Best VPN for Accessing DStv Outside of South Africa

Best VPN for Accessing DStv Outside of South Africa

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DStv is one of South Africa’s leading digital satellite and Pay-Tv providers. In fact, it has about 10 million subscribers! The platform offers a huge range of channels, with access to a wide selection of shows and series from all over the world. As you can tell, DStv is basically a streaming heaven. 

Unfortunately, those outside South Africa can’t enjoy the exclusive shows aired on the platform – unless there’s a VPN installed. 

Now, you can’t just get a free VPN; that barely works. On top of that, free VPNs often expose vulnerable user information to hackers and third-party agencies. However, a good paid VPN can protect you from cybercrime while allowing you to enjoy uninterrupted, high-speed streaming on popular platforms like DStv. 

We’ll list the five best VPNs in 2023 for accessing DStv and what makes them unique. There’s also a FAQ section below for those unsure about how paid VPNs can help users stream DStv securely. 

1. Best VPN for Accessing DStv Outside of South Africa 2023

With the right VPN provider, you can enjoy the 130+ channels streamed every day on DStv with zero lag or buffer. Here are our top five picks and their key features. 

1.1 ExpressVPN – Best Overall VPN for Accessing DStv Outside of South Africa

expressvpn VPN for Accessing DStv Outside of South Africa

With ExpressVPN, you can stream DStv outside South Africa without worrying about being traced or monitored. Over 3,000 servers are available in 94 countries – making ExpressVPN a fast, secure, and reliable connection that you can trust.

You don’t have to worry about data protection, either. The platform uses military-grade encryption, meaning your data—including your streaming activity—is guaranteed to be safe from any third party. Users can also enjoy unlimited bandwidth with ExpressVPN, so you can stream DStv without any restrictions.

In case you have questions or issues, its friendly customer service team is always willing to help. ExpressVPN also provides a lock option to ensure that your data remains private and anonymous. 

This means that if your internet disconnects for any reason, the VPN will automatically block all data from leaving your device. 


  • Military-grade security
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Convenient auto-lock system
  • 3,000+ servers are available

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1.2 NordVPN – Safe Browsing VPN for Accessing DStv Outside of South Africa

nordvpn VPN for Accessing DStv Outside of South Africa

 With unlimited bandwidth and seamless one-click connection, NordVPN users can access more than 5,000 servers in over 60 countries, thus bypassing any geographic restrictions. Additionally, the platform’s advanced encryption keeps consumer information hidden, so user data stays secure. 

Furthermore, you can stream DStv on up to six different devices at the same time. The provider also offers 24/7 live chat service to clear out all kinds of technical problems. NordVPN provides around-the-clock customer service, giving you expert advice and guidance. 

The service doesn’t keep any logs or traces of your online activities either, preventing ISPs and other third-party entities from tracing or logging your usage. 

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With its secure and reliable service, top-notch customer support, and high-speed servers, NordVPN is the perfect platform for any consumer looking for a safe and secure DStv streaming experience.


  • Robust encryption
  • Reliable customer support
  • Simultaneous streaming on six devices
  • No logging or tracing 
  • 5,000+ servers are available 

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1.3 CyberGhost – Total Anonymity VPN for Accessing DStv Outside of South Africa

cyberghost VPN for Accessing DStv Outside of South Africa

When it comes to streaming DStv outside South Africa, CyberGhost sits high on this list. It has 5,700+ servers spread across 90 countries (except China and UAE), so it’s likely that you are covered no matter where you go. 

As an added bonus, CyberGhost offers live chat support to its subscribers, so you can always get immediate and reliable help. Your online activity is completely anonymous and with no traces left on the internet. What’s more, your data and payment details are fully encrypted, with no risk of data theft.

Cut the shackles of geographical restrictions and immerse yourself into a world of entertainment on DStv through CyberGhost! 


  • 5,700+ servers are available 
  • Highly secure and encrypted
  • Anonymous activity 
  • Zero tracking or tracing 
  • No logging required 
  • High bandwidth 

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1.4 HideMyAss VPN – VPN With Expansive Network for Accessing DStv Outside of South Africa

HideMyAss VPN for Accessing DStv Outside of South Africa

Hide My Ass is one of the most trusted VPN solutions available and is used by millions of satisfied customers around the world. It boasts more than 1100 secure servers located across 120 countries, ensuring users get the widest coverage and connection speed. Having the latest encryption technology, the Hide My Ass VPN will keep your data safe and secure.

The great thing is that the platform offers unlimited bandwidth with no disconnections, giving you ultimate DStv streaming options. 

You can try out its services on up to 10 devices, giving you the ultimate flexibility. Plus, with its ‘kill switch’ technology, you can be sure that your anonymity and security will not be compromised even when your internet connection is unstable.

On top of that, the website also provides comprehensive support resources, allowing you to learn more about its services in detail.


  • Stable server connection 
  • High-speed and unlimited bandwidth
  • Kill-switch system 
  • 1100+ servers are available 

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1.5 PureVPN – Instant Access VPN for Accessing DStv Outside of South Africa

PureVPN VPN for Accessing DStv Outside of South Africa

Launched in 2006, PureVPN quickly grew to become an industry leader with 6,500 robust servers in 78+ countries. With its high-speed connections and military-grade server encryption, the platform offers access to geo-restricted DStv streaming that was previously unavailable outside South Africa.

Thanks to its strict no-logging policy, PureVPN offers privacy-conscious users the ultimate level of digital security. Not to mention, the addition of dedicated P2P servers to the network makes it the go-to solution for streaming heavy videos and digital content outside South Africa.

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On top of that, PureVPN guarantees total anonymity and privacy, so your streaming activities are hidden from everyone, including your local network provider. This means that there is no risk of a copyright takedown or any other kind of legal action taken against you.


  • 6,500 servers are available 
  • High-speed and unlimited bandwidth 
  • No-log policy
  • A secure P2P server system 

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Using a VPN is the perfect way to get around those pesky geographical restrictions and copyright laws when streaming DStv. It enables you to connect to the platform securely, safely, and legally – giving you access to all your favorite shows without compromising your online security or privacy. 

However, not many know the importance of a VPN and how it can help you stream something as simple as DStv while keeping personal data safe. 

2.1 Why Can’t I Stream DStv Outside of South Africa?

As a consumer looking for entertainment and international content, there’s nothing better than DStv. The African broadcasting service – owned by MultiChoice – provides over 130+ channels streaming a range of content from around the globe. 

However, what if you’re living outside of the country and still want to access DStv? Unfortunately, the platform isn’t accessible in many regions due to copyright issues and geographical restrictions

That’s where a VPN comes in. Paid platforms can be a safe and secure solution for streaming purposes. On top of that, it helps you hide browsing activity from your ISP and other third parties and boosts your connection speed so that you can enjoy fast and uninterrupted viewing.

It’s important to note that since DStv’s content is subject to copyright laws, using a paid VPN is essential in order to comply with legal requirements.

2.2 Will Using a VPN Ruin My DStv Stream Quality?

Using just about any VPN can affect the quality of your DStv streaming experience. On the other hand, selecting the right provider can instead improve the graphics by numbers.  

With paid VPNs, consumers can enjoy smooth DStv streaming in HD with no buffer or lag. To get the best experience, make sure you use a reliable VPN service, connect to the fastest network, select the correct streaming settings, and choose a server close to you.

2.3 Why Are Free VPNs Unsafe for Streaming DStv?

Do you enjoy streaming DStv but don’t want to break the bank by buying a premium VPN service? Free VPNs may seem like a tempting option, but they could leave you at risk of compromising your streaming quality, or worse, data leaks. 

2.3.1 Quality

When it comes to streaming, 1440p or even 720p is really the bare minimum in picture quality if you want a smooth and uninterrupted experience. Free VPNs, however, can’t always guarantee this. Performance and speed issues can often result in buffering, lagging, and, even worse, zero streaming.

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Sure, you may have a system that works for a few hours, but eventually, you won’t be able to ensure a smooth and reliable quality with no lagging.

2.3.2 Information

With a low-quality VPN, your personal information could be at risk. These products don’t always have the best encryption, meaning that hackers and other third parties can easily get their hands on valuable personal data.

3. Conclusion 

Using a paid VPN provides a higher quality and more secure streaming experience when compared to other solutions. With a greater data allowance and better security, you can rest assured that your DStv streaming experience will be smooth and enjoyable. Plus, you can do it all with the confidence that your personal data is safe and secure.

With its fast speeds, a broad selection of servers, and an unbeatable level of anonymity, a paid VPN is the perfect solution for DStv streamers who value privacy, security, and ease of use.

VPN Service

Price: $11.95 $3.71/month
Servers: 5500+ in 59 countries
Simultaneous connections: 6
Jurisdiction: Panama
Payment: PayPal, AmazonPay, Crypto, Google Pay, Klarna
Torrenting: OK
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Dedicated IP: $70/yr
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Extra: Double VPN, Obfuscated servers
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Price: $12.95 $8.32/month
Servers: 3300+ in 94 countries
Simultaneous connections: 5
Jurisdiction: British Virgin Islands
Payment: PayPal, Crypto, AliPay, Klarna,
Torrenting: OK
Unblocks US Netflix: Yes
Dedicated IP: Not provided
TrustPilot Score: 4,7/5
Money-back: 30 days
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Price: $11.99 $2.25/month
Servers: 6600+ in 89 coutrines
Simultaneous connections: 7
Jurisdiction: Romania
Payment: PayPal, Crypto
Torrenting: OK
Unblocks US Netflix: Yes
Dedicated IP: $51/yr
TrustPilot Score: 4,8/5
Money-back: 45 days
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Price: $11.95 $2.49/month
Servers: 3200+ in 65 coutrines
Simultaneous connections: Unlimited
Jurisdiction: British Virgin Islands
Payment: PayPal, Crypto, Google Pay, Amazon Pay
Torrenting: OK
Unblocks US Netflix: Yes
Dedicated IP: Not provided
TrustPilot Score: 4,3/5
Money-back: 30 days
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Price: $9.60 $3.33/month
Servers: 6500+ in 140 coutrines
Simultaneous connections: 10
Jurisdiction: Hong Kong
Payment: PayPal, Credit Cards
Torrenting: OK
Unblocks US Netflix: Yes
Dedicated IP: $35.88/yr
TrustPilot Score: 4,7/5
Money-back: 31 days
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