Best VPN for Baltimore

Best VPN for Baltimore 2021

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Baltimore is the largest city in the state of Maryland. Although home to just a little over half a million residents, the city welcomes over 26 million tourists every year, all of whom benefit from the excellent free public WiFi connections city-wide. Staying connected is a must these days- and Baltimore city really does deliver. That being said, protecting your privacy and online safety is your own responsibility.

The glorious summers see crowds pour in to stroll through the history-lined streets and enjoy world-famous seafood by the beach. Monuments galore draw in history buffs who want to see first-hand the remnants of an event long since passed, and the foodies just come to make the most of the freshly caught shellfish and iconic crab cakes (I mean… if it’s good enough for Oprah!)

Various festivals throughout the year also bring great attention to the city, including the AFRAM Festival and various celebrations of art, food, music, and culture. Just a stone’s throw away from the nation’s capital, Baltimore holds its own as a must-do for anyone in the area.

1. Purpose of A VPN

The public WiFi network around Baltimore is excellent for visitors and residents alike who don’t want to eat up all their data. It is also handy, however, for cybercriminals looking to take advantage of a situation. By using an unsecured network, you open yourself up to digital vulnerability: hacking, in a nutshell.

A VPN, which stands for Virtual Private Network, connects you to secure servers in various locations to allow you safe browsing wherever you go. They provide security measures to keep your information hidden, encryptions and firewalls to combat unwanted access, and can hide your IP address.

It’s not all serious! VPNs also let you bypass streaming restrictions and licensing laws so you can watch whatever you want, wherever you want! By bouncing off private servers, the connection speed and stability you get on your device are far superior to that of any public domain.

Protecting Your IP Address

An IP address is what allows you to establish a connection to the internet. Every device with internet access has one. It works similarly to a home address in that it helps identify who you are and where you are. All digital activity carried out during the time you are online is linked to your designated IP address.

By using a VPN you can hide your IP address or temporarily change it. If you are traveling to Baltimore and plan to connect to unsecured public WiFi networks, a VPN can allocate you one of its Baltimore designated IP addresses. It shields your actual address during your trip. Even if Baltimore is your permanent home and you want to upgrade your cybersecurity at home, downloading a VPN for your home computer and other connected devices can shield this information.

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To get a randomly designated Baltimore IP address could not be any simpler:

  1. Subscribe to and download the VPN of your choice.
  2. Download the compatible app if it was not done automatically with the purchase. (Not every VPN offers an app, but it is beneficial to opt for one that does. All options on the list below come with apps.)
  3. Set up the VPN on your device via the app or settings. (Instructions for IOS and Android below.)
  4. Turn on the VPN. It should automatically connect to the nearest server.
  5. Go into the app and search for the current IP. You should find it already updated!
  6. If you want to check further, you can Google search “What is my IP address?” and the current public IP assigned to your device is shown.

The beauty of subscribing to a reputable VPN provider is the ease of it all. Although it is possible to hide your IP address without this type of service, it is tricky. It can go wrong, leaving you exposed. In a world that is complicated enough already, “download, install, and go” for ultimate online privacy sounds pretty appealing.

2. Setting Up Your VPN

In many cases, this is done automatically via the app, but just in case it’s not, here is a quick run-through of how to get it activated.


  • Search for VPN in settings.
  • Create a profile and input all the provided information from the server of your choice. Upon completion, you should automatically be directed back to the previous page.
  • The server name should now be visible. Click on it and enter your access info, then save.
  • Go back to settings and VPN, enter the login details. You should be good to go!


  • Look in the General Settings menu for VPN. If the name of the server is visible, then you are already connected. If not, it simply says “not connected.”
  • Choose “Add VPN Configuration”
  • The server you have chosen should provide details of what “type” to select on the menu.
  • Go back to the configuration page and fill out the VPN server details.
  • Enter your login details then you should be automatically redirected to the VPN page in settings.
  • Change the control to “On,” and the service should be activated.

3. Best VPN for Baltimore 2022

3.1 NordVPN – Best Overall Baltimore VPN

nordvpn Baltimore VPN

Nord VPN is an international industry leader with servers in 58 countries and 15 across the USA. The name of the game with this provider is flexibility and reliability. Not only does the VPN work with almost any device and is compatible across all major streaming platforms, but the geo-blocker navigation is also the best on the market. Nord easily bypasses even the toughest restrictions designed to block non-licensed streaming, making it a Netflix lover’s dream.

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The focus also lies heavily on anonymity and online security. No-log policies allow you to maintain the highest level of privacy no matter where you travel. Anyone who travels frequently should seriously consider Nord VPN as an option.

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3.2 ExpressVPN – Fastest VPN for Balitmore

expressvpn Baltimore VPN

Regardless of location, Express VPN is tough to beat. The incomparable connection speeds and across-the-board compatibility make it a firm favorite for people who like to stream and download. There are no servers within the Baltimore area but with towers in Washington right on the doorstep, the connections are as reliable as ever.

The unlimited access is backed up by some serious no-nonsense security measure so you can watch with peace of mind. Express VPN is renowned for its top-tier encryption software and for keeping up to date with all the latest and best privacy and security protocols.

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3.3 CyberGhost – Safe VPN for Baltimore

cyberghost Baltimore VPN

Value for money is the best description for CyberGhost. The long-term deals are unbeatable, and the service provided is on par with all the other biggest names in the industry. With 254 servers in neighboring Washington DC, connection speeds in Baltimore are excellent. You can connect up to seven devices simultaneously and stream from any leading site.

The dedicated focus on industry-leading cybersecurity and privacy-enhancing encryptions is another standout feature of CyberGhost. As 36 million current users can testify to, this VPN means business.

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3.4 Private Internet Access VPN – Best Budget VPN for Baltimore

private internet access Baltimore VPN

Private Internet Access is the traveling professional’s VPN of choice. Anyone with business-related or otherwise sensitive data on their device who is often required to move from destination to destination for work can benefit from the military-grade privacy protocols. The nearby servers in Washington help provide a reliable, secure, and fast connection.

Of course, even the busiest of business people can find an opportunity for a little downtime. PIA’s seamless streaming on a number of leading platforms is perfect for winding down at the end of a long day on the road.

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Private Internet Access

3.5 VyprVPNGreat VPN for Streaming in Baltimore

vyprvpn Baltimore VPN

Another great all-around provider is Vypr VPN. As stealthy as its namesake, Vypr can work around just about any online restriction with ease at the same time as protecting your data fiercely and reacting with lightning speed to any perceived threat. The next-level encryptions and formidable firewalls are on par with the very top systems in the industry and guarantee zero third-party access to any of your information.

The Vypr VPN app was clearly built with practicality in mind. Additionally, the user-friendly interface is backed up by 27/4 customer support so that you are never stuck in the lurch with nobody to help you out. Washington is home to the nearest servers for Baltimore and the connection are consistently reliable and fast. You can take full advantage of these speeds on up to 30 devices simultaneously, all for some very attractive prices!

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4. Summary

Using public WiFi is convenient and money-saving, especially in a place like Baltimore where the system is optimized but taking extra precautions before connecting is prudent. If you travel a lot for work or leisure and want a reliable connection where your private information is not at risk, then do not delay your subscription to any one of the VPNs on this list.

The same applies to Baltimore residents who want to increase their security and connection speeds when they are enjoying the place where they are lucky enough to live. Whatever the situation, having a VPN in your back pocket for use whenever necessary is an intelligent move.

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Price: $11.95 $2.49/month
Servers: 3200+ in 65 coutrines
Simultaneous connections: Unlimited
Jurisdiction: British Virgin Islands
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Dedicated IP: Not provided
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