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What is a private proxy?

A private proxy is a dedicated IP that can be used only by a single client at a time.
It provides a private connection.
In fact, it will hide the public address that was assigned by your Internet service provider.
This makes it easy for you to access websites without being restricted by your ISP.
How private proxies work

Why do I need a private proxy?

Using private proxies has a lot of benefits for many different users, but the primary one is anonymity.
Being able to obtain anonymity in the online world is hard, but proxies makes the entire process very easy.
Aside from that, you can use a multitude of addresses from all over the world to mask your real location.

Difference between private proxy and VPN

Private proxies are just an open port that you can connect to, whereas VPN requires a dedicated tunnelling process.
Moreover, a proxy usually has a single IP that you can connect to, whereas the VPN service uses random IP addresses from selected locations.
You don’t have to download a software most of the time when you use a proxy, you can just insert the data in your browser settings, and that’s it.

How do I use private proxies?

Using private proxies is easy, but it all depends on your intended use.
You usually have to download a list of proxies and insert them into your software.

Proxy anonymity levels

There are 3 anonymity levels for proxies.

  • Level 1 Elite/High – this is providing you with the very best combination of anonymity and high-speed. The server won’t know you are connecting through a proxy.
  • Level 2 Anonymous – You are anonymous, but the server will know that you have connected through a proxy.
  • Level 3 Transparent – Your real IP will be seen by the server.

What to think about when buying private proxies

Make sure you select a proxy package that is made for your intended use.

Cheap (standard) private proxies usually work fine for scraping and SEO, but they will likely not work with copping sneakers and ticketing.

Types of proxies and proxy servers

  • Reverse Proxy – sits behind the firewall in a private network and it will direct all the client inquiries to the backend server
  • Transparent Proxy – these are intermediary systems you can find between the user and provider. The proxy will get the request and perform caching, authentication and redirection.
  • Distorting Proxy – your IP address is modified in such a way so the target server will not know where you come from.
  • Intercepting Proxy – the intercepting proxy’s server will intercept and access the messages without that much of a problem.
  • Socks Proxy Server: it exchanges network packets between the client and server via a proxy and it also has authentication
  • FTP Proxy Server – you get to access a FTP server via proxy connectivity
  • HTTP Proxy Server – this server handles HTTP transactions
  • SSL Proxy Server – this type of server makes the browsing experience more secure!

Usages for private proxies

Why private proxies are needed for SEO and SaaS companies?
You can use them to simulate requests from multiple accounts.
You can run Scrapebox, SEO Power Suit or GSA SER, harvest data from Google, check search engine rankings and so on.
It is also used to create multiple accounts on different services such as Gmail, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. Regular cheap private proxies are best suited for this job.
App-Store scraping
This way, you get to receive immediate access to all the data that you need without any restrictions.
This means you can scrape App-Store data immediately and without a problem.
You get to bypass blocked sites and gain access to content that is limited to your country.
You can manage Instagram via bots such as FollowLiker.
If you want to post an ad from another country on Craigslist or if you are outside the US and want to use the service, you can use proxies for that.
It lets you post more jobs without being filtered.
It’s all about marketing and being able to create new accounts and getting followers without being banned.
Plus, you can also unblock Twitter in locations where the app or website is not accessible.
Pokemon Go
With a Pokemon Go Bot and a private proxy service you will be able to change GEO-location and let the bot hatch eggs and do the walking for you – it’s that easy!
You can acquire tickets by using bots without being limited by IP-restrictions.
Make sure you select a proxy provider that has a guarantee for its ticketing proxies in order to avoid paying for proxies that doesn’t work.
Cheaper alternatives usually don’t work for this and you also need quite a number of proxies in order to get several tickets.
Buying limited edition sneakers
Use them with bots (such as AIO BOT & NikeShoeBoT) for copping limited edition sneakers without being restricted to IP-limitations.
Make sure you select a reliable provider for this and the right proxy package.