Best Soundcloud Bots in February 2024

Best soundcloud bots

A budding musician looks to increase their visibility by uploading their work on different platforms. Soundcloud plays a vital role in that regard where you can host your music without worrying about licenses, fees, and other shenanigans.

With the amount of competition on the platform, getting discovered is not a walk in the park. As an artist, something may set you apart from the industry, but that needs to be found by a larger audience.

And to stand out from the crowd, you need a little extra push by whatever means possible.

This is where Soundcloud bots come into the picture. They help you increase engagement, total plays and hence signal the platform algorithm to push your content to more people.

Here we have a list of some of the best Soundcloud bots to give your music career the push that it deserves.

  Price Type Progress monitoring Engagement type
Soundcloud Manager $97 one-time Application-based Yes Bots
Soundbolt $15/month Application-based Yes Bots
AIOstream $95 one-time Application-based Yes Bots
Somiibo $10.95/month Application-based Yes Bots
Userviral Starting at $2.5 Online-based No Bots
Sidesmedia Starting at $3 Online-based No Bots
Media Mister Starting at $3 Online-based No Bots

1. Best Soundcloud Bots in February 2024

1.1 AIOstream

Aiostream soundcloud bot

AIOstream stands out as a highly effective Soundcloud bot for several reasons, making it a popular choice among users looking to enhance their Soundcloud presence. Below are key aspects that contribute to its effectiveness:

  1. Support for Multiple Services: Unlike most Soundcloud bots that are limited to two or three services, AIOstream supports over seven different music platforms including Soundcloud and Tidal. This wide range of support is beneficial for users who are active across multiple streaming platforms, allowing them to manage all their campaigns through a single application.

  2. Advanced Bot Detection Bypass: AIOstream uses the latest anti-fingerprint technology to bypass bot verifications. This feature is crucial as it reduces the risk of accounts being blocked due to suspicious activities, a common issue with many other bots.

  3. Realistic Play Patterns: The bot allows users to set the time for each play individually or in bulk. It also incorporates features like adding delays, play-pause-play sequences, and cycle playbacks. These functionalities make the plays appear more genuine and less likely to trigger Soundcloud’s anti-bot detection.

  4. Centralized Account Management: AIOstream comes with an account manager that enables users to manage hundreds of accounts from a single dashboard. Accounts can be organized by categories or campaigns, streamlining the task management process.

  5. Automatic Backups: The tool can automatically create backups of essential data such as tasks, campaigns, verification statuses, cookies, and other parameters. This feature ensures data safety and easy recovery in case of any issues.

  6. Custom User Agents: Users have access to a library of user agents and also have the option to create their own. This flexibility allows for a more tailored and effective approach to account management and task execution.


  • Capability to run multiple tasks simultaneously.
  • Auto-fetching of comment data from RSS feeds.
  • Support for individual proxies with each account.
  • Simplified data and account management with a user-friendly interface.
  • Includes a built-in proxy harvester.


  • The servers may become slow when managing over 1,000 accounts.
  • Users have reported difficulties in updating the application.


  • AIOstream offers different pricing for various music platforms. For Soundcloud, they charge a one-time fee of $95.

Overall, AIOstream’s comprehensive features, coupled with its ability to manage multiple services and its sophisticated approach to mimicking realistic user behavior, make it a powerful tool for those looking to boost their presence on Soundcloud and other music streaming platforms. However, potential users should consider the cons, especially if they plan to manage a large number of accounts or are concerned about ease of software updates.


1.2 Soundcloud Manager

Soundcloud manager soundcloud bot

Soundcloud Manager is a bot designed to automate various tasks on Soundcloud, and it offers several features that could be beneficial for artists and content creators on the platform. Here’s a breakdown of why it might be considered a good choice:

Features and Pros

  1. Comprehensive Automation: Soundcloud Manager handles a wide range of tasks automatically. This includes sending messages, sharing tracks, and promoting your music to new fans. Such automation allows artists to focus more on creating music rather than on promotional activities.

  2. Increase in Soundcloud Plays: The bot can artificially increase the number of plays on your tracks. Higher play counts can make a profile appear more popular and may influence the Soundcloud algorithm to promote your content more widely.

  3. Automated Messaging: This feature allows for sharing tracks directly into users’ inboxes, potentially increasing engagement and visibility.

  4. Mass Track Likes and Comments: The ability to generate a large number of likes and comments can make tracks appear more popular and engaging, potentially attracting more organic listeners.

  5. Advanced Search and Filtering: This tool enables detailed analysis of the account’s engagement, including likes, plays, comments, and followers. Such data can be invaluable for understanding and targeting your audience more effectively.

  6. Creation of Multiple Accounts: The ability to create and manage multiple Soundcloud accounts can help in building a network that appears genuine and can be used for cross-promotion.

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  1. Risk of Shadow Ban: Use of such bots can lead to a shadow ban, where the account remains active but its content is hidden from search results and other users’ feeds, severely limiting its reach.

  2. Low Retention Rate of Followers: Followers gained through the bot, especially older ones, might have a low retention rate, meaning they may unfollow or become inactive over time.


The Soundcloud Manager is available for a one-time purchase of $97, with minor updates included. However, for major new editions, a separate purchase is required.

Ethical and Platform Considerations

While the features offered by Soundcloud Manager might seem appealing, it’s important to consider the ethical implications and potential violation of Soundcloud’s terms of service. Automated engagement and artificially inflated statistics can be misleading and might not result in a genuinely engaged audience. Additionally, platforms like Soundcloud often have mechanisms to detect and penalize the use of such bots, which can jeopardize the user’s account and reputation.

For creators serious about building a sustainable and authentic presence on Soundcloud, focusing on organic growth strategies, although more time-consuming, is often more rewarding in the long term.

Soundcloud Manager

1.3 Soundbolt

Soundbolt soundcloud bot

Soundbolt appears to be a compelling choice as a SoundCloud bot for several reasons:

  1. Cost-Effectiveness: Soundbolt provides a range of features at a relatively low cost. This affordability makes it an attractive option for users seeking advanced features without a significant investment.

  2. Initial Credit Offer: The platform offers 1,000 credits for simply confirming an email upon registration, allowing users to explore its functionalities without immediate financial commitment.

  3. Subscription Flexibility: Soundbolt offers various subscription plans, including monthly, quarterly, and lifetime options, catering to different user needs and preferences.

  4. High-Quality Proxies and Updates: The service includes high-quality proxies and updates its list every 24 hours. Users can also import their proxy lists and adjust settings to meet specific requirements, enhancing the flexibility and effectiveness of the bot.

  5. Multitasking Capabilities: Soundbolt allows for the boosting of multiple tracks simultaneously, offering powerful multitasking functionalities. Users can set play speeds and run various tasks in parallel, enhancing efficiency.

  6. Advanced Scheduling Features: The bot provides an advanced task scheduler that enables users to plan track boosts at different times, adding to the realism and effectiveness of the promotion.

  7. Compatibility with Multiple Platforms: Besides SoundCloud, Soundbolt also supports Audiomack, indicating its versatility. Additionally, it offers desktop apps for both Windows and Mac, broadening its accessibility.

  8. Third-Party APK for Android: This feature extends the accessibility of Soundbolt to Android users, which is a significant advantage for those who prefer or need to manage their tasks on mobile devices.

Despite these advantages, there are some drawbacks to consider:

  • Inconsistent Proxy List Updates: While the proxy list is a key feature, its inconsistent updates could affect the reliability and effectiveness of the bot.
  • Lack of Active Customer Support: This could be a significant disadvantage, especially for users who may require assistance or encounter issues with the service.

In terms of pricing, Soundbolt’s various subscription plans offer flexibility and cater to different budget ranges, making it an accessible option for a wide range of users. Overall, Soundbolt’s combination of affordability, advanced features, and platform versatility make it an attractive choice for users looking to boost their presence on SoundCloud and Audiomack.


1.4 Somiibo

Somiibo soundcloud bot

Somiibo appears to be a good choice as a SoundCloud bot for several reasons:

  1. User-Friendly Interface: Somiibo’s streamlined user interface makes it easy to navigate and operate, which is beneficial for users who may not be technically savvy. This ease of use is important for efficiently managing SoundCloud campaigns.

  2. Affordability: With a free plan and a relatively low-cost subscription option, Somiibo is an affordable tool for users who are either just starting out or are looking to manage their SoundCloud presence without a significant financial investment.

  3. Customizability and Flexibility: The ability to build your own bots using their Node.js API is a significant feature, offering advanced users the flexibility to tailor the bot to their specific needs. This level of customization is particularly useful for users with unique or complex requirements.

  4. Advanced Features for Evasion: Somiibo’s support for different proxies and custom user agents in each tab helps in presenting a more realistic identity, which is crucial for bypassing SoundCloud’s anti-bot measures. This ensures more effective and uninterrupted operation of the bot.

  5. Multiple Modules and Sessions: The ability to run different modules in different tabs, and the concept of having a unique session for each tab, adds to the effectiveness of the bot. This feature allows for a more organized and targeted approach to managing different aspects of SoundCloud promotion.

  6. Free Plan for Trial: Offering a free plan allows users to try out the service without any commitment. This is especially useful for those who are unsure about the effectiveness of the tool or its suitability for their specific needs.

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However, there are some cons to consider:

  • Limited Support Articles: The lack of extensive support documentation could be a hindrance for users requiring guidance or troubleshooting.
  • Restrictions on Account Numbers: Having fewer accounts possible on a single plan could limit users who manage multiple SoundCloud profiles or require extensive reach.

Pricing: The $10.95/month plan, while affordable, offers unlimited modules and the ability to manage up to 30 sessions, which could be a reasonable investment for serious users looking to enhance their SoundCloud presence significantly.

In summary, Somiibo’s combination of user-friendliness, affordability, customizability, and advanced features for evading detection makes it a compelling choice for users looking to automate their SoundCloud activities. However, the potential drawbacks, such as limited support resources and account restrictions, should also be considered.


1.5 Useviral

Useviral soundcloud bot

Useviral appears to be a good option for SoundCloud promotion and marketing based on its features and benefits:

  1. Higher Follower Retention: Useviral promises high-quality followers who are less likely to unfollow or be deleted. This is important for maintaining a stable and engaged follower base on SoundCloud.

  2. Individual Plans: The service offers the flexibility to purchase SoundCloud plays or followers separately. This is useful for users focusing on specific goals, like increasing play counts or follower numbers, without needing to invest in bundled services that may not be necessary.

  3. Real SoundCloud Plays: Useviral claims to provide real plays from a network of internet influencers. This approach can help in gaining more organic reach and engagement, as the plays are coming from real users.

  4. Complete Privacy: The service doesn’t require SoundCloud login credentials, which safeguards your account security. Users only need to provide basic details and a link to their SoundCloud profile, which is a safer approach to account promotion.

  5. Swift Delivery: The promise of delivering services within 24 to 48 hours of purchase is a significant benefit for those looking for quick results.

  6. Cost-Effectiveness: With plans starting at relatively low prices, Useviral offers an affordable option for users looking to boost their SoundCloud presence without a substantial financial investment.

  7. Unlimited Refills in Case of Drops: This feature ensures that any loss in followers or plays is compensated, maintaining the integrity of the purchased service.

However, there are some drawbacks:

  • Lack of Support Forum: The absence of a support forum may make it difficult for users to get help or share experiences with other users.
  • Process Transparency: The service’s operation and the exact source of the followers and plays might not be entirely transparent to the users.

In summary, Useviral offers a range of features that are beneficial for SoundCloud users looking to enhance their online presence, especially those who are focused on increasing their follower base and play counts in a cost-effective and timely manner. However, the potential drawbacks, such as the lack of a support forum and process transparency, should be considered when deciding to use the service.


1.6 Media Mister

Media Mister soundcloud bot

Media Mister is considered a good SoundCloud bot for several reasons based on the description provided:

  1. Versatility in Services: Media Mister supports not just SoundCloud but also a variety of other social platforms. This versatility makes it a convenient choice for users looking to enhance their presence across multiple social media channels.

  2. Ease of Use: The service is user-friendly, requiring only a few simple steps to enroll. Users just need to select their country, specify their SoundCloud requirements, and provide the URL to their track or profile. This simplicity in the process can be appealing to users who prefer a straightforward approach.

  3. Customizable Engagement Signals: Offering a range of 50 to 50,000 likes, comments, plays, etc., allows users to tailor their engagement according to their needs. This scalability is beneficial for both small-scale users and those looking to make a significant impact.

  4. Hassle-Free Ordering Process: The ability to purchase SoundCloud social signals without the need for an account simplifies the process, making it more accessible to a wider audience.

  5. Multiple Payment Options: Accepting standard payment methods as well as cryptocurrency caters to a diverse range of users, making the service more accessible and convenient.

  6. Quality of Engagement: The likes and plays provided by Media Mister are designed to appear realistic, coming from active accounts. This reduces the risk of appearing spammy and avoids potential bans from SoundCloud.

  7. Economical Bulk Pricing: The service offers discounts for larger orders, which can be particularly attractive for users planning extensive campaigns.

  8. Additional Benefits: Additional features like the ability to combine various services, a 30-day refund period, and the flexibility to split orders across different tracks add to the appeal of the service.

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However, there are also drawbacks, such as the inaccessibility of the service in some developing regions and the lack of real-time monitoring for deliveries. Additionally, the pricing, starting at $3 for basic plans, may vary based on the specifics of the order.

Overall, Media Mister’s comprehensive range of features, ease of use, and customizable options make it a compelling choice for users looking to enhance their SoundCloud presence, though users should also consider its limitations and potential downsides.

Media Mister

1.7 SidesMedia

Sidesmedia soundcloud bot

Sidesmedia appears to offer a range of features and services that could be beneficial for someone looking to enhance their presence on SoundCloud. Here are the key points to consider:

  1. Real Followers: One of the main benefits of Sidesmedia is that it claims to provide genuine followers. This is crucial because real followers are more likely to engage with your content organically, which is better for long-term growth and credibility on SoundCloud.

  2. Track Your Engagement: The ability to monitor and track your plays and followers can be extremely helpful in understanding your audience and the impact of your marketing strategies. Better tracking can lead to improved strategies and organic reach.

  3. Two-week Refund Policy: This policy indicates a level of confidence in their service and provides a safety net for customers who are unsatisfied. It also allows you to test their service with less risk.

  4. No Risk of Bans: Since Sidesmedia claims to provide plays and follows from real accounts, this reduces the risk of violating SoundCloud’s terms of service, which can lead to bans or penalties for using bot-driven followers.

  5. Performance Report: Getting a detailed report about the demographics of the accounts engaging with your tracks can be invaluable for tailoring your content and marketing strategies to your audience.

  6. Swift Delivery and Customizable Packages: Quick delivery and the ability to customize packages offer flexibility and efficiency, catering to various needs and budgets.

However, there are some limitations to consider:

  • No Live Chat Support: This could be a downside for those who prefer immediate assistance or have urgent queries.
  • Limited Offerings for SoundCloud: If their services are more limited for SoundCloud compared to other platforms, this might affect the overall effectiveness of their campaigns on this specific platform.

In terms of pricing, starting at $3, Sidesmedia seems to be competitively priced within the industry. This affordability can be attractive, especially for individuals or small businesses with tight marketing budgets.

Overall, Sidesmedia seems to offer a suite of services that could be beneficial for SoundCloud users looking to increase their presence on the platform. However, as with any service, it’s important to consider both the potential benefits and limitations before making a decision.


2. Soundcloud bots FAQ

2.1 Will my Soundcloud account get banned for using these services?

Soundcloud has a strict policy against using bots or fake accounts to gain an advantage over other users. Therefore, always use services that offer engagement from real accounts, which does not pose a risk to your account.

2.2 Will my followers go down after a while?

This is purely subjective. Some services offer better retention than others. As a matter of fact, some also provide unlimited refills for a limited period.

On the contrary, software application-based bots offer better retention. You have complete control over the managed accounts, their behavior, and proxies.

2.3 Do fake followers, likes, and plays help on Soundcloud?

Absolutely, they help in pushing your content to more people. Unless detected by Soundcloud as suspicious, the engagement signals will help you champion the algorithm’s platform.

2.4 Should I use free services for Soundcloud?

Not recommended at all unless you manually harvest accounts and manage them. There are many unreliable free services, often collecting your personal information without consent.

2.5 Is it Legal to buy Soundcloud Plays, Followers, and more?

In the eye of the law, it doesn’t come in the purview of crime. Some regions may have specific cyber laws against them, which you will have to check.

Learn how to stay safe online in this free 34-page eBook.

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