Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers and Likes

Where to Buy Instagram Followers and Likes

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According to researchers, Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms. Although not more popular than YouTube, it successfully overtook its father company Facebook.

With a mostly younger demographic, Instagram is a very powerful tool for influencers and influencers-to-be.

The success of the influencer depends on the followers and their engagement with him. Thus, in order to gain popularity, you need to amass a large following.

Sometimes, doing it organically is very hard, and therefore, people go for the option to buy Instagram followers and likes.

Luckily, there are countless websites where you can do that but if you’re not sure which ones are the best, we’re going to solve that problem with today’s article.

Also, we’re going to talk about the risks of buying followers and likes and give you an insight into how Instagram functions in this regard.

If you’re ready to grow your Instagram profile and make money out of it, you definitely want to read this article. Let’s talk about where to buy Instagram followers and likes, shall we?

1. Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers and Likes

Without wasting a second more of your time, let’s delve deeper into the subject and start with the most important part – the BEST sites for buying followers and likes on Instagram.

We prepared 15 of them today, so I’m sure you’ll have a lot of great choices to pick from. These are our favorite platforms for getting your Insta followers and likes:

1.1 Media Mister (Best alternative for buying real Instagram followers)

Media Mister

If you’re looking for affordable, yet countless Instagram followers, ignoring Media Mister isn’t your option. Media Mister is a platform that allows you to buy not only followers but also likes and comments that can skyrocket your account’s popularity.

Since the inception of Instagram, Media Mister provided organic followers that were constantly engaging with your account and not fake bots that could trigger Instagram’s algorithm. Once you purchase followers from Media Mister, they’re immediately reflected on your account.

Then, they’ll actively like your posts and even throw in some natural comments to avoid looking fake. Moreover, Media Mister claims to take care of your Instagram safety, so don’t expect any irregularities while using Media Mister’s offerings.

Speaking of offerings, Media Mister is surprisingly affordable. For example, Instagram followers start at just $2, while YouTube views and Twitter followers start at $13 and $2 respectively. Needless to say, Media Mister is a great tool for boosting your social media engagement.

With its offerings regarding other social networking sites, Media Mister is surely a versatile platform for ambitious content creators and influencers. However, if you’re not satisfied, there’s even a money-back guarantee and 24/7 live chat support.

This way, you can fix the potential issues quickly or simply ask for a refund and get your money back in no time. By the way, it also supports Bitcoin payments so if you want to remain anonymous while paying, you can do so without problems – cool!

Media Mister

1.2 Growthoid


Growthoid is a self-explanatory name. This platform is all about growing your online influence quickly and easily, without spending a ludicrous sum of money. You see, Growthoid won’t give you any fake followers that Instagram will detect and delete in a blink of an eye.

Instead, you’ll get real, organic followers that will engage with your account naturally. This will help you reach the target audience quickly and make a profit off of your Instagram profile. Growthoid uses your Instagram profile, analyzes it, and searches for people with similar interests.

Once they start following your account, the chances of them connecting with you are much higher. Let’s say you’re a fitness influencer. Growthoid will then give you the followers who are interested in this topic who will, hopefully, engage with you and request your services.

Not only that, but Growthoid supports instant delivery and offers you the option to buy views and likes as well. Followers are cheap. You can get 1,000 of them for just $12.99 while 25,000 followers will cost you a measly $145.50.

Even likes aren’t that expensive and for just $19.99, you can get 50 of them, which isn’t all that bad. Needless to say, delivery is very fast, even more so than in Media Mister. And given that Growthoid supports PayPal, VISA, and Bitcoin, paying for its services is very easy.

Finally, we should mention its hassle-free 14-day money-back guarantee. Thanks to it, you’ll be able to get a refund quickly in the case of dissatisfaction. That most likely won’t happen, though.


1.3 StormLikes


StormLikes is yet another versatile website to buy Instagram followers, views, and likes. What makes StormLikes special is its focus on bringing top-grade performance to the table. For the start, its deliveries are all done within a few minutes of your purchase.

Moreover, the company works only with Instagram so you can be sure that their focus never drifts away from this platform. I like the ability to customize your plans with StormLikes. Of course, they’ll give you real followers that you can customize by choosing their location or gender.

For instance, if you’re from Canada, you can request Canadian followers. And if you’re doing something related to cosmetics and beauty, you can tell StormLikes that you’d like female followers more. All of this is very cheap and for as low as $2.89, you can get 100 real followers from real people.

StormLikes even offer so-called premium followers that start at $3.95 for 100 of them. Here, you’ll get real active followers and even lifetime refills, which is very useful. The best deal is the one with 5,000 followers at just $49.99 and this is the one we recommend.

People branching into other social media sites will most likely need to use Growthoid or Media Mister as both of them supports platforms outside of Instagram. However, StormLikes is powerful enough to increase your Instagram popularity, and through it, make other users recognize you elsewhere.

With 24/7 customer support through live chat, lots of payment methods, and a money-back guarantee, StormLikes is definitely a steal deal!




Wanna get more likes on Instagram? Well, in that case, you might want to check Likes. Likes is a service that focuses on selling likes and auto likes but also real Instagram followers. After all, likes and followers should be the main factors contributing to your success.

What’s also important is flexibility and Likes knows that perfectly. Thus, it offers affordable and flexible plans that will cater to your budget. Seriously – you can tell them what your budget is and they’ll find a solution to get you some followers (or likes) for the budget you have.

The whole service is very simple. You can get high-quality or premium likes, auto likes, and followers. None of them require a password, which is great, and they’re reasonably priced. For example, 50 high-quality likes cost just $1.47, while 100 followers will cost a little shy of $3.

Much like every other site on the list, Likes offers lifetime refills, so if any of your followers unfollow you, Likes will add the new ones to replace them. Mind you, these are real and engaging followers backed up by Likes’ affordable prices and the ability to pay using crypto.

While their customer support isn’t the fastest to respond, you’ll surely like their money-back guarantee. This will let you get a full refund unconditionally, should you find Likes unsatisfactory. However, at this price tag, disappointment is the last feeling you’re gonna get.


1.5 GrowthSilo


GrowthSilo knows the pitfalls of buying fake Instagram followers and instead, opts for more traditional options. You see, having organic growth is always the best and when someone does that for you, it’s a dream come true!

This website lets you easily find relevant followers for the highest level of engagement. However, instead of letting you buy 100, 1,000, or 10,000 followers, GrowthSilo offers a fully-managed workflow. Namely, it offers only two subscription plans with moderate and maximum growth speeds.

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They cost $149 and $199 a month respectively which sounds expensive. But, they actually work on constant growth, giving you a personal account manager, 10 or 60 targets, and stuff like location/gender targeting and filtering, plus a blacklist.

With this way of doing things, GrowthSilo actually constantly improves your Instagram following as long as you’re paying for it. This means that there are no limits on how many followers, likes, or views on Instagram you can achieve.

After all, you get help from your account manager, and thanks to the ability to get followers from certain locations and of a certain gender, it’s easier to get things going. By the way, despite its expensive price, it offers a 14-day money-back guarantee for both plans, so you can quickly get a refund if you make up your mind.

Although, once you see how well GrowthSilo works, I doubt you’ll regret spending more money on it! If you think the sky is the limit, GrowthSilo will make sure you back up your claim in no time!


1.6 Goldstar Social

Goldstar Social

Interested in getting Instagram followers in 2023 fast? No worries – here’s Goldstar Social. This platform is all about increasing your engagement on Instagram with real followers locate worldwide. It’s a great tool for boosting your business and making it more recognizable online.

Goldstar Social does this by offering many options for purchasing followers, likes, and views on Instagram. Thus, boosting your visibility on this ever-growing social media site. While not the fastest delivery, Goldstar Social will deliver your package around 24 hours from purchase.

Speaking of purchases, Goldstar Social is rather cheap. You can buy as low as 100 followers for $3, while 20,000 followers cost $155. This is a bit cheaper than some of the previous websites we talked about. The follower quality is also at a high level, so increased visibility and engagement are guaranteed.

Not to mention the ability to boost certain posts by using the site. Once you make an account and pay, you can choose the best posts to boost and use them as your promotional material. We don’t like Goldstar Social’s customer support which isn’t the best in the business.

However, its PayPal & crypto support, along with reliability and cheap prices make Goldstar Social a very good option for reasonably demanding users.

Goldstar Social

1.7 Famoid


Much like Media Mister, Famoid is an all-around website to buy social media followers. Instagram aside, it offers TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube services for reaching great heights in terms of visibility and popularity. But since we’re talking about Instagram, let’s keep at it.

Apart from buying followers, Famoid lets you get views, likes, automatic likes, and even reel views and likes. These packages are relatively affordable and if you invest a bit of money, you can make your profile covered with real followers and organic engagement on all sides.

Not only that but you get another type of subscription – managed growth. If you pay as low as $89.95 a month, you’ll get 100+ daily followers up to 3,000 of them, and a 30-day gradual growth. Want real followers instead? Well, for 100 of them, you’re gonna pay $3.95 – not too shabby.

The problem here is gradual delivery that some people won’t like. This means that you don’t get followers immediately and instead, Famoid gradually amasses them over time. Of course, this isn’t anything to go berzerk about as we’re talking about 100 REAL Instagram followers.

For such a good offering, waiting will pay itself out in the end. And if you buy packages related to other social media sites, Famoid will make sure your popularity gets a proper wind in the back, giving your more opportunities for conversion.


1.8 InstaMama


InstaMama is a well-known place to buy Instagram followers. It has a long-lasting experience in the field of social media, offering even YouTube and Twitter followers in addition. Nevertheless, while not the most affordable service, you can be sure that InstaMama stays away from fakery.

In other words, you’ll get no fake followers here but only high-quality, organic, and relevant followers. All of its plans give you gradual delivery, which might be a good thing if you’re looking for a steady, yet stable growth.

Even better, InstaMama doesn’t require a password and has a high retention rate. Its pricing starts at $5.5 for 100 followers and this is already a bit more expensive than other services here. However, it offers you the ability to buy up to 50,000 followers for $890, which is all but bad.

We should also mention its 24/7 customer support and a free trial for Instagram likes. InstaMama gives you a 7-day money-back guarantee and if you’re not satisfied in this period, getting a refund should be a piece of cake.


1.9 PlentyGram


PlentyGram recognizes the importance of social media, especially popular ones like Instagram and TikTok. If you aren’t a TikTok person, focusing on Instagram is surely your priority. Don’t fret – PlentyGram offers plenty of options here.

It lets you buy daily and one-time likes, views, and followers with no required password and with sub-12-hours delivery. Of course, we’re talking about real followers on both Instagram and TikTok, just in case our Generation Z is worried about fakery and malicious bots.

With daily stuff, you can enjoy gradual growth on social media, while one-time purchases will grand you followers in a few hours. One-time followers are a bit expensive, though. One example of that is 100 followers that cost a whopping $7.99 – a bit too much for my taste.

PlentyGram lets you buy up to 10,000 followers and in this case, you’ll pay $199. However, 100 daily followers will cost you $50 per month and for this price, PlentyGram really offers the best deal. The downside is that PlentyGram can’t provide you with followers based on their countries.

So if you aim for people speaking your language only, that could be a problem. But then again, getting followers from all parts of the globe isn’t such a bad thing. We could say the same about its 7-day money-back guarantee. Albeit, a 30-day period would be much better.


1.10 SidesMedia


SidesMedia is a popular option for buying Instagram followers and likes. It’s a reliable service for purchasing real followers with no option of fake followers or bots that Instagram’s algorithm will quickly discard. So what does SidesMedia offer?

For the start, you get high-quality followers delivered within 3 days of your purchase. Having in mind other services, this is not too long.  Once again, SidesMedia employs real followers and these are people paid by the company to follow and interact with you.

People looking to expand outside of Instagram will also like SidesMedia. You can get its services for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Twitch, and many other platforms as well. For Instagram, the pricing starts at just $1.5, but if you want followers, you can get 100 of them for as low as $2.

Moreover, SidesMedia supports a subscription-based service. In this case, you’ll pay $20 per month and get 1,000 followers monthly, which is a great deal. To that, we should add 24/7 customer support, the frequent activity of your followers, and active Instagram growth.

While there’s no free trial, SidesMedia offers a 14-day refund period during which you can get your money back if you’re not satisfied. To me, that sounds fair given the high level of quality that SidesMedia displays.


1.11 Social Empire

Social Empire

Much like SidesMedia, Social Empire does everything for you, on multiple social media websites. So, instead of using various websites for different needs, you can rely on Social Empire to do its job thoroughly.

Instagram aside, you can buy YouTube, Soundcloud, and TikTok followers. However, if you decide on Instagram followers, you should expect fairly affordable prices and fast delivery. In my experience, deliveries rarely go over a few hours and you get high-quality people.

In fact, Social Empire offers just real followers that will engage with you in a natural and genuine way. If you want, you can also buy Instagram auto likes, likes, and even views in case you’re doing a lot of videos and tutorials.

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The pricing starts at $4.49 for 25 followers and goes up to $46.49 for 5,000 followers, which is really affordable. Its customer support isn’t great, though, and live chat support is absent. Besides, this is a relatively new website so it’s no wonder it’s not as feature-rich as other choices on the list.

Be aware that it doesn’t have a refund policy, meaning that you can’t get a refund! That said, make sure you purchase the right plan because you can’t get your money back from Social Empire.

Social Empire

1.12 Buzzoid


Buzzoid is all about giving you cheap Instagram services with instant delivery – nothing more, nothing less. I like this site a lot because of its simple interface that shows its features right on the spot. Buzzoid gives you genuine followers with no password requirement – sounds great already.

Furthermore, you get the option to choose from two types of followers. You can get high-quality followers and active followers that are a bit more reliable option for Instagram growth. Active followers also come with a 30-day refill if any of them decide to bail out of your followers’ list.

Buzzoid is priced reasonably, so for high-quality followers, the price starts at $2.97 for 100 of them. You can buy up to 5,000 of them for around forty bucks, which is really cheap. Active followers are a better investment for me and here, you can get 500 active followers for just $11.99.

Besides, Buzzoid offers cheap likes and views as well. They will boost your credibility and make your posts more relevant. Buzzoid supports various payment methods, ranging from VISA to PayPal and Apple Pay, so you can get your followers rather quickly.

A free trial is here too and you can get 50 likes for free for testing purposes.


1.13 Krootez



Krootez is a popular choice for people who like varied Instagram services at somewhat affordable prices. Its team is pretty unique and is comprised of social media professionals that direct their knowledge toward providing online growth opportunities.

The site looks overly simplistic, with 3 options standing out – Instagram followers, likes, and views. The followers are our main concern here, where Krootez comes in with a lot of options. You can buy as low as 20 followers at just $3.99 or go for 100 followers at $6.

Alternatively, Krootez offers bigger packages that go up to 10,000 followers for around $130. Likes and views are a lot cheaper, by the way, so if you need more engagement, getting some of these packages is a good deal. Of course, everything is real here, with no bots and fake profiles as your followers.

As such, you’re at no risk of losing followers by Instagram deleting them. Sadly, no advanced options like location or gender filtering are here. Also, there’s a short 3-day money-back guarantee in place, which, I think, isn’t the greatest offering.

But at least, it supports a fair number of payment methods and offers reliable services for Instagram influencers. In the end, that’s all that matters.


1.14 FriendlyLikes


FriendlyLikes is a solid option for people who have basic Instagram following needs. It’s not feature-rich or anything and instead, offers a few Instagram services upon which it bases its site. Apart from followers, you can buy likes, views, and comments.

All of these factors guarantee better engagement and visibility among the real followers that FriendlyLikes offer. Once you provide your IG user name, you can buy anywhere from 50 to 10,000 Instagram followers.

The first option will cost around $3.9 while the latter is priced at $115. Either way, we’re talking about relatively affordable pricing accompanied by instant delivery and the auto followers option. Supported payment methods include PayPal and credit cards, making purchases much simpler.

We don’t like its unreliable customer support that’s not available through live chat. And if you can get over its minuscule 3-day money-back guarantee, FriendlyLikes will surely give you a nice service for the money.


1.15 Venium


The last choice on this list is Venium. This website is an all-around tool for boosting social media following on different sites like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Getting Instagram followers with Venium is quite simple and is backed up by extremely affordable prices.

Of course, we’re talking about real followers from around the globe, with both high-quality and active followers. Venium requires no password and you get a lifetime guarantee. The minimum order starts at 100 followers and you can get up to 10,000 of them – nothing to write home about.

Venium will cost you $9.99 per 1,000 followers while, for example, 100 video views cost $1.99. The service claims to have instant deliveries, with a guarantee that no bots or fake accounts will follow you. It offers a huge number of payment methods and 24/7 live chat support on top of that.

And if you’re not satisfied, a 30-day money-back guarantee crowns Venium’s greatness. This ensures that Venium is not only a reliable and dependable but also a completely risk-free website for buying Instagram followers!


2. Pros of Buying Instagram Followers

Increasing your popularity on Instagram yields many benefits. After all, that’s why influencers take pride in having thousands or even millions of followers. Buying these followers is beneficial in many ways as well, and some of these benefits include:

2.1 You Get Instant Results

When buying followers and likes on Instagram, you’ll get pretty much instant results. Sure, some sites are more for gradual delivery, but in many cases, you’ll get your followers in a few business days. In just a few days, your Instagram profile can take another dimension – literally!

With more followers, more people are going to start engaging with your profile and help you achieve your goals. That is if we’re talking about real followers and not bots and spammers that some websites are going to sell you.

If you buy followers from Media Mister, for example, you will see the results we’re talking about. Thanks to a relevant following, pushing your brand to the mainstream marketplace will be a breeze, thus, you’ll be able to get more conversions out of your Instagram profile.

2.2 Buying Followers Is Not Expensive

One thing that makes buying followers worth it is the price. I mean, the average price for 100 followers is $3 to $5 which isn’t that much. For the reference, go out there and try to find 100 real, relevant followers by yourself – is it easy?

I reckon you’ll lose a huge chunk of energy and time doing so, and during this time, you could earn dozens of dollars. And guess what – you won’t be able to find 100 relevant followers! Not to mention that marketing investments are very expensive, and as a newcomer, you probably don’t have enough funds for that.

However, this is most likely the cheapest way of getting more attention on social media. With more active followers, you’re bound to get more engagement, which is exactly what you want.

2.3 Your Account Gets Credibility Overnight

Credibility on Instagram has to do a lot with following, likes, and comments. That said, you can quickly build credibility if lots of people are following you and liking/commenting on your posts every now and then.

Therefore, buying Instagram followers can prove to be very beneficial for a quick boost to success. With the credibility you’ll build, you’ll have more confidence in advertising your products or services to a wider audience.

2.4 You Save a LOT of Time & Effort

Instagram is filled to the brim with powerful brands and influencers. As such, you’re walking down a very difficult path if you’re looking to compete with the big boys all by yourself. Getting Instagram following through the services we presented is a much easier way.

Sure, you’ll spend a bit of cash but you’ll save a tremendous amount of time and effort. Time is money, after all, so when you save some time, you can use it to earn money the other way and turn it into an investment for your growing Instagram brand.

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That way, you can focus on business-related tasks while your followers do everything for you.

3. Risks of Buying Instagram Followers

As much as buying followers on Instagram can yield benefits, it also comes with a fair share of risks. Here are some of the risks:

3.1 Instagram Can Delete Your Followers

Instagram is all about doing things the old-school way. They want you to promote your account by paying for their ads, in which case, your popularity will grow organically. Albeit, not very quickly compared to how expensive Instagram often is.

This is the main reason people opt for buying followers instead. However, from time to time, Instagram will detect certain profiles that don’t do things their way and crackdown on them. If Instagram detects anything suspicious, they’ll inspect your followers and delete those they deem fake.

Worst of all, they can BAN your account permanently, so you’ll lose all your following and the possibility of having an influence on social media. That’s why it’s important to buy followers from verified companies that take care of your account’s safety.

3.2 Increasing Overall Engagement Isn’t Cheap

Wait, didn’t you just say that buying followers is cheap?

I did.

However, bear in mind that increasing overall engagement on Instagram isn’t just buying followers. For example, buying active followers is a much better thing to do but it’s also more expensive. In many cases, you’ll need to buy some likes, and then some comments, and then some views, etc, etc.

Factoring in all of these expenses, and the money you need to spend can quickly reach some ridiculous sums. Therefore, before engaging in this practice, make sure you have some calculated risks and unplanned expenses.

3.3 Some Sites Don’t Sell Real Followers

My main gripe with buying Instagram followers is that you can easily be delivered bots and spammers despite the seller claiming otherwise. This is not good for three reasons. First, you’ll get scammed into paying a lot of money for something you didn’t want to buy.

Second, Instagram’s algorithm can quickly detect these bots, scammers, or whatever you want to call them. If this happens, it can delete these accounts, thus, reducing your overall following.

Once again, even your account can be a victim, as Instagram can delete it because you had fake followers. The third and last thing is that fake followers are noticeable from a mile away. I mean, anyone can see a comment from a fake follower – I’ve seen it and you probably have too.

If people see such things on your profile, chances are that they’ll disengage with you altogether. In my eyes, this is a major hit to the company’s or individual’s credibility.

4. FAQ

4.1 Is buying Instagram followers safe?

Yes, it’s safe as long as you buy them from a credible source. Media Mister and Growthoid are good choices as they sell real and relevant followers that will engage with your account. All of the companies we presented are indeed safe but we can’t say the same for other choices.

Some of them will look for ways to exploit you, ruin your credibility online, and make money off of you. Before buying followers on Instagram, do a thorough background check on the company you’re buying them from and make sure it has a good reputation.

If you find even a hint of malicious business practices, simply avoid the company and don’t risk ruining your business.

4.2 Why is engagement important for Instagram’s algorithm?

An important thing is that your followers increase your posts’ engagement. You see, Instagram updates its algorithm every now and then and different rules might apply to how well your posts will rank. Let’s say you publish a post on Instagram – be it a video or photo.

At that moment, this post is shown to a fraction of your audience, where Instagram measures all the interactions with the post. This includes not only likes but also comments and shares. If the post continues to have a lot of engagement, it will be shown to a wider audience on top of the page.

That way, they have no chance of missing it. Reaching a very high level of engagement will make Instagram show it in the Explore menu where you can reach even those not following you. However, it’s very important that the post has initial engagement.

In this case, buying active followers that will comment and like your posts can help you a lot. Missing out on initial engagement can lead to your post being less likely to appear to a broader audience, and as such, it won’t be recognized by relevant people who might be interested in what you have to display.

4.3 Can I get Instagram followers and likes for free?

Usually not. However, some services offer a free trial where you can get 50 or so likes or followers on your account, as proof that the service is genuine. The companies need to pay real people to follow you and because of that, they can’t offer them for free.

The good thing is that we’re usually talking about affordable prices, where you can buy 10, 15, or 20k followers for around $100 to $200. Compared to the time it would take you to build such a following otherwise, it’s really not expensive.

4.4 Fake Instagram followers – do they work?

No. Fake followers are what we avoid recommending to anyone, although you can buy them as well. We instead opt for companies that offer real, active, and relevant followers. This means that your followers will be genuinely interested in what you have to show and will, thus, remain on your Followers list.

The only downside is that people can lose interest in your niche and unfollow you. To remedy that, some companies have a refill guarantee, so if you lose two followers, they’ll give you two more to replace them.

4.5 Can I buy Instagram followers if my account is locked?

No, you can’t.

Every company that sells followers will explicitly say that before your purchase. To buy followers on Instagram, your account MUST be set to public. Only then you’ll receive followers who will start engaging with your posts.

After all, if you’re looking to build your audience, why would you make your profile private? This is a major mistake that many people make, so make sure you avoid it from the get-go!

5. Summary

To summarize, you now know where to buy Instagram followers and likes. We recommend Media Mister due to its support for other platforms, which makes it easy to build your brand on multiple social media outlets.

However, beware that other choices on the list are credible and will provide great services for the money. Make sure you’re fully aware of all the pros and cons of buying likes and followers on Instagram, though.

If you avoid untrustworthy sites and you buy proper, active followers, you’ll increase your chance of success dramatically. And if you’re not careful… well, in that case, it’s better not to risk it with an unknown company that’ll just take advantage of your eagerness to succeed on Instagram.

Learn how to stay safe online in this free 34-page eBook.

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