Best Linktree Alternatives in February 2024

Best Linktree Alternatives

Whether you’re a wannabe Instagram influencer or a successful businessman, social media gives you access to prospects at all hours of the day and night.

Social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok, on the other hand, limit your potential to relate off the platform. In actuality, there is only one link provided.

People who want to take their social media efforts to the next level and create relationships beyond a single channel are limited by simply having access to a single link.

That’s why, during the last several years, a multi-link solution — effectively a mini landing page — has risen to popularity.

Check out the curated list of Linktree alternatives below to see if there’s a better fit for your needs.

1. Best Linktree Alternatives in February 2024

  1. ContactInBio
  2. Tap Bio
  3. Shorby
  4. Campsite.Bio
  6. Link.Bio by Later
  7. Taplink
  8. ShortStack
  9. Leadpages

1.1 ContactInBio

One of the best Overall Link-In-Bio Tool In the Market

ContactInbio linktree alternative

ContactInBio stands out as an effective alternative to Linktree for creating micro-landing pages, offering a range of features that cater to various online presence needs:

  1. Comprehensive Landing Page Solution: ContactInBio allows users to create a landing page where they can consolidate all their links in one place. This is particularly useful for social media platforms like Instagram, which limit the number of links you can share.

  2. Integration of Diverse Elements: Beyond just links, ContactInBio enables the integration of payment forms, streaming platforms, social media comments, and more. This versatility makes it a robust tool for businesses and individuals looking to engage their audience more interactively.

  3. Mobile-Friendly Webpage Design: The tool’s focus on creating mobile-friendly webpages ensures that the landing pages are accessible and presentable across different devices, an essential feature in today’s mobile-centric world.

  4. Multiple Linking Options: Unlike Linktree, ContactInBio offers a choice of four different domain names, providing users with more personalized and branded linking options.

  5. Extensive Customization Features: Users have unlimited customization options for their links and landing page, including dimensions, colors, backgrounds, and text sizes. The ability to use a gradient color, picture, or video as the page background adds to the visual appeal.

  6. E-commerce Integration: The ability to integrate online store items directly into landing pages, along with support for PayPal, Stripe, and other payment methods, is highly beneficial for businesses looking to streamline the shopping experience.

  7. Smart Links for Direct Communication: The inclusion of “smart links” enables direct connection via messaging systems like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Telegram, and Skype, facilitating immediate communication with potential clients.

  8. Additional Engaging Elements: Users can add image carousels, videos, email signup forms, music streaming platform links, and more, enhancing the interactivity of their landing page.

  9. Google Analytics Integration: The native integration with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel allows for detailed tracking of visitor demographics and supports retargeting strategies.

  10. Pricing Plans for Different Needs: ContactInBio offers various pricing plans, including a free starting plan, a yearly plan, an agency plan, and even lifetime plans, catering to different user requirements and budgets.

However, there are limitations:

  • Advanced Features Require Premium Subscription: Some of the more advanced features, like image carousels and video backgrounds, are only available with the paid premium subscription.

  • Planned Features Yet to Be Added: ContactInBio is still planning to add features like sign-up forms, an Instagram shopping page, and a custom form, which are not currently available.

In summary, ContactInBio is a versatile and customizable alternative to Linktree, offering a wide range of features that enhance the functionality of a micro-landing page. Its ability to integrate various elements and provide extensive customization makes it suitable for users looking to create a more engaging and comprehensive online presence. The range of pricing plans, including lifetime options, adds to its appeal, though users should be aware of the limitations regarding advanced features and upcoming additions.


1.2 Tap Bio

Best Tool For Instagram Influencers as well as for small business

Tap Bio linktree alternative

Tap Bio presents itself as a notable alternative to Linktree for creating a link-in-bio presence, especially for users who prioritize a visually engaging and personalized approach. Here’s why Tap Bio might be a good choice:

  1. Personalized, Branded Cards: Tap Bio allows users to create personalized cards that can feature links, images, and messages. This feature is particularly appealing for those looking to maintain a consistent brand aesthetic across their online presence.

  2. Versatile Card Types: The variety of card types, including image galleries, YouTube videos, Twitter posts, Instagram posts, and more, offers flexibility and creativity in how content is presented to followers.

  3. Customized Calls-to-Action: Each card can represent a different scenario or call-to-action, allowing for a tailored approach to audience engagement. This customization can lead to more effective conversions and interactions.

  4. Direct Contact Options: The ability to include direct contact links for phone or email enhances accessibility, making it easy for followers to connect.

  5. Visual Interface Similar to Instagram: While the UI’s similarity to Instagram might be a drawback for some, others may appreciate this familiar visual style, especially if the majority of their audience is from Instagram.

  6. Insightful Analytics: Tap Bio provides statistics for each card, offering insights into performance and engagement. This data is crucial for understanding audience behavior and refining strategies.

  7. Retargeting Ads Integration: The ability to integrate with Google AdSense, Instagram, and Facebook advertising for retargeting followers is a significant advantage, especially for users focused on marketing and sales.

  8. Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel Integration: Advanced analytics is supported through integration with Google Analytics and the Facebook Tracking Pixel, providing in-depth data for users who are serious about tracking their online performance.

  9. Flexible Pricing Plans: Tap Bio offers a range of pricing plans, from a basic free plan to more advanced paid options, catering to different user needs and budgets.

However, there are considerations to keep in mind:

  • Limited Free Plan: The Basic free plan allows only one profile card, which might be restrictive for users who need more versatility.

  • Close UI Similarity to Instagram: The UI’s close resemblance to Instagram might confuse some users or detract from the uniqueness of the user’s brand.

In summary, Tap Bio is a good Linktree alternative for users seeking a visually engaging, customizable link-in-bio solution with robust analytics and ad retargeting capabilities. Its range of card types and integration options make it suitable for a variety of users, from influencers to businesses. However, the choice between Tap Bio and other alternatives may depend on individual preferences regarding UI design and the extent of customization needed.

Tap Bio

1.3 Shorby

Best Social Media Tool For Large Organizations and Agencies

Shorby linktree alternative

Shorby is a notable alternative to Linktree for managing and sharing multiple links via social media platforms, and it stands out for several reasons:

  1. Unlimited Links and Clicks: Shorby allows users to create landing pages with an unlimited number of links and unlimited clicks. This feature is particularly useful for users who frequently update their link lists and have high traffic volumes.

  2. Customizable Landing Pages: Users can customize their landing pages with personalized URLs and background images. The ability to tailor the appearance of the page is beneficial for maintaining brand consistency across platforms.

  3. Direct Messenger Links: The inclusion of direct messenger links to platforms like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, email, Viber, and even a mobile number is a significant advantage for e-commerce businesses and professionals who prioritize direct communication with their audience.

  4. Dynamic Feed Integration: Shorby’s dynamic feed feature allows the customization of landing pages using content from YouTube, Etsy, Shopify, WordPress, Apple Podcasts, and more. This integration is ideal for content creators and businesses that want to showcase their diverse online presence.

  5. Team Collaboration: The most expensive plan offers the ability to collaborate with up to ten team members on up to three projects. This collaborative feature is essential for agencies or businesses with multiple team members managing social media.

  6. Native Google Analytics Integration: The integration with Google Analytics enables users to track the performance of their landing pages and gain valuable insights into visitor behavior.

  7. Variety of Configuration and Theme Options: Shorby provides a range of configuration options and themes, along with unique controls, offering flexibility in designing the landing pages.

  8. Drag-and-Drop Interface: The simple-to-use interface, featuring a drag-and-drop mechanism for placing thumbnails above links, enhances the ease of use and efficiency

  9. Pricing Plans:

    • Rocket Plan ($12/month): Offers five landing pages, ten image links, no dynamic feeds, unlimited links per page.
    • Pro Plan ($24/month): Offers 50 pages, 50 links with images, five dynamic feeds, unlimited links per page.
    • Agency Plan ($82/month): Offers 250 pages, 500 links with images, five dynamic feeds, unlimited links per page.
    • Additionally, Shorby offers a five-day free trial period.
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However, there are some limitations:

  • Plan-Based Feature Availability: Some features, such as the dynamic feed, are available only with certain plans. This may require users to opt for more expensive plans to access specific functionalities.

  • Comparison with Competitors: When compared with alternatives like ContactInBio, Shorby may not offer certain features in its lower-priced plans, which might be available in ContactInBio’s cheaper or even free plans.

In summary, Shorby is a good Linktree alternative for users looking for a customizable, feature-rich link management tool with capabilities for direct messaging, dynamic content integration, and team collaboration. Its pricing and features make it suitable for a range of users, from individual content creators to larger agencies. However, users should consider their specific needs and compare features across different plans to determine the best fit.


1.4 Campsite.Bio

Best Easy To Use Interface With Unlimited Features

Campsite.Bio linktree alternative offers several features that make it an appealing alternative to Linktree, especially for users looking for simplicity in creating and managing a micro-landing page:

  1. Unlimited Links on a Single Page: Like Linktree, allows users to include an unlimited number of links on one landing page, making it ideal for consolidating various content and social media profiles in one accessible location.

  2. Integration with Social Media Platforms: Users can add links to their Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and email accounts directly on their page, enhancing their social media presence and connectivity.

  3. Thumbnail/Image Integration: While users cannot upload their own photos, allows the use of thumbnails from an Instagram feed. This feature can make the landing page visually appealing and consistent with the user’s Instagram aesthetic.

  4. Customization Options: Users can customize theme colors and track where visitors are most likely to click. These customization options, although more limited compared to some competitors, are sufficient for users who prefer simplicity and ease of use.

  5. Ease of Use:’s simplicity in adding and editing links, along with basic customization options, makes it user-friendly, especially for those who value straightforwardness over complex features.

  6. Link to Personal Website: Users can link their Campsite profile to their own website, creating a seamless connection between their social media presence and personal or business website.

  7. Strong Native Integrations: The platform offers strong native integrations with tools like Google Analytics, Google Sheets, Facebook Pixel, Canva, Google AdSense, and MailChimp. However, these are available only with the premium plan.

  8. Additional Features in Pro Plan: The Pro plan offers schedule links, carousels, link animation, and more detailed analytics. These features are beneficial for users who require more advanced functionalities.

  9. Affordable Pricing with a Free Trial:’s Pro plan is reasonably priced at $7/month, and the platform offers a ten-day free trial for users to test the Pro features.

However, there are limitations to consider:

  • Limited Custom Photo Upload: The inability to upload custom photos may be a drawback for users who want complete control over their landing page’s visual aspects.

  • More Basic Compared to Some Competitors: While is praised for its simplicity, it may lack the advanced customization and design options offered by some other Linktree alternatives.

In summary, is a good choice for users who prefer a straightforward, easy-to-use tool for creating a micro-landing page with unlimited links. Its integration with social media platforms and basic customization options, along with affordable pricing, make it suitable for a wide range of users. However, those seeking more advanced design features may need to consider other options.



Best link-in-bio Featuring Music Content Through Spotify linktree alternative presents itself as an effective alternative to Linktree, particularly for users who seek a more dynamic and content-rich micro-landing page. Here’s why might be a good choice:

  1. Digital Media Aggregation: allows users to curate content from various platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Medium, Facebook, and Spotify. This feature is beneficial for content creators and businesses that want to showcase a diverse range of digital media to their audience.

  2. Versatile Content Options: Beyond standard links, supports the inclusion of opt-in forms for email collection, GIFs, links, polls, and more. This variety adds interactivity and engagement to the user’s page.

  3. Customizable Graphic Blocks: Users can add different graphic blocks to enhance their content and have the flexibility to rearrange these blocks easily. This level of customization allows for a unique presentation of information.

  4. Diverse Layouts for Social Media Content: offers various layouts for posts imported from different social media platforms, enabling users to display their content in creative and visually appealing ways.

  5. Social Media Icons and Cards: The ability to highlight up to five social media accounts using icons or cards is an excellent feature for users who want to maximize their online presence across multiple platforms.

  6. Personalization Features: Users can include multiple website links, a section about themselves, their LinkedIn page, etc., making their page a comprehensive representation of their online persona or brand.

  7. Custom Theme Creation: offers four pre-made templates and allows users to create their own themes by experimenting with colors and fonts, providing creative freedom in designing their page.

  8. Interactive Elements: The platform supports the addition of question polls and dynamic GIFs, enhancing the user experience and encouraging audience interaction.

  9. Pricing Plans:

  • Free Plan: Users can create an Instagram bio link forever without any cost.
  • Semi-Pro Plan ($5/month): Offers a custom URL, the ability to remove the logo, three extra blocks, customization options, and scheduling in advance.
  • Pro Plan ($10/month): Similar to the Semi-Pro plan but includes monitoring of views and click rates.

However, there are considerations to keep in mind:

  • Complexity Compared to Simpler Alternatives: For users who prefer straightforward link aggregation,’s extensive features and customization options might be overwhelming.

In summary, is a good Linktree alternative for users looking for a platform that supports a wide range of content types and offers extensive customization options. Its ability to aggregate various forms of digital media and the inclusion of interactive elements make it suitable for users who want to create a dynamic and engaging micro-landing page. The pricing plans, including a free option, cater to different user needs and budgets. However, those seeking simpler link management might find more complex than needed.

1.6 Link.Bio by Later

Best Link Sharing Platform For Tagging And Recreating Links To Insta Post

Link.Bio by Later linktree alternative by Later offers a unique approach to creating a micro-landing page, making it a strong alternative to Linktree, especially for users who heavily rely on Instagram for their digital presence. Here’s why by Later might be a good choice:

  1. Integration with Instagram Feed: allows users to create a unique landing page that mimics their Instagram feed. Users can tag links in their Instagram posts, which leads to a more cohesive experience between their Instagram content and the links they want to share.

  2. Versatility in Link Sharing: Apart from Instagram post links, users can add multiple external links, blog entries, or webpage links as custom links. This versatility makes it ideal for users who want to direct their audience to a variety of content.

  3. Shoppable Links Creation: For businesses, the ability to turn posts into shopping links is a significant advantage. This feature is especially useful for e-commerce brands looking to drive sales directly from their Instagram feed.

  4. Easy Landing Page Creation: Setting up a page is straightforward and quick. The process involves selecting a post, adding a title and link, and then integrating it into the page, making it accessible even for users with minimal technical skills.

  5. Shopify Integration for E-commerce: The native Shopify integration allows e-commerce stores to add shoppable posts directly from their Shopify inventory. This is a major benefit for Shopify store owners who use Instagram as a marketing channel.

  6. Built-in Analytics: Later’s built-in analytics enable users to track visitors and sales from their page, providing valuable insights into customer behavior and the effectiveness of their content.

  7. Multiple Links per Instagram Post: Users can add up to five links to each Instagram post, enhancing the potential for audience engagement and conversion.

  8. Google Analytics UTM Tracking: Advanced tracking capabilities with Google Analytics UTM tracking allow for sophisticated analysis of conversion and sales data.

  9. Pricing Plans:

  • Lite Plan: Offers basic features, with prices ranging from free to $12.50/month. It includes one link per post, a Later banner on the landing page, and basic analytics but lacks Shopify integration.
  • Standard Plan: Priced between $20.93/month and $33.33/month, it includes all features of the Lite plan plus multiple links per post, no Later banner, and Shopify integration.
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However, there are limitations to consider:

  • Focus on Instagram: While its integration with Instagram is a strength, it might be less suitable for users seeking a platform-agnostic link-sharing tool.

In summary, by Later is a good Linktree alternative for Instagram-focused users, particularly those in e-commerce. Its integration with Shopify, the ability to create shoppable links, and the seamless connection between Instagram content and the landing page make it an attractive option for businesses using Instagram as a primary marketing channel. The pricing plans offer flexibility for different user needs, though the tool’s Instagram-centric nature might limit its appeal to users seeking broader platform support.

Link.Bio by Later

1.7 Taplink

Best Multi-Link Tool For Time Specific Offers and Contests On Instagram

Taplink linktree alternative

Taplink is a versatile tool that serves as an effective alternative to Linktree, especially for users looking to enhance sales and lead generation through their Instagram profile. Here’s why Taplink might be a good choice:

  1. Multi-Link Functionality for Instagram: Taplink allows users to add multiple links to other social accounts, blog posts, and more on a single page. This is particularly beneficial for Instagram users, as it helps bypass the platform’s limitation of one bio link.

  2. Online Payment and Order Acceptance: The tool enables users to accept online payments and take orders directly from the landing page, streamlining the sales process and making it more convenient for both the user and their audience.

  3. Email Collection and Instant Messaging Links: Users can include sign-up forms for collecting email addresses and links for instant messaging, facilitating direct communication and audience engagement.

  4. Customizable Content Blocks: Taplink offers a variety of block types for different content, such as image carousels, videos, standard links, messenger links, and custom HTML codes. This variety allows for a rich and engaging presentation of content.

  5. Personalization and Conversion Tools: Features like high-converting text, countdown timers, videos, and graphics enable users to customize their page in a way that persuades visitors to take action, such as clicking a call-to-action button.

  6. Pricing Plans:

    • Basic Plan (Permanently Free): Includes an unlimited number of links, headers, text blocks, Q&A blocks, page-views statistics, shared themes, and pre-designed themes.
    • Pro Plan ($24/month): Includes all Basic features plus link click analysis, customization options, links to social networks, a scheduled display of blocks, links to messaging apps, Facebook Pixel, etc.
    • Business Plan ($54/month): Includes all Pro features plus a custom domain, countdown timer, online payment acceptance, CRM system, removable Taplink logo, notifications to messengers, and more.

  7. Key Characteristics:

    • Time-Limited Offers: The mini landing page can include countdown timers for time-limited promotions or deals, creating a sense of urgency and encouraging quick action from visitors.
    • FAQ Section: The ability to provide answers to frequently asked questions using the answer block is an effective way to engage and inform visitors.
    • Order Management System: Taplink’s order processing system notifies users via email when someone places an order, and it can integrate with external CRMs.

However, there are some limitations:

  • Pricing for Advanced Features: While the Basic plan is free, more advanced features like analytics, customization, and online payment acceptance are only available in the paid Pro and Business plans.

In summary, Taplink is a good alternative to Linktree for users who need a more feature-rich and customizable landing page, especially for sales and lead generation purposes. Its diverse range of content blocks, personalization tools, and e-commerce functionalities make it suitable for businesses and influencers looking to maximize their Instagram profile’s potential. However, users should consider their specific needs and budget when choosing between the different pricing plans.


1.8 ShortStack

Best Tool For Running Social Media Contest And Giveaways

ShortStack linktree alternative

ShortStack by Later offers a unique approach as a link-in-bio tool, particularly for users who focus on interactive marketing strategies like contests and social media campaigns. Here’s why ShortStack might be a good choice:

  1. Contesting Platform with Various Contest Types: ShortStack is designed to facilitate social media contests, including video contests, photo contests, quizzes, refer-a-friend contests, and user-generated content contests. This variety makes it a versatile tool for businesses looking to engage their audience through interactive campaigns.

  2. Customizable Templates for Contests: The platform provides numerous templates for contests, along with extensive customization options. This feature allows for creating branded and visually appealing contests that align with the user’s marketing goals.

  3. Customizable Forms for Contest Entries: Users can create customizable forms for contest entries, enabling them to collect relevant consumer data. For instance, participants can use the form to upload Instagram posts directly, streamlining the contest participation process.

  4. Refer-a-Friend Feature and Scheduled Emails: The refer-a-friend feature encourages participants to share contests, expanding the reach of campaigns. Scheduled emails can be used to keep participants engaged and informed.

  5. Distribution of Discount Coupons via Autoresponders: The ability to send discount coupons to email subscribers through autoresponders is an effective marketing strategy, especially for e-commerce businesses.

  6. Integration with Websites and Social Media Bios: Contest-bearing landing pages created on ShortStack can be integrated into business or personal websites, as well as social media biographies, providing broad exposure for the campaigns.

  7. Pricing Plans:

    • Business Plan ($79/month): Includes refer-a-friend, social media comment to enter contests, and instant win contests.
    • Agency Plan ($159/month): Offers the features of the Business plan plus retweet contests, video upload contests, and hashtag contests.
    • Brand Plan ($399/month): Includes all features of the Agency plan plus unlimited hashtag and retweet contests, five team member seats, and a dedicated account manager.
    • Enterprise Plan (Custom pricing): Offers custom integrations, templates, settings, and other features tailored to large-scale enterprise needs.

  8. Key Characteristics:

    • Action-Gating Feature: This allows the collection of consumer data in exchange for incentives, such as giveaways or discount codes.
    • Style Panel for Customization: Users can modify font and text style, add widget designs, and more, using a full range of stylistic options.
    • Team Management Tools: ShortStack provides logins for team members and clients, with the ability to assign different roles and manage access control.
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While ShortStack provides robust tools for contesting and interactive marketing, it is important to note that it’s more specialized compared to general link-in-bio tools like Linktree. It is best suited for users whose primary focus is on running social media contests and interactive campaigns, rather than just aggregating links. The pricing plans, particularly for higher-tier options, might be more suited for businesses with a significant budget for social media marketing.


1.9 Leadpages

Best For Creating Mobile Friendly Landing Pages

Leadpages linktree alternative

Leadpages, offered by Later, is a comprehensive website and landing page builder that serves as a viable alternative to Linktree, particularly for users looking to create more detailed and feature-rich landing pages. Here’s why Leadpages might be a good choice:

  1. Comprehensive Landing Page Building: Leadpages allows users to create fully-fledged landing pages, offering a level of detail and customization beyond what typical link-in-bio tools provide. This is beneficial for users who want more control over their landing page’s design and functionality.

  2. Customization and Variety of Themes: With a wide range of themes and extensive customization options, users can tailor their pages to specific industries, objectives, and branding styles. The ability to modify colors, element placements, fonts, and styles ensures that the landing page aligns with the user’s brand identity.

  3. Real-Time Analytics: Leadpages offers real-time analytics, enabling users to track the performance of their landing pages and make data-driven decisions to enhance their effectiveness.

  4. Free Hosting and SEO-Friendly Templates: The platform provides free hosting and offers templates that are both mobile-friendly and SEO-friendly, ensuring the landing page performs well across devices and in search engine results.

  5. Integration with Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics: Tracking capabilities with tools like Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics are included, allowing for sophisticated analysis of visitor behavior and campaign performance.

  6. Device-Specific and Social Media Previews: Users can preview how their page will appear on different devices and customize how it looks when shared on social media, ensuring optimal presentation in various contexts.

  7. Email Campaigns and CRM Integration: Leadpages supports integration with email campaign solutions and CRM software, enabling users to include opt-in forms that connect directly with their existing business tools.

  8. Pricing Plans:

    • Standard Plan ($26/mo): Offers unlimited leads, a free custom domain, mobile-responsive templates, lead notifications, 40+ integrations, and email support.
    • Pro Plan ($59/mo): Includes features of the Standard plan plus A/B testing, email trigger links, online sales and payments, and ten opt-in text campaigns.
    • Advanced Plan ($239/mo): Builds on the Pro plan with 50 extra opt-in text campaigns, five sub-accounts, and more.

  9. Key Characteristics:

    • A/B Testing: The platform allows users to run split tests on different elements of their landing pages to determine the most effective configurations.
    • Built-In Conversion Guidance: An in-app algorithm provides predictions on page performance and offers suggestions for increasing conversions.
    • Advanced Conversion Tools: Users can leverage tools like opt-in text ads, email-triggering links, built-in payment options, and more.

Leadpages is particularly suited for users who require a more sophisticated landing page with extensive customization, analytics, and conversion tools. It’s ideal for businesses and professionals looking to optimize their online presence for lead generation and sales. However, the platform may be more complex and expensive compared to simpler link-in-bio tools like Linktree, and it might be more than what some users need for basic link aggregation.


2. What are the benefits of a link in profile tool?

Link-in-profile tools are a must-have Instagram marketing tool for every brand or influencer, and they come with a slew of advantages:

Cross-platform promotion—you can also use the tool to cross-promote your other social media pages by linking to them.

Increased Click Through Rate (CTR) — offering your Instagram audience more click options increases the likelihood that they will click through, increasing your CTR, one of the many significant Instagram metrics.

More focused — Having more links to pick from means you can run more targeted Instagram campaigns, targeting different consumer personas with different links.

More affiliate sales —along with your personal/branded links, you can add one (or multiple) affiliate links to your unique landing page.

Branding — For better branding and visual identity, you can also use brand photos on your landing page.

3. What is Linktree?

According to its About page, Linktree launched in 2016 and now boasts a user base of over 18 million. While it began as a one-to-many link solution, it has now grown to incorporate analytics, third-party connections, and even money collection.

The platform’s tagline is “The only link you’ll ever need,” and it claims several well-known celebrities and brands as users. No one doubts the platform’s popularity. However, as you can probably guess from the title of this article, Linktree isn’t your only option for convenient link placement and discoverability.

4. What are the features to look for in a Linktree alternative?

Before finalizing on an alternative, a few pointers to keep in mind are:

  1. Easy-to-use Page Builder — With the page builder, you should be able to construct an engaging landing page by dragging and dropping objects onto your page. It should be simple to use, quick to learn, yet still, allow you to create a fantastic website.
  2. Pre-designed Templates – Predefined templates should be available in your link-in-bio tool, allowing you to construct any layout in minutes. If you require a template that isn’t already available, the tool should allow you to create one.
  3. Adding the various Social networking websites: Every bio tool should make it a requirement to add several social networks. It should let you add as many social media accounts as you like, such as Instagram, Patreon, Twitch, Discord (here’s how to stream on Discord), Telegram, and so on.
  4. In-depth Analytics: You should be able to track click rates, conversion rates, monthly revenue, and other metrics to see which content is the most effective.
  5. Visuals: To engage your audience, your bio tool should allow you to add visuals such as GIFs, embed YouTube videos, upload photographs from your system, and so on.

Additionally, search for features like an email sign-up form, messenger links, Google Analytics integration, and more.

5. Conclusion

These days, micro websites or social network bio tools are getting increasingly popular. Customers and brands use several social media platforms. It’s understandable why producers and marketers want to include multiple links in a single location. The issue is that many social media networks only allow you to have one link in your bio.

As a result, Linktree arose as the ideal solution. However, it is no longer the lone player in this game. There are a variety of link-in-bio programmes that allow you to do more than merely curate links. Alternatively, you also can create your own website, fill it with whatever you like, and then link to it in a bio.

Do let us know in the comments below regarding which of these Linktree substitutes do you intend to use.

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