SmartProxy Review 2020 [Get 20% OFF Promo Code]

SmartProxy Review 2020 - Are Their Residential IPs Good?

Smartproxy is a fast and reliable online service providing residential proxies in more than 238 countries and territories — almost any country in the world! As of 2020, they also offer over 40 000 datacenter IPs as a separate package.

SmartProxy overview:

Servers 195+ locations & 8 cities
Price from $75/month
Connections & Threads Unlimited
IP Pool 40+ Million
Uptime 99,99%
Money-back 3 days
Support Excellent (24/7)
Payment Paypal, Bitcoin

In this SmartProxy review, we are going to learn more about the platform and discuss all its benefits.

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What is Smartproxy?

Smartproxy is the rotating residential proxy network that makes it possible to collect and parse any data from various websites using a set of over 10 million rotating proxies. It allows to connect to even the most restricted resources in any country of the world and forget about banned and compromised IP addresses.

When to use Smartproxy?

Advertisement verification. If you are an advertisement specialist and create advertisement campaigns for different companies in a variety of countries, connect to Smartproxy to be sure that your ad is displayed in the way you need it to be. Forget about broken links, malicious software, and wrong ads.

Retail intelligence. This service will be useful when you track the prices for some goods or services. In some cases, you must be connected from the specific area to get the discount. Smartproxy allows for solving the problem without been blocked.

Brand protection. With Smartproxy, you will be able to identify damaging infringements and brand abuses. The platform sends all your traffic through real devices so you can be sure that your proxies will never be identified as bots or spam machines and you will be able to operate with the highest anonymity.

How Smartproxy works

In fact, it is all simple. When the user configures his application to work with Smartproxy, he is connected to the main endpoint, which processes all the requests. After that, the request is transferred to a proxies pool with more than 5 million addresses where the request is processed according to what the user needs. Depending on the resource you are going to access, the app gets a specific IP address or is connected to a specific country. The user can hold several sessions at the same time unlike VPN, which provides the same address for all the apps on the device. The developers provided the scheme on their website where you can see how it works.

There are two available ways to use the residential IP network:

  • using your login and password (traditional method);
  • adding the specific IP address to a whitelist in the dashboard.

In the first case, configure your application where you are going to use the proxy server, adding your login and password which you can take from the dashboard. In the second case, add your IP address to their respective dashboard section. You will be able to find it using the special online services like after connecting to a specific location.

Smartproxy Features

More than 10 million real IP addresses. The Smartproxy network provides the real IP addresses of real devices. This helps to avoid being blocked as a bot. The development team works hard to constantly add new resources.

  • The greatest performance. The proxy servers work fast and provide low latency even in slow-speed networks.
  • Proxy rotation. After every visit, you get a new IP address. It helps to avoid blocking and various limitations.
  • Round-the-day technical support. It is available via email or even over the phone. The specialists will solve any issue in the shortest time possible.
  • Shared datacenter proxy network. You can buy a bandwidth-based shared proxy subscription and use their 40 000 datacenter IPs.

Smartproxy Documentation

I also liked the fact that Smartproxy has a lot of guides on how to integrate with various software, for example, they have guides for sneaker bots, social media tools, scrapers, SEO tools, and proxy managers. This makes it easy and quick to start using your proxies.


Smartproxy Registration, Payment, and Prices

All the residential IP and datacenter plans are bandwidth based. This means that each plan has a limited amount of available traffic to be used with the proxy server.

The company provides four tariff plans:

smartproxy new pricing 2020

  • MICRO— This plan costs $75 per month or $15 per GB with 5GB of provided traffic;
  • STARTER— This plan costs $200 per month or $10 per GB with 20GB of provided traffic;
  • REGULAR— This plan costs $400 per month or $8 per GB with 50GB of provided traffic;
  • ADVANCED— This plan costs $600 per month or $6 per GB with 100GB of provided traffic.

To buy a subscription, just go through the registration processes and create an account first and then fill in your payment details. You can use a bank card, PayPal, and Bitcoin. All plans include 3 days money-back guarantee which you can request without any limitations.

SmartProxy Review - login

Smartproxy Dashboard

The dashboard is very easy to use. In the left part of the screen there are several sections:

  • Dashboard — basic subscription details and traffic usage;
  • SmartProxy Review - dashboard-main
  • Subusers — you can add several additional users;
  • SmartProxy Review - dashboard-subusers
  • Whitelisted IPs — add the IP address to the whitelist;
  • SmartProxy Review dashboard whitelisted ip
  • Endpoints — the connection data of the servers in different countries;
  • SmartProxy Review dashboard endpoints
  • Billing — manage your subscription.
  • SmartProxy Review dashboard billling
  • Help & Documentation.
  • SmartProxy Review documentation

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Smartproxy Servers and countries

There are servers in 238 countries meaning that you can connect to almost any location in the world. The full information is available on this page.

Smartproxy Work test

Now, it’s time to check how Smartproxy works. We performed several locations and speed tests using the Chrome browser on Windows 10. You can find the information on how to configure it on the documentation page. There you will also find help on how to configure any device which supports a proxy server.

Smartproxy Location test

We used to identify the proxy server location.

We tried the following countries:

United States

SmartProxy Review us-location

Great Britain

SmartProxy Review gb-location


SmartProxy Review sweden-location


SmartProxy Review germany-location


SmartProxy Review italy-location


SmartProxy Review india-location


SmartProxy Review japan-location


SmartProxy Review australia-location

Smartproxy Speed test

We used service by Netflix as the traditional Speedtest by Ookla did not allow us to perform the upload test.

We got the following speeds:

United States

SmartProxy Review us-speed

Great Britain

SmartProxy Review - UK speed


SmartProxy Review - Sweden speed


SmartProxy Review - germany speed


SmartProxy Review - italy speed


SmartProxy Review - india speed


SmartProxy Review - japan speed


SmartProxy Review - australia speed

Smartproxy Pros and cons


  • Huge range of available IP addresses.
  • Fast connection speed.
  • Easy configuration.
  • Great documentation for various software.


  • No unlimited plans.


The speeds were good and the locations matched residential locations in our tests. If you are in need of rotating residential proxies, then you should really give Smartproxy a try. Their support will help you get everything running.

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