What Is a Dedicated IP for a VPN and Do You Need One?

What Is a Dedicated IP for a VPN and Do You Need One

Dedicated IP: A Quick Explanation:

A dedicated IP is an IP address that only one person can use. Unlike a shared IP, this one is dedicated to a single user or website. This makes it viable for IP-sensitive uses, such as online banking, accessing business files, avoiding CAPTCHA puzzles, and preventing IP blacklisting.

We discuss dedicated IPs more in-depth and provide you with four VPNs that offer them. Read on to find out more.

VPNs typically use shared IP addresses. This means one IP can be used by multiple users. In the case of a dedicated IP, it’s the opposite. When you buy one, you get an IP only YOU can use and this IP address isn’t shared with anyone. In simple words, it’s assigned to one person.

Now, the question is what exactly is a dedicated IP address for a VPN and whether you need one. Our guide will cover dedicated IPs, their use cases, and the VPN providers that offer them. Think of this as your dedicated IP bible, so keep reading to find out more about it.

What Is a Dedicated IP Address and How Does It Work?

As the name implies, a dedicated IP is dedicated to one person or website. While shared IPs can be used by hundreds of users, this one is used only by you. When talking about a VPN, a dedicated IP address works similarly to a shared one. Let us remind you of how a VPN works.

When you connect to a server, your traffic is routed through a VPN tunnel and you’re assigned another IP address – a shared one. Well, it’s the same situation with a dedicated IP but this time, you’re assigned this IP, which can only be used by you.

Dedicated IP CyberGhost

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A dedicated IP isn’t a standard VPN feature. Most VPNs don’t have it – ExpressVPN, for example. This is a feature you’ll pay for additionally, usually on top of your subscription. It’s not mandatory, so you should purchase one only if you need it.

Do I Need a Dedicated IP? Reasons for Using It

How to know if you need a dedicated IP? For most people, this would just be an additional cost that likely won’t be justified. However, in a few cases that we mentioned below, the use of a dedicated IP is more than justified. Here are the dedicated IP benefits and use cases.

Online Banking

Using a VPN for online banking often creates unforeseen problems. For instance, when a banking site detects an “unusual” IP, it can prevent access for safety reasons. A shared IP is used by many users simultaneously, which already rings the “Suspicion” bell for the bank.

Moreover, accessing your bank account with a different IP each time can block your account and prevent access, which requires further fixing on your side. With a dedicated IP, you will be able to access your banking account with the same IP each time, and as this IP is used only by you, no suspicion will be raised and no further identity verification will be required.

Avoiding CAPTCHA Puzzles

Many times when using a VPN, you’ll encounter CAPTCHA puzzles. They require you to verify you’re a human – well, you’re not a bear, ain’t you? Regardless, CAPTCHA authentications are triggered by suspicious shared IPs and are a security measure to prevent bots from accessing the site.

A dedicated IP will prevent them and let you enjoy a normal browsing experience. You’ll also be able to use your email account smoothly, as you’re the only person with a specific dedicated IP.

Preventing IP Blacklisting

When multiple persons use an IP, you don’t know HOW the IP is used. For instance, the same IP can be used by you to watch Netflix, while another person can use it to sell/buy drugs online. This IP can then be blacklisted by different sites and you can get banned/blocked for seemingly no reason.

Other people’s mishaps shouldn’t impact you – where’s the justice in this? The justice is in a dedicated IP that, again, will be used only by you and where you’ll have total control over what you’re doing online.

Using Business Servers

Businesses often use closed networks that only a select few IP addresses can access. In this case, it’s good to have a dedicated IP address, which would allow you to safely and securely access, share, and use business-related files and other information.

Many companies block unauthorized IPs, so if you use a typical shared IP from a VPN, your access will likely be restricted. This way, you ensure this won’t happen.

Dedicated IP Shortcomings

Now that we know what is a dedicated IP, let us discuss its shortcomings.

  • Additional cost. Dedicated IPs aren’t included in your VPN subscription. They cost more on top of it and the price usually ranges from $2 to $5 a month and sometimes more.
  • Privacy sacrifice. A dedicated IP will be bound only to you and despite encryption and other security measures, some sites will be able to make a profile based on your online activities. This way, they can serve targeted ads and track you online more easily.
  • Anonymity issues. For the same reason, you could compromise your anonymity. A dedicated IP used by only one person can potentially be linked to that person. In a way, this means you’re “less anonymous” than with a shared IP, where such a thing can’t happen.
  • You need separate dedicated IPs for each location. A single dedicated IP is linked to a specific country – let’s say the US. If you want another location, you have to pay for another IP, which doubles the cost. This isn’t great for bypassing geo-blocks and unblocking restricted sites.

Best VPNs With Dedicated IP Addresses

If you need a dedicated IP address, which VPN offers it in 2024? Here’s a list of all Dedicated IP VPN providers and their prices.

  • NordVPN: dedicated IPs in 18 locations at $3.69/mo per IP
  • CyberGhost: dedicated IPs in 18 locations at $2.5/mo per IP
  • Surfshark: dedicated IPs in 14 locations at $3.75/mo per IP
  • PureVPN: dedicated IPs in 10 locations at $4.45/mo per IP


A dedicated IP address will help you avoid CAPTCHA puzzles, access online banking securely, and prevent IP blacklisting from other people’s suspicious online activities. While its privacy/anonymity concerns are there, generally, dedicated IP addresses from respectable VPNs are safe to use.

Now, whether you need one is up to you. If that’s the case, you can select any of the four VPNs we presented. For the cheapest dedicated IP, use CyberGhost. However, NordVPN is a better option overall if you don’t mind paying a dollar more a month.

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