Froxy Review – Good Cheap Residential Proxies (2024)

If you find Oxylabs or Bright Data expensive, you might be looking for a proper review of Froxy – a cheaper alternative.

Froxy is a famous proxy service known for its fast proxies and scrapers. The service comes with flexible plans and promises 99.9% uptime.

Overall, at least on paper, Froxy seems like a powerful proxy service for scraping and bypassing blocks with whitelisted IPs.

This Froxy test will tell you whether the service’s promises are valid. Let’s see how Froxy behaves and examine all of its features, including pricing, customer support, and ease of use.

Froxy Pros & Cons

Froxy is an affordable proxy provider with countless shared proxies and powerful scrapers.

Having in mind it’s much “younger” than many of its more powerful rivals, Froxy is worth getting and trying out. Here are its pros and cons:


  • More than 200 countries
  • Fast Proxies provide decent speed
  • SERP Scraper works with popular search engines
  • Geo-targeting (country/region/city/ISP)
  • Simple and responsive interface
  • Affordable pricing for proxies and scrapers


Features of Froxy

Froxy’s proxy database isn’t as large as the ones from Oxylabs or NetNut, counting roughly 8M+ IPs. This will be enough, however, especially with 200+ countries on offer.

Apart from sheer numbers, here’s what Froxy offers in terms of proxy types and scrapers.

Fast Proxies

The most interesting proxies from Froxy are fast proxies. These are designed for fast connection speeds, aiding unblocking content, scraping, and other activities.

Like other proxies from this company, data rollover is available, which means you can transfer unused bandwidth to the next month.

Froxy Fast Proxies

In our Froxy test, fast proxies performed fairly well, although they weren’t faster than proxies from Bright Data or Oxylabs.

It’s worth noting that the ping tends to be higher too, which results in slower page loading. In extreme cases, the ping can reach 300+ milliseconds, which is significant.

Residential Proxies

Froxy users will likely choose residential proxies for their price. All users get access to exclusive whitelisted IPs, which makes overcoming CAPTCHA and other blocks a breeze.

Residential proxies are performing well, alas, with some major slowdowns when using more distant IPs.

Froxy Residential Proxies

Bear in mind that all residential proxies are rotating and users can set the rotation period from 90 to 3,600 seconds.

Geo-targeting is there as well, allowing you to target countries, regions, cities, and ISPs. Sadly, Froxy lacks dedicated residential proxies found in Oxylabs and NetNut.

Mobile Proxies

If you want to bypass blocks on mobile-exclusive platforms and sites, mobile proxies are handy. Froxy’s mobile proxies work well in most cases.

Speed-wise, they’re again slower than expected but we had no problems avoiding CAPTCHA puzzles and accessing vital information.

These proxies can be used for scraping as well. This is great considering the aforementioned data rollover, which allows for uninterrupted scraping by using every bit of allowed bandwidth

SERP Scraper

One thing we appreciate in this Froxy review is the SERP Scraper. It’s intuitive and requires no coding, making newbies delighted.

SERP Scraper extracts data from countless search engines like Pinterest, Google, YouTube, Bing, Yahoo, and many others.

SERP Scraper is fast as well. It pulls out blocks of data within seconds, which we found impressive considering slightly slower residential and mobile proxies.

E-Commerce Scraper

We lament the lack of the Web Scraper but E-Commerce Scraper is pretty nifty.

If you want to improve your market presence, this tool lets you gather information from E-Commerce sites. You can get data regarding product prices, store listings, and much more.

Froxy E Commerce Scraper

Users can scrape eBay, AliExpress, and Amazon. It’s good to know that Froxy isn’t the most capable E-Commerce Scraper and won’t work particularly well on all popular shopping sites.

A better option is Oxylabs which simultaneously extracts more varied information.

We love its eBay scraper because of our pleasant experience with it. However, we’d like it to work with sites like Walmart, BestBuy, and many others.

Is Froxy Easy to Use?

Froxy is extremely simple to set up and use. It uses the pay-as-you-go model where you’ll buy only what you need when subscribing.

For instance, you can buy only residential proxies and choose the Mini plan with 100 MB and a few other features. Now, you click on Manage and you get access to them.

Froxy Interface

You can then configure your proxy, set the IP rotation, and connect to it using a third-party or an in-built Proxy app on your computer.

Scrapers are simple too and can be toyed with directly on the site, which allows for effortless scraping and obtaining plentiful information from the site.

Froxy Price Review

In this Froxy test, we were happy with how affordable it was. After all, it’s a relatively new kid on the block, and seeing many flexible plans was great.

Each proxy has at least SIX plans, ranging from Mini to Ultra. The same goes for Scrapers.

Buying the Scrapers plan gives you access to both SERP and E-Commerce Scrappers, which is super convenient. At the time of reviewing Froxy, the lowest prices are:

  • Fast Mini: from $8/GB
  • Residential Mini: from $8/GB
  • Mobile Mini: from $11/GB
  • Scraper Mini: from $4/1K requests

Froxy is inexpensive but it lacks a proper free trial. Instead, it has a 3-day trial for $1.99 with only a 100 MB bandwidth allowance.

Customer Support

We found Froxy’s customer support good but not great. Live chat support is available but not 24/7.

In addition, its customer support team is slower to respond to emails. If you need urgent help, you’ll have to be patient. On-site guides are abundant, so you can still fix a specific problem if you’re not lazy.

Froxy Review: The Final Verdict

As a newcomer, Froxy’s qualities are undeniable. We love its ease of use, quality SERP/E-Commerce Scrappers, as well as millions of different proxies.

Its fast proxies are our favorite, as they’re easy to set up and work well for bypassing blocks and gathering data from websites.

However, Froxy lacks many premium features found in more powerful rivals. It doesn’t have dedicated proxies, lacks a web scraper, and isn’t the fastest provider.

With slightly higher latency and slower speed, Froxy won’t be great for bandwidth-hungry needs.

Its customer support is average and there’s no free trial. The silver lining is the price, which keeps Froxy glued to a “budget” side of the spectrum.

This simultaneously makes it a great gateway into the proxy world if you’re a beginner or inexperienced.

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