How to Increase Download Speed on Xbox One

How to Increase Download Speed on Xbox One

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Console gaming is steadily on the rise with the recreational activity gaining a boost from the lockdown measures that have been implemented all over the world. In fact, research shows that console gaming will rise 6.8% on year to a whopping $45.2 billion this year. The number of console players is also pegged to rise to a mindboggling 729 million players all across the globe.

One of the more popular consoles in the entire world is the Xbox One. Released in 2013, the Xbox One is a home video game console produced by Microsoft. It is the successor to the equally successful Xbox 360 and is the third iteration in the Xbox line of consoles.

When you’re playing the Xbox One, you need to download games online and place them in your library before you’ll get the chance to play them. It is usually a fuss-free procedure. However, downloading games can take some time especially when the game itself is massive and needs a lot of space on your drive. Waiting for a download to finish is already irritating and the process can become downright grating when the download speed slows down to a crawl.

Before you pull your hair out, continue reading below and check out these tips on how you can help speed up the download speed of your Xbox One.

1. Close all apps and games

One of the nifty things that the Xbox One lets you do is that play games while a game or an app downloads in the background. You can even watch videos on YouTube or watch a movie on Netflix while you wait for the game to complete downloading. As fun as this is, there is a drawback to this benefit.

Doing another activity — especially one that needs an online connection — while downloading a game can substantially reduce the download speed. And so, it is a great idea that you close all games and apps while you are in the process of downloading a game. If you don’t know how to do it, just simply follow these easy to do steps:

  • Highlight the icon of the game or the app on the home screen.
  • Hit the “Menu” button on the Xbox One controller. If you don’t know where it is, it is the small, black button that can be found on the left side of the controller. It is quite distinguishable as it has three horizontal lines seen on top of one another.
  • Then, hit “Quit”.
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2. Make sure there aren’t any other devices nearby that are connected to the Internet

Another factor that may affect the download speed of your Xbox One is that there may be other devices nearby that are connected to the same Internet connection your Xbox One is linked to. This may be the desktop computer, a laptop or every single smartphone in your household; whatever gadget it is, having numerous devices connected to one Internet line can definitely lead to sluggish download speeds.

Now, you may think that your idle smartphone or laptop is not using up any data. However, there is always a chance that it may begin updating the software of every single app or even sync files to Google Drive or Dropbox. To ensure that you are experiencing optimal download speeds on your Xbox One, it is strongly recommended that you disconnect all devices that are connected to the Internet while you are downloading.

3. Hit the pause button on other Xbox One downloads

It is totally understandable that you want to download as many games or apps at one time as you possibly can. However, doing so can come at the expense of download speeds as it will definitely slow to a virtual crawl. What you can do is pause all the other games or apps that are downloading save for the one that you want to finish the soonest.

Here is how you do it:

  • Press the button that has the Xbox logo on it.
  • Press the down button on the D-pad to highlight the games and apps tab
  • Press the A button
  • Go to “See all” and then, press the A button.
  • Find “Queue.” This is where you will see your entire active downloads. Should you find that this section has no entries, it simply means that you are not downloading anything at the moment.
  • Find the download that you want to pause and press “Menu” on your controller.
  • Highlight the “Pause” option and press the “A” button
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4. Use a wired connection

As convenient as it may be to connect the Xbox One to the Wi-Fi network, a wired network can actually provide you with faster download speeds. Using a wired connection to download games onto your Xbox One is not that hard to do either. Simply plug one end of your Ethernet cable to the Internet router while the other end goes to the Ethernet port found at the rear portion of the Xbox One.

In addition, you don’t have to worry about changing any of the settings as the Xbox One will just automatically connect to the Internet using the wired connection rather than any of the Wi-Fi connections that it was previously using.

5. Try restarting your Xbox One if the game seems to have plenty of bugs

If the game you just downloaded appears to be sluggish or even completely freezes all by itself, you can try restarting your Xbox One as this can automatically fix any issues that particular download had.

Here is how you do it:

  • Hit the button that has the Xbox logo on it to bring up the “Guide”.
  • Press the right button three times to go to the “System” panel
  • Go to “Restart” option and then press the “A” button. The Xbox One console will then restart and the download should proceed

6. Try rebooting your router

There will be times when the Internet connection fluctuates, leading your Xbox One download speeds to slow down or even get disconnected. However, there is a quick fix to this: reboot the router. This is fairly easy to do; just unplug the router, wait for three to five minutes and then, plug it back in. This will reset the connection your Xbox One has, hopefully giving it a brand new one that will be much faster.

7. Restart the Xbox One console

If you notice that your downloads are inching their way to 100%, perhaps this timeless trick can help you. Simply restart the Xbox One console and you just might bring your speeds back to normal. Don’t worry; a hard reset will not lose any data. Just hold down the power button for 10 seconds and afterwards, wait 30 seconds more before going back online. Now, be aware that this isn’t a surefire thing but it can sometimes give you resolution when other fixes won’t help.

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8. Avoid downloading during peak hours

There are times when your download speed is just out of your hands. Experiencing sluggish download speeds may be attributed to the high Internet traffic that usually happens during peak hours. While advancements in connectivity has reduced the chances of this happening, it remains an issue as Xbox Live goes through slowdowns and even outages, thereby affecting your capability to download games and apps.

So, what time of day can be considered peak time? High Internet traffic usually occurs during the late afternoon and can extend through the evening. This is because this is the time when people are usually home, either from school or work, and head straight to Xbox Live. Slow download speeds can also happen in high-demand situations like with users stumbling over each to download the latest patch or game update. To be sure, you can check for status pages on Xbox Live or simply just try your luck some other time.

9. Allow Quality of Service

This tip is usually reserved for Xbox One gamers that have more advanced knowledge when it comes to connection settings. Enabling Quality of Service though, will give you a considerable speed advantage when it comes to your Xbox One downloads. This quirk can be had through the router as this let’s prioritize specific kinds of traffic, thus making sure that your Xbox One enjoys a ton of bandwidth whenever you need it.

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