19 Best Instagram Proxies 2024 4G & Residential Proxy List

19 BEST Instagram Proxies 2021 [LTE 4G & Mobile Proxies]

Quick answer: The Best Instagram Proxy 2024 4G & Residential Proxy List in 2024 is Smartproxy!

Are you looking for Instagram proxies to unblock Instagram for “normal” surfing? Then I suggest that you look for a good VPN instead. These proxies are for people doing Instagram automation in various ways for their business needs.

NOTE: Be responsible when using proxies and remember that no proxy can help you if your Instagram account is getting shadowbans. Let your Instagram accounts age for at least a week before posting. Start slowly. Remember to use good emails for your accounts!

1. Best Instagram proxy providers in July 2024

1.1 Smartproxy – Overall best residential proxies for Instagram


Smartproxy stands out as a reliable provider of residential proxies, particularly beneficial for Instagram automation and marketing purposes. Their expansive network and supportive features make them a top choice for users looking to manage multiple Instagram accounts effectively. Here’s a closer look at why Smartproxy is a commendable option for Instagram proxy needs:

  1. Extensive Residential Proxy Network: With over 10 million proxies represented in more than 195 countries, Smartproxy offers a vast and diverse network, enhancing the likelihood of finding the ideal proxy for any specific need.

  2. Instagram Automation Compatibility: Smartproxy supports various Instagram automation software and an unlimited number of accounts. This compatibility makes it an excellent choice for users employing tools like Jarvee, Gramdominator, Gramista, Follow Liker, and Instmacro.

  3. Unique IP Addresses: Each proxy IP address provided by Smartproxy is unique, reducing the risk of bans or being flagged as suspicious on Instagram.

  4. High Performance and Unlimited Connections: The service promises great performance with unlimited connections and threads, ensuring efficient and uninterrupted proxy use.

  5. Risk-Free Trial and Moneyback Guarantee: Smartproxy offers a money-back guarantee within 3 days, allowing users to test their services without financial risk.

  6. 24/7 Technical Support: Round-the-clock technical support is available, providing assistance whenever needed.

  7. Pros:

    • Large selection of over 10 million proxies.
    • Supports a wide range of Instagram automation software.
    • Unique IP addresses for each proxy.
    • Unlimited connections and excellent performance.
    • Money-back guarantee for a risk-free trial.
    • Continuous technical support.

  8. Cons:

    • Usage-based pricing (pay by GB used), which may not be the most cost-effective option for all users.

  9. Pricing and Discount: Smartproxy’s pricing is based on the amount of data used. Users can get a 20% discount on the initial payment with the promo code “PPG20OFF”.

In summary, Smartproxy is a solid choice for Instagram proxy needs, especially for users leveraging automation tools for managing multiple accounts. Its extensive network, unique IP addresses, and compatibility with various software make it a robust option. However, its usage-based pricing model might require careful consideration based on individual usage patterns and needs.


1.2 Oxylabs


Oxylabs stands out as a premium provider of residential Instagram proxies, known for its high-quality services and extensive network. Its capability to target proxies by city and a high Trustpilot score underscores the company’s reliability and customer satisfaction. Here’s an in-depth look at why Oxylabs is a good choice for Instagram proxy needs:

  1. High-Quality Residential Proxies: Oxylabs offers top-tier residential proxies that are ideal for Instagram, ensuring reliable and effective proxy services.

  2. Global Coverage and Targeting Options: With over 30 million IP proxies across almost every country, Oxylabs provides extensive global coverage. The ability to target proxies by city is particularly beneficial for location-specific tasks.

  3. Trustworthy and Reliable: The company’s high Trustpilot score reflects its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

  4. Variety of Pricing Plans: Oxylabs offers several pricing options, including Entry, Advanced, Pro, Enterprise, and Corporate plans, catering to different user needs and budgets.

  5. Free Trial for Products and Plans: The free trial allows users to test the service before making a payment, offering a risk-free way to evaluate their proxies.

  6. Legitimate and Clean IP Addresses: The IP addresses provided by Oxylabs are legitimate and clean, minimizing the risk of being banned or blocked.

  7. Anonymity and Session Control: The proxies ensure absolute anonymity and provide session control, enhancing security and flexibility in use.

  8. Compatibility with Scraping Bots: The residential proxies are compatible with various scraping bots, making them versatile for different applications.

  9. Pros:

    • A broad range of pricing options for different user needs.
    • Extensive network with over 30 million IP addresses.
    • High-quality, reliable proxies with city targeting capabilities.
    • Compatibility with various tools and bots.

  10. Cons:

    • Pricing is based on traffic usage, which may not be suitable for users with high data requirements.
    • Lack of unlimited plans can be a limitation for users needing extensive data usage.

  11. Pricing: Oxylabs’ plans are usage-based, and there are no unlimited plans. The specific pricing for each plan is tailored to the level of service and data usage.

In summary, Oxylabs is a suitable choice for businesses and individuals seeking high-quality, reliable Instagram proxies with extensive global coverage. The variety of plans and a free trial make it an attractive option, though the usage-based pricing and lack of unlimited plans might require careful consideration based on individual needs and data consumption patterns.


1.3 IPRoyal


IPRoyal’s precise geo-targeting capabilities with residential proxies can be beneficial for Instagram proxies in several ways:

  1. Location-Specific Content and Trends: Instagram’s content and trends can vary significantly across different regions and cities. IPRoyal’s ability to target proxies down to the city level allows accessing location-specific Instagram content, which can be useful for market research, influencer marketing, and competitive analysis tailored to local audiences.
  2. Bypassing Location Restrictions: Some Instagram features, ads, or content may be restricted or tailored based on geographic location. With IPRoyal’s residential proxies from over 195 locations, users can bypass these location-based restrictions and access Instagram as if they were in a specific city or region.
  3. Authentic User Behavior: IPRoyal utilizes genuine residential IP addresses, which mimic real user behavior. This authenticity can be advantageous for tasks like managing multiple Instagram accounts, automating interactions, or scraping data without raising red flags for potential bot detection by Instagram.
  4. Brand Monitoring and Reputation Management: Businesses can leverage IPRoyal’s city-level targeting to monitor their brand presence, track mentions, and manage their reputation on Instagram across different local markets or regions where they operate.
  5. Influencer Marketing Campaigns: For influencer marketing campaigns on Instagram, IPRoyal’s geo-targeting capabilities can help identify and engage with relevant local influencers in specific cities or regions, enabling more targeted and effective campaigns.

However, it’s important to note that using proxies for Instagram should be done responsibly and in compliance with Instagram’s terms of service to avoid potential account suspensions or bans. Additionally, IPRoyal’s premium pricing may not be suitable for individual users or small businesses with limited budgets, as its focus is on providing granular location data for enterprises.


1.3 Storm Proxies – Cheapest residential Instagram proxies

Storm Proxies

Storm Proxies is recognized for offering robust and efficient proxy solutions, particularly beneficial for Instagram users and other social media applications. Its combination of high-speed connections, unlimited bandwidth, and reliable technical support makes it a strong choice in the proxy market. Here’s an overview of why Storm Proxies is a good choice for Instagram proxy needs:

  1. High-Performance Servers: Storm Proxies boasts powerful servers with a fast and reliable internet channel of 1 Gbps, ensuring efficient and smooth proxy usage.

  2. Support for High Volume of Threads: Each proxy can support up to 100 threads, making them suitable for high-traffic activities and demanding applications.

  3. Immediate and Automatic Delivery: The service offers immediate access to servers after purchase, providing convenience and speed in setting up proxies.

  4. Unlimited Bandwidth: One of the key advantages is the completely unlimited bandwidth without any hidden costs or limitations, offering great value and predictability in cost.

  5. Risk-Free Trial: Storm Proxies allows users to try their service risk-free, with a refund option available within 48 hours of purchase, ensuring customer satisfaction.

  6. 24/7 Premium Support: The company provides round-the-clock support, ready to assist with any issues or questions, enhancing the overall user experience.

  7. Complete Anonymity: With Storm Proxies, your real IP address remains hidden, providing complete anonymity and reducing the risk of detection and bans.

  8. Pros:

    • Excellent performance with fast internet channels.
    • Supports a high number of concurrent threads.
    • Unlimited bandwidth with transparent pricing.
    • Quick and easy access to servers after purchase.
    • Risk-free trial and responsive customer support.
    • Ensures anonymity and security.

  9. Cons:

    • Limited payment options may restrict some users from accessing the service.

  10. Pricing and Discount: Specific pricing details are not provided, but users can get a 15% recurring discount with the promo code “PRIVATEPROXYGUIDE15OFF”.

In summary, Storm Proxies is a strong contender for users seeking reliable and high-performance Instagram proxies. Its emphasis on speed, unlimited bandwidth, and customer-focused features, such as a risk-free trial and 24/7 support, make it an appealing option. However, potential users should consider the available payment options to ensure they can access the service conveniently.

Storm Proxies

1.4 SSL Private Proxy – Best datacenter Instagram proxies

SSL Private Proxy

SSL Private Proxy is known for its reliable and secure datacenter proxies, making it a suitable choice for Instagram automation and social media management. Their emphasis on providing virgin proxies and non-sequential IP addresses enhances the effectiveness and naturalness of managing multiple accounts. Here’s an overview of why SSL Private Proxy is a good Instagram proxy provider:

  1. Dedicated IP Addresses: Each user gets dedicated IP addresses, ensuring exclusivity and reducing the risk of shared IP-related issues.

  2. Anonymity and Protocol Support: All proxies provided by SSL Private Proxy support both HTTP and HTTPS protocols and ensure anonymity for users.

  3. Responsive Customer Support: The company offers friendly and fast customer support, with a quick response time and a comprehensive knowledge base. Support is available 24/7, adding to the reliability of their service.

  4. High Security and Reliability: SSL Private Proxy uses the latest firewall technology, ensuring high security and reliability for users’ personal proxy servers.

  5. Environmentally Conscious: The company’s commitment to using green energy sources, such as wind and solar power for their servers, is a commendable effort towards sustainability.

  6. Pros:

    • Exclusive use of dedicated IP addresses for each user.
    • Anonymity and security with support for HTTP/HTTPS protocols.
    • Reliable and fast customer support available around the clock.
    • Commitment to high security and environmental sustainability.

  7. Cons:

    • The service has limited server locations, which might be a constraint for users needing specific geographic coverage.

  8. Pricing and Discount: Pricing details are not specified here, but users can avail of a discount with the promo code “PRIVATEPROXYGUIDE30OFF”.

In summary, SSL Private Proxy is a strong option for users seeking dedicated and secure Instagram proxies, particularly for social media automation. Their focus on exclusive IP addresses, security, and customer support makes them a reliable choice. However, the limitation in server locations may be a deciding factor for users requiring specific geographic proxies. The company’s effort to use green energy is an added benefit for environmentally conscious users.

SSL Private Proxy

1.5 IPLease


IPLease, a relatively new player in the Instagram proxy market, stands out for offering virgin proxies, a crucial feature for avoiding issues like shadowbanning. Their focus on providing reliable and secure proxy services makes them an appealing choice for social media automation and management. Here’s an overview of why IPLease is a good Instagram proxy provider:

  1. Virgin IP Addresses: IPLease offers virgin IP addresses that have not been previously used, reducing the risk of bans or blocks associated with reused proxies.

  2. Flexible Terms and Refund Policy: The service doesn’t require long-term contracts and offers complete refunds within 3 days, providing flexibility and a risk-free trial for users.

  3. User-Friendly Control Panel: The control panel is designed to be flexible and easy to use, enhancing user experience and management efficiency.

  4. Global Locations: IPLease has proxy servers in various locations around the world, catering to users needing geographic diversity.

  5. Multiple Authentication Methods: The service offers authentication through both username/password and IP whitelisting, adding versatility for different user preferences.

  6. High-Speed Connection: Proxies provided by IPLease offer a reliable connection with speeds up to 1 Gbps, ensuring efficient performance.

  7. On-Demand Proxy Changes: Users can change proxies at any moment, providing flexibility and control over their proxy usage.

  8. Wide Range of Applications: The proxies are suitable for a variety of social media platforms beyond Instagram, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more.

  9. 24/7 Live Human Support: IPLease offers live human support via chat, email, and phone, ensuring users can get assistance whenever needed.

  10. Eco-Friendly Servers: Many of their servers run on green energy, reflecting the company’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

  11. Pros:

    • Provision of unused, virgin IP addresses.
    • Flexible and user-friendly service with a quick activation process.
    • Wide application range for various social media platforms.
    • Commitment to customer support and eco-friendly practices.

  12. Cons:

    • Limited number of available countries for proxy servers.
    • Some inconsistencies in technical support responsiveness.

  13. Pricing and Discount: Specific pricing details are not provided, but users can avail a 15% recurring discount with the promo code “PRIVATEPROXYGUIDEXOFF15”.

In summary, IPLease is a promising option for users seeking reliable and high-quality Instagram proxies, especially for those concerned about the previous usage of proxies. Their emphasis on customer support, speed, and eco-friendliness adds to their appeal. However, the limited number of server locations and occasional lapses in support responsiveness are factors to consider when choosing IPLease for proxy services.


1.6 High Proxies

High Proxies

High Proxies is recognized for its high-performance and reliable Instagram proxies, offering a good balance of speed, security, and affordability. Their service is tailored to cater to the needs of social media automation, making them a suitable choice for managing Instagram accounts. Here’s an overview of why High Proxies is a good Instagram proxy provider:

  1. Fast Server Performance: Utilizing SSD (Solid State Drive) technology, High Proxies ensures faster server performance compared to traditional HDDs, enhancing the overall efficiency of proxy services.

  2. Robust Security with Linux: The use of Linux as their operating system bolsters security, performance, stability, and power, offering a robust platform for proxy services.

  3. Intelligent Network Routing: This feature contributes to optimal performance and speed, ensuring reliable connectivity for users.

  4. Powerful Server Hardware: The servers are equipped with powerful XEON processors, providing high processing power and speed for demanding proxy applications.

  5. High-Speed Network: High Proxies offers a duplex gigabit network, ensuring a fast and seamless experience for users.

  6. Advanced Security Measures: The use of the latest firewall technologies helps to maintain high levels of security and privacy, an essential aspect for proxy users.

  7. Pros:

    • SSD-based servers for fast and efficient proxy service.
    • Linux-based system for enhanced security and stability.
    • Intelligent network routing for optimal performance.
    • High-speed network with advanced processors.
    • Strong focus on security and privacy.

  8. Cons:

    • Limited server locations, which might not cater to users needing specific geographic coverage.

  9. Pricing and Discount: Pricing details are not specified, but a discount is available with the promo code “PRIVATEPROXYGUIDEXOFF10”.

In summary, High Proxies is a solid choice for users seeking fast, secure, and reliable Instagram proxies. Their emphasis on server performance, network speed, and security makes them particularly suited for social media automation tasks. However, the limitation in server locations might be a deciding factor for users requiring specific geographic proxies. Their use of the latest technologies and robust server hardware positions them well in the proxy service market.

High Proxies

1.7 Sweet Proxy

Sweet Proxy

Sweet Proxy emerges as a reliable option in the proxy service market, particularly catering to Instagram users. Their focus on providing high-performance servers and affordable pricing makes them a viable choice for individuals and businesses looking to enhance their social media presence effectively. Here’s an overview of why Sweet Proxy is a good Instagram proxy provider:

  1. High Performance and Reliability: Sweet Proxy’s servers are designed for optimal performance, ensuring users can achieve their objectives efficiently.

  2. Strong Uptime and Availability: The company prioritizes excellent uptime, providing consistent and reliable service crucial for business operations and social media management.

  3. Unlimited Bandwidth and High Speed: Users benefit from unlimited bandwidth and high connection speeds, allowing full utilization of proxy resources without limitations.

  4. Global Server Locations: The availability of proxies in various locations worldwide broadens the service’s applicability for diverse geographic needs.

  5. Pros:

    • Servers optimized for fast performance and great results.
    • Emphasis on high availability and reliability.
    • No restrictions on bandwidth usage, offering flexibility in proxy use.
    • Wide geographical coverage with servers around the world.

  6. Cons:

    • Lack of a trial period, which means users cannot test the service before committing financially.

In summary, Sweet Proxy is well-suited for Instagram users and businesses seeking a reliable and high-performing proxy service. Their commitment to uptime, speed, and global availability positions them as a competitive choice in the proxy market. However, the absence of a trial period means potential users must rely on other means to assess the suitability of the service for their specific needs. The provider’s focus on unlimited bandwidth and high-speed connections is particularly beneficial for data-intensive tasks and applications.

1.8 Mexela


Mexela stands out as a proxy service provider with a broad network and a significant number of proxies, making it an attractive option for Instagram users and social media managers. Its ability to support multiple accounts and offer a vast range of IP addresses enhances its appeal. Here’s an overview of why Mexela is a good choice for Instagram proxy needs:

  1. Multi-Account Support: Mexela supports working with multiple Instagram accounts simultaneously, making it ideal for users managing several profiles.

  2. Extensive IP Address Range: With over 300,000 IP addresses available due to servers located around the world, Mexela offers a wide selection to meet diverse needs.

  3. Unlimited Bandwidth: All plans come with unlimited bandwidth, providing flexibility and ensuring that users are not restricted by data usage limits.

  4. Quick Proxy Delivery: Proxies are delivered within minutes after purchase, allowing for swift setup and deployment.

  5. In-House Advanced Technical Support: Mexela provides advanced technical support with an in-house team, ensuring knowledgeable and prompt assistance for any issues.

  6. Compatibility with Automation Software: The proxies work seamlessly with Massplanner and similar automation software, making them suitable for social media management tasks.

  7. Choice of Server Types: Users have the option to select between dedicated or shared servers based on their specific requirements and budget.

  8. Pros:

    • Supports simultaneous use of multiple Instagram accounts.
    • Large pool of IP addresses for varied and flexible usage.
    • No bandwidth limitations, accommodating heavy data usage.
    • Prompt delivery and setup of proxies.
    • Reliable and knowledgeable in-house technical support.

  9. Cons:

    • Limited to a specific number of countries, which might not cater to all users’ geographic needs.
    • Refund policy is restricted to only 24 hours, limiting the trial period for new users.

In summary, Mexela is a viable option for Instagram users and social media managers looking for a reliable proxy service with extensive IP choices and robust support. Its support for multiple accounts and compatibility with social media tools makes it particularly suitable for automation and management tasks. However, the limited geographic coverage and short refund period are aspects to consider when evaluating its suitability for specific proxy needs.

1.9 Mass Proxy

Mass Proxy

Mass Proxy is recognized in the proxy service market for its powerful network and specialized proxy packages, particularly tailored for Instagram. Their focus on providing virgin IP addresses and superfast connections makes them a suitable choice for users who require reliable and efficient proxies for social media management. Here’s an overview of why Mass Proxy is a good Instagram proxy provider:

  1. High-Speed Connection: Offering a channel of 1 Gbps, Mass Proxy ensures superfast connections, enhancing the efficiency of proxy usage.

  2. Virgin IP Addresses: The provision of virgin IP addresses, which have not been used before, significantly reduces the risk of bans or blocks, particularly important for platforms like Instagram.

  3. IP Authorization: The service uses IP authorization for access control, adding an extra layer of security and ease of use.

  4. Flexible Package Options: Users can choose from a wide range of proxy quantities, ranging from 15 to 1,000, allowing customization based on individual needs without being restricted to standard packages.

  5. Quick Setup: Proxies are ready for use within 10 minutes after purchase, ensuring a swift and hassle-free setup process.

  6. Spam-Free Servers: The servers support only a limited number of websites, minimizing the risk of getting blacklisted and maintaining a spam-free environment.

  7. High Uptime Rate: Mass Proxy boasts a high uptime rate, indicating reliable and uninterrupted service.

  8. Complete Anonymity: Full anonymity is ensured, protecting users’ real IP addresses and personal data.

  9. Pros:

    • Fast and reliable connection with high-speed channels.
    • Provision of unused, virgin IP addresses.
    • Flexible and customizable proxy packages.
    • Quick and easy setup of proxies.
    • Emphasis on server reliability and user anonymity.

  10. Cons:

    • No refund policy, which means users cannot get their money back if the service doesn’t meet their expectations, unless they request a trial beforehand.

In summary, Mass Proxy is a compelling option for Instagram users and social media managers looking for high-speed, secure, and reliable proxy services. Their emphasis on virgin IP addresses and flexible package options make them particularly suited for social media-related tasks. However, the lack of a refund policy might require potential users to be more cautious and possibly opt for a trial before committing to the service. The focus on maintaining spam-free and high-uptime servers underscores their commitment to quality and reliability.

1.10 PrivateNetKey


PrivateNetKey is recognized for providing robust proxies suitable for Instagram and other social media platforms, offering reliability and fast connectivity. Their service is designed to cater to a wide range of online activities, making it a versatile choice for users who require proxies for diverse purposes. Here’s an overview of why PrivateNetKey is a good Instagram proxy provider:

  1. Multi-Platform Utility: The ability to use proxies on platforms beyond Instagram adds versatility, appealing to users with diverse online activities.

  2. API Integration: The availability of an API allows for easy integration with compatible software and devices, enhancing the usability of the proxies across different applications.

  3. Dead IP Replacement: PrivateNetKey offers a dead IP replacement service, ensuring continuous operation without additional charges.

  4. Unlimited Bandwidth: With each server featuring a 1 Gbps internet channel, users can enjoy high-speed connections, suitable even for multiple simultaneous connections.

  5. 24/7 Customer Support: The provider offers friendly and round-the-clock support, ready to assist with any issues or queries.

  6. Money-Back Guarantee: A no-questions-asked money-back guarantee within the first three days provides users with a risk-free trial period.

  7. Data Scraping Compatibility: The proxies are suitable for use with data scraping software, adding to their functionality.

  8. Pros:

    • Versatility in use across various sites and platforms.
    • API availability for broader application compatibility.
    • Commitment to replacing non-functional IPs.
    • High-speed internet connections with unlimited bandwidth.
    • Reliable customer support and a straightforward refund policy.

  9. Cons:

    • The minimum plan is relatively expensive, which might be a barrier for users with limited budgets.

In summary, PrivateNetKey offers a reliable and versatile proxy solution, particularly suited for users who engage in a variety of online activities, including social media management and data scraping. Their focus on high-speed connections, API integration, and customer support makes them an attractive option in the proxy service market. However, the cost of the minimum plan might require careful consideration from users who are budget-conscious. The provision of a money-back guarantee and dead IP replacement service underscores their commitment to customer satisfaction and service reliability.

1.11 Proxiesforrent


Proxiesforrent emerges as a reliable proxy provider, especially suited for Instagram users and professionals who require a straightforward and effective proxy solution. Their focus on anonymity, support for multiple protocols, and user-friendly control panel makes them a solid choice for various online activities. Here’s an overview of why Proxiesforrent is a good Instagram proxy provider:

  1. Anonymity Assurance: Proxiesforrent places a strong emphasis on maintaining users’ anonymity, ensuring that real data and identities are protected.

  2. Unlimited Bandwidth and Threads: The service offers unlimited bandwidth and the capability to handle numerous threads, enhancing its suitability for data-intensive tasks.

  3. Support for Multiple Protocols: The servers support HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS protocols, providing flexibility and compatibility with various applications.

  4. Free Proxy Replacement: In cases where servers do not function properly, Proxiesforrent offers free proxy replacements, ensuring continuous and effective service.

  5. User-Friendly Control Panel: The intuitive control panel allows users to easily manage and control their proxy servers, enhancing the overall user experience.

  6. High-Quality Proxies: The provider ensures the highest quality in its proxy offerings, adding to the reliability of the service.

  7. Pros:

    • Commitment to user anonymity and data protection.
    • Unlimited bandwidth and thread handling capacity.
    • Versatile protocol support catering to a range of applications.
    • Hassle-free proxy replacement service.
    • Intuitive and easy-to-use control panel.

  8. Cons:

    • Limited bandwidth of 100 Mbps, with 1 Gbps available only upon request.
    • Restricted geographic coverage with servers available only in the US, Russia, and India.
    • Proxy activation and order processing are not instantaneous, with up to a 24-hour waiting period.

In summary, Proxiesforrent is a viable option for users seeking a straightforward, reliable, and anonymous proxy service, particularly for Instagram and similar online platforms. Their focus on high-quality proxies and user-friendly management tools makes them a suitable choice for both individual and professional use. However, the limited bandwidth and geographic coverage, along with the delay in activation, are factors to consider when evaluating their service for specific needs. The provider’s emphasis on anonymity and protocol support positions them well for users prioritizing security and flexibility in their proxy usage.

1.12 BuyProxies


BuyProxies is recognized for offering a reliable and efficient proxy service, particularly suited for Instagram and other social media platforms. Their commitment to providing high-quality, anonymous proxies and fast service makes them an attractive choice for users looking to enhance their online activities. Here’s an overview of why BuyProxies is a good Instagram proxy provider:

  1. Quick Delivery: Orders placed on BuyProxies are processed swiftly, with proxies delivered directly to your email within 3 minutes, allowing for immediate use with Instagram.

  2. Responsive Customer Support: The provider offers around-the-clock customer support with quick response times, ensuring any queries or issues are promptly addressed.

  3. 24-Hour Refund Policy: BuyProxies offers a 24-hour refund policy, providing a risk-free opportunity for users to test their proxies.

  4. Dedicated Server Infrastructure: By owning their server infrastructure, BuyProxies ensures that they do not resell proxies from other providers and that users receive proxies from legitimate sources, not from hacked computers.

  5. Daily Proxy Checks: The service conducts daily checks on their proxies, maintaining high standards of reliability and performance.

  6. Pros:

    • Immediate delivery of proxies after purchase.
    • Dedicated customer support available 24/7.
    • A short but clear money-back period for user satisfaction.
    • Own server infrastructure, ensuring quality and security.

  7. Cons:

    • The money-back period is limited to 24 hours, which might not be sufficient for extensive testing.
    • Connection speed is not specified, which may be a concern for users with specific speed requirements.

In summary, BuyProxies is well-suited for users seeking fast and reliable proxy services for Instagram and other online platforms. Their focus on providing anonymous proxies, coupled with responsive support and a quick refund policy, makes them a competitive option in the proxy market. However, the brief refund period and lack of specified connection speeds are aspects to consider when choosing their service. The provider’s commitment to maintaining their own server infrastructure and conducting daily checks on proxies underscores their dedication to quality and security.

1.13 Proxy6


Proxy6, based in Russia, is an intriguing proxy provider known for its flexible service and extremely competitive pricing structure. Its capability to cater to both small-scale and large-scale proxy needs makes it a notable option in the market. Here’s an overview of why Proxy6 is a good Instagram proxy provider:

  1. Flexible Quantity of Proxies: Proxy6 allows users to purchase any number of proxies, from just one to an unlimited amount, offering great flexibility to meet diverse user requirements.

  2. Cost-Effective Pricing Structure: The pricing model is based on individual proxy purchases, making it highly attractive, especially for users needing a specific number of proxies. The cost per proxy decreases with larger purchases, providing an economical option for bulk buyers.

  3. Automated Proxy Delivery: Proxies are delivered automatically without the need for manual processing, ensuring immediate availability after purchase.

  4. Adjustable Proxy Types and Payment Periods: Users can easily switch proxies between HTTPS and SOCKS5 in the dashboard, and choose payment periods ranging from 3 days to 1 month, adding to the service’s flexibility.

  5. API Integration: The availability of an API allows for seamless integration with compatible software, broadening the use cases for Proxy6’s services.

  6. Pros:

    • Highly flexible in terms of quantity and payment periods.
    • Attractive and cost-effective pricing model.
    • Instant and automated delivery of proxies.
    • Easy to switch between proxy types.
    • API support for broader compatibility.

  7. Cons:

    • Port 25 is closed, restricting use with email services.
    • Comparatively slower connection speeds (up to 30 Mbps), which may not suffice for all users, especially when compared to competitors.

In summary, Proxy6 is a good choice for users who prioritize flexibility in quantity and pricing when selecting proxy services, especially for platforms like Instagram. Their automated delivery system and the ability to switch proxy types easily are notable benefits. However, the slower connection speeds and the restriction on Port 25 are limitations to consider, depending on the specific requirements and applications of the proxies. The provider’s approach to pricing and customization makes it a strong contender for both individual users and businesses with varying proxy needs.

1.14 Webshare


Webshare is notable for its generous offering of a free plan and its extensive network, making it an appealing choice for Instagram proxy users, particularly those starting out or needing services on a budget. Here’s an overview of why Webshare is a good Instagram proxy provider:

  1. Free Plan Availability: Webshare offers a free plan that includes 1GB of free traffic per month, making it accessible without financial commitment or credit card details.

  2. Extensive Proxy Network: With over 5000 proxies available across more than 50 countries, Webshare provides a wide range of options for users needing geographic diversity.

  3. Anonymity and Privacy: The service ensures complete anonymity by hiding users’ real IP addresses, reducing the risk of being blocked. Additionally, Webshare respects user privacy by not storing logs or tracking activities.

  4. Unlimited Device Usage: Users can connect an unlimited number of devices to their account, offering flexibility and convenience.

  5. Proxy Integration: Proxies from Webshare can be integrated into various software, enhancing their usability for different applications.

  6. High-Speed Connection: The provider offers a great connection speed, which is crucial for efficient proxy usage.

  7. Pros:

    • Access to a free plan with 1GB of monthly traffic.
    • A large network of proxies in numerous countries.
    • Emphasis on user anonymity and privacy.
    • No restrictions on the number of devices per account.
    • Suitable for integration with various software.

  8. Cons:

    • Limited options in the trial version, which may restrict thorough testing before committing to a paid plan.

In summary, Webshare is a strong option for those seeking a cost-effective and flexible Instagram proxy provider, especially for beginners or users with limited proxy needs. Their commitment to anonymity, privacy, and a large network of proxies makes them an attractive choice. However, the limitations in the trial version might require potential users to evaluate the service’s suitability within a confined scope before opting for more extensive plans. The provision of a high-speed connection and the ability to integrate with multiple software applications add to the appeal of Webshare in the proxy service market.

1.15 ProxyRack


ProxyRack is recognized for its extensive network of proxies, making it a highly suitable option for Instagram users who require a large and diverse range of IP addresses. Their service is designed to cater to both individual and professional needs with a focus on flexibility and reliability. Here’s an overview of why ProxyRack is a good Instagram proxy provider:

  1. Large Proxy Network: With over 108,000 proxies, ProxyRack offers one of the largest networks, providing a wide selection of IP addresses for various needs.

  2. Flexible Authorization Options: The service supports both username/password and IP whitelist authorization, offering flexibility in how users access and utilize their proxies.

  3. Dedicated Support Team: ProxyRack boasts a real dedicated support team, ensuring that users receive the necessary assistance and guidance.

  4. Automatic Proxy Replacement: The system automatically replaces any non-functioning or dead proxies, ensuring continuous and effective service.

  5. Global IP Address Availability: Proxies are available worldwide, making the service suitable for international users and global campaigns.

  6. Money-Back Guarantee: A 14-day money-back guarantee offers users a risk-free trial period to assess the service’s suitability for their specific needs.

  7. Rotating and Dedicated Instagram Proxies: The service offers both rotating proxies (ideal for a large number of non-exclusive IP addresses) and dedicated proxies (exclusively owned by the user with the highest available speed).

  8. Pros:

    • Extensive network of proxies with global coverage.
    • Both rotating and dedicated proxy options for varied use cases.
    • Flexible authorization methods catering to different user preferences.
    • Automatic replacement of non-functional proxies.
    • Assurance of a money-back guarantee.

  9. Cons:

    • Technical support is limited to 5 days a week, which may not suffice for users needing weekend assistance.
    • The minimal plan is relatively expensive, potentially limiting accessibility for budget-conscious users.

In summary, ProxyRack is a robust choice for Instagram users and social media managers looking for a vast network of reliable proxies. Their emphasis on user flexibility, extensive global coverage, and dedicated support makes them an attractive option in the proxy service market. However, the higher cost of the minimal plan and limited technical support availability are considerations for potential users. The provider’s commitment to automatic proxy replacement and a 14-day money-back guarantee underscores their dedication to customer satisfaction and service reliability.

1.16 GeoSurf


GeoSurf stands out as a premium proxy service provider, especially renowned for offering high-quality Instagram proxies. Their service is tailored for users who require undetectable proxies and global coverage. Here’s an overview of why GeoSurf is a good choice for Instagram proxy needs:

  1. Undetectable IP Addresses: GeoSurf’s proxies are designed to be undetectable as proxies, employing advanced masking techniques to ensure the IPs go unnoticed, which is crucial for avoiding blocks or bans on platforms like Instagram.

  2. Coder-Friendly API: The service provides an API with programming code in various common languages, making it a great choice for developers and users who need to integrate proxies into custom applications.

  3. Extensive Global Coverage: With proxies available in more than 130 locations worldwide, GeoSurf caters to users needing a diverse geographic range.

  4. Premium Support for Corporate Clients: Corporate clients receive fast, friendly, and premium support via phone, email, or Skype, ensuring prompt assistance for any issues or queries.

  5. User Dashboard: A dashboard is provided for monitoring and controlling proxy usage, adding convenience and management efficiency.

  6. Pros:

    • Proxies are designed to be undetectable, enhancing stealth and reliability.
    • API availability with support for various programming languages.
    • Wide geographic coverage with proxies in over 130 locations.
    • Dedicated premium support for corporate clients.
    • User-friendly dashboard for efficient proxy management.

  7. Cons:

    • GeoSurf is notably expensive, which might not be feasible for users with limited budgets.
    • Trial options are unclear, and there is no explicit refund policy, potentially limiting the ability to test the service risk-free.

In summary, GeoSurf is well-suited for corporate clients and users seeking high-quality, undetectable proxies for Instagram and similar platforms. Their focus on providing a coder-friendly API, extensive global coverage, and dedicated support makes them a strong contender in the proxy market. However, the high cost and the lack of clear trial options or a refund policy are significant considerations for potential users, particularly those who are budget-conscious or prefer to evaluate the service before committing. The provider’s commitment to stealth and management tools positions them as a premium option for sophisticated proxy needs.

1.17 Proxy-N-VPN


Proxy-N-VPN is recognized for offering high-quality proxies, particularly suitable for Instagram, characterized by their strong performance and speed. This company’s approach emphasizes robust server capabilities and a focus on efficient operation, making it an attractive option for demanding proxy needs. Here’s an overview of why Proxy-N-VPN is a good Instagram proxy provider:

  1. High-Performance Servers: Equipped with X3440 Quad Core XEON Processors, Proxy-N-VPN’s servers are designed for high performance and speed, catering to users who need fast and reliable proxies.

  2. Fast Server Swap and RAID SATA Hard Drive: The use of RAID SATA hard drives ensures fast server swapping and enhances overall performance, crucial for seamless proxy operations.

  3. Gigabit Network Speeds: The company offers a full-duplex Gigabit network, providing one of the fastest private proxy experiences, which is beneficial for bandwidth-intensive tasks.

  4. Linux-Based Security and Stability: By utilizing Linux, Proxy-N-VPN ensures a high level of security, power, performance, and stability in their proxy service.

  5. Ample RAM and Thread Support: With 16 GB of RAM in their servers, the service supports seamless operation of up to 100 threads per proxy, ensuring no compromise on speed and performance.

  6. Smart Routing Network: The smart routing network is designed to exceed traditional network performance, adding to the efficiency of the proxy service.

  7. Pros:

    • High-speed server performance suitable for demanding proxy tasks.
    • Advanced server technology for fast and reliable operation.
    • Linux-based system for enhanced security and stability.
    • Significant RAM capacity for high-thread operations.
    • Smart routing for superior network performance.

  8. Cons:

    • Lack of a trial period, which limits the ability to test the service before committing.
    • Limited support channels, potentially restricting access to customer assistance.

In summary, Proxy-N-VPN is a compelling choice for Instagram users and others requiring high-quality proxies with exceptional performance and speed. Their focus on utilizing advanced server technology and Linux-based systems makes them particularly suited for technically demanding proxy applications. However, the absence of a trial period and limited customer support channels are factors to consider, especially for users who prefer to evaluate services beforehand or require diverse support options. The provider’s commitment to fast, secure, and efficient proxies positions them well for users with high-performance requirements.

1.18 Proxyseller


Proxyseller stands out in the proxy service market, particularly catering to the needs of Instagram users and online businesses. Their compatibility with various automation software and support for multiple accounts make them a suitable option for a range of online activities. Here’s an overview of why Proxyseller is a good Instagram proxy provider:

  1. Flexible Proxy Quantities: The ability to purchase any number of proxies allows users to tailor their proxy acquisition based on their specific needs, offering great flexibility.

  2. 24/7 Technical Support: Proxyseller provides round-the-clock technical support, ensuring users can get assistance at any time for any issue.

  3. User-Friendly Dashboard: The service offers an easy-to-use and informative dashboard, enhancing user experience and management efficiency.

  4. Flexible Payment Options: The variety of payment options adds convenience, catering to different user preferences.

  5. Quick Proxy Delivery: Proxies are delivered within 5 minutes of purchase, ensuring a swift setup and deployment process.

  6. International Support Team: The presence of an international support team broadens the service’s accessibility to a global user base.

  7. Multiple Support Channels: Proxyseller offers various ways to contact the support team, adding to the ease of seeking assistance.

  8. Pros:

    • Customizable number of proxies to fit user requirements.
    • Dedicated 24/7 customer support for continuous assistance.
    • Intuitive and informative user interface.
    • Variety of payment options for user convenience.
    • Fast delivery of proxies and global support reach.

  9. Cons:

    • Unclear information regarding trial and refund policies, which may affect users looking for risk-free testing.

  10. Special Offer: Users can benefit from a 20% discount on any proxy order using the coupon code “ppguide20”.

In summary, Proxyseller is a strong choice for users in need of reliable and versatile proxy services, especially for Instagram and online business applications. Their emphasis on user experience, quick service delivery, and comprehensive support makes them an attractive option. However, the lack of clear information about trial and refund options is a factor to consider for users who prefer to evaluate the service before fully committing. The provider’s approach to flexible proxy quantities and rapid delivery positions them as a user-centric service in the proxy market.

1.19 Proxy-store


Proxy-store emerges as a notable proxy provider, particularly for users seeking flexible and customer-oriented services. Based in Russia, the company offers a range of features that make it an appealing choice for various online activities, including social media management on platforms like Instagram. Here’s an overview of why Proxy-store is a good Instagram proxy provider:

  1. High-Quality Customer Support: Proxy-store places a strong emphasis on providing quality support to its customers, ensuring reliable assistance for any queries or issues.

  2. 24-Hour Refund Policy: The company offers a complete refund within 24 hours of purchase, providing a risk-free trial for new users to test the service.

  3. Unlimited Bandwidth: Users benefit from unlimited bandwidth, allowing for extensive use without concerns about data limitations.

  4. Flexible Rental Periods: The service allows users to rent servers for up to 5 days, offering flexibility in terms of short-term proxy needs.

  5. Customizable Proxy Quantities: Proxy-store enables users to purchase any number of proxies, from just one to an unlimited amount, catering to both small-scale and large-scale requirements.

  6. Attractive Affiliate Program: The provider offers an affiliate program, which can be an additional benefit for users looking to earn through referrals.

  7. Pros:

    • Commitment to providing high-quality customer support.
    • Risk-free 24-hour refund policy for new customers.
    • No bandwidth restrictions, suitable for data-intensive tasks.
    • Option to rent proxies for short durations.
    • Flexibility in the number of proxies that can be purchased.

  8. Cons:

    • Ports 25 and 465 are closed, limiting email sending capabilities.
    • Bandwidth is capped at 100 Mbps, which may not be sufficient for all users.
    • Limited server locations, with proxies available only in the US, Russia, and Ukraine.

In summary, Proxy-store is a suitable option for users seeking a flexible and user-friendly proxy service, especially for Instagram and similar platforms. Their focus on customer support, a generous refund policy, and the provision of unlimited bandwidth make them a competitive choice in the proxy market. However, the limitations in port availability, bandwidth, and geographic coverage are significant considerations for users with specific needs or preferences. The provider’s approach to customizable proxy quantities and short-term rental options positions them as a versatile service in the proxy landscape.

2. Instagram Proxy FAQ

1. What are Instagram proxies?

Answer: Instagram proxies are residential or datacenter IPs that are virgin (never used before on Instagram) and private.

2. Why do you need Instagram proxies?

Answer: If you want to manage more than five Instagram account using bots such as Followadder or Jarvee, then you need to create and manage all additional accounts through a proxy IP to reduce the risk of getting action blocks or banned. Never run several accounts with only 1 IP.

3. What type of Instagram proxy should you use?

Answer: Static residential proxies are your best bet because they show up as real IPs from private consumers. If you plan to use rotating residential proxies, then make sure that they rotate IPs from the same city/location. Datacenter proxies are also fine, but there is a higher chance of getting blocked. Datacenter proxy providers can turn “bad” by reselling the same proxies again or have a whole IP range banned by Instagram due to abuse from previous customers.

4. Are there any advantages of using datacenter proxies for Instagram?

Answer: Yes. They are usually cheaper and faster compared to residential IPs. You just need a reliable provider.

5. Are LTE/4G mobile proxies for Instagram any good?

Answer: This kind of proxy is currently the safest to use since Instagram traffic is mostly mobile and thus looks most natural.

6. What type of Instagram proxy should you NOT use?

Answer: Never use shared or public proxies for your Instagram accounts.

7. How often should you change proxies?

Answer: Only change datacenter proxies if you experience blocks. Don’t change proxies more than after a few months preferably. Refreshing proxies after this time can help your account in staying healthy.

8. How many proxies should you use?

Answer: A good rule of thumb is to use 1 IP proxy per account.

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