Proxy Empire Review – Good Rotiating Residential Proxies (2024)


Having access to a quality proxy service is paramount for avoiding restrictions and geo-blocks.

Proxy Empire prides itself on offering an array of IP addresses from around the world. It also supports web scraping to aid data collection even in the most complex scenarios.

In today’s Proxy Empire test, we’ll go over its features and see how they work in practice.

We’ll tell you if Proxy Empire is worth your money based on our extensive experience with this service.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about Proxy Empire.

Proxy Empire Review Recap

Our team was satisfied with Proxy Empire, as it offers plenty of benefits with very few shortcomings.

Here are our pros and cons for easier understanding, based on our experience.


  • HTTP and SOCKS5 compatibility
  • Numerous static/rotating residential proxies
  • Geo-targeting (country, region, city, ISP)
  • Reliable mobile proxies
  • Powerful Scraping APIs
  • Beautiful interface
  • Affordable bandwidth for almost all proxies


  • It lacks dedicated residential proxies
  • A smaller number of IPs compared to the competition
  • Lacksluter customer service

Proxy Empire Features

Proxy Empire offers 25.7M+ clean IP addresses in over 170+ countries. It’s by no means more impressive than Oxylabs with over 100M+ IP addresses in 200+ countries worldwide.

That’s not to say it lacks features. For a mid-range proxy service, this one has plenty of them. They include:

Residential Proxies

Proxy Empire comes with a heap of static and rotating residential proxies. With over 5M+ of them, you can safely collect data online and bypass IP bans and blocks.

We love that Proxy Empire offers this bot-like behavior, which makes you appear as a real user and not a machine.

Proxy Empire Residential Proxies

This is how residential proxies bypass various restrictions. Proxy Empire’s static proxies allow you to use the same IP address, which can be beneficial for circumventing CAPTCHA.

Best of all, Proxy Empire’s proxies are fully HTTP and SOCKS5 compatible for added security.

Geo-targeting is present too. Users can select specific countries, regions, cities, and even ISPs. Rotation times are also customizable for rotating residential proxies.

This allows for maximum customization and bespoke user experience that our team values in this Proxy Empire test. We want to warn you that Proxy Empire isn’t the fastest option out there.

While testing residential proxies, we noticed a dramatic speed decrease when using several US IP addresses.

European IPs fared a tad better because we’re in Europe. For comparison, our download speed is around 300 Mbps but with the US IP in Georgia, it dropped to around 50 Mbps.

Mobile Proxies

If you need mobile proxies, the provider offers more than 4M, which is an imposing number.

Mobile proxies allow access to the internet using cellular data and in this case, users appear as real humans rather than bots. We love how reliable Proxy Empire’s mobile proxies are.

We had no issues unblocking geo-restricted sites and getting over certain mobile app blocks.

Furthermore, mobile proxies were handy for web scraping mobile-specific platforms and apps, such as TikTok or Instagram.

Proxy Empire Mobile Proxies

Proxy Empire offers even dedicated mobile proxies, which can be beneficial if you scrape the same websites.

This guarantees access to the selected websites and ensures your IP won’t be blacklisted because it doesn’t send hundreds of requests like shared mobile proxies.

Datacenter Proxies

Proxy Empire’s data center proxies are rotating – no static IPs are offered. At the moment, the provider offers just around 41K+ IP addresses in less than 15 countries.

While not the largest by any means, these proxies can get over stubborn restrictions and aid limitless web scraping.

IP rotation will provide anonymity while geo-targeting allows for obtaining accurate information.

Overall, its datacenter proxies are stellar but we’d love to see dedicated datacenter proxies that can be found in more expensive options like Oxylabs and Bright Data.

E-Commerce Scraping API

Proxy Empire’s scraping abilities aren’t the best around. Still, we found the presence of E-Commerce Scraping API welcome.

It supports 60+ marketplaces and scrapes them to find various product information. With valuable insights about each, users can improve their marketplace presence.

Competitor analysis and market research are crucial benefits, as Proxy Empire’s data is accurate and is delivered promptly based on the given parameters.

SERP Scraping API

The same could be said about SERP Scraping. Proxy Empire can scrape numerous search engines like Google, Bing, Yandex, and Baidu for bespoke information about certain SERP aspects.

We love its geo-targeting and language additions here, which can aid Local SEO and improve your ranking.

Proxy Empire SERP Scraping API

Users can also get ad results to get a better understanding of the marketplace and their PPC campaigns.

You can see that SERP scraping works well in the screenshot below, which shows our attempt at scraping Google for the “residential proxies” search query.

Social Media Scraping API

If you’re looking to up your social network game, Social Media Scraping AI can help.

It scrapes prevalent social networks like TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook, giving you information about reels, posts, profiles, etc. All information can be exported into JSON or HTML for further analysis.

Proxy Empire’s scraping is AI-driven, which extracts data faster and with higher accuracy.

In our Proxy Empire test, all Scraping APIs performed well, extracting tons of information within seconds.

Interface & Ease of Use

Proxy Empire looks streamlined, with an easy-to-use interface that you’ll surely like. The left side is reserved for tools like proxies and Scraping APIs.

Users can also directly get a Chrome extension for managing proxies. It’s not overly useful but if you have plenty of IPs, it’s a good management tool.

We like Proxy Empire’s responsiveness too. The interface is smooth and looks well on mobile devices.

Proxy Empire doesn’t have a dedicated app for iOS/Android but that’s expected.

In general, the service is user-friendly and we’re sure even “hardcore” beginners will promptly get used to it.

Proxy Empire Pricing Review

While Oxylabs nurtures this pay-as-you-go pricing model, Proxy Empire offers it only for rotating residential/mobile proxies.

Apart from that, every other feature has a pre-determined package.

Here’s the overview of its pricing:

  • Rotating residential proxies – from $9/GB
  • Static residential proxies – from $2/month for 1 IP + at least $8/GB on top
  • Rotating mobile proxies – from $20/GB
  • Dedicated mobile proxies – from $250/mo for 5G USA proxies or $125/mo for a multi-country package
  • Rotating datacenter proxies – from $0.625/GB
  • Scraping API (any) – from $25 per 10K requests

Customer Support of Proxy Empire

Proxy Empire doesn’t have 24/7 live chat support – such a shame. Users can use its email address for contact. Getting a response can be slow, especially on weekends.

Proxy Empire Support

However, the support team is pretty helpful and you’ll get a wealth of helpful guides and FAQs on the site for more information.


Proxy Empire is a reliable proxy service with millions of residential, mobile, and datacenter proxies.

It offers fairly decent scraping APIs, affordable prices, and whitelisted IP addresses to bypass restrictions and IP bans. Granted, it’s far less popular than the top-rated proxy services in the world.

That’s likely because of a smaller number of IPs, the lack of dedicated data center proxies, and slightly slower speeds.

Let’s not forget about its slow-to-respond customer service, which won’t scratch your itch momentarily. All of this makes Proxy Empire good but not extraordinary.

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