Degoo Cloud Storage Review

Degoo cloud storage review

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Powered by Swedish engineering and a passion for cloud computing, Degoo Cloud ( is here to make a dent. It was started in 2012 by a founder who launched the parent company as a teen with entrepreneurial zeal back in the day.

Degoo packs the extra features in its free plan. On the other hand, the popular cloud storage services charge competitive prices, barely providing the storage space.

Cloud Provider Price/month Free Space Visit
pCloud €7.99 - 2 TB 10 GB pCloud »
Dropbox $12.99 -2 TB 2 GB Dropbox »
OneDrive $9.99 - 1 TB 5 GB OneDrive »
iCloud $9.99 - 2 TB 5 GB iCloud »
Google Drive $19.99 - 2 TB 15 GB Google Drive »

1. Degoo Cloud Storage Review Verdict

Degoo comes off as a cloud storage service with a lot of potential. There is room for improvement along the way, starting with customer support. Offering 100 GB of cloud space for free with minimal restrictions would drive users in.

Offering more technical features in the premium plan would steer the ship in the right direction. From a usability point of view, it is ideal for all kinds of users, especially novices, who are new to cloud storage.


  • The most amount of storage space in the segment
  • Affordable premium plans with 14 days trial
  • Powerful encryption – zero knowledge-based
  • Fantastic referral for the storage space program
  • Streamlined and efficient mobile website interface
  • One-tap automatic backup for devices(smartphones, tabs, and more)
  • 99.9% uptime with the AWS servers
  • Storage optimization for devices


  • Ads on the free plan
  • 512 MB file upload limit on for the free users
  • Non-existent Customer Support
  • Sharing features are limited
  • No desktop app

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2. What We Like about Degoo Cloud Storage

2.1 Interface


The sleek web interface in the web browser sporting a dark theme. This is where it gets better. You might have uploaded a few of the files from the smartphone app. Generally, with other clouds, they appear in the section, along with the other data.


On the web interface, we get two sections, the Web and the Smartphone, on which the Degoo app is installed.

The files uploaded from the web will appear in the web section. Similarly, the files uploaded from the smartphone app will appear in the Smartphone section.

All the uploaded files and folders will rely on the shared quota of storage. You can upload files to the smartphone section from the web interface as well. The same goes for the mobile version of the website, where you can upload it in either section.

Mobile Website Interface


The mobile website’s interface is given equal attention. We get a dedicated smartphone app, but that has deterred the developers from creating an identical interface for mobile browsers.

Offering virtually everything available on the web interface, you might not need to install the app, after all. Head to the website and log in to access the mobile website interface. You will need to scroll down to the plans section and select your subscribed plan. Then you will see a login button for accessing the cloud.

2.2 Automatic Upload on Mobile (App)

Users can access and upload files from the mobile browser interface. However, that doesn’t offer the bouquet of features, including the amazing auto-backup.

Phones often go dead without a heads-up. Or, they get stolen when you least expect it. The smartphones are easy to replace, but the data? That is priceless and once lost, you might not be able to reproduce it. Think about the presentation that you toiled hard and spent countless hours preparing. Those photos of the vacation that you took with your friends, the family will be lost forever.


They don’t have to go away just because your device is gone. With the automatic upload, sync and upload all your files automatically to the cloud. Select the folders to automatically upload by sliding the button to the right.

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2.3 Optimize Storage

Smartphones these days generally offer 128 GB of space. Out of which almost half the space is filled with apps the operating system data. Rest is for your personal files, photos, and more.

You capture photos and shoot videos, which take up a large chunk of the storage. Degoo offers an optimized storage feature, which lets you save a considerable amount of space on your phone.

View all your photos in full resolution on the Degoo app while it takes less space. This happens when the app uploads the full-sized photos to the cloud and has a lowered resolution copy on the phone.

When you tap on a photo, it loads the original version from the cloud. A consistent and stable Internet is all you need.

This way, you can fit up to 10x more photos without worrying about the phone’s storage space. Now keep in mind that this feature is available for premier users alone.

2.4 Top Secret Folder

Some files need the kind of secrecy, which is otherwise only possible with an external drive. On top of that, it is locked with an encryption key.


Degoo offers the same with its Top Secret folder. Store all your secret files inside this secure folder, protected by a zero-knowledge encryption-based passphrase.

2.5 Security – Zero-Knowledge Encryption

Being on the Internet, it has become a common notion that privacy is a myth. The most notable iCloud hack, resulting in millions of photos getting leaked online. That certainly did not help in instilling confidence in the security of cloud storage.

Swerving into security, Degoo offers zero-knowledge encryption for its top-secret folder storage. Encrypted with randomly generated 256-bit encryption keys, each stored with each file, which is in turn secured by a passphrase that is known to you, alone.

2.6 Is Degoo Cloud Fast? – Speeds

We checked our fiber broadband’s speed before testing the cloud speeds, using the test.


Moving on to the cloud speeds, we performed THREE download and upload tests—the file in question – a 252 MB executable file.

Time in Seconds Attempt -1 Attempt -2 Attempt -3 Average
Upload Time 31 seconds 33 seconds 31 seconds 31.6 seconds
Download Time 30 seconds 31 seconds 31 seconds 30.6 seconds

The speeds on the fiber-based broadband were consistent across different attempts. A negligible difference in time, which is minute to notice.

Now the question arises, will the location of the Degoo cloud user affect the speeds? The answer would be, very unlikely.

Amazon Web Services power the cloud service. Their servers are located in 80 plus regions across the seven continents. Together, AWS powers over 33% of the Internet, including the cloud infrastructure. The top sites such as Netflix, Reddit, Coursera, amongst others, run on AWS servers.

2.7 Mobile Application

Granted that the mobile website interface packs utilities, but a dedicated app takes it a mile forward.


Inspired by minimalism, the sections are divided for different kinds of files. You have got:

  • Videos
  • Music
  • Documents
  • Favorites
  • Albums
  • Shared
  • All Files (all the categories of files in one place)

Change the views of the files and folders using the two available options—the list and Grid from the three-vertical-dots button. As you can see, the Grid shows the files with a thumbnail, while the list shows the file title, along with the size and date of upload.


App Security

A user is keeping all their essential data on the cloud, relying on advanced encryption. All that goes in vain when the phone goes in a stranger’s hand with ulterior motives. They can head to the cloud app and access or send the files to their device using the share option.


In order to prevent that, the Degoo smartphone app has a pin lock feature. Set a 4-digit pin that will be asked while you try to access the app. Moreover, the pin will be asked while switching back to the app from the background.

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And, when you forget the pin, there is no reason to worry. Tap on the forgot password and fill out your Degoo account’s password to recover the pin.

Setup: Settings > Other > Lock App with pin code. Enter the pin twice for confirmation, and it will be set.

2.8 Free Storage Space Program

What you can get for free hits the ceiling on any service. Degoo lets you earn extra space with its referral and activities program. You get 5 GB for every person who signs up with your referral link.


Another way is by watching video ads, which will earn you 750 MB per video. Head to the Moments tab and look for the banner. Some of the ads don’t even contain videos. The length is between 15-17 seconds that gets over pretty fast.


Go back to the moments‘ section, and the popup will notify about 750 MB more storage space on your cloud account.


We watched five video ads before moving forward. The ads kept coming over and over. You can get up to 500 GB of space from the referrals and the ad viewing program.

2.9 Affordable Pricing

The economy is tough, and every penny counts. Start the budget by saving on cloud storage. Degoo offers value for money plans, offering 5x more space, bundled with several unique features to sweeten the pot.

Plans Free Pro Ultimate
Cloud Space 100 GB 500 GB 10 TB
Pricing Free $2.99/month $9.99/month
Devices 3 10 Unlimited
Referral bonus Up to 500 GB

(5 GB/)

Up to 1 TB

(10 GB/referral)

Up to 1 TB

(10 GB/referral)

Industry leaders such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive provide a fourth of the storage space to the users, even on the paid plans.

Degoo also offers a 14-day trial to get a look around. No money is charged, and you can cancel anytime, with no questions asked.

2.10 Comments on Files

The pandemic has changed the dynamics of office work. Work from home has become the norm, and collaborating working is at an all-time high. You use shared cloud storage for sharing files and folders.

Not everything warrants an email, especially when you have shared a file. When you are on Degoo cloud, simply add a comment to your file instead.


For adding a comment, hover over a file, and the three-horizontal-dots will appear. Click on them to open the menu.


Add your own comment using the text box and press enter. It will enter with your name prefixed to it.


The ship doesn’t stop there. You can reply to comments and create nested threads in the comment section. Replies and comments can be deleted, but they will appear as “Deleted” accompanied by a delete icon.

2.11 Moments

Go down the memory lane with Moments. See your old vacations, road trips with family, friends, and those precious moments. They will appear in the feed in a scroll-down fashion.


On the other hand, in the mobile app, you have memories in the form of stories. Tap on them individually to view each of them, separated by dates.


3. What We don’t like about the Degoo Cloud Storage

3.1 No Desktop App

The desktop app was discontinued a little while ago. Browser tabs often get crowded and are difficult to distinguish. You don’t want another tab there taking the already cramped space.

And the good news is that desktop apps are picking up again. With Windows 11 and macOS Catalina streamlining the apps with the interface, it’s about time to bring the app back.

3.2 Inconsistent Login

There are two ways to log in. First involves using the credentials, which includes the email ID and the password. Another way is through the Google account.

The second way has inconsistency. It logs out the user, and you will need to log in again every half an hour or so. We tried contacting customer care regarding the issue, along with another error. Hear about it in the next section.

Before we forget, the login procedure involves unnecessary extra steps. You head to the home page, then select My Degoo > Files to access your data.

3.3 No Customer Support

Snags are a common sight when using a new product or service. This is where the Degoo help center should come in handy. The knowledge base library has a limited number of support articles.

And when you hit a wall there, it’s time to submit a support ticket, which is precisely what we did. Only to be disappointed by the non-existent customer support.

We raised a ticket regarding the mobile website and inconsistency in log in. An automated confirmation of the ticket was promptly delivered to our mail.


It’s been over three days, and there has been no reply from the support team. We tried contacting them via social media as a last ditch, but they have the messages disabled there.

3.4 Ads

Ads are annoying and disruptive. Degoo’s mobile application has ads on the app. One appears after every few pictures while scrolling down through the moments feed.


The second one is in the sidebar menu, below the email ID and storage statistics. The only way to remove them is by subscribing to one of their premium plans.

3.5 Restriction on File sizes

Free users cannot upload files larger than 512 MB in one go. You can split the files to bypass the restriction.

When you try to upload a larger file, an error notification pops up on the screen, “Cannot upload files larger than 512MB. Upgrade to Degoo Premium to upload larger files.”


3.6 Limited Payment Options

Accepting only credit cards leaves other options for the paying customers. Powered by stripe, options such as PayPal, e-wallet, prepaid, amongst others, have been left out.

Customers from different parts of the world would find it difficult to make payments.

4. FAQ

Is Degoo Cloud free?

The free account has its limitations, but enough to get you started. You can take advantage of premium features by becoming a subscriber.

Can I stream videos directly from the cloud?

Videos can be played directly using the in-built media player. The default quality will be played with no option to calibrate the resolution.

Is Degoo Cloud safe?

All the files are stored using the 256-bit AES encryption on an SSL/TLS secure tunnel. That’s not all; the files are further protected by zero knowledge encryption when using the top secret folder.

Multiple backups are created on different locations, which ensures that the data is never lost.

Mobile Website or the App – Which one is better?

For the purpose of uploading, downloading, or accessing the data, the mobile website interface feels adequate. When you go a step further with automatic backup, top secret folders, etc., that’s when the app comes into play.

Plus, the app has an added layer of security through the pin code.

Will my files be deleted if the account is inactive?

After 90 days since the last activity on the account, the files will be deleted from the accounts on the free plan. Premium users wouldn’t have to worry about that.

Can I make multiple accounts for referral to earn extra space?

That is against the terms and conditions of the cloud app. Your space will be deducted and, in some cases, might lockout out the account.

2 thoughts on “Degoo Cloud Storage Review”

  1. Upon reading the negative reviews of Degoo, I could not understand the issue. I got a great deal via StackSocial on a lifetime sub and it was working well. The amount of storage was fantastic for large video files that I needed to backup (since Zoom has limited storage space). My purchase was a 2-fer, so I gave the other sub to an organization I work with that uses Zoom a lot. Then at the end of March, while uploading many files, some files got stuck at the processsing stage and would not complete. After a couple days of rebooting and retrying, I submitted a support ticket. The next day I decided to try again and a pop-up showed that uploads were limited to 1GB in file size and that I had to upgrade to do more. First of all, it is unethical (shady is an understatement) to apply such a limit retroactively to existing customers (I can understand it for new ones), especially when it defeats the point of why I got the subscription. Second, I had the highest plan they offer: there was no way to upgrade. I submitted another ticket asking what was happening. I got a response to the first ticket that they would look into the issue (of course, the issue ended up being that it was my over 1GB files not finishing and thus were being limited without prior notice); I got a response to the second ticket that they would look into the cap, and he came back stating that was the new limit on my subscription (not even answering how I could upgrade to allow for more). So, bottom line, this service is not consumer friendly. Unless you dont really care about what you’re uploading, do NOT subscribe to them or pay them any money. The illicit way of doing business is the reason why they get 1 star.

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