Best VPN for Synology NAS

Best VPN for Synology NAS 1

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VPNs are excellent for people who want to feel safer while browsing. That’s because you can use a VPN to encrypt your IP address and protect your information.

Apart from that, the VPN’s settings optimize your network connection and increase the internet speed you receive. The reason that happens is the route the VPN uses to deliver your internet connection.

This service is excellent for certain situations. That’s because the VPN makes your overall experience better. An example of that is Synology NAS. 

NAS is a wonderful service by itself. However, using a VPN improves what you can do with it. Regardless of that, you need to pick the right VPN if you want to take advantage of the benefits VPNs offer you.

If you are looking for a high-quality VPN that offers you all the features you need, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading this page if you want to know what are the five best VPNs for NAS.

4. Best VPN for Synology NAS December 2023

  1. NordVPN
  2. ExpressVPN
  3. Surfshark VPN
  4. VyprVPN
  5. StrongVPN

Getting to the main topic of this article, we want to show you the best VPNs on the market for Synology NAS. Using the best VPNs you can find is essential if you want to enjoy the benefits these services can offer you. Considering that, here are the five best VPNs for NAS.

These VPNs are also good for other purposes such as playing online videogames or just browsing, so don’t hesitate to use them on a regular basis. 

4.1 NordVPN – Best Overall Synology NAS VPN

nordvpn Synology NAS VPN

The reason NordVPN is at the top of this list is the top-tier protection it gives you. This VPN became popular because of how it optimizes your server’s safety. No one can access your internet data while you use this VPN. 

This VPN is compatible with all kinds of electronic devices, so you can use it to protect your information regardless of the device you use NAS with. 

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4.2 ExpressVPN – Fastest VPN for Synology NAS

ExpressVPN Synology NAS VPN

Express VPN is one of the most popular VPNs on the market. This service is overall excellent. We say that because all its features work perfectly to provide you a comfortable browsing experience. 

This VPN has 94 different servers for you to choose from. That means you can enjoy its services regardless of where you are. All its features are highly fast and optimize your network’s speed. Its protection features are also functional, so you can use it to protect your information while sharing your files with Synology NAS. 

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4.3 Surfshark VPN – Best Budget VPN Synology NAS

Surfshark Synology NAS VPN

This VPN is not as popular as the other ones on this list. However, that doesn’t mean its features aren’t as good as the ones the other VPNs give you. Using Surfshark allows you to hide your location perfectly, so you can do that if you want to feel safer while browsing. 

One of this VPN’s best features is how it can block ads while browsing. Additionally, its firewall allows you to watch content through streaming services without being in danger of trackers and related things. 


4.4 VyprVPNSafe VPN for Synology NAS

vyprvpn Synology NAS VPN

VyprVPN is a reliable alternative that assures you a safe browsing experience. Its developers started studying how to protect people who used the internet since the internet started to become popular. That’s the reason its setting helps you optimize your browsing experience and protect you as not many VPNs can. 

You can use VyprVPN from your personal computer or mobile app. Both of them offer you the same features, so don’t worry about your VPN experience changing when you use it on your smartphone. 

This VPN has all the fundamental functions a VPN should have. That includes browsing protection, internet speed optimization, and content visibility without restrictions. 

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4.5 StrongVPN – Stable Synology NAS VPN

strongvpn Synology NAS VPN

Getting to the last VPN on this list, we have a Strong VPN. This service makes justice to its name because of how stable your internet connection is while you use it. As it happens with some of the best VPNs on the market, you have to pay to get access to all its features. 

Regardless of that, this VPN offers a 30-day guarantee, so you can get your money back in case something happens. 


2. What Is Synology NAS?

Synology NAS, or just NAS, stands for (Network Attached Storage). This service provides you with an automated storage device that stores your files, photos, videos, and music on the network you choose.

This intelligent storage device allows you to access your information by using a web browser or mobile app. That’s because the NAS services are delivered through internet websites. 

You can use NAS for your household or small business. That’s because it makes it easier for the people on that network to share files and documents. You don’t need to let someone else hold your files on a public cloud.

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It’s way better for you to use a private network. NAS is ideal if you want to modernize your home and digitalize your information. VPNs are excellent for people who want to feel safer while browsing. That’s because you can use a VPN to encrypt your IP address and protect your information.

Apart from that, the VPN’s settings optimize your network connection and increase the internet speed you receive. The reason that happens is the route the VPN uses to deliver your internet connection.

3. Why Should I Use VPNs?

Using VPNs can significantly improve your browsing experience. That’s because of the number of benefits this service gives to its users. For starters, it can increase your internet speed. VPNs use software that helps your internet provider give you a more direct internet flow. That helps the information get to the other server more smoothly. 

VPNs also protect you from hackers and cyber-attacks. You are exposed to many risks while browsing without being protected by a VPN or antivirus. Those risks include catching malware or having spies stealing information. It’s extremely dangerous to have other people reading your passwords and bank information, so keep an eye on that. 

When it comes to streaming platforms. Some of them censor the content you can see depending on your region. That becomes a nuisance with streaming platforms such as Netflix or Hulu. Yet, there is a way to access all the content the platforms offer you. The solution to that is using VPNs. 

As you may know, VPNs let you connect to an IP address from other countries. That allows you to access the content of those regions with no trouble. Doing that is not illegal or something similar, so don’t worry about breaking the law or something like that. 

Regardless of that, you need to pick a VPN that provides you with those services. Some VPNs don’t allow you to do that. Because of that, many people think VPNs don’t work. Fortunately, that’s not true. The best VPNs on the market remove the censorship from that content with no trouble. 

4. How Does Using VPNs Improve your NAS Experience?

The main reason people should use a VPN for NAS is because of how it protects their files and information. People may think they don’t need to protect the files they share with their family members, but there are many things at risk if you get hacked or suffer a cyber-attack. 

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This issue emphasizes when talking about small businesses. No one wants classified information about the company leaking out to competitors. Believe it or not, many businesses hire hackers to hack other companies. It’s never a bad idea to keep yourself protected from that. The best way to do that is by using a VPN. 

Everyone should feel safe while sharing their files. That makes you feel more comfortable at home or while working. VPNs encrypt your network information and IP address, which completely protects you from people trying to steal information from your NAS network. 

Apart from that, since VPNs improve your internet speed, you can share files more quickly. People with a not-so-good internet connection can have trouble accessing the files, pictures, and photos on their NAS network. However, that problem can be solved with VPNs. Sometimes the reason for your latency is not the internet provider but the network settings.

VPNs use specific settings to optimize your internet connection. Many people think VPNs slow down your internet speed, but that’s not true. They think that because average VPNs don’t have the best settings to improve your browsing experience, so their internet speed is not as good while using it. 

5. Conclusion

VPNs can significantly help you whether you want them for a specific purpose or just to protect you while browsing. However, make sure to pick the right one if you want to have a nice experience while browsing. Don’t hesitate to try one of the VPNs on this list. 

All of them can protect you and improve NAS’s features. However, since some of them focus on improving specific things, you should take time to test them all and see which suits you best. 

We understand some of them ask you to pay a fee. Yet, they also have a free version that gives you access to the VPN’s basic features. You can use the free version to see if you feel comfortable with the VPN and its features. 

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