How To Get NordVPN Student Discount

How To Get NordVPN Student Discount

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Students nowadays are, perhaps, the number one audience of internet and online services. Whether it be for interacting with their peers on social media or for educational and research purposes, students religiously make use of the internet. VPNs offer them a bounty of perks and benefits:

  • Unrestricted internet surfing
  • Privacy protection
  • Security improvement
  • Unlimited internet content from other countries

Internet services may only be available or limited to certain audiences or countries. Restrictions may be applied, especially in terms of content. However, a VPN can help students bypass internet protocols such as this to give them access to various kinds of content. Furthermore, they do not need to worry about security issues, for it’s the VPN’s job to make sure that the connection is secure to ensure smooth and safe browsing.

One of the most prominent VPNs in the industry is the NordVPN. It provides excellent privacy and security, with fast and stable speed rates all around the world. Furthermore, it offers a huge number of servers, exceeding 5,000 servers in 59 different countries. What’s more, it provides a discount for students who wish to avail of this kind of service.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to acquire NordVPN’s student discount.

1. Select a NordVPN student discount code.

The discount code is provided on the site that offers up to six devices in a single account. Available plans with discounts can go from 6-month subscriptions that come with 24% discounts and 2-year plans with 68% discounts on the original price.

Get NordVPN Student Discount 

2. Create an account.

The second step is to, evidently, make a student account. The account can be used for six devices; hence, it is flexible for groups of friends or family. With this, users don’t need to buy multiple accounts to protect themselves online.

3. Claim the discount and process the payment.

The next step after registering the account is to redeem the chosen discount coupon and pay for it. Several payment options are available on NordVPN’s site without hassle.

4. Install the NordVPN application.

The application can be used on mobile and desktop devices; thus, downloading it on the available technology should kick-start its services. The user can then login to his/her account and begin using the app.

5. Choose and connect to a server.

There are a lot of servers to choose from, ranging from various countries to different regions. Upon selecting the desired server, the user only needs to connect and proceed to browse safely on the internet without limitations.

The online scene is composed of complicated systems and networks where data is constantly shared. While people are in constant search for knowledge and opportunities on the internet, there are certain limitations and possible dangers, especially in sharing and obtaining information. The internet has definitely given users various opportunities to explore so many possibilities. However, in order to obtain them, the right tools must be employed. Get a NordVPN student discount now!

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