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pipedrive vs monday

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SaaS products have changed how most businesses use technology for increased results and productivity. In particular, sales CRM software solutions are being used industry-wide, making it easy for organizations to keep track of their leads, sales, and more. However, it does not feel right when you have to use more than one app to care for your business needs, correct?

Fortunately, we also see the rise of hybrid tools and deeper integration. For instance, CRM tools now go beyond contact tracking and include options for marketing, project management, and other integrations. It is also worth noting that CRMs are becoming smarter, more scalable, and more reliable. Both Pipedrive and Monday, two popular SaaS products for organizations, belong to this category of versatile tools.

If you have trouble choosing between Pipedrive and Monday.com, know that you are not the only one. Many people find it challenging to select one of these popular work management platforms. Fortunately, we can’t give you a straightforward answer yet. So, instead, we have compared Pipedrive and Monday based on some of the aspects you need to consider while choosing a SaaS product for the business.


Both Monday and Pipeline start strong, but they go their own ways, offering distinct experiences, catering to different segments of consumers with a mutual baseline. Start with Monday when you can get this running, relying on the help articles with the email support only a click away. Their free version is enough for many small businesses just hitting the ground running. On the other end of the spectrum, Pipeline does not offer a free but a two-week trial which would be enough to understand your needs before opening your wallet.

  Pipeline Monday.com
Pricing/per user(annually) $8/month $12.50/month
Free version No Yes
Trial period 14 days 14 days
In Person training No Yes
Head quarters New York, USA Tel Aviv, Israel
Apps integration 250+ 200+

1. Pipedrive vs Monday — An Introduction

1.1 Pipedrive

Pipedrive is one of the most popular and widely used sales software you can find in the market. Even though it started as a typical CRM solution, Pipedrive has managed to expand its territory over time. Currently, the product aims to be a centralized sales hub, from where an organization can manage anything and everything about sales. Unlike many other CRMs in the market, Pipedrive focuses on a few features like automation and data analytics. In addition, Pipedrive offers a clean set of options for email marketing and management. The company is yet to launch a standalone email marketing service, though. To sum up, Pipedrive claims to offer more than what a typical CRM does.


1.2 Monday

Monday.com, known as Monday, is a new-generation work management platform that combines a variety of functionalities. For instance, it doubles as a sales CRM program, project management suite, and IT and HR management. The company has designed the Monday Work OS, a proprietary platform where organizations can access every aspect of the business. Monday also offers ready-made templates that an organization can pick up and start using. For instance, you can find the CRM template and software development template on the same page. And you can expect an optimized performance regardless of what you choose. CRM and project management are two of the most popular subsections of Monday, though.


2. Ease of Use

Product features are namesake if you cannot use them properly, right? Therefore, we need to check how it feels to use the products from Pipedrive and Monday.

2.1 Pipedrive

Getting started with and using Pipedrive is incredibly easy, even if you have no prior experience with CRM or sales software. When you sign up for the service, Pipedrive will take you through a set-up wizard. This wizard will provide you with the best environment to optimize the Pipedrive dashboard for your needs. You also import data from spreadsheets and other tools you may have used before.


2.2 Monday

While Monday is equally easy to use, you may notice a few differences in the User Interface. For instance, it asks you to go through a detailed set-up wizard when you get started. When you set things up, you can pick the options/features you need. For instance, if you want to focus on sales and CRM, you can do so. Based on what you have chosen, sub-goals will also be available on the screen.

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Both options are great when we consider their ease of use. You can expect the best experience when it comes to onboarding and setting up your business infrastructure within the CRM tools. The same level of ease of use will be available on regular usage.

3. Design

We will look at the core design elements on Pipedrive and Monday. It shall give you a better understanding of the UI design.

3.1 Pipedrive

pipedrive design

We also loved the overall UI of the Pipedrive dashboard. You can navigate between different sections using the icon-based sidebar. The dashboard has been split into sections like Leads, Deals, Mail, Activities, Insights, and Contacts. Setting up a new deal or adding a contact to your list will not take more than a few clicks. The wizard helps you connect your existing calendars to Pipedrive.


3.2 Monday

monday design

While the UI design of Monday is great, a few things may seem time-consuming. For instance, you may need some more time to get used to the Workspaces design. Similarly, we think the Monday dashboard becomes a little too clumsy, especially if you use multiple services and apps. On the bright side, if you want to focus on a single app, the design may seem apt.


As you can see, the UI designs on both Pipedrive and Monday are great. However, if you are new to the world of CRM and SaaS products for businesses, you may find that Monday comes with a rather steep learning curve.

4. Email Marketing

Despite the rise of new-generation platforms, email marketing is an effective way to establish and maintain professional connections. Let’s see what Monday and Pipedrive offer in this area.

4.1 Pipedrive

Pipedrive still does not have an email marketing suite, but an email marketing software from the company is under development. If you are interested, you can sign up for the waitlist. As you can expect, the software will work alongside the CRM tool and offer features like a unified contact list, customizable email templates, contact filtering, and campaign analysis options.


4.2 Monday

In comparison, Monday does not offer email marketing software per se. On the one hand, you can find many marketing templates from the platform. There is also an email marketing app that you can install on Monday. However, both these things do not offer a true email marketing experience to the user. And it could be one of the major disadvantages of Monday.


It can be clearly seen that Pipedrive is the winner there. You have an option to use the existing email marketing tools on Pipedrive or wait for the dedicated suite. On Monday, though, you do not have options to choose from.

5. Integrations

Even though you can rely on a single project management tool, it does not mean you can ignore other tools. As a result, you should know how well Pipedrive and Monday integrate with third-party services.

5.1 Pipedrive

A variety of integration options are available on Pipedrive. According to the company, more than 250 apps are available for connection. Zapier, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Asana, HubSpot, and RouterJet are the most common options out there. You can easily connect these apps with Pipedrive, and everything will be available on the dashboard.

pipedrive email marketing

We are really impressed by the collection in many ways. For instance, you can choose between app extension tools and apps for remote work. Therefore, if you have just set up Pipedrive and do not know where to start from, these collections will come in handy. In particular, we loved the collection of document creation and management integrations from Pipedrive. These come in handy while managing documentation within your organization.


5.2 Monday

Monday takes a more straightforward approach when it comes to integrations. You get to choose between a great variety of integration options from categories like project management, sales & CRM, software dev management, marketing, and team favorites. The list includes Outlook, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Slack, Jira, Google Drive, GitHub, Zendesk, Salesforce, Stripe, MailChimp, and Todoist.

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The process of integrating these services to your Monday boards is easier than ever. Regardless of what you have on the Monday board, you can bring the additional functionalities with a single click. For instance, you can set up Gmail to send a message when an update has been made. This easy-to-make automation can make a huge difference. Because Monday offers a variety of work management options, you can take these integrations to the next level.


In this respect, we have a tie between Pipedrive and Monday. As you can see, both platforms offer a great level of integration with third-party apps and extensions. However, if you are looking for extensions as well as apps focused on CRM needs, you may find Pipedrive more appealing than Monday.

6. CRM and Automation

Even though both Pipedrive and Monday bring a hybrid set of features, CRM and automation features will be a crucial aspect for your business.

6.1 Pipedrive

As we mentioned earlier, Pipedrive is a dedicated CRM and sales solution for organizations. It means you can use the program to manage every aspect of sales and sustenance. If you look at the features, you can find a few great ones in the package.

If you look at the Pipeline and Design aspect, you can find some great features. Primarily, you can use it to visualize the entire sales process within your business. In addition to traditional features like lead tracking and contact management, you get support for custom fields, a lead generation chatbot, and a drag-and-drop interface.

The automation options on Pipeline are equally awesome. You can set up automation algorithms using a few clicks, and you do not have to worry about code again. Similarly, smart contact management will help you access and manage contacts to close deals faster. You can also make use of smart email marketing templates to make things quick.

Pipedrive has also integrated some email and communication options into the CRM. These features would come in handy while creating a CRM-based email strategy. Within this sector, email integration lets you track and manage conversations. There are also options to track activities using a call tracking and insights tool. In short, Pipedrive keeps all the data you want to access.

Altogether, Pipedrive does a great job as a CRM and automation tool. The best part is that you can get started with all these features even if you have zero experience with CRM tools. The fact that you can integrate an impressive variety of apps/services into the CRM software suite is also commendable.


6.2 Monday

On Monday, CRM and sales are one of the many aspects of Work OS, the all-in-one tool that Monday has made for organizations. Depending on the features you need, you can customize the CRM package according to your needs.

monday automations

Flexibility is probably the best aspect of Monday. You can customize almost all aspects of the lead and deals section. For instance, you can add as many columns and rows as you want. Things would become optimized when you make changes to one of the templates from Monday. The customizability aspect of Work OS is an oft-praised feature.

Monday can also help you centralize the overall communication process in your organization. As we said, it is possible to integrate Google Calendar, Gmail, and Outlook with the Monday dashboard. Thereafter, you will have access to all the data that you have collected through the CRM module. On the bright side, you get a good collection of email templates.

As we saw in the case of Pipedrive, automations are available on Monday as well. You can create and manage these automation algorithms without entering a single line of code. You can also choose between a variety of automation templates from Monday. Once you add these automation tasks to the board, they will stay an important part of the workflow.

Last but not least, the CRM interface from Monday lets you have a birds-eye view of what is happening in an organization. The entire story, from pre-sales to post-sales, will be visible through well-designed pipelines as well as Kanban boards.


It can be seen that both Pipedrive and Monday offer amazing CRM and sales management features. However, Pipedrive seems to have an edge in this respect because it is a dedicated CRM tool. On the other hand, CRM is one of the many roles that Monday can equip in your organization.

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7. Developer Tools

Developer tools come in handy when you want to go beyond regular integrations. For instance, you may like to connect your custom tools with CRM.

Fortunately, you can find the standard set of developer tools from Pipedrive and Monday alike. We need to give emphasis on API access and custom-apps development. It means you can take integrations to the next level by creating a different app that works on Pipedrive or Monday.

As it happens, there is a tie between Pipedrive and Monday in this respect as well. You might think that Monday has the upper hand, but it is primarily due to the high number of apps on the platform.

8. Deliverability

We also need to talk about deliverability while choosing the right CRM for your needs. Only then can you be sure that the activities are successful. For instance, what’s the point of spending a lot on CRM tools if they cannot deliver the email newsletters or invitations to the desired person?

You do not have to get confused again, though. Both these CRM tools are great in terms of deliverability. It is 100% sure that your marketing/client management campaigns will be delivered on time to all the correct contacts. Therefore, you can focus more on what you do in these campaigns instead of worrying about their success rates. From a utilitarian point of view, things are great.

9. Support

A variety of technical support options are available on Monday and Pipedrive. Live chat and email happen to be the best options you can choose from.

On Monday and Pipedrive, you need to sign in to start using the support features. Monday requires you to verify email before accessing any custom support offerings.

Options for live chat will be available from the dashboard on Pipedrive, which takes a while at times due to the high volume of customers seeking support.

pipedrive support

On the other hand, Monday has email-based support along with a knowledge base. Their email customer support is swift as you will receive a reply within 10-20 mins.

monday support

The best part is that you can expect tailor-made replies based on what you are doing with the CRM tools. On the bright side, a detailed Knowledge Base is available even if you have not logged in.

Telephone support is not yet available on both Monday and Pipedrive. We believe we can see this feature in the coming years.

10. Pricing

Let’s look at the pricing structure from Pipedrive and Monday

10.1 Pipedrive

Pipedrive offers a simple, four-plan pricing structure that is easy to understand. As you can see, you can pick one of the plans based on the features that you want in the work management suite. It does not have a free version, though.

pipedrive pricing


10.2 Monday

Monday charges you based on the number of seats you want. Fortunately, you can choose the free plan for starter needs. Some features like timeline view and customized notifications are not available in the starter versions, though.

monday pricing


We believe both platforms are priced reasonably. Even better, you can avail a 14-day free trial period on Monday and Pipedrive. You do not need a credit card to access this free trial. So, you get to know how a tool can benefit your organization even before you buy it.

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