SimplyNode Review – Residential Proxies for Beginners (2024)


If you’re willing to give new players a chance, SimplyNode might be what you’re looking for.

It’s an inexpensive proxy provider based in the US, with access to a seemingly diverse proxy portfolio.

On top of that, SimplyNode prides itself on simplicity, delivering one-click access to its reliable proxies.

This SimplyNode test will tell you everything you should know about it.

We’ll examine its proxy types, discuss its interface, go over the price, and evaluate its customer service. Is SimplyNode worth your money?

Let’s find out in this comprehensive review.

SimplyNode Review: A Quick Recap

This proxy provider is decent, in general, with 30M+ secure IP addresses and plenty of other benefits.

However, it also comes with a fair share of downsides, all of which are highlighted below, along with its advantages:


  • Intuitive interface on all devices
  • 30M+ residential and mobile proxies
  • Geo-targeting for easier setup
  • Ad Verification is a hand benefit
  • Affordable prices that start at $6/GB
  • Live chat customer support


  • No dedicated or data center proxies
  • Slightly slower speed
  • Occasional connection problems
  • No dedicated scraping tool

SimplyNode Features & Proxy Types

For a less popular proxy provider, SimplyNode is pretty well equipped. Here’s the rundown of all of its features and proxies.

Residential & Mobile Proxies

SimplyNode offers residential and mobile proxies to help you get over restrictions and annoying CAPTCHA puzzles.

We like that the service comes with 30M+ whitelisted IPs, which isn’t a small number for a provider of this caliber. All connections support SOCKS5 and HTTPS as well.

SimplyNode Proxies 1

SimplyNode allows you to promptly switch from residential to mobile proxies and vice versa. This means you can scrape and extract data from mobile-only platforms in seconds.

Its proxies come with geo-targeting. As a result, you can target countries, regions, cities, and ISPs.

It’s worth noting that all proxies are rotating, whose interval can be set as per the user’s wishes.

In our test, mobile and residential proxies performed well, as long as we were using IPs close to us. However, more distant IPs tend to produce higher latency and more slowdowns.

SimplyNode Proxies 2

SimplyNode sometimes refused to connect, so we had to use different IPs to make it work. But bear in mind this happens with more expensive proxy providers too.

SERP & Web Scraping

SimplyNode has no dedicated scrapers, which is a missed opportunity. Our SimplyNode test consisted of browsing the internet using an IP from another country.

This is how SimplyNode lets you “scrape” websites. You’ll need to use another scraper with SimplyNode’s IP address.

In this case, SimplyNode promises no blocking or detection that could compromise the scraping process.

SimplyNode works for SERP and Web scraping. This is crucial for exploring market opportunities across multiple locations and reaping more information from specific websites uninterruptedly.

Ad Verification

Another benefit of SimplyNode is ad verification, which the company is proud of. Namely, the proxy service uses ad verification services to ensure brand safety, fraud prevention, and wider reach.

It ensures your ads appear on appropriate platforms to protect your brand’s integrity.

Market Research

SimpyNode advertises its residential and mobile proxies as market-research-capable.

In other words, using an IP address from SimlyNode should allow you to explore market trends from around the world. It lets you analyze various bits of data and gain insight into consumer behavior and finances.

SimplyNode Market Research

Our test of SimplyNode showed that its proxies are indeed capable of that. Yet, we’re not discussing a “direct” market research method, so to speak.

It’s more of an indirect method that comes as a perk of using another IP address and going online from a different online location.

Email & Brand Protection

Whether you’re using SimplyNode’s mobile or residential proxies, brand, and email protection are other benefits.

We know proxies are excellent at data scraping, bypassing blocks, and even unblocking geo-restricted sites.

However, SimplyNode’s secure proxies use bank-grade encryption as well.

This ensures safe email communication that can’t be intercepted by hackers. In general, this is an obvious benefit of a proxy service.

However, SimplyNode claims its proxies can be used for brand protection. Honestly, this isn’t a very prevalent benefit and rarely has to do with proxies.

The company’s claims of being able to monitor the web for “unauthorized use of your intellectual property” are vague.

It mentions “stealth capabilities” that likely refer to the proxy’s inability to get detected. However, this has nothing to do with brand protection.

Interface and Ease of Use

One of the best things about SimplyNode is its ease of use. We tested it on desktop and mobile platforms with extremely likable results.

As you see below, SimplyNode lets you easily set up and configure a proxy by selecting a location and authentication method.

SimplyNode Interface

Users can also set up their IP rotation and select from residential and mobile proxies. Once this is done, a proxy can be used in multiple ways.

We prefer using a proxy from Windows’ built-in Proxy menu but you can use any other third-party software to connect.

How Much Does SimplyNode Cost?

In line with its interface is the pricing structure. Given SimplyNode’s two types of proxies, the pricing structure can’t be complex. At the time of writing, the price of SimplyNode is:

  • $6/GB for the 1 GB plan (residential proxies)
  • $8/GB for the 1 GB plan (mobile proxies)

SimplyNode Price

Interestingly, the price goes down depending on how many GB of traffic you need. Users who opt for at least 50 GB a month will pay $4.5/GB for residential and $6.5/GB for mobile proxies.

For more pricing information, refer to SimplyNode’s website and learn more about it.

Customer Service of SimplyNode

SimplyNode isn’t a large proxy service like Bright Data, NetNut, or Oxylabs. Yet, its customer service is amazing, with live chat and email support.

Users can find more useful information on the website, thanks to FAQs and how-to guides. Nothing spectacular but surprisingly good for the company’s size.

Final Thoughts

So in the end, we need to answer the obvious question – is SimplyNode worth the money? We’d say yes.

It’s an inexpensive proxy provider with high-quality, whitelisted, and rotating residential and mobile proxies. We’re dissatisfied with the lack of a richer proxy portfolio.

Indeed, we’d like to see dedicated proxies of another type, such as data center proxies that Oxylabs has.

Even dedicated mobile/residential proxies would be welcome. SimplyNode also isn’t very fast and doesn’t have a dedicated web scraper like more advanced providers.

At this price, it’s foolish to expect a premium-grade experience.

SimplyNode is straightforward, easy to set up, and works well for getting over blocks and accessing restricted content.

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