5 Best Sneaker Proxies in 2024: Residential & Datacenter

5 BEST Sneaker Proxies 2021 [Residential & Datacenter]

Quick answer: The best sneaker proxy in 2024 is Oxylabs!

Sneaker proxies are typically used in conjunction with sneaker bots, which are automated software designed to purchase sneakers as soon as they are released. The process involves setting up the bot with multiple proxy addresses.

When a limited-edition sneaker is released, the bot attempts to purchase the sneaker using these different proxies. This approach simulates multiple users from different locations, thereby bypassing website restrictions like purchase limits and IP bans.

Each proxy provides a unique IP address, disguising the bot’s multiple requests as coming from different users.

This is crucial because sneaker websites often limit the number of purchases per customer and can block or ban users who appear to be sending automated requests.

By using sneaker proxies, buyers can increase their chances of successfully purchasing coveted sneakers without being detected as using a bot.

1. Oxylabs

Best Suited For: Large-scale operations and professional sneaker bot users who require an extensive range of features and a massive pool of IPs. Oxylabs is ideal for those who need advanced proxy management and rotation options for high-volume, global sneaker copping.


  1. Extensive Proxy Pool: Oxylabs boasts over 100 million residential IPs, providing a wide range of options for sneaker copping.
  2. Advanced Rotation Options: Their rotating proxies are ideal for managing multiple requests without being detected.
  3. Robust Infrastructure: Known for their stable and reliable proxy services, which is crucial for high-speed tasks like sneaker copping.
  4. Excellent Global Reach: They offer a global network, which is beneficial for accessing international sneaker sites.
  5. Dedicated Account Managers: Provides personalized support, which can be valuable for troubleshooting and optimization.


  1. Higher Price Point: Oxylabs is one of the more expensive options, which might not be ideal for individual users or small-scale operations.
  2. Complexity: Their advanced features might require a steeper learning curve for new users.
  3. Overwhelming Options: The vast array of features and options might be more than what is necessary for simple sneaker botting needs.


2. Smartproxy

Best Suited For: Small to medium-scale sneaker bot users who need a balance between cost and performance. Ideal for those who require a user-friendly interface and a large pool of residential IPs without the need for highly advanced features.


  1. Large IP Pool: Smartproxy offers a vast network of over 40 million residential IPs, enhancing the chances of successfully copping sneakers.
  2. High Anonymity: Their residential proxies provide high anonymity, reducing the risk of detection and bans.
  3. Good Geographical Coverage: They offer proxies from various locations, which is beneficial for accessing region-specific sneaker releases.
  4. User-Friendly Interface: Smartproxy is known for its easy-to-use dashboard, making it convenient for beginners.
  5. Unlimited Threads: This allows for simultaneous requests, increasing the efficiency of sneaker bots.


  1. Cost: While offering competitive pricing, Smartproxy can be more expensive than some other options, especially for large-scale operations.
  2. No SOCKS5 Support: Currently, they only support HTTP/HTTPS, which might limit certain use cases.
  3. Limited Target-Specific Proxies: They offer a broad range of proxies but may lack specialized proxies for certain sneaker sites.

Smartproxy review

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3. IPRoyal

IPRoyal’s precise geo-targeting capabilities with residential proxies make it well-suited for sneaker proxies for a few key reasons:

  1. Authenticity and Anonymity: IPRoyal utilizes genuine residential proxy IPs, which mimic real user behavior and provide a high degree of anonymity when accessing sneaker sites. This helps bypass anti-bot detection systems that sneaker retailers employ13.
  2. Location Targeting: IPRoyal allows targeting proxies down to the city level across over 195 locations globally. For sneaker releases that are region-specific or limited to certain areas, this granular geo-targeting is crucial to successfully cop from the right locations45.
  3. Versatile Protocols: Support for HTTP(S) and SOCKS5 protocols ensures compatibility with most major sneaker bots and tools used for copping releases35.
  4. Scalability: IPRoyal’s residential proxy network size and ability to customize bandwidth requirements allows scaling up proxy resources as needed for major hyped sneaker drops that require running multiple bot instances concurrently5.
  5. Speed and Performance: IPRoyal emphasizes providing fast residential proxy connections, which is critical for sneaker copping where milliseconds can make the difference in securing limited pairs before they sell out5.

In essence, IPRoyal’s focus on authentic residential IPs, precise location targeting capabilities, protocol versatility, scalability, and performance align well with the key requirements for an effective sneaker proxy solution to bypass retailer restrictions and maximize chances of successfully copping limited sneaker releases


4. Storm Proxies

Best Suited For: Individual sneaker enthusiasts or small-scale resellers on a budget. Storm Proxies is a good choice for those who need affordable, rotating residential proxies and can work with a smaller pool of IPs.


  1. Affordable Pricing: Storm Proxies offers some of the most budget-friendly options, making it accessible for individual sneaker enthusiasts.
  2. Instant Proxy Access: Provides immediate access to proxies after payment, which is great for time-sensitive releases.
  3. Rotating Residential Proxies: Their rotating proxies are effective for sneaker copping, reducing the risk of bans.
  4. Unlimited Bandwidth: This is particularly beneficial for high-volume tasks without worrying about exceeding limits.
  5. Simple Setup: Ideal for beginners due to its straightforward setup process.


  1. Smaller IP Pool: Compared to others, Storm Proxies has a smaller pool of IPs, which might affect success rates in highly competitive releases.
  2. Limited Geographical Options: Their coverage is not as extensive as some other providers, which might be a drawback for specific regional releases.
  3. Performance Variability: Some users report variability in proxy speed and performance, which can be a concern during peak release times.

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Storm Proxies

5. MyPrivateProxy

Best Suited For: Users who prioritize high anonymity and security, such as those engaging in limited yet targeted sneaker releases. MyPrivateProxy is suitable for users who need dedicated proxies with a focus on privacy and reliability.


  1. Dedicated Private Proxies: MyPrivateProxy offers dedicated IP addresses, ensuring high anonymity and reducing the risk of being blacklisted.
  2. Multiple Locations and Subnets: They provide a wide range of geographical locations and subnets, which is beneficial for accessing different sneaker sites.
  3. Instant Activation: Proxies are activated immediately upon purchase, allowing for quick setup and use.
  4. Strong Infrastructure: Utilizes enterprise-grade hardware and data centers, ensuring reliability and high uptime.
  5. Customer Support: Offers responsive 24/7 customer support, which is crucial for troubleshooting and assistance.


  1. Limited Proxy Types: Primarily offers dedicated and private proxies, which might not be suitable for all sneaker botting needs.
  2. Cost: While offering quality services, their pricing might be higher compared to some other providers.
  3. Limited Scalability for Large Operations: May not be the best choice for very large-scale sneaker botting operations due to the nature of dedicated proxies.


6. Bright Data

Best Suited For: Enterprises and professional users who require the most comprehensive and advanced proxy solutions. Bright Data is ideal for those engaging in extensive sneaker botting operations that demand a wide geographical reach and sophisticated proxy management tools.


  1. Extensive Proxy Network: Bright Data offers one of the largest networks with over 72 million IPs, providing vast options for sneaker copping.
  2. Advanced Proxy Solutions: Includes rotating, dedicated, residential, datacenter, ISP, and mobile proxies, offering a comprehensive range of options.
  3. Global Reach: Their proxies cover almost every country and city, which is excellent for global sneaker releases.
  4. Robust Proxy Management Tools: Provides tools like Proxy Manager and Browser Extension for efficient management of proxies.
  5. High Reliability and Performance: Known for their high uptime and performance, crucial for successful sneaker copping.


  1. High Cost: Bright Data’s services are among the most expensive, which might not be feasible for individual users or small-scale operations.
  2. Complexity: Their wide range of features and advanced tools can be overwhelming for beginners or those with simple needs.
  3. Strict Compliance and Verification Processes: They have stringent compliance requirements, which might be a hurdle for some users.

Bright Data

Setting Up and Using Sneaker Proxies

  1. Choose the Right Type of Proxy: Based on your needs, select between residential, datacenter, or rotating proxies. Consider factors like speed, anonymity, and cost.

  2. Select a Reputable Proxy Provider: Research and choose a provider known for reliable sneaker proxies. Look for reviews and recommendations in sneaker communities.

  3. Purchase and Obtain Proxy Details: After selecting a provider, purchase the proxies. You will receive details like IP addresses, ports, usernames, and passwords.

  4. Configure Your Sneaker Bot: Open your sneaker bot’s settings. Enter the proxy details into the bot’s proxy configuration section. This usually includes the IP address, port, username, and password.

  5. Test the Proxies: Before a sneaker release, test the proxies with the bot to ensure they are working correctly. Check for connectivity and speed.

  6. Set Up Proxy Rotation (if applicable): If you are using rotating proxies, configure the rotation settings. This could be time-based or request-based.

  7. Prepare for the Sneaker Release: On the day of the release, ensure your bot and proxies are running and ready. Double-check the release time and configure your bot accordingly.

Tips for Optimizing Proxy Performance

  1. Geographical Proximity: Choose proxies that are geographically close to the sneaker website’s servers for faster response times.

  2. Manage Load: Distribute your requests evenly across the proxies to prevent overloading a single proxy, which can lead to slower response times or bans.

  3. Update Regularly: Keep your sneaker bot and proxies updated to ensure compatibility and performance efficiency.

  4. Use a Mix of Proxy Types: Combining different types of proxies (residential, datacenter) can enhance your chances of success.

  5. Monitor Performance: Regularly monitor the performance of your proxies. Some may become slower or get banned over time.

Common Issues and Troubleshooting

  1. Proxies Not Connecting: Check if the proxy details are entered correctly. Ensure that your internet connection is stable.

  2. Slow Proxy Speeds: Test the speed of your proxies. If a proxy is consistently slow, consider replacing it. Also, check the load on each proxy.

  3. Proxies Getting Banned: If a proxy gets banned from a sneaker site, you will need to replace it. Using more proxies can reduce the risk of bans.

  4. Bot Not Working with Proxies: Ensure that the bot is compatible with the type of proxies you are using. Check for updates or patches for the bot.

  5. IP Leakage: Sometimes, a bot might reveal your real IP address. Test for IP leaks and ensure your bot is properly configured to use the proxies.

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