How to Watch Fifty Shades of Grey on Netflix

How to Watch Fifty Shades of Grey on Netflix

Fifty Shades of Grey is a popular drama American Erotic Romantic Drama starring Jamie Dornan, Dakota Johnson, and Jennifer Ehle. This is a blockbuster movie directed by Sam Taylor Johnson. It gathered $166,167,230 in USA and Canada and $569,651,467 globally from a $40,000,000 budget.

Fifty Shades of Grey cannot be streamed on Netflix because it is not available on the streaming platform.

But there are cases that it’s available in other streaming services. If you want to watch Fifty Shades of Grey, but it’s not available on your country, it might be because of the regional blocking and content licensing regulations implemented by mainstream streaming services.

To watch this movie on any streaming platform, you must live in whatever county has Netflix libraries. If you are not in that country, you don’t have to be sad as there is a way to watch this movie with the help of a VPN.

Each region has a particular Netflix library packed with TV shows and movies that people in that region can access. But not every region’s library is equal; some are worse, and some are better. If you reside in the UK can access the Canadian Netflix library to watch this movie.

1. Why Do You Need a VPN to Watch Fifty Shades of Grey?

You need a Virtual Private Network or VPN to stream Fifty Shades of Grey on Netflix. This uses different servers in place of the actual IP address. It conceals your IP address and utilizes a different server to keep your online identity safe and sound.

Bandwidth restrictions are a good thing sometimes. Some restrictions are set if many people utilize one connection; therefore, not all bandwidth is utilized on a single device.

On the other hand, if you are the only one using the connection in the mobile data or your own home, the application of a virtual private network is ideal for ensuring you maximize the connection—a virtual private network functions in many ways to assist with a flawless and bufferless watching experience. You have to utilize the best server accessible to access the movie you want to watch and avoid throttling.

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Aside from watching a movie at a very high speed without restrictions on bandwidth,  you will also have access to many streaming libraries worldwide.

This also gives you access to web anonymity, meaning the browsing data will be private, keeping you safe and sound from malware and hackers. It would help if you acquired an excellent and trusted VPN service provider to make the most of your streaming experience.

2. Best VPN for Streaming Fifty Shades of Grey 2024

As mentioned above, you can only watch Fifty Shades of Grey with the help of a VPN. There are virtual private network service providers out there, but here are the top 3 best companies:

2.1 NordVPN – Best Overall VPN to Watch Fifty Shades of Grey on Netflix

nordvpn Fifty Shades of Grey VPN

This is considered the most popular VPN service provider today. It is also deemed the most reliable.

NordVPN has approximately 5,200 servers in almost 60 regions worldwide. And going into content libraries through this VPN service provider is simple and easy. All you need to do is press the dot on the server map, and you can browse different streaming libraries. Moreover, they also have good customer service and a dedicated support page for content-related issues.

NordVPN also offers quality encryption and security from any harmful malware or websites. This VPN also provides six simultaneous device connections. This lets you stream Fifty Shades of Grey on Netflix while your kid connects to Prime Video.

Even if this VPN has servers in sixty regions compared to other service providers,  it has plenty located in Canada and France for unblocking movies any time of day or night, and the unlimited bandwidth will enable you to watch all night long.


  • Six simultaneous connections
  • Super speed connections
  • Over 5,500 servers in sixty regions
  • 30-day money-back warranty
  • Cheaper plans compared to other service providers


  • Slow desktop apps

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2.2 ExpressVPN – Fastest VPN to Watch Fifty Shades of Grey on Netflix

expressvpn Fifty Shades of Grey VPN

This is also one of the best service providers as it meets all our needs. Aside from watching Fifty Shades of Grey, you can also unblock other TV shows and movies such as Blind Spot, Gangster the Cop the Devil, Pulp Fiction, and more.

It is suggested for an array of factors like lighting fast speed, superb encryption, almost perfect uptime record, as well as friendly and responsive customer support. This VPN offers four server locations in Canada.

Over 3000 servers are available in more than 94 countries. On the other hand, the server in Montreal isn’t suggested because of the slow speed. ExpressVPN also offers choices for strong bandwidth and 256 -encryption. They use strong security measures like kill switches, government-grade security, split tunneling as well as protection against DNS and IPv6 leaks.

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Your online activities aren’t tracked because of the strict non-log policy when you utilize this VPN.


  • Easy-to-use apps for all types of devices
  • Unparalleled fast speeds
  • Five simultaneous connections
  • More than 3,000 servers in over 94 countries
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Most expensive plans

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2.3 PureVPN – VPN With Many Servers to Watch Fifty Shades of Grey on Netflix

PureVPN Fifty Shades of Grey VPN

This is one of the cheapest virtual private network service providers available. It offers good speeds and allows you to connect an unlimited number of devices that will enable you to protect all your devices in the cheapest and most budget-friendly manner.

PureVPN is compatible with iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Smart TV, or other devices, and you can unblock streaming platforms consistently, which include Hulu, Netflix, Prime Video, and many others.


  • 30-day money-back warranty
  • Most budget-friendly service provider
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections
  • Good speeds


  • Apple apps are slower
  • There are issues with buffering

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3. Alternative Streaming Sites to Watch Fifty Shades of Grey

If you are not able to pay for the subscription fee of VPN, you don’t have to worry because there are alternative streaming sites available to stream Fifty Shades of Grey, such as:

This site is primarily dedicated to offering movies for free. It has a massive library of top-rated films and enables users to access them without spending any amount. On this site, you can stream Fifty Shades of Grey. There is no need to register on this site to watch the movie. This site has a clean and interactive interface with contents categorized under many genres. This assists users in finding movies quickly. Also, you can search for content by title, actor, and release year. This offers high quality videos with impressive playback speeds, which makes it a fantastic website.

This is another perfect platform for free streaming Fifty Shades of Grey and other latest and top-rated films. You can stream the movie in high-definition picture quality without registering. Aside from film, this site is also a perfect platform for streaming trending and top TV shows as well as web series. This site has a user-friendly interface, making it more straightforward to look for the contents.

You can look for content by name, release year, genre, and actor name. This site is also organized with newly added and trending content as well as television shows for fast access.

4. How to Sign Up for VPN to Watch Fifty Shades of Grey

If you live in a region where Fifty Shades of Grey is not accessible on the Netflix library, you need to get a subscription to a high-quality and reliable VPN service provider to watch the film on a Netflix app. Signing up for VPN is easy and fast; all you need to do is to follow the steps below.

  • Visit the Google Play Store, Apple Store, or the official website of the VPN of your choice to subscribe.
  • Download the app on your device and then log in
  • Connect to a French or Canadian server
  • Open the app and look for the title Fifty Shades of Grey
  • Enjoy watching Fifty Shades of Grey
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5. How to Watch Fifty Shades of Grey with Free VPN

You can stream Fifty Shades of Grey with a free VPN, which is easy. Just download the app, register, and watch the movie you want.

Using a free service provider is not a good idea when attempting to access geo-blocked content around the world. Regarding popular streaming sites, free VPNs don’t have the manpower to get past the violent geo-blocks.

Rather than utilizing a free service provider. We recommend using a premium VPN with a refund policy, like the VPNs mentioned above. Utilizing any virtual private networks mentioned, you can utilize your VPN for 30 days or cancel for a refund, providing you access to a free service provider for a month.

6. FAQ

6.1 Is Fifty Shades of Grey Available on Netflix?

This movie is accessible on Netflix, but just Canadian Netflix has it. Therefore, you can unblock this film if you live outside of this country by using a reliable virtual private network like NordVPN.

6.2 Can You Use a Free Virtual Private Network to Stream Fifty Shades of Grey in the USA on Netflix?

Yes. However, it is not advisable. To stream TV shows and movies from all corners of the globe, a free VPN service can rarely unblock streaming services like Disney Plus, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, or HBO Max.

6.3 Is Fifty Shades Darker on Netflix in the USA?

We can’t provide you with a precise answer. It depends on your region; you may enjoy this movie for free on Netflix; however, some may not because of licensing as well as copyright reasons. However, in general, you only want a premium VPN to handle this issue, and the information is already given in this blog.

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