Best Instagram Proxies 2019

Best Instagram Proxies
RankInstagram ProxiesPrice for 10 ProxiesReviewVisit
1ssl private proxy$33.60ReadSSL Private Proxy
3storm proxies$30ReadStorm Proxies
4high proxies$28ReadHigh Proxies

If you are looking to buy the best proxies for Instagram for your bot then we recommend SSL Private Proxy as mentioned in our article about Instagram bots.

There are also many other proxy providers for Instagram that offer static proxies for Instagram which are equally good, that is if by any chance you should have trouble with SSL Private Proxy.

There are also more expensive proxy packages for Instagram (social media), but I have only listed providers that offer cheap smaller packages of 10 proxies or more since most people only have about 10 accounts on Instagram or less.

Why Use a Proxy for Instagram?

The rules that you must follow when using any social media platform, like Instagram, are contained in the terms of service. These terms of service include guidelines all users must follow.

Violating those terms may result in one of many consequences, depending on the type of violation and whether or not the account has violated a term in the past.

In some cases, you may get a warning, or have an image or comment flagged for deletion. In other cases, however, you may be banned outright.

Examples of practices that can see your account automatically banned include:

  • Having too many IG accounts associated with the same IP address
  • Sending out too many IG requests at once (for example, by liking too many photos)
  • Receiving an unusual amount of likes, comments, or follows at once
  • Accumulating too many followers over a short timespan
  • Posting images or comments that are considered to be offensive or sensitive

Some bans happen because you have used a bot to make posting to IG much easier or to help ensure consistent branding across multiple accounts.

In other cases, signing up for more than three or four accounts using the same IP address can result in having all accounts banned.

Unfortunately, both of these practices are recommended for influencers and business owners alike, as it can make getting your message out to the widest possible audience much easier than the alternative.

Once upon a time, bans were based on account name only. This means that you could easily get back on the platform by creating a new account and associating it with a different email address.

Now, however, bans are enforced based on IP address, which means that you cannot simply log in and create another account.

For an influencer or business owner, losing your ability to connect with others in this way can be incredibly costly. For social media managers, it could be career ending.

This is where using a proxy comes in handy. When you buy an Instagram proxy, you are given a bundle of IP addresses that can be used to access the platform.

Instagram, or whatever website you visit when using them, then read the proxies as your main IP address. Proxies do the work of both masking your initial IP and providing you with secondary ones you can use to browse or post online.

Proxies are also idea for getting around website blocks set up at work or at school. An Instagram proxy lets you use the app as normal, without being affected by the block at all.

This makes it perfect for students looking for ways to stay busy during a non-class time or busy professionals looking to relax and detach from work during breaks.

Why You Can’t Just Use a Residential/Rotational Proxy for Instagram?

If you use a residential or rotational proxy at home, you may be tempted to use something similar for Instagram. However, proxy packages work slightly different for Instagram. Unlike residential ones, proxies for Instagram are static.

As a result, each proxy is connected to its own, specific location. Using a rotating proxy makes it seem like you are logging in from a different location each time you check your account or post an image.

While rotating proxies are great for personal use, since the IPs are always changing, it can also appear suspicious to IG monitors. Using multiple IP addresses each time you log in is the fastest way to get your content marked as spam.

As a result, your account could get banned just as quickly as it would if you didn’t use a proxy at all. For that reason, most experts recommend using static proxies that are specifically intended for use with Instagram.

This way, Instagram monitors recognize the proxy address as your primary IP, letting you freely use the app without paying any special attention to your account.

The Benefits of Instagram-Specific Proxies

Buying proxies for Instagram differ slightly from buying proxies for residential use. You need to make sure that they are virgin proxies. This means that they have never been used for Instagram in the past.

Ideally, the proxy should not have been used for any previous social media use. Virgin proxies allow you to create and use your accounts without fear of being banned or blocked due to prior use.

Proxies are not virgin by default, so make sure you exercise caution when you are shopping around.

Some providers offer proxy packages, tailor-made to suit specific purposes. Ideally, you should be able to find clearly branded Instagram-specific proxy packages that meet all your requirements.

This takes the guesswork out of buying proxies, guaranteeing they are going to work for your purposes. If you don’t let the provider know what you are using the proxies for, or if you fail to buy the appropriate package, you may wind up with pre-flagged ones, resulting in banned accounts, as well as wasted time, effort, and money.

Public vs. Private Proxies for Instagram

When you are shopping around for the best Instagram proxies, you may come across public proxies. They are generally much cheaper than private ones, with certain public proxies even being free.

Unfortunately, these cheap alternatives are not safe for use with Instagram. By their very definition, public proxies are available for use by just about anyone. This means that you could be held accountable for someone else’s Instagram behavior.

In addition, the same IP address could conceivably be used to log into multiple Instagram accounts, leading to your accounts getting banned.

Another reason public proxies are not suitable for Instagram is that they simply aren’t reliable. Public proxies are known for going on and offline at random, without any predictability.

Not knowing when your server is going to come back online can cause delays in your posts, especially if you are relying on a bot to post. A final reason to avoid public proxies is that you are only able to access a limited amount of bandwidth.

You or your bot may not be able to post, like, or respond to messages with the same reliability as you could with a private proxy.

Using proxy websites comes with similar risks, especially since you can never be sure which IP addresses are used, where they have been used before, or how reliable the service happens to be.

Finding the Best Instagram Proxies

Even when you narrow down your search to private, Instagram-specific proxies, there are still a ton of options available to you. Narrowing them down may seem impossible, but is quite easy when you take the time to think about two very important factors:

  • Consider Your Budget. The first thing you should do is to think about your budget. Proxies are available at a variety of price points, so think about what you can realistically afford. Remember that you do get what you pay for, so avoid looking for cheap products.
  • Consider Your Needs. Not all proxies are the same. Even within the same provider, you can find several different packages. Before you start shopping, spend some time thinking about your specific needs. Ask yourself a few questions, like how many devices do you want to use your proxy packages on? Are there other services, like marketing tools, that you could benefit from? Do you want to pay a setup fee for installation assistance?

Preserving Your Instagram Account

As long as you use the right kind of proxy package when setting up and using your Instagram accounts, your own behavior is the only thing that could get them banned. If you are using bots, make sure that you set them to behave as a regular user does.

This means avoiding rapid responses and continuous engagement with your followers and other users. You also need to be sure that you let your bots “rest” on a regular basis. These breaks help make your account appear as though it is run by a human and avoids the risk of getting banned.

Whether or not you are using a bot, you should also be careful about the type of content you post and how you respond to followers.

It only takes one user to flag some of your content for human examiners to take a closer look at your account, so be sure you always comply with content quality rules.