Copy AI vs Jasper AI in February 2024

Copy AI vs Jasper AI

If you’re looking to make a name for yourself in the vast, ever-growing online world, there’s no better way than putting your creativity and imagination to the test. Besides, content creation requires just that and it’s going to determine how successful you’ll be.

However, there are these amazing AI programs that can aid your journey. Copy AI is a very popular option because of its ability to craft decent content and give you new ideas. Jasper AI follows the same route but it’s more popular, and for some people way better.

Today, I will focus on my Copy AI vs Jasper AI duel where I will compare the two great AI writing tools. Since their inception, both of them saw massive improvements across the board, and in some instances, they’re very similar, so the comparison will be interesting.

Aside from features, we’ll talk about their ease of use, pricing, customer support, and other relevant information. If you’re wondering which one you should get – Copy AI or Jasper AI – this is an article for you. Keep reading, please.

1. Copy AI vs Jasper AI: A Quick Comparison

  Copy AI Jasper AI
Starting Price $49/mo for the Pro plan (unlimited words) $24/mo for 20,000 words (Starter plan)
Money-back guarantee 10 days 5 days
Free Plan Yes No
Number of Templates 45 50+
AI-Generated Images No Yes
Word Limit Unlimited Up to 700,000 words
3rd Party App Integrations No Grammarly, Surfer
Customer Support Email support Email support + live chat (only in the Boss Mode plan)
No. of Supported Languages 25+ 25+
Extras Content Editor Boss Mode, Jasper Art, Surfer & Grammarly Integration, Content Improver

2. Copy AI vs Jasper AI Ease of Use

Let’s start this comparison by talking about ease of use. After all, the writing AI tool must be simple, as it needs to help you with content creation and not make things more complicated.

2.1 Copy AI

One thing I really like about Copy AI is just how simple and intuitive it is. You get this white-green minimalistic interface with all functions concentrated in a big window on the right. If you select New Project from the left, on the right, you can choose from a boatload of templates.

Copy AI Interface

Creating a new template takes no more than a few minutes, after which, you can start generating content thanks to its smart AI. If you click on See More Templates, Copy AI will show you all 45 of them and there’s even an option to make a custom template, which I found not only simple but very useful.

The content creation itself is fast and you can basically generate the entire blog posts or Instagram captions in about 5-7 minutes. You don’t need to format or do anything, as Copy AI will make sure everything is written and formatted well, so you don’t have to fiddle around anything.

Of course, to create written content, you’ll need to provide the required information first. For example, you can provide keywords, add a bit of description, and select the tone of the article. With that done, Copy AI will generate content effortlessly.

Overall, I’d say that Copy AI is extremely easy to use, and above all, it’s easy to create new content, which is very important. While not the most modern interface, it surely does its job perfectly fine with all the great templates and workflows.

Copy AI

2.2 Jasper AI

Jasper AI’s interface is similar to that of Copy AI, except for a different, purple-white color scheme. Regardless, I found Jasper AI simple to use because it resembles the interface of an email service like Gmail. You have all options on the left-hand side menu, for example.

Jasper AI Interface

If you click on Templates, Jasper AI will list them all in the middle. You can then choose specific categories of templates above, such as Website, Ads, SEO, Marketing, Blog, Social Media, and many others. Clicking once on your choice opens up a new menu.

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Let’s say you select a blog post. In this case, the new menu lets you choose the blog topic, tone of the article, and even intended audience, to make sure your articles reach specific people. Once the parameters are selected, you click on the purple “Generate AI content“ button to begin.

I must admit that Jasper AI is a tad faster than Copy AI and it creates a bit better content overall. Sure, it’s nothing breathtaking compared to human-generated content but the overall quality is on a slightly higher level.

Also, Jasper AI lets you save your templates and generated content, and if you don’t need them anymore, you can send them to Trash. And if you make up your mind and think you need them again, you can get them out and reuse them – quite handy.

I think Jasper AI is a bit better in terms of the interface. I like it a bit more because it’s slightly more intuitive, generates content faster, and gives you a few more features that Copy AI doesn’t have.

Jasper AI

3. Features of Copy AI and Jasper AI Compared

Speaking of features, let’s compare Copy AI and Jasper AI in terms of their most important offerings and see how these two go against each other.

3.1 Copy AI

Here’s what Copy AI has to offer:

45 Amazing Templates

Copy AI is pretty rich when it comes to the number of templates it offers. I mean, 45 templates are really a LOT compared to even some more expensive choices that offer less than that. As said previously, all templates are well-optimized, and choosing one takes no more than two mouse clicks.

Copy AI Templates

Most notably, there’s this Blog Post Wizard, which functions by entering your title and topic. It will then generate an entire blog post based on this data in about 5 minutes, or a bit longer for larger articles. I like Copy AI’s ability to create Instagram captions too.

If you’re a social media influencer and you publish a few posts a day, you don’t have to put captions on your own. Instead, open Copy AI, describe what the photo is about, and it’ll give you a freshly-baked caption for your just-updated post!

Copy AI really went overboard with the selection of templates. I was surprised to see choices like rejection letters, video scripts, and social media bios. Each template, while done beautifully, is also customizable, which allows you to create your own template for personal needs.

Content Editor

Another important feature to talk about is a built-in content editor. This lets you edit articles fully and if you don’t like what Copy AI created for you, it’s easy to change the tone, add new paragraphs, words, and sentences manually, and fully personalize the article.

It’s good to mention that this editor is quite impressive. You can format content as well, and if you need to publish an article to your site, for example, you can do everything in Copy AI, and just copy and paste the article, making it ready for publishing in a few minutes.

Unlimited Words

Copy AI is a bit limited compared to Jasper AI and it’s a strict AI writing tool. However, while it isn’t going to win any medals in terms of features, I must praise its unlimited words if you go for the Pro plan. I’ll discuss its pricing later in this Copy AI vs Jasper AI comparison.

For now, I think this is worth mentioning because you can have as many projects as you want without worrying about crossing a certain limit. Coupled with an amazing Blog Post Wizard functionality, you can shell out new blog posts at no additional cost.

Copy AI

3.2 Jasper AI

Now, Jasper AI offers some similar and unique features compared to Copy AI. Let’s take a look at them.

50+ Templates

Compared to Copy AI, Jasper AI comes with more than 50 templates to pick from. It’s not a huge difference in terms of quantity, but I think that the templates that Jasper AI offers are more quality. Let’s start with the basic templates.

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Jasper AI Templates

If you have basic needs, you’ll most likely use the templates for blogs, social media, product descriptions, and similar stuff. These templates work really well, and as said, creating new content requires only a few bits of information for Jasper AI to work with.

I found its blog posts to be very quality too, and although you can notice the AI’s influence, you can easily fix a few sentences to make it more “genuine.” The sheer selection of templates can lead you to some quite interesting finds here.

For instance, I like this Sentence Expander template which is great for those less eloquent. You can use it to expand short sentences and make them sound more professional, interesting, and engaging. Another great template is called Quora Answers.

By using Jasper AI, you can craft answers to questions on Quora by letting the AI do the research and write down all the information in an informative manner. Finally, I’d like to mention one more template called “Explain It To A Child.“

This is used to rephrase your text to a lower grade, which makes it easier for children to understand. Overall, I’m very impressed with what Jasper AI did with its templates, so there’s nothing to complain about.

Boss Mode for Long-Form Content

If you’re looking to write long-form content and you don’t have the time to do it on your own, you can use the Boss Mode feature. It’s best suited for content like social media posts, stories, and blog articles, where you need to write thousands of words.

Jasper AI Boss Mode

The great thing about Boss Mode is that it isn’t a gimmick. It really generates 100% unique content and it’s pretty fast having in mind that we’re talking about long-form content. It functions simply by gathering the required info from you, that it uses to write an article about the subject matter.

You can also enter keywords along with the tone of voice and the output size from S, M, and L. This customization further adds to its versatility and personalization, letting you generate content to your accord, with almost no margin of error.

Native Integration With Surfer and Grammarly

To make sure your content is top-notch, Jasper AI supports native integrations with Surfer and Grammarly. Surfer is one of the best SEO tools around, which will help you SEO-optimize your content and rank better on a variety of search engines.

Grammarly is here to help you with your grammar and fix possible mistakes. This works rather well with the AI-generated content, making it sound more “human” to the reader. While there is native integration, it’s worth pointing out that both Surfer and Grammarly are bought separately.

If you already have them, however, you just need to integrate them into Jasper AI, which is super simple. I recommend having at least Grammarly because its plagiarism checker works with Jasper AI and that’s really important for having unique content.

Jasper Art

One BIG feature that sets Jasper AI apart is called Jasper Art. As you can guess, this is a feature for generating images using its powerful AI, based on your description. To be honest, it’s a bit creepy when you think just how well it works.

Jasper Art

Here, you need to describe the image you want, select the mood, and choose the style you want. Jasper AI even lets you add more descriptive keywords to narrow down the type of image you want to create. In 99% of the cases, I was blown away by what I could create.

Since we’re talking about AI-crafted images, they’re also unique, allowing you to use them in your blog posts immediately without violating any copyrights.

Content Improver

The last feature worth mentioning is called Content Improver. This feature needs no special description because its name says everything. By using it, you can improve the tone of your post, get new blog post ideas, and receive bits of advice on how to format your content.

Much like Copy AI, Jasper AI supports 25+ languages and this feature works well in all of them, which is useful for people whose English isn’t the best.

Jasper AI

4. Customer Support: Which One Is More Helpful?

Customer support is important for this type of software because not many people are acquainted with AI writing solutions. Let’s see what Copy AI and Jasper AI have to offer in this regard.

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4.1 Copy AI

Copy AI relies on email support to answer your questions and fix potential problems. It’s easy to contact it as well. You just scroll down on the home page, click on Contact Us, and enter your credentials and message – quite simple.

Copy AI Support

The support team isn’t very fast to respond, though but the silver lining is the community that you can ask for help. This is a private group on Facebook, by the way, but I found that its members and administrators are available almost always.

Copy AI

4.2 Jasper AI

Unfortunately, Jasper AI doesn’t have live chat support either and it, as well, relies on email support to help you out. The response time ranges from 4 to 8 hours, which is about the same as Copy AI. On the other hand, I found its other means of customer support a bit better.

Jasper AI Support

For example, there are live 101 training sessions, live Q&A sessions, and even an official Bootcamp in the form of YouTube videos. These are excellent for self-learning as they explain everything Jasper AI has to offer and how/when to use each feature.

Jasper AI

5. Jasper AI vs Copy AI Pricing: Which One Is More Affordable?

Before concluding this Jasper AI vs Copy AI comparison, let’s talk about pricing. Here’s a pricing structure of Copy AI:

Copy AI Pricing

As you can see, it’s straightforward and there’s a free plan plus a Pro plan at $49 a month. You get unlimited words here along with all the features you see in the screenshot above.

Jasper AI Pricing

Jasper AI offers many more features and is a more advanced tool, hence the more complex pricing structure. There’s a Starter plan at $40 a month for 35,000 words a month but the Boss Mode plan is surely the best deal here, depending on the number of words you need.

For 100,000 words a month, it’ll cost you $82 each month but you get live chat support which isn’t available on the Starter plan. Plus, there’s long-form content generation and Google Docs Style Editor which makes editing your content easier.

The sliders you see in the image can be moved, so if you go for the Boss Mode plan and bump it up to 700,000 words, you’ll need to pay a “custom“ price by contacting the Sales department. Either way, Jasper AI is more expensive but that’s understandable given its larger scale.

6. Copy AI vs Jasper AI Summary: Jasper AI Wins!

While Copy AI is an awesome AI writer, we can’t help but think about just how powerful and gigantic Jasper AI is. Jasper AI isn’t all about writing and creating different types of written content. It also has a reliable Jasper Art feature which is one of the best AI-based image creators online.

In addition, Jasper AI has more templates – and more varied ones at that – coupled with a more user-friendly interface that’s great for beginners. Copy AI has the advantage of unlimited words each month, whereas, although high, the word count limits on Jasper AI still exist.

All in all, despite a few shortcomings, Jasper AI is still a better choice if you’re seeking the absolute best performance and a myriad of features. Sure, you’ll pay more depending on your needs, but the price difference isn’t that large to make Jasper AI not worth a shot.

In fact, I think the price difference is perfectly justified, especially having in mind all the fancy tools you get with it. If you have basic needs and you need an AI writing app that can do its job fine, Copy AI is for you. But if you’re a more advanced user with more demands, Jasper AI is a much better option.

Jasper AI Copy AI

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