Best VPN for Zoom

Best VPN for Zoom

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Are you worried about your privacy when using Zoom? Perhaps the online video conferencing app is not allowed in your country. The app’s live chat feature allows companies and teams to communicate seamlessly, regardless of your location. A good Virtual Private Network (VPN) is what you need to use Zoom worry-free.

In terms of regulatory reasons, the software is not accessible in countries such as North Korea, Syria, Cuba, Iran, and Ukraine. Fortunately, you can use the app in restricted countries if you have a paid VPN service.

There are some security issues and vulnerabilities when using Zoom, whether for business or personal use. You need a good VPN to encrypt your data and conceal your IP address to beat the security concerns of using the app. The VPN encrypts data in transit to ensure no one eavesdrops on your conversations.

When picking a VPN for Zoom, remember that they are made differently. The ideal VPN must have fast servers backed by robust security features to keep you safe while communicating through this software. In this guide, we’re about to walk you through the best VPNs you can use with Zoom.

1. Best VPN for Zoom 2023

Our experts searched carefully, reviewed, and tested various VPN options to determine the best that works with this communication software.

1.1 NordVPN – Overall Best VPN for Zoom

Zoom VPN

The VPN is optimized in 60 countries across six continents with over 5,000 servers. These include 10 servers in North Korea, where Zoom is restricted. Users have the option of choosing a server that works better for them. Apart from bypassing Zoom, the VPN allows access to restricted social media sites or censored content.

No buffering allows the VPN to give you a memorable video conferencing experience. Its double encryption changes your IP twice to cover all your tracks. Your personal data is strongly protected thanks to no data logs making its shareability impossible.

With a kill switch feature, the VPN never leaves you exposed in any way, even when your connection drops. You can get a dedicated IP address at an extra fee to be your personal virtual address.

Key features

  • Available in 60 countries, including those restricted by Zoom
  • Backed by 5000 servers giving you a choice to choose the best
  • Exceptional customer support
  • Double encryption enhances data protection

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1.2 ExpressVPN – Fastest VPN for Zoom

Zoom VPN

This VPN is super-fast and dependable when communicating through Zoom. ExpressVPN has many features that make it among our favorites despite costing a bit more. Its over 3000 servers in 94 countries offer seamless connection while securing your communication. A smart AI helps you choose the best server according to your location.

Your presence online is entirely anonymous, thanks to its SHA-512 algorithm and advanced encryption features. Connecting with your team, business associates, or family and friends is a breeze without worrying about the security of your data.

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There’s maximum privacy since the VPN doesn’t allow tracing or logging your activities. Your DNS requests aren’t registered, while the company offers a ‘network lock’ when your network disconnects suddenly.

Key features

  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Accessible on up to five devices
  • Military-standard encryption for secure browsing
  • Impeccable customer support

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1.3 StrongVPN – Best Zoom VPN for Online Security

Zoom VPN

Backed by WireGuard®, StrongVPN won’t slow you down or compromise your online security when connecting through Zoom. End-to-end encryption guarantees the protection of your device and private data. There’s no need to worry about risks such as cybercrime and third-party spying. The VPN allows masking your location to protect your identity.

Safe communication through Zoom is seamless, thanks to StrongVPN’s identity protection feature. With over 950 servers scattered across more than 30 countries, enjoy unlimited communication with your team or loved one.

The VPN service also allows for avoiding censorship to enjoy unlimited browsing. StrongVPN never compromises your privacy and guarantees this by maintaining a zero-logging policy. The company never tracks, stores, or sells your data.

Key features

  • Offers user-friendly apps for Android, iOS, Windows, or Amazon Fire TV
  • Easy to use proxy for easier access
  • Protection from ISP tracking and activity throttling
  • Connects up to 12 devices simultaneously


1.4 Ivacy VPN – Best Budget VPN for Zoom

Zoom VPN

Another VPN you can use to access Zoom is IvacyVPN. A 24-month subscription to this weapon for mass destruction comes with a 78% discount and three months free. The VPN comes with a free premium password manager. Video calling with colleagues, staff, or family is secure without having to worry about hackers. These are always on the prowl waiting for you to make a mistake,

The winner of the ProPrivacy Awards for Best Speed allows access to Zoom even in geo-restricted locations such as Cuba and North Korea. This VPN service allows accessing content globally by offering users various servers.

Its 256-Bit Encryption secures all your online activities to keep hackers at bay. You can use Zoom securely using public Wi-Fi thanks to the VPN’s public Wi-Fi security. A zero-log policy guarantees that your data won’t be sold to third parties.

Key features

  • Available on smartphones or tablets
  • Handy web browser extensions
  • Over 5700 servers in more than 100 locations
  • 256-bit military-grade encryption

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Ivacy VPN

1.5 ZenMate VPN – Safe VPN for Zoom

Zoom VPN

Get 360-degree protection for your whole family while using Zoom on any device. Zenmate VPN has apps that work across various browsers. Connect to a server of your choice from over 4800 options in over 81 locations. You can use the 7-day trial to try out the service before choosing a paid plan.

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The VPN is accessible in countries such as Iran, which are geo-restricted by Zoom. A single subscription allows use on unlimited devices to keep them protected. Connect through Zoom without worrying about security.

Your IP address is constantly replaced to make your online activity untraceable. ZenMate is based in Germany and relies on military-grade encryption to make user data impossible to intercept.

Key features

  • Available in six languages, including English, Deutch, and Espanol
  • Handy apps for Android and iOS
  • Kill switch for fail-safe security
  • Three pricing options, including a free package

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2. Best VPN for Zoom FAQ

There are various VPNs on the market, and choosing one for connecting with Zoom may be challenging. Here are the most frequently asked questions when choosing the best VPN service with this video conferencing software.

2.1 Why Do I need a VPN to connect to Zoom?

Countries such as North Korea, Cuba, and Iran are geo-restricted from using Zoom. If you want to communicate through the app, you need a VPN. There are various risks when communicating online such as eavesdropping on your conversations or stealing your personal information.

The live-streaming app also has privacy issues, such as Zoom bombing and in-built attention-tracking features. All these necessitate using VPN to ensure the security of your information while using the software.

2.2 Why should I use a paid VPN service?

Using a free VPN to connect to Zoom seems attractive, but it’s not worth risking. Free VPNs use aggressive marketing to grab customers’ attention. It may include using adware to track user cookies and data mining strategies.

However, they come with limited features compared to paid versions we highlighted above. Besides, non-paid VPNs are slow and have fewer servers leading to stuttering and network lag. This is very frustrating when live-streaming during an important meeting.

Fortunately, the VPN options on our list offer a free trial period to allow you to test their services before paying for a package.

2.3 Can I use VPN in a Zoom-restricted country?

Countries such as North Korea, Iran, and Cuba are restricted by Zoom from accessing their services. However, you can use its services with a VPN. Although it’s against Zoom’s user guidelines, there’s no way the company will find out. The VPN will make your online activity untraceable and safe.

2.4 How do I choose the best VPN service?

Using a VPN allows communicating through Zoom without worrying about data security and privacy. When picking a VPN to use with this video conferencing app, here are a few considerations:

  • Number of servers and locations
  • Security features of the VPN
  • Monthly subscription
  • Customer service
  • Other purposes apart from using Zoom
  • Number of devices to connect simultaneously

2.5 What else can I do with a Zoom VPN?

Apart from accessing Zoom, you can use a compatible VPN for other purposes, including accessing geo-restricted online banking, access to game servers, bypassing online censorship of government-restricted news, and using VoIP services restricted by the government in countries such as Egypt and the UAE.

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2.6 Can I access all Zoom features when I use a VPN?

A VPN allows keeping all your online activities anonymous, including access to Zoom. This allows for bypassing censorship and restriction. Therefore, the VPN won’t affect Zoom features in any way. Its primary purpose is to secure your data while using live-streaming software.

3. Conclusion

Zoom allows live chats, content sharing, and interactive whiteboarding, amongst other features. However, it’s a target for hackers aiming to steal valuable user information. The software also has a list of restricted countries where it’s inaccessible.

Fortunately, you can access Zoom’s features with any VPN service on this list. These allow you to use the communication app without worrying about privacy and data security. You can also use the app in restricted countries.

VPN Service

Price: $11.95 $3.71/month
Servers: 5500+ in 59 countries
Simultaneous connections: 6
Jurisdiction: Panama
Payment: PayPal, AmazonPay, Crypto, Google Pay, Klarna
Torrenting: OK
Unblocks US Netflix: Yes
Dedicated IP: $70/yr
TrustPilot Score: 4,7/5
Money-back: 30 days
Extra: Double VPN, Obfuscated servers
Visit NordVPN »

Price: $12.95 $8.32/month
Servers: 3300+ in 94 countries
Simultaneous connections: 5
Jurisdiction: British Virgin Islands
Payment: PayPal, Crypto, AliPay, Klarna,
Torrenting: OK
Unblocks US Netflix: Yes
Dedicated IP: Not provided
TrustPilot Score: 4,7/5
Money-back: 30 days
Visit ExpressVPN »

Price: $11.99 $2.25/month
Servers: 6600+ in 89 coutrines
Simultaneous connections: 7
Jurisdiction: Romania
Payment: PayPal, Crypto
Torrenting: OK
Unblocks US Netflix: Yes
Dedicated IP: $51/yr
TrustPilot Score: 4,8/5
Money-back: 45 days
Visit CyberGhost »

Price: $11.95 $2.49/month
Servers: 3200+ in 65 coutrines
Simultaneous connections: Unlimited
Jurisdiction: British Virgin Islands
Payment: PayPal, Crypto, Google Pay, Amazon Pay
Torrenting: OK
Unblocks US Netflix: Yes
Dedicated IP: Not provided
TrustPilot Score: 4,3/5
Money-back: 30 days
Visit Surfshark »

Price: $9.60 $3.33/month
Servers: 6500+ in 140 coutrines
Simultaneous connections: 10
Jurisdiction: Hong Kong
Payment: PayPal, Credit Cards
Torrenting: OK
Unblocks US Netflix: Yes
Dedicated IP: $35.88/yr
TrustPilot Score: 4,7/5
Money-back: 31 days
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