Best Photo Editing Apps in February 2024

Best Photo Editing Apps

In 2022, you don’t have to be an expert to make a good and attractive photo. Given our powerful phone cameras and lots of great photo-editing apps, crafting a well-done photo is easier than ever. The best thing is that you can finish the entire editing process right then and there – on your tiny phone!

The best photo editing apps will let you add filters, enhance your image, and even crop unwanted objects. Furthermore, they’re great for sharing photos with your family and friends, so once you make a photo to your liking, one tap on the screen will send it away like a postcard.

As said, there are dozens if not hundreds of photo-editing apps on Google Play and Apple Store. Thus, this begs the question of what are truly the best ones. Well, I guess you’re here today to find that out, so let’s set sails and delve deeper into the subject.

1. Best Photo-Editing Apps in February 2024

As I unwrap my list of the top 10 photo-editing software on mobile phones, I want to clarify something. First, you should know that not every app on the list will be free. Besides, getting a GOOD photo-editing app will cost you a bit, although the price will be pretty much negligible, as you’ll see.

Also, I made sure to include some free choices as well if your demands aren’t very high. And finally, I made efforts to give you easy-to-use apps that you won’t have to tinker around for hours and days to edit a single photo of your dog.

On top of that, all apps support both iOS and Android systems, so you can use them on all mobile devices with compatible iOS and Android versions.

This makes the majority of my list beginner-friendly, making sure you can jump into the app you want right away. With that said, my list is below:

1.1 ADVA Soft Handy Photo

Adva Soft Handy Photo

ADVA Soft Handy Photo stands out as a comprehensive and user-friendly photo editing app with a variety of creative tools. Here’s an overview of why it’s considered an excellent choice for photo editing:

  1. Versatile Editing Tools: Handy Photo offers a wide array of editing features, including advanced filters, color adjustments, and precise editing capabilities. This allows users to modify specific parts of a photo for detailed enhancements.

  2. Move Me Tool: A notable feature of Handy Photo is the Move Me Tool, which enables users to select and move objects within a photo. This creative tool can be used for imaginative photo compositions or correcting photo elements.

  3. Additional Editing Functions: The app includes standard editing functionalities like cropping, resizing, and flipping photos, alongside more creative options like frames, textures, and retouching features.

  4. User-Friendly Interface: Designed with simplicity in mind, the app’s interface is intuitive, making it accessible for both beginners and experienced users.

  5. Cross-Platform Availability: Handy Photo is available on both Android and iOS platforms, ensuring wide accessibility.

  6. Affordability: Priced at $2.99, the app offers a cost-effective solution for high-quality photo editing.

  7. Complementary Apps from ADVA Soft: Handy Photo is complemented by other ADVA Soft apps like TouchRetouch and Recrop, providing users with a suite of tools for various editing needs.

  8. Pros:

    • Selective and precise editing capabilities.
    • Innovative Move Me Tool for object manipulation within photos.
    • High-quality rendering of edited photos.
    • Affordable pricing with a one-time fee.

  9. Cons:

    • No free version available, which might deter users looking for a free trial before purchase.

In summary, ADVA Soft Handy Photo is a versatile and affordable photo editing app suitable for a wide range of creative editing tasks. Its combination of user-friendly design, innovative features, and complementary apps make it a valuable tool for both casual and serious photographers. The lack of a free version may be a downside for some, but its affordable price point makes it an accessible option for quality photo editing.

ADVA Soft Handy Photo

1.2 Snapseed


Snapseed, developed by Google, is a highly-regarded photo editing app known for its versatility and professional-level tools. It’s particularly favored for offering a comprehensive range of features at no cost. Here’s a breakdown of why Snapseed is a top choice for photo editing:

  1. Rich Set of Editing Tools: Snapseed comes packed with a variety of editing tools, including brushes for fine retouching, a wide range of filters, HDR effects, tonal contrast adjustments, and more. These tools cater to both basic and advanced photo editing needs.

  2. Professional Grade Features: For professional photographers or those with advanced editing skills, Snapseed offers features like white balance adjustment, curve editing for exposure control, and perspective correction. These features provide granular control over photo editing.

  3. User-Friendly Interface: Despite its extensive functionalities, Snapseed maintains a user-friendly interface. All tools are conveniently organized, allowing easy access and intuitive navigation.

  4. Removal of Unwanted Objects: Snapseed enables users to remove undesired elements from photos, enhancing the overall composition and aesthetic.

  5. Bokeh and Blur Effects: The app includes capabilities to add blur effects, creating a professional-looking bokeh effect that can elevate the visual appeal of photographs.

  6. Completely Free: One of the most significant advantages of Snapseed is that it’s entirely free, with no premium version. Users have access to all its features without any cost.

  7. Pros:

    • Comprehensive range of professional and basic editing tools.
    • No cost for any of the features.
    • Suitable for both beginners and advanced users.
    • High-quality output and creative possibilities.

  8. Cons:

    • The abundance of advanced features might be overwhelming for inexperienced users.
    • Some learning curve required to fully utilize its professional-grade tools.
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In summary, Snapseed stands out as a versatile, powerful, and free photo editing app suitable for a wide audience, from casual users to professional photographers. Its blend of user-friendly design and advanced functionalities makes it a highly recommended app for anyone looking to enhance their photos with sophisticated editing tools.


1.3 Photoshop Express Photo Editor

Photoshop Express Photo Editor

Photoshop Express Photo Editor, created by Adobe, stands out as a notable photo editing app, especially for those familiar with Adobe’s Photoshop software. It offers a simplified experience tailored for mobile editing while retaining the quality associated with Adobe products. Here’s an overview of what makes Photoshop Express a solid choice:

  1. User-Friendly Interface: The app is designed with an intuitive interface, making it easy for users to navigate and access various editing tools.

  2. Rich Editing Tools: Photoshop Express provides a good range of editing tools, including auto-enhancement based on AI, various correction options, dehazing, and grain effects. These tools are suitable for enhancing photos beyond basic adjustments.

  3. Red Eye Removal: A handy feature for correcting common photography issues like red eyes, particularly useful for photos taken with flash.

  4. Split Tone Functionality: This feature allows users to create unique effects by combining monochromatic and colorful styles, offering creative possibilities for photo editing.

  5. Before and After Comparison: Users can easily compare the edited photo with the original version, helping to gauge the extent of edits and improvements made.

  6. Quality Filters: Although not as extensive as some competitors, Photoshop Express offers a selection of filters to quickly alter the mood and tone of photos.

  7. Free to Use: The app offers a robust free version, making it accessible to users who don’t wish to invest in a premium photo editing app.

  8. Pros:

    • Easy-to-use with an intuitive interface.
    • Quality editing tools for detailed photo enhancements.
    • Effective for quick fixes like red-eye removal.
    • Free version offers a good range of features.

  9. Cons:

    • The premium version, which unlocks additional features, can be expensive.
    • Filters and features may not be as extensive as some more advanced apps like Snapseed.

In summary, Photoshop Express Photo Editor is a great option for those seeking a reliable, user-friendly photo editing app with a good selection of editing tools. It’s particularly appealing for users who prefer Adobe’s ecosystem but want a simpler, mobile-friendly version of Photoshop. The app’s balance of ease of use and powerful editing capabilities makes it a worthwhile choice for both casual and more serious photographers looking to enhance their mobile photography.

Photoshop Express Photo Editor

1.4 Instagram


Instagram, widely recognized as a social media platform, also doubles as a convenient and user-friendly photo editing app. Here’s why it stands out in the realm of photo editing:

  1. User-Friendly Interface: Instagram’s interface is intuitive and familiar to most users, making photo editing accessible without a steep learning curve.

  2. Availability and Accessibility: As a free app available on both iOS and Android, Instagram is easily accessible to a broad audience.

  3. Diverse Range of Filters and Effects: Instagram offers a variety of filters and effects, which are regularly updated, allowing users to enhance their photos creatively and conveniently.

  4. Basic Video Editing: In addition to photo editing, Instagram provides basic video editing capabilities, adding to its versatility.

  5. Social Media Integration: A major advantage of Instagram is its seamless integration with social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr, enabling easy sharing of edited photos.

  6. Pros:

    • Widely known and easy to use.
    • Extensive selection of filters and effects.
    • Free to use, with no hidden costs.
    • Integrated social media sharing options.

  7. Cons:

    • Limited in terms of advanced photo editing features.
    • Privacy and data security concerns have been raised regarding Instagram.
    • Features and tools may change, as Instagram often updates its app.

In summary, Instagram is a great choice for those seeking a straightforward, accessible photo editing app with strong social media integration. Its array of filters and effects can significantly enhance photos for sharing on various platforms. However, for more complex editing needs, other specialized photo editing apps may be more suitable. Instagram’s user base and ease of use make it an attractive option for casual photo editing and sharing.


1.5 PicsArt


PicsArt is a versatile photo editing app that offers a multitude of features, making it a favorite among many users. Here’s a breakdown of why PicsArt is a standout choice:

  1. User Interface: The app boasts a fun and intuitive interface, making it accessible for users of varying skill levels.

  2. Platform Availability: Available on both Android and iOS, PicsArt caters to a broad user base.

  3. Rich Feature Set:

    • Background Removal: A highlight feature that allows users to easily remove backgrounds from images.
    • Object Removal: Handy for cleaning up photo-bombs or unwanted elements in pictures.
    • Collage Maker: Offers creative ways to combine multiple images.
    • Stickers and Text: Adds an element of fun and personalization to photos and videos.
    • Filter Galore: An extensive range of filters to enhance photos creatively.
    • Basic Video Editing: Expands its utility beyond just photo editing.

  4. Popularity and Community: With a large user base and positive reviews, PicsArt has established itself as a reliable and favored app.

  5. Pros:

    • Easy to use with an engaging interface.
    • Comprehensive set of editing tools and features.
    • Flexible in terms of creativity and customization.
    • Active community and regular updates.

  6. Cons:

    • Persistent promotion of its premium version, which can be intrusive.
    • Some users report bugs and stability issues in recent updates.
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In conclusion, PicsArt is an excellent choice for those seeking an app that combines basic photo editing with creative and fun elements. Its wide range of features, from practical tools like background removal to playful options like stickers, makes it a versatile app. While the push towards its premium version and occasional bugs might be drawbacks for some, PicsArt remains a highly recommended app for both casual and more serious photo editing needs.


1.6 Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom stands out as a professional-grade photo editing app, offering a range of advanced features for both casual and serious photographers. Here’s why it’s a top choice:

  1. Versatile Editing Tools: Lightroom provides a comprehensive suite of editing tools, allowing for detailed adjustments and fine-tuning of images.

  2. Platform Compatibility: Available on both iOS and Android, Lightroom caters to a wide audience.

  3. Professional Features:

    • Advanced Adjustments: Users can manipulate exposure, curves, and other aspects to achieve the desired look.
    • Selective Editing: This feature enables editing specific areas of an image without affecting the whole photo.
    • Perspective Correction: Useful for fixing distortions and improving the overall composition.

  4. Presets: Lightroom offers various presets, like High Contrast, to quickly apply a certain aesthetic to photos.

  5. Cloud Storage Option: For a monthly fee, users can access 100 GB of cloud storage, which is convenient for managing large photo libraries.

  6. Video Editing Capabilities: Beyond photos, Lightroom allows basic video editing, including trimming, filtering, and color adjustments.

  7. Performance: On devices with robust processors, Lightroom offers smooth and fast rendering and editing.

  8. Pros:

    • Professional-grade editing capabilities.
    • Wide range of tools and presets.
    • Cloud storage integration.
    • Supports both photo and video editing.

  9. Cons:

    • The premium version could be more affordable.
    • May have a steeper learning curve for beginners.

In summary, Adobe Lightroom is an excellent choice for those who seek comprehensive and professional photo editing capabilities on mobile devices. Its array of features, combined with cloud storage options and support for video editing, makes it a versatile app for photographers and content creators. While the premium version’s cost might be a consideration, the quality and range of tools offered justify the investment for serious users.

Adobe Lightroom

1.7 VSCO


VSCO is a popular choice for those who seek a blend of ease-of-use and aesthetic enhancement for their photos. It’s especially known for its stylish filters and a community-driven platform. Here’s why VSCO is a solid option for photo editing:

  1. User-Friendly Interface: VSCO offers an intuitive interface, making it accessible for users of all skill levels.

  2. Filter-Centric Editing: The app is renowned for its collection of filters that add a unique aesthetic to photos. This is particularly appealing for users looking to quickly enhance their images.

  3. Basic Editing Tools: Beyond filters, VSCO provides basic tools for adjusting white balance, ISO, and other color-related settings.

  4. Free Version Offerings: The free version of VSCO includes 10 filters and some editing capabilities, which is sufficient for casual editing.

  5. RAW File Support: Users can import and edit RAW files, a feature appreciated by more serious photographers.

  6. Social Media Integration: VSCO facilitates easy sharing of edited photos on platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

  7. In-App Community: VSCO has its own community platform where users can share their work and get inspired by others.

  8. Pros:

    • Simple and clean interface.
    • Variety of stylish filters.
    • RAW file support.
    • Free to use with optional premium features.

  9. Cons:

    • Limited advanced editing features.
    • Video editor and additional features are only available in the premium version.

In summary, VSCO is an excellent choice for users who prioritize a straightforward editing process and want to quickly enhance their photos with distinct filters. While it may lack the advanced features of some other editing apps, its user-friendly design and strong social media integration make it a favorite among casual photographers and social media enthusiasts. The availability of a free version also makes VSCO an accessible option for users on a budget.


1.8 Pixlr


Pixlr stands out as a user-friendly and versatile photo editing app, suitable for those who prefer simplicity and creative flexibility. Here’s a detailed look at why Pixlr is a commendable choice:

  1. Easy-to-Use Interface: Pixlr offers an intuitive and straightforward interface, making it accessible for users who may not have extensive photo editing experience.

  2. Range of Filters and Effects: The app provides a variety of filters and special effects, allowing users to quickly enhance their images and add a creative touch.

  3. Selective Editing Feature: Unlike many basic photo editors, Pixlr includes selective editing, enabling more detailed and specific adjustments to photos.

  4. Creative Tools: With a range of unique fonts and the ability to add stickers, Pixlr caters to users looking to infuse a fun and artistic element into their photos.

  5. Object Removal Capability: The app allows users to remove unwanted objects from their images, a useful feature for cleaning up photos.

  6. Collage Creation: Users can easily create collages with customizable borders, ideal for combining multiple images into a single composition.

  7. Pros:

    • User-friendly for beginners and casual users.
    • Wide selection of creative tools and filters.
    • Selective editing for detailed adjustments.
    • Affordable premium version with additional features.

  8. Cons:

    • The free version includes ads, which can be intrusive.
    • May lack some of the advanced features found in professional-grade photo editing apps.
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Overall, Pixlr is an excellent choice for those seeking a balance between simplicity and creative expression in photo editing. Its user-friendly interface, combined with a variety of creative tools, makes it a go-to app for quick, effective photo enhancements. The affordable premium version further expands its capabilities, making it a valuable tool for both casual and more dedicated photographers.


1.9 Google Photos

Google Photos

Google Photos, primarily known for its photo storage and organization features, also offers basic yet effective photo editing capabilities. Here’s a closer look at why Google Photos is a good option for those seeking a simple and integrated photo editing app:

  1. Basic Editing Tools: Google Photos provides essential editing tools such as filters, light, contrast, and color adjustments. These tools are sufficient for quick and straightforward photo enhancements.

  2. Filter Intensity Control: The app allows users to adjust the intensity of filters, giving more flexibility in achieving the desired look.

  3. Integrated Cloud Storage: With 15 GB of free Google Drive storage, Google Photos automatically stores edited photos in the cloud, ensuring that your memories are backed up and accessible from any device.

  4. Automatic GIF Creation: A unique feature of Google Photos is its ability to automatically create GIFs from a series of consecutive photos, adding a fun and dynamic element to your photo collection.

  5. Easy Sharing: The app facilitates easy sharing of photos and videos, allowing you to quickly share your memories with friends and family on various platforms, including Google Plus.

  6. Pros:

    • Convenient for users who already utilize Google’s ecosystem.
    • Offers essential editing tools for basic photo enhancements.
    • Integrated cloud storage for easy backup and access.
    • Automatic GIF creation adds a fun aspect to photo management.

  7. Cons:

    • Limited editing capabilities compared to more specialized photo editing apps.
    • Not the most comprehensive gallery app for organizing and viewing photos.

In summary, Google Photos is a suitable choice for users who prefer an all-in-one solution for photo storage, basic editing, and sharing. Its integration with Google Drive makes it a convenient option for Android users and those heavily invested in the Google ecosystem. While it may not offer the advanced editing features of dedicated photo editing apps, its simplicity and practicality make it a reliable choice for everyday photo management and basic editing needs.

Google Photos

1.10 Prisma


Prisma stands out as a photo editing app for its unique approach to filters, inspired by famous artists and various art styles. Here’s why it could be a good choice for certain users:

  1. Artistic Filters: Prisma’s main selling point is its extensive collection of over 500 artistic filters. These filters are designed to mimic various artistic styles, transforming ordinary photos into artworks that resemble paintings or drawings by well-known artists.

  2. Customizable Filter Effects: Each filter’s effect can be adjusted for parameters like contrast, saturation, vibrance, and exposure, allowing for a personalized touch to each edited photo.

  3. User-Friendly Interface: The app is designed to be intuitive and easy to navigate, making it accessible even for those who are new to photo editing.

  4. Creative Output: For users looking to add an artistic flair to their photos, Prisma offers a creative way to stand out on social media or in personal collections.

  5. Pros:

    • Unique and artistic filters that transform photos into art-like images.
    • A large selection of filters inspired by real artists and art movements.
    • Easy-to-use interface suitable for beginners.

  6. Cons:

    • Limited to basic photo editing functionalities; not suitable for advanced editing needs.
    • High-quality HD rendering and the full range of filters are restricted to a premium subscription, which is relatively expensive at $1.99/week.
    • The free version may be too limited for users who want access to the full array of artistic filters.

Prisma is ideal for users who want to experiment with artistic transformations of their photos and enjoy playing with different art styles. However, it may not be the best fit for those seeking comprehensive photo editing tools or wanting high-quality outputs without a premium subscription. Its niche appeal lies in its artistic filters, which set it apart from more traditional photo editing apps.


2. FAQ

2.1 Do photo-editing apps reduce your photo quality?

Yes and no. Some photo-editing apps are known to reduce the resolution of photos after editing, leaving you with a less-quality product as a result. However, quality editors like Handy Photo, Photoshop, and Snapseed will reduce this effect to the minimum.

Apps like Prisma and Instagram will severely reduce your image quality and resolution, so beware of that before you accidentally delete your stock photo in exchange for the edited one.

2.2 Are photo-editing apps free?

Yes, most of them are free, but they also offer premium versions with more features, filters, and functionalities.

2.3 Can I edit videos with the best photo-editing apps?

With some, you can. However, most photo-editing apps are focused on editing photos and not videos. Apps like Adobe Lightroom and PicsArt allow you to edit even videos, so they’re great if you want to cover both sides of the spectrum.

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