Freshdesk vs Zendesk

Freshdesk vs Zendesk

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Support desk platforms, often known as agent desks, assist businesses in improving customer experience, scaling discussions across different channels, and lowering customer service expenses. Zendesk and Freshdesk are two of the most well-known and frequently contrasted ticket management software systems in this market. Thousands of enterprises utilize both of these as help desk software solutions and customer service software throughout the world.

A smart help desk app may make things smoother and more efficient whether you receive a hundred or thousands of tickets every day. As a result, when businesses need to choose a payment gateway, they frequently have to choose between Freshdesk and Zendesk.

They are two of the most well-known and widely used help desk programs, with features that are fairly similar but differ in several ways. Freshdesk vs. Zendesk: Which is Better? Let us investigate. Before we go into the Freshdesk vs. Zendesk comparison, watch this video to see which help desk is right for your company:

1. Background

1.1 Zendesk


Zendesk is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. The first three men were independent contractors for various businesses. So one day, they put their heads together to design software that would add more zen to customer service management. In October of 2007, they officially started their company. Zendesk celebrated the 1,000th client and relocated to San Francisco in less than a year. Today, the company employs over 2,000 people and has 119,000 paying customers, including Uber, and Shopify


1.2 Freshdesk


Freshdesk was created by two friends in India in 2010. According to their official website, it was all because of a broken television and poor customer service. Freshdesk won the Microsoft BizSpark Startup Challenge in June 2011 by outperforming other competitors in providing great customer support. They got 100 customers in six months and used that strong start as a springboard for further expansion. Freshdesk now has over 80,000 clients, including Honda, Cisco, and other well-known brands.

In many ways, Zendesk and Freshdesk are comparable; they have many of the same features, benefits, and issues. In the Zendesk versus Freshdesk showdown, we’ve covered everything from ticket processing to a full range of analytics and reporting. We’ve evaluated some key aspects so you can decide what you want and, more importantly, what your company requires in customer service. Let’s take a closer look at each of them to see which one is best for you.


2. Zendesk vs Freshdesk: Pricing

2.1 Zendesk

Zendesk pricing
Zendesk Pricing

Pricing is the first aspect of the Zendesk vs Freshdesk comparison. For many organizations, especially small ones with budgets set out for each avenue, pricing is a significant consideration and decision. In simple terms, Zendesk is more expensive than Freshdesk due to the addition of some business-level functionality.


2.2 Freshdesk

Freshdesk Pricing
Freshdesk Pricing

Zendesk costs $149 per agent every month, while Freshdesk costs $89 per agent each month. While Freshdesk can save you a lot of money, if you have some additional cash to spare, Zendesk is a great option.

It is critical to invest according to your requirements. If your company doesn’t require the additional proprietary functionality given by Zendesk, Freshdesk might suffice. Choose what matches you and only what you require from the above-mentioned cost range.


3. Zendesk vs Freshdesk: Customer Support

Zendesk and Freshdesk, both top CRM software, are regarded for providing good customer service. The Zendesk interface, on the other hand, appears to be a bit more responsive. Any questions submitted to Zendesk customer service via live chat receive a prompt response. While Freshdesk also provides a time window for when these questions will be resolved, it may take many hours, as opposed to Zendesk’s immediate assistance. As a result, Zendesk defeats Freshdesk in the customer support category.

4. Zendesk vs Freshdesk: Features

The features are perhaps the most crucial to discuss in this wager, and they will greatly assist you with deciding between Zendesk and Freshdesk. While both have their own unique quirks, we’ll focus on a few key characteristics and their comparisons below.

4.1 Dashboard

The dashboard design is incredibly important in CRM software. Dashboards may make a big difference, whether it’s keeping track of tasks or prioritizing and communicating with the team.

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Freshdesk’s dashboard is relatively straightforward. You may quickly manage your requirements by sorting tickets based on priority, date, and importance.

Freshdesk dashboard
Freshdesk Dashboard

Zendesk, on the other hand, allows for a greater level of customisation. Finer details, such as view-based organization and other custom conditions, are available through Zendesk. Filtering and regrouping tickets can thus be a breeze with Zendesk. Pre-Built Dashboards are included in all Zendesk Explore packages and present your Zendesk business data in a simple style.

Zendesk dashboard
Zendesk Dashboard

Freshdesk, on the other hand, wins the prize for simple ticket management and cooperation. Freshdesk has a Discuss option that makes exchanging updates quick and easy.

4.2 Integrations

Zendesk once again wins the award for best automating and integrations, with over 700 native integrations, considerably more than Freshdesk. It also creates a bot that self-improves and pulls data from a knowledge base to provide the best possible customer service. If automating is your top priority, Zendesk has the most features. It also offers increased security.

Both Zendesk and Freshdesk, as previously mentioned, provide integrations with a variety of third-party applications and services. With a no-code automatic technology like Hevo Data, you can link Zendesk and Freshdesk to thousands of apps and maintain your most up-to-date client data flowing two ways.

4.3 Live Chat

While both applications include a Live Chat capability, Zendesk’s chat UI is more advanced and easier to use. Freshdesk’s FreshChat Chat Service allows chats to be redirected into tickets.

Freshdesk live chat features
Freshdesk Live Chat Features

Despite this, there have been some data errors with the trajectory and other factors.

Zendesk live chat features
Zendesk Live Chat Features

4.4 Reports

Freshdesk’s UI is a clear victor when it comes to data reporting, ticket personalization and branding, and the most comprehensive self-service solutions. Zendesk Reporting also assures that your customers receive timely, effective, and efficient responses. Freshdesk, on the other hand, follows a more beat display of aspects you may associate with the main dashboard, whereas Zendesk’s reporting options often give a brief overview and arbitrary additions. The reporting process can also be automated and segregated here, something Zendesk does not allow.

4.5 Tickets Management

Both Zendesk and Freshdesk thrive at fundamental operations like ticket assignment and rep tagging. Freshdesk, on the other hand, goes a step further by providing an instant messaging option. Users can send messages to members of the team directly from the ticket center using the Discuss function. Open the Discuss option to discreetly communicate with supervisors and guarantee that your clients are receiving accurate information in each case. Freshdesk also allows you to record template responses and suggested solutions in advance.

To accomplish the same results with Zendesk, you’ll have to change tabs from Slack and your ticket. Zendesk also allows you to use Macros to pre-record replies and solutions, however this requires an additional download and installation from the app store. The Macros are simply listed alphabetically, making it more difficult to locate the correct one. The jumbled collection of Macros is unsorted, and the solution isn’t as fluid as Freshdesk.

Zendesk, on the other hand, makes adding a new assigned and CCing additional support workers a breeze. On the left side of the screen, you may see a preview with names and profile photographs, as well as sort the assignee dropdown list for fast and accurate selections. Freshdesk, on the other hand, has limited assignment and CC features, comparable to that of a conventional email interface. Freshdesk gets the advantage here, as it streamlines the ticket management process for simple collaboration and problem-solving.

5. Zendesk vs Freshdesk: Self-Service and Knowledge Base

Freshdesk provides specialized private and public knowledge bases with agent training docs and open tutorials to satisfy the needs of both clients and agents. In Zendesk, there is an additional fee for using private resources.

5.1 Freshdesk

Freshdesk knowledge base guide
Freshdesk Knowledge Base Guide

Freshdesk has an inbuilt editor that allows users to create a new knowledge base article. This inbuilt editor includes some fascinating capabilities, such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which allows you to rank your content higher in Google search results. You may also create a separate folder for all your knowledge base articles, which will be accessible when your representative fills out tickets. Freshdesk also lets you tag and associate each article with a specific agent, rewarding them for any new self-service articles.

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5.2 Zendesk

Zendesk offers a knowledge base, which must be acquired separately from customer support software. When solving problems in Zendesk, there is a lack of cooperation, therefore no advice from the knowledge base are available. Zendesk has a good organizational structure and tags that aren’t too specific. Because of this design, locating the required article from the knowledge base appears to be a difficult operation.


6. Zendesk vs Freshdesk: Document Mining

6.1 Zendesk

Zendesk features
Zendesk Features

Document mining is not listed as a feature in Zendesk’s help desk package. While firms using the platform can import Google Docs into their knowledge base using the article importation feature, Answer Bot, Zendesk’s chatbot, does not appear to be able to mine such papers to directly answer inquiries. Instead, Zendesk’s AI just suggests publications that are similar for representatives and clients to read on their own.


6.2 Freshdesk

Freshdesk, surprisingly, does not provide AI-driven document mining. Freshdesk requires teams wishing to incorporate current information into their helpdesk to contact its support staff through email and request assistance with a manual CSV import. The documents are not instantly provided to users once knowledge is imported into Freshdesk’s knowledge base. For any form of automation, users must manually switch on the content suggestion option.


7. Zendesk vs Freshdesk: App Integration

7.1 Zendesk

Zendesk’s App Marketplace connects its help desk solutions to a variety of different software applications. App Marketplace seems to be a solid environment for organizations interested with system integration, including CRM programs, email marketing systems, and more.

Zendesk Integrations
Zendesk Integrations


7.2 Freshdesk

Freshdesk has also made significant investments in application integration for its help desk products. Freshdesk’s App Gallery challenges Zendesk’s range of easily integrated products. Freshdesk, on the other hand, has painstakingly built out a development portal, enabling clients to bring in unlisted systems via SDK and API documents, among other things.

Freshdesk integrations
Freshdesk Integrations


8. Zendesk vs Freshdesk: Multi-channel communication

8.1 Zendesk

Zendesk has made a conscious effort to use every available communication channel, and it shows. Zendesk offers SMS text, application connectors for Slack and Microsoft Teams, and unpublished systems via a mobile SDK and API, in addition to traditional helpdesk options like smartphone chat support, web chat, emails, Twitter, and Facebook.


8.2 Freshdesk

Freshdesk’s capacity to interface with numerous channels is rather limited. Workplace solutions aren’t quite as frictionless as email, chat (both web-based and mobile), and Facebook interactions. For example, Microsoft Teams can only be connected with Freshdesk’s top four helpdesk packages, and even then, it only pings employees with helpdesk notifications.


9. Zendesk vs Freshdesk: Pros and Cons

After comparing Zendesk and Freshdesk features, it’s time to be critical. Although it is evident that both customer support tools are excellent, each one has its own array of limitations that you should evaluate before making a large purchase. Let’s look at some of the major disadvantages in our Zendesk vs Freshdesk comparison.

Zendesk Pros:

  • Customizability and corporate pricing levels are available in its knowledge management system.
  • You can add existing Google Documents knowledge to the knowledge base.
  • The App Marketplace already has dozens of popular apps, making helpdesk implementation easier for most enterprises.
  • Customers can use Customer Portal Software to keep track of ticket status, easy to update, and more from a single interface.
  • You can customize ticket escalators and alerts to fit your company’s needs.
  • Any ticket’s history can be reviewed for up to 120 days by agents. Any event, update, or notice falls under this category.
  • Support for clients and teams via a variety of communication platforms.
  • There are numerous options for troubleshooting and resolving an issue.

Freshdesk Pros:

  • Agents can develop perennial content around FAQs using its solution articles.
  • Freshdesk offers a variety of pricing options.
  • A CSV import can be used to import existing knowledge into the helpdesk.
  • An assistance widget that boosts help desk efficiency.
  • Freshdesk isn’t leaving many software applications out in the cold when it comes to integration, thanks to current programs and a strong developer portal.
  • More ways for people to obtain answers without having to submit a ticket and wait for assistance.
  • Companies can personalize ticket escalation using dozens of customizable criteria.
  • Stagnant or forgotten tickets are no longer counted against the support team’s KPIs thanks to automatic archiving.
  • Multiple customer service solutions allow for seamless contact.
  • A simple search bar allows you to find information quickly.
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Zendesk Cons:

  • A little more expensive choice that may require you to spend some extra cash to provide value for money.
  • There is no option to amend or delete sent messages.
  • It may take some time to become familiar with the advanced features due to the steep learning curve.
  • The “Mention” system isn’t completely seamless and might be improved.

Freshdesk Cons:

  • Integration with social networking heavyweights such as LinkedIn and Instagram is lacking.
  • Merging tickets can be inefficient and time-consuming.
  • The reporting component and the login system, for example, are a little complicated and difficult to use.
  • There isn’t a Project Management Board.

10. Zendesk vs Freshdesk: When to choose

When to choose Zendesk: In the debate between Zendesk vs Freshdesk, here are some tips on when to use Zendesk:

  • When you need a consolidated picture of the customer experience, go with Zendesk.
  • When you require superior assistance, choose this one.
  • If you’re on a tight budget, Zendesk is the way to go.
  • If you’re a minimalist who values simplicity, Zendesk is the way to go.

When to choose Freshdesk: Here are some examples of when Freshdesk should be used:

  • Freshdesk is a good option if you need a lot of enterprise features.
  • Freshdesk is the best choice for solid automation functionality.
  • Freshdesk is the better option if you want more native integrations.

11. Overall Verdict

Zendesk takes some time to grasp. While Zendesk has an excellent onboarding process and offers various helpful hints at every step of the way, one would prefer to get started on this task rather than struggle to comprehend how things operate there. You may also discover that you need to access their tools in other browser tabs when working with the Zendesk dashboard. For smaller customer service teams, this is clearly not the greatest choice.

Freshdesk, on the other hand, is yelling from the rooftops that their UI is more straightforward and quick to set up and use. And to be honest, I had the same impression. Freshdesk’s design and onboarding process appealed to me. When you first join up for Freshdesk, you’ll see a short welcome message by their CEO and then be given a 20-minute demo in which their team demonstrates the essentials of the software. And this video should suffice to get you going.

12. Conclusion

Finally, it’s fair to conclude that Zendesk versus Freshdesk offer some very incredible features for their market pricing. While some qualities are fairly similar, others have distinct advantages. This is why your use cases for these systems are so important.

Freshdesk may help you with better display organization, lower costs, excellent reporting, quick ticket administration, and discussions. Zendesk is your best bet if you want to create greater automation with a fast live chat, broad dashboard conveniences, and finer customization features. Choose what works best for you and get begun on your path to becoming tight with your consumers.

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