, display pop-up forms based on circumstances and consumer interactions on your website.
  • Integrate your contacts from across all platforms into the Mailchimp CRM, which is built-in.
  • To evaluate the performance of your efforts, compare open rates, subscription rates, click rates, and other data to industry standards.
  • Allows you to A/B test alternative subject lines, photos, layouts, and more to find what works best for your audience.
  • You can easily integrate Zapier, LiveChat, and other apps with MailChimp.
  • Import your own email templates and update them with the HTML/CSS editor included.
  • The free plan allows you to save up to 2000+ contacts and is an excellent way to start.


7.3 Saleshandy

Saleshandy outreach campaigns lead generation software

Best For: Cold emails, email outreach
Suited For: Small and big businesses
Integrations: Yes

One of the simplest lead creation tools is Saleshandy, which allows you to send an appeal campaign and produce leads. Email sequences, sequence statistics, email follow-up steps, and other features all contribute to the success of your outreach effort. Although Saleshandy offers a free plan, it also offers paid plans starting from $29. This software is best known for its cold emails and email outreach.


  • You may compose an email series without harming your email deliverability and send it to many leads.
  • Using the sequence report, determine the lead’s level of interest and nurture those who are intrigued.
  • Add a follow-up action to continue pursuing interested prospects and progress through your sales funnel.
  • Use Saleshandy’s LinkedIn email finder, and the software connects to get new hot prospects.
  • Using Saleshandy connect, you can find any email address or other contact information and add them immediately to your email sequence.
  • You can manage your lead creation campaign from a single dashboard. There’s no need to move between tools.
  • In the same order, run an A/B test.
  • Saleshandy employs a drip strategy to ensure that your email is sent and gets into the main inbox.


7.4 Acquire

Acquire outreach campaigns lead generation software

Best For: SMS marketing, live chat, call, email
Suited For: Small and big businesses
Integrations: Yes

Acquire provides your company with an all-in-one consumer engagement and lead creation platform. It provides a comprehensive omnichannel strategy to assist you in creating fulfilling conversational experiences for your consumers, regardless of the channel through which they contact you. Acquire is suitable for all small and big businesses and is best known for its live chat, email, and SMS marketing and calls. Pricing for the software is done through quotations.


  • Acquire allows you to engage with your consumers across numerous platforms.
  • To acquire useful information and uncover new prospects, connect with your visitors via SMS, phone, live chat, and emails.
  • Unify all communication channels into a single interface to keep things clean and tidy.
  • Integrate with Shopify, Zendesk, Zapier, and other applications to export collected leads and handle them appropriately.
  • The ability to track visitors in real-time is extremely useful for producing high-quality leads.
  • Advanced targeting allows you to attract visitors at the right time. With co-browsing, you can engage with consumers from everywhere on your mobile app or website.
  • Make it simple to solve problems, fill out forms, discover answers, and all of this without having to download anything.


7.5 Mailshake

Mailshake outreach campaigns lead generation software

Best For: Cold emails, email outreach
Suited For: Small to big businesses
Integrations: Yes

Mailshake is a highly efficient tool for mail marketing and lead creation. Mailshake is a cold email outreach platform for salespeople. Mailshake integrates with your email service provider, allowing you to deliver scheduled email sequences to potential leads. Mailshake isn’t an all-in-one email promotional tool or a full-featured sales solution. For your cold mail marketing, it provides a multitude of personalization and targeting choices. This software is well-known for its cold mails and email outreach. The pricing starts at $59 per month.


  • Use Mailshake to send email messages to your list of contacts, get new leads from responses, nurture them with drip email marketing, and transform them into customers.
  • Creates a single dashboard interface from which you can control your whole marketing campaign.
  • The other features include prepared email templates, personalization choices, notifications, automatic lead status management, an integrated phone dialer, and mail status tracking.
  • Hubspot, Slack, Salesforce, and other CRM applications are all easy to interface with.
  • Supports automatic email follow-ups and sequence pauses based on the behaviors of the recipients.
  • From the same tool, do A/B tests on your email campaigns.
  • The use of a different tool to monitor lead generation is no longer necessary, thanks to built-in lead management.


7.6 Sendinblue

Sendinblue outreach campaigns lead generation software

Best For: Email and SMS marketing
Suited For: Small and big businesses
Integrations: Yes

One of the top experience improvement and lead-generating tools is SMS Sendinblue. It has a lot of features that may help you optimize your website, increase interaction, collect leads, and expedite the sales process.

Email & SMS marketing, live web chat, landing page design, marketing automation, lead form creation, and Facebook ad deployment are all possible with this one single application. Sendinblue offers both a free basic plan as well as paid packages starting from $25 per month.


  • Create and prepare new prospects, plan, and implement SMS and email marketing programs.
  • You may use the live web chat widget to provide service and generate leads on your website.
  • Create interactive registration forms using the drag-and-drop editor to capture in-depth information from website visitors.
  • You can respond to your consumers in real-time by email, SMS, and chat with Sendinblue Inbox.
  • A built-in CRM allows you to manage all of your connections in one spot. You may save and update all of your contacts’ information, including essential documents.
  • To manage your contacts, create various lists depending on the source of recruitment, the conversion funnel phase, or any other criterion.
  • Create tasks, assign them among different team members, and set deadlines for them.
  • To simplify your sales process, automate workflows with transactional SMS and emails, automated lead scoring, and more.
  • It combines SMS and email marketing into one application, giving you more outreach possibilities.
  • The shared inbox centralizes all correspondence, making it simple to respond.
  • The maintenance of mailing lists is simple and well-organized.
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7.7 Callpage

Callpage outreach campaigns lead generation software

Best For: Automated callback
Suited For: Small and big businesses
Integrations: Yes

CallPage is a call reply automation and lead creation software that may help you interact with customers right away. You may collect leads from your website and call them right away without having to wait for them to pick up the phone.


  • Add a completely customizable pop-up to your website to gather contact information from visitors.
  • Within 28 seconds, automatically pass the information to the advisor and interact with the consumer.
  • Potential consumers are prompted to submit their phone number via a pop-up>>
  • The widget links them to your consultant directly >> On their cellphone or landline, the consultant speaks with your potential consumer.
  • Pop-ups that are mobile responsive are available.
  • Call your leads instantly from the CallPage dashboard.
  • The analytics dashboard shows the client’s data and interactions, including the source, time, date, name, the manager who communicated with the customer, client, geolocation, and more.
  • Missed calls, received calls, unanswered calls, and impending calls are all available to view.
  • Slack, Salesforce, and other CRM systems are among the connectors it offers.
  • After the call, the built-in SMS function makes it simple to qualify the leads.
  • The analytic dashboard displays real-time statistics for each widget & lead process that has been implemented.


7.8 ProProfs Chat

ProProfs Chat outreach campaigns lead generation software

Best For: Instant chat support
Suited For: Small and big businesses
Integrations: Yes

ProProfs Chat is a flexible lead-generating software product that allows you to give immediate service and gather leads for your website visitors. ProProfs chat helps your staff handle client inquiries faster and more efficiently with options like chat anticipation, visitor information, scripted replies, and agent performance data. Its pricing starts from $10 per operator per month.


  • Install a live chat help widget on your website to help consumers with their questions in real-time.
  • Add self-help resources onto the chat window for immediate assistance.
  • Save prefabricated responses to quickly respond to commonly asked questions without having to type the answers repeatedly.
  • You also can add pre-chat lead forms to your website to capture fresh leads.
  • Set up live chat announcements to display visitors’ product suggestions, service updates, and discounts.
  • It also allows you to set up chat route rules to route customers to the appropriate agent and evenly balance the workload.
  • Advanced conditions may be used to route visitors to the right agent depending on their location, conversation history, keywords, and other factors.
  • Provides detailed data to monitor your support team’s performance. With total chats, chat ratings, response time, missed chats, and other metrics, the admin can keep track of each agent’s performance.
  • To swiftly evaluate data and simplify the sales process, integrate with 50+ products, including Google Analytics, Microsoft Dynamics, and Salesforce.
  • The pop-up conversation widget is ideal for informing visitors about forthcoming discounts and discount coupons and increasing lead generation.
  • In-depth reporting and analytics. You can keep track of your worker’s performance and pop-ups, among other statistics.

ProProfs Chat

7.9 Sendblaster

Sendblaster outreach campaigns lead generation software

Best For: Email marketing and bulk emails
Suited For: Small and medium businesses
Integrations: Yes

Sendblaster is a lead generation and email marketing platform that allows you to acquire new leads through customized mail campaigns. From a single interface, you can organize your mailing lists, send bulk mail campaigns, and track the progress of your campaigns. The software is suitable for small to medium companies and is best known for its email marketing and cold emails features. Sendblaster costs $129, which is a one-time payment.


  • To create new leads, set up email campaigns, and deliver cold emails to your contacts.
  • You are required to pay only once, and you may send emails to a limitless number of people.
  • It offers free templates for quickly creating professional emails.
  • Create programmable tags and save the attachment URL or file names in the database to send various attachments to different users.
  • You can create rules to segment contacts automatically and arrange your user lists.
  • Import client information directly into Sendblaster from some other email program, such as Thunderbird or Outlook.
  • Track the success of your email campaign, including open and click statistics, user activities, responses, and more.
  • Several SMTP profiles having individual configurations can be saved and used as needed. Removes the need to alter the setup every time you switch ISPs.
  • The visual tool’s online picture editor comes in useful for editing and processing photographs on the fly while you build the campaign.


7.10 Wisestamp

Wisestamp outreach campaigns lead generation software

Best For: Email outreach and marketing
Suited For: Small and big businesses
Integrations: Yes

Wisestamp, a lead-generating tool, allows you to create and maintain professional email signs for cold emails and email marketing campaigns. Simply go to the app, select one of the numerous templates to alter, and in minutes, you’ll have a professional-looking email signature. Wisestamp is suitable for small and large businesses. The software provides free and paid plans starting from $5.80 per month, billed annually.


  • It’s simple to install on every email client you choose, such as Office 365, Yahoo, Outlook, Mac, or Gmail.
  • To passively acquire leads from your email messages, easily connect to lead generators within the email signature.
  • To increase conversions via your email signature and click-throughs, include dynamic material from your Twitter, website, or other social media platforms.
  • The pre-built layouts that save difficult labor make email signatures seem professional.
  • Use the user-friendly WYSIWYG editor to view the email signature’s real-time view.
  • From one Wisestamp account, you may manage signatures for several email accounts.


7.11 Lemlist

Lemlist outreach campaigns lead generation software

Best For: Cold mails and email outreach
Suited For: Small and medium businesses
Integrations: Yes

Lemlist is an excellent email automation and cold outreach platform that allows you to produce, nurture, and move leads through your sales funnel. It may help you initiate conversations, schedule cold calls, send automatic follow-ups, and more to make your outbound process more efficient. It’s because of this that it’s a basic yet powerful lead creation technique. Lemlist is suitable for small and medium-sized businesses. Its pricing starts from $25 per month, billed annually.


  • To communicate with your leads, set up automated multi-channel outbound sequences.
  • To nurture prospects, send automated follow-up emails.
  • It has a notification center and an embedded caller to complete the transaction.
  • Assign responsibilities to your team, keep track of leads, and create monthly targets for each individual.
  • You can track the campaign’s performance across numerous channels from the dashboard.
  • Integrate with over 30 different tools to automate tasks.


8. Best AI lead generation software

8.1 Pipedrive

Pipedrive AI lead generation software

Best For: Forms, chatbot, callers, live chat
Suited For: Small and big businesses
Integrations: Yes

Pipedrive serves as a lead creation tool as well as a contact management system for your company. You may create leads, maintain contacts, and automate workflows to track your sales performance. Pipedrive is best for forms, chatbots, and live chat features. The pricing starts at $12 per month.


  • Sync and pool contacts from many sources, such as email, Outlook, Google Contacts, and so on.
  • With only an email account and public data, you can get a lot of information about your connections.
  • It allows you to seamlessly import client data from LinkedIn, Google, Twitter, and other social media platforms into your CRM.
  • It also includes online forms, live chat, a chatbot, and built-in caller tools to capture fresh leads through your website and transfer them to the Pipedrive account.
  • Pipedrive consolidates your contacts’ interactions into a single dashboard, allowing you to qualify leads.
  • Custom labels are also a feature that helps in segregating data.
  • In one tool, it combines live chat & lead management.
  • Customer reporting that allows you to filter and monitor leads data as you see fit.


8.2 AI lead generation software

Best For: Support tickets, live chat
Suited For: Small and big businesses
Integrations: Yes is a great lead generation tool to support your website or app, in addition to being a ticketing and live chat platform. You may start using the tool in much less than 30 seconds. You may assist clients with their online experience while also collecting leads. Both small and big companies can use this software, and it is best known for support tickets and live chat. follows contractual pricing.

  • The dashboard view lets you keep track of visitors in real-time, including their email accounts and locations.
  • To give help and acquire new leads, start a live chat with every visitor on any page.
  • Allows for message sneak peeks, geo IP tracking, automated visitor data, and a designed ticketing mechanism, among other things, to aid in the identification of potential customers on your website.
  • You may upgrade if you like, but the free version is more than enough to start soon and without any limitations.
  • Real-time tracking of website visitors allows you to reach out to them at the perfect time.
  • io can help you manage your live chat by providing chat agents.
  • The Android App is useful for engaging clients from any location.

8.3 Drift

Drift AI lead generation software

Best For: AI chatbots, live chat
Suited For: Small and big businesses
Integrations: Yes

Drift, a lead generation system and marketing automation platform, uses AI-driven chatbots and live chat to collect new leads. It’s a cloud-based platform that helps you sell more by providing follow-up emails, live chat, relationship management, and AI-powered chatbots.


  • It provides conversational chatbots that interact with your customers to gather contact information, qualify leads, schedule appointments with the relevant teams, and, if required, shift the chat to an agent.
  • Your visitors may engage with you right away using the live chat function.
  • Visitors’ public data, such as firm name, team member count, industry, revenue, and location, are displayed anonymously in visitor intelligence.
  • It also includes extensive analytics tools that reveal which discussion kinds and sites create the most leads and what questions consumers ask during conversations.
  • Connect with your ABM and CRM platforms to automate operations and transfer data collected by Chatbots around the enterprise.
  • Both the backend and the frontend have an intuitive and user-friendly interface.
  • Provides a mobile app for interacting with website visitors while on the go.
  • Chat routing is flexible.


8.4 Genesys DX (Formerly Bold360)

Genesys DX AI lead generation software

Best For: Social interaction tracking, AI chatbots
Suited For: Small and big businesses
Integrations: Yes

For your business, Bold360 offers integrated chatbot and live chat functionalities. In order to enhance client involvement, it also serves as a single center for managing all of your communication channels. The software’s AI chatbots can comprehend and interpret users’ objectives in order to deliver the best response while also collecting lead data. Genesys’ pricing depends on its quotation and differs from customer to customer.


  • It offers intelligent AI-powered chatbots that use natural language processing (NLP) to help consumers and collect data.
  • AI-powered conversational chatbots that properly read consumers’ intent and answer their questions.
  • Provide rules that allow chatbots to aggressively launch a discussion with visitors depending on their behavior and searches to increase engagement.
  • If required, it automatically transmits the chat to an agent.
  • To capture visitor information, lead forms, add surveys, contact forms, and other forms to the live chat.
  • Manage all of your discussions across numerous platforms such as SMS, social media, live chat, messaging, and emails from a single dashboard.
  • The powerful AI analytical engine maintains the most frequently requested inquiries in the knowledge base for self-service assistance.
  • A detailed data reporting dashboard displays real-time statistics on interactions, chat usage, and other parameters.
  • Improves data management by integrating with other programs like Google Analytics, Zendesk, and ServiceNow.
  • You may use numerous channels like WhatsApp, Messenger, Microsoft Teams, and others to target visitors proactively.
  • From a single inbox, you can manage discussions across all platforms.

Genesys DX

8.5 ProProfs Chatbot

ProProfs Chatbot AI lead generation software

Best For: Booking appointments, lead generation, and 24×7 customer support
Suited For: Small and big businesses
Integrations: Yes

ProProfs Chatbot is an effective and simple lead-generating solution that assists you in creating conversion-oriented chats. Chatbot builder software alleviates the burden on your support crew by aiding clients with regular inquiries without the need for human participation. It provides ready-to-use templates for a variety of company purposes, including appointment scheduling, leads generating, and customer service, among others. In addition, you may link your self-help articles to your chatbot to provide clients with round-the-clock service. With the drag-and-drop interface, you can customize the conversation flow to meet your specific needs and get your own chatbot fully operational in minutes. Save your consumers from filling out those tedious lead forms by using a lead generation chatbot, which is available to your visitors 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and allows you to keep customers happy.


  • Using the drag-drop editor, create conversational flows for chatbots.
  • To create totally automated chat processes for consumers, use branching & skip logic to add interactions and inquiries.
  • Create your chatbot from the start, or use one of the pre-built models to save time.
  • Combines with ProProfs Knowledge Base and provides customers with relevant information.
  • Using automated chatbots, assist clients 24 hours a day, seven days a week, while also collecting leads.
  • You can set up automated support ticket generation for users who engage with the chatbot if you’re using ProProfs HelpDesk.
  • Chatbot help is available both offline and online.
  • Using branching and pre-built chat flows, the routing has been improved.

ProProfs Chatbot

8.6 Botsify

Botsify AI lead generation software

Best For: AI chat
Suited For: Small and medium businesses
Integrations: Yes

Botsify is another lead-generating tool that allows you to build automated chatbots with specific conversation flows for various channels. Chatbots serve as virtual assistants for clients, assisting them and generating new leads via live chat. You can keep track of all active live conversations from a single dashboard. Its pricing starts at $40 per month, billed annually.


  • Install support for live chat and chatbots on your website, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and SMS services.
  • Start automating discussions with customers and users by using chatbots.
  • Collect information from leads and aid them with their problems.
  • From the same dashboard, you can keep track of all chat exchanges. If a bot fails to respond to your questions accurately, you can take over the conversation at any time.
  • Users’ data, such as conversation source, last engagement, email, and more, are automatically shown to keep you informed during the live chat.
  • Allows you to deliver and manage lead data by integrating with Zapier and WordPress.
  • Instagram, Telegram, SMS, Messenger, website chat, and other platforms are all supported.
  • Uses natural language processing (NLP) to automate conversation flows.


8.7 Mobile Monkey

Mobile Monkey AI lead generation software

Best For: Live chat, chatbot, SMS marketing
Suited For: Small and big businesses
Integrations: Yes

MobileMonkey is a chatbot-based lead capture and qualifying application that manages lead generation from a variety of sources, including SMS, website live chat, and social media. Only MobileMonkey allows marketers to create SMS bots, Facebook ad bots, and native web chatbots all in one spot. Its pricing starts at $19 per month.


  • Once you’ve created the campaign, create chat drip campaigns, chat blasts, website chat dialogues, opt-in quizzes, and subscription forms in MobileMonkey. It leverages the campaign to connect with consumers and gather leads across all channels after it’s been developed.
  • If a consumer contacts you by SMS, Facebook, Instagram, or website chat, Omnichat initiates an automatic dialogue with him to gather and validate the lead.
  • Use the consolidated inbox to view what’s going on across all of your channels. You may start a new chat or respond to an existing one from a single screen.
  • It also builds a prospect list by automatically capturing the names, phone numbers, and emails of individuals who engage with your social network postings.
  • Connect with CRM and email marketing platforms to export the data and create relationships with your prospects.
  • Easily designs Facebook Messenger conversation drip campaigns to increase visitor interaction and lead generation.
  • Create chatbots in minutes with the easy-to-use chatbot builder.
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Mobile Monkey

9. Best database lead generation software

9.1 Growbots

Growbots database lead generation software

Best For: Database lead generation
Suited For: Small and big businesses
Integrations: Yes

Growbots is a solution for generating B2B sales leads. To get fresh leads for your desired industry, you may browse their network of more than 200 million contacts. It allows you to locate qualified leads for your company and simplify the lead qualification procedure. This software does not have fixed pricing, as it depends on each firm’s requirements.


  • It provides a list of intriguing prospects based on your aim and includes automatic prospecting, multi-channel sequences, a self-updating database, and much more.
  • Selecting your connections gives you their direct email addresses, social network pages, and phone numbers.
  • Create an email campaign to interact with potential customers.
  • You can view detailed results and click-through rates, track your open rates and response rates, and determine the best-performing campaign themes using analytics.
  • Allows you to A/B test various aspects of your campaign, such as multiple email template versions and sending times.
  • Easily integrate with HubSpot and Salesforce.
  • The built-in lead creation database simplifies the process.
  • Provides options for specialty targeting to display the most effective findings.
  • You can manage lead prospecting, warm-up, and mail campaigns in one tool.


9.2 Datanyze

Datanyze database lead generation software

Best For: Lead prospecting using built-in databases
Suited For: Small and big businesses
Integrations: Yes

Datanyze automatically generates leads for your organization by combining predictive analysis, technology tracking, and prospecting. You won’t have to look for fresh leads since Datanyze will do it for you and help you grow your prospect list. Its pricing differs for each firm.


  • It finds the best prospects by tracking and analyzing the technological choices of 35 million businesses.
  • Set your target industries and technologies, and Datanyze will uncover the best chances for you. You may construct lists of perfect accounts by filtering Datanyze’s domain database.
  • The Datanyze Chrome plugin allows you to retrieve firmographic data, such as emails, employees, and contact information, for any organization.
  • To enrich the leads, add the client list to your profile and export it to your CRM systems, such as Hubsoft and Salesforce.
  • Locates prospects’ email addresses, phone numbers, and other information.
  • Compared to other similar programs, this one provides more accurate information.
  • It’s simple to use the browser extension.


9.3 LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator database lead generation software

Best For: LinkedIn lead generation
Suited For: Small and big businesses
Integrations: Yes

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is yet another B2B lead creation tool that uses LinkedIn to generate a list of fresh prospects and leads based on your search parameters. LinkedIn Sales Navigator is ideal for discovering targeted leads for your preferred sector because LinkedIn is a corporate network. The pricing for this software is customized.


  • Use advanced targeting choices like industry, region, and seniority to get new leads.
  • It also has a tool that recommends leads for your desired industry, account, and company.
  • You may save leads immediately to your CRM.
  • To interact with fresh prospects, send Inmail emails to Linkedin members.
  • Send in-mail messages to more than 500 million LinkedIn members, even if you’re not linked to them.
  • The in-mail tool simplifies and streamlines the outreach process.
  • You may use custom tags to organize your leads, and the same tags can be exported to your CRM for data consistency.
  • You may get real-time notifications by setting alerts in your saved searches.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

9.4 database lead generation software

Best For: Lead prospecting through LinkedIn
Suited For: Small and big businesses
Integrations: Yes is a multi-channel lead hunting and outreach platform for generating targeted leads. You may access your prospects’ contact information on LinkedIn and create tailored email campaigns to pull them into your marketing funnel. You may also use it to communicate with your leads via WhatsApp and Messenger swiftly. Its pricing starts at $49 per month,


  • To get the phone numbers and email addresses of prospects from LinkedIn, use the Chrome plugin.
  • Easily identify and import prospects in bulk.
  • Allows for contact data gathering from data provider partners such as Datanyze and Clearbit.
  • Improve data accuracy with built-in mail and phone validation.
  • Allows for automated email warming to improve your IP address’s deliverability and reputation.
  • Outbound cloud calls may be made using the built-in call dialer.
  • Use Messenger, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, and SMS, to communicate with your prospects.
  • To communicate with your prospects across many platforms, set up automated processes, schedule calls, assign assignments, and more.
  • Zapier, Slack, Salesforce, and Pipedrive are examples of apps you can integrate.
  • Prospecting for leads is considerably easier with the Chrome plugin.
  • Data source services can let you add fresh leads in bulk from certain databases.
  • Ability to build multi-step campaigns that span several channels.

9.5 Lead Forensics

Lead Forensics database lead generation software

Best For: Lead prospecting
Suited For: Medium and big businesses
Integrations: Yes

Lead forensics is among the greatest lead creation tools since it uses the IP addresses of your website users to locate new prospects for you. Because people surf your website to locate what they’re searching for, your clients are your most qualified prospects. As a result, focusing on them first to find fresh leads makes complete sense. The pricing for this software is also customized as per the needs of the firm.


  • You can easily discover the contact information of anonymous website users, including their business names, demographics, contact information, and financial information.
  • It automatically finds the information about your visitors and transmits it to your CRM software in real-time.
  • View the visitor’s on-site activity to view the number of times they visited, how many pages they browsed, and the time they spent.
  • It integrates with a variety of CRM platforms, including Salesforce.
  • This is a fantastic tool for generating leads from website traffic.
  • Provides real-time visitor information, allowing you to target the proper people.

Lead Forensics

9.6 D&B Hoovers

D&B Hoovers database lead generation software

Best For: In-built database lead generation
Suited For: Small to big businesses
Integrations: Yes

D&B Hoovers offers a database of over 170 million business records, including industry analyses, reports, and company profiles, making it one of the greatest tools for generating b2b sales leads. It’s a great sales acceleration tool with interactive search, real-time alerts, and detailed company profiles to help you build your list faster.


  • It finds possible leads depending on your search parameters and generates a real-time list of the finest accessible chances.
  • Look through the business biographies to add key employees and decision-makers to your prospect list.
  • Thanks to the smooth CRM interface, you can export the client list and turn prospects into real sales.
  • It uses the D&B optimizer to match prospects’ documents in a CRM with Hoover’s database in real-time.
  • As a result, you’ll always have the most up-to-date information at your fingertips.
  • It also sends you real-time notifications when new prospects in your account lists arise.
  • Annual revenue data on private and public enterprises are provided and are useful for lead prospecting.
  • You can easily locate contact information for numerous companies’ decision-makers.
  • The database is updated regularly, which ensures correctness.

D&B Hoovers

9.7 Voila Norbert

Voila Norbert database lead generation software

Best For: Lead generation
Suited For: Small to medium businesses
Integrations: Yes

You can explore new leads using Voila Norbert, much as, by inputting their name and domain. The result can be easily validated at any moment to ensure that your contact emails do not bounce back. With the inherent mailing capability, you may start sending emails without needing to use a different program. It costs $39 per month, billed annually.


  • Scout and add fresh leads to your mailing list using the prospect’s name and domain.
  • Provides the person’s email address and additional information such as social profiles, location, and position.
  • Validates and confirms the email address automatically to avoid emails being marked as spam.
  • To begin the warming process, send an email immediately from the dashboard.
  • Add personal notes to keep team members informed about the lead’s current status.
  • A Chrome plugin is available to make lead solicitation simpler.
  • Increases deliverability by providing accurate findings.
  • The Chrome add-on may save you a lot of time.
  • To locate prospects’ email addresses, you can bulk submit their names and domains.

Voila Norbert


Hunter io database lead generation software

Best For: Lead generation, link building, outreach campaign
Suited For: Small to medium businesses
Integrations: Yes is a lead creation tool that is less complicated than the others on the list, but it provides highly validated leads regarding any website. You may find leads by searching for the domain, the person’s name, or both. It also connects the sources of each lead. Its pricing starts at $39 per month, billed annually.


  • This lead creation tool is simple to use and includes a campaign builder to help you target cold leads.
  • If you know the firm name and domain, you may use the website search to discover email addresses.
  • Receive email addresses in bulk from various domains at the same time.
  • It supports a Chrome plugin that allows you to retrieve email accounts from the page you’re viewing.
  • Using their names and firms, locate any professional’s email address.
  • Verifies data automatically to guarantee correctness.
  • To develop the scouted prospects, create cold mail marketing, and automate follow-ups.
  • Hunter’s dashboard allows you to monitor the progress of your campaign.
  • It integrates with major programs like Gmail, Salesforce, and others to export data.

Hunter io

10. Best social media lead generation software

10.1 OnePageCRM

OnePageCRM social media lead generation software

Best For: Social media lead generation
Suited For: Small to big businesses
Integrations: Yes

OnePageCRM is a sophisticated lead creation solution that allows you to identify prospects’ information on social networking sites and add them to your contact list. From pipeline management to lead capture, OnePageCRM has it all. You can create bulk mail campaigns, manage contacts, automate workflows, and track your sales funnel, among other things. Its pricing starts at $15 per month.


  • Enter the individual’s email on the contact page, and it auto-fills additional social facts, such as job title, organization, and contact information.
  • Its Chrome extension allows you to find leads anywhere on the internet.
  • With a single click, add the possible prospects to your contact list.
  • Use the CRM’s built-in features to automate a variety of actions for your prospects and customers, like setting follow-ups, prioritizing leads according to labels, and so on.
  • You will be able to examine bespoke reports and keep track of your sales team’s success with only a few clicks.
  • Mailchimp, Zapier, and Google Contacts are just a few of the programs you can integrate with this software.
  • Pipeline management, Lead prospecting, and cold campaign management are all rolled into one.
  • There isn’t any kind of learning curve. You can effortlessly manage between teams and sales.
  • Use tags and scheduling to automate follow-ups and other actions.


10.2 AeroLeads

AeroLeads social media lead generation software

Best For: Social media lead generation
Suited For: Small to big businesses
Integrations: Yes

Aeroleads is yet another lead generation platform that works with social media sites like CrunchBase, LinkedIn, and AngelList to help you produce new leads. With just an email address and a company name, it can help you locate up to 15 pieces of data about your prospects. Its pricing starts at $49 per month.


  • Automatically search for your prospects’ data points on sites like CrunchBase, Linkedin,, GitHub, AngelList, and others.
  • Fetch public company information from leads depending on their email address and phone numbers, such as complete name, job title, generic company emails, location, and business phone numbers.
  • For improved lead management, integrate with CRM platforms like Salesforce, MailChimp, HubSpot, and Zapier.
  • With a simple click, send the collected prospects to your CRM application.
  • You may also save the data as a CSV file.
  • A low-cost tool for generating leads.
  • There’s a lot more here than only email addresses.


11. Conclusion

So, which of the lead generation software tools did you include on your list?

There you have it: the top lead generation tools in one spot gathered and organized.

Prospects arrive at your door from various sources, so determining the best lead-generating tool requires consideration of aspects such as budget, target channels, audience type, and scope. It is also likely that, depending on your industry, you’ll require many pieces of software.

For example, to increase traffic, you can use Instapage to create landing pages and integrate them along with on-site lead generating software like Picreel or Qualaroo to encourage visitors to convert.

So begin by investigating your options and establishing company objectives. Then, from the list, choose the top lead-generating tools that meet your needs, sign up for free demonstrations, and plan to try out their features.

Once you’re happy, set up a good lead-generating strategy that includes one or even more lead creation solutions to help you grow your client base and boost conversions.So, which of the lead generation software tools did you include on your list?

There you have it: the top lead generation tools in one spot, gathered and organized.

Prospects arrive at your door from various sources, so determining the best lead-generating tool requires consideration of aspects such as budget, target channels, audience type, and scope. It is also likely that, depending on your industry, you’ll require many pieces of software.

For example, to increase traffic, you can use Instapage to create landing pages and integrate them along with on-site lead generating software like Picreel or Qualaroo to encourage visitors to convert.

So begin by investigating your options and establishing company objectives. Then, from the list, choose the top lead-generating tools that meet your needs, sign up for free demonstrations, and plan to try out their features.

Once you’re happy, set up a good lead-generating strategy that includes one or even more lead creation solutions to help you grow your client base and boost conversions.

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