Best NAS Devices for Small Businesses in 2024

Quick answer: The Best NAS Device for Small Business in 2024 is Synology DiskStation DS220j!

When your business starts to expand, you may also need to expand your data storage. In the beginning, many businesses may use their cloud storage for the few gigabytes they may have, but all small businesses will reach the point where they will need more space. This is inevitable. Luckily, network-attached storage (NAS) devices exist, and they are perfect for small businesses.

However, there are so many NAS devices to choose from! This post is the one for you because we have the best NAS devices for small business, making it easy for small businesses to choose the right device for the task.

1. Best NAS devices for small business 2024

1.1 Synology DiskStation DS220j – Best NAS for Everything

Synology DiskStation DS220j

The Synology DiskStation DS220j is an excellent NAS (Network Attached Storage) device for small businesses looking for a reliable and straightforward storage solution. Here’s why it stands out as a good choice:

  1. Ease of Use: The DS220j is designed for simplicity, making it ideal for small businesses that need a ‘plug-and-play’ NAS solution without requiring extensive setup or IT knowledge.

  2. Target Audience: It’s particularly suited for small businesses seeking to expand their storage capabilities affordably and efficiently.

  3. Performance and Applications: Synology is known for its fast and reliable NAS devices. The DS220j, with its robust internal system, offers quick access to stored data. It also provides a wide range of applications for various business needs, enhancing its utility beyond mere storage.

  4. Storage Capacity: With up to 32 TB of storage, it meets the needs of many small businesses, providing ample space for files, backups, and other data.

  5. Remote Access and File Sharing: The device supports apps that allow remote access to the storage system, including via smartphones. This feature is particularly valuable for businesses needing to access files from different locations or on the go.

  6. Energy Efficient: The integrated DiskStation Manager ensures efficient operation, and the device itself is designed to be energy-efficient, which is beneficial for reducing operational costs.

  7. Pros:

    • Affordable: Offers good value for its price, making it accessible for small businesses on a budget.
    • Solid Performance: Delivers reliable and consistent performance suitable for business needs.
    • User-Friendly Installation: Easy to set up, which is ideal for businesses without dedicated IT staff.
    • Versatile Application Support: Enhances its functionality beyond basic storage.

  8. Cons:

    • No Included Disk Drives: Users need to purchase disk drives separately, which adds to the overall cost.
    • Tool Requirement for Drive Replacement: Replacing drives requires opening the unit and using tools, which may be inconvenient.
    • Single LAN Port: Limits network connectivity options and may affect performance under heavy load.
    • Potential Noise Issues: Some users may find the device noisy during intense read/write operations, though this can often be mitigated.

Overall, the Synology DiskStation DS220j is a solid choice for small businesses looking for an affordable, easy-to-use, and versatile NAS device. Its combination of performance, storage capacity, and application support makes it a practical solution for a variety of business storage needs. However, considerations such as the need for additional purchases (like disk drives) and potential noise should be taken into account.

Synology DiskStation DS220j

1.2 QNAP TS-233 – The Stylish Two-Bay NAS


The QNAP TS-233 NAS device is an excellent choice for small businesses seeking a balance between functionality, performance, and cost. Here’s why it stands out as a good NAS option:

  1. Ideal for Small Businesses: The TS-233 is targeted at small businesses needing efficient file access within a private cloud. Its features cater to the needs of growing businesses that require reliable and accessible data storage without a significant investment.

  2. Sleek, Compact Design: Its design is both sleek and compact, making it a good fit for small office spaces. The familiar chassis, similar to the TS-230 but with a white finish, is aesthetically pleasing and practical.

  3. Snappy Performance: One of the key strengths of the TS-233 is its performance. Quick and responsive, it meets the needs of businesses that require efficiency and speed in their operations.

  4. Ease of Setup: The NAS is easy and quick to set up, which is a significant advantage for businesses without dedicated IT personnel.

  5. Storage Capacity and Expandability: With a maximum internal storage capacity of 36TB, it offers ample space for a small business. Furthermore, storage can be expanded by adding an external expansion unit.

  6. Pros:

    • Impressive Performance: Suitable for businesses that need fast and reliable access to their data.
    • Affordability: Offers good value for its features, making it a cost-effective choice for small businesses.
    • Good Application Selection: Comes with a variety of useful applications to enhance its utility.
    • Flexibility in Drive Options: Supports both 3.5-inch and 2.5-inch drives, offering flexibility in storage options.

  7. Cons:

    • Lacks Disk Drive: The absence of a pre-installed disk drive means additional purchases are necessary.
    • No Multi-Gigabit LAN Ports: The lack of multi-gigabit connectivity might limit its performance in some network environments.
    • Limited App Availability: May not have as many app options as some other NAS devices, which could be a limitation for certain users.

In summary, the QNAP TS-233 is a strong contender for small businesses looking for an affordable, high-performance NAS solution. Its ease of installation and management, combined with a solid performance profile, makes it a practical choice. However, the need for additional drive purchases and limited multi-gigabit connectivity are factors to consider when evaluating its suitability for your business needs.


1.3 Asustor AS5202T – Device with the best choice of applications

Asustor AS5202T

The Asustor AS5202T is a high-performing NAS device suitable for small businesses that require robust organizational tools and remote file access. Here’s an in-depth look at why it’s a compelling choice:

  1. Wide Range of Applications: One of the key strengths of the AS5202T is its extensive selection of applications, making it highly versatile and adaptable to various business needs. This feature is particularly useful for businesses that require a NAS device to integrate with different software and tools.

  2. Snapshot Centre for Data Protection: The device’s Snapshot Centre, which takes frequent snapshots, is a valuable feature for data recovery and protection. It ensures that data can be restored quickly in case of accidental deletion or corruption.

  3. Remote Access and Mobile Support: The AS5202T offers features that are accessible through mobile devices, making it convenient for business owners and employees who need to manage files or check settings while away from the office.

  4. Ease of Use: The device is designed for plug-and-play functionality, with an intuitive system that adapts to user-configured settings. This learning feature is beneficial for growing businesses as it aligns with their evolving needs.

  5. High-Quality Applications: The NAS includes useful applications like the Download Center and AiDownload mobile app, enhancing its functionality for immediate file access and mobile management.

  6. Pros:

    • Dual Ethernet Ports: Enhances network connectivity and performance.
    • Impressive Overall Performance: Suitable for businesses with demanding data storage and access needs.
    • 4K UHD Video Decoding: Ideal for businesses that work with high-resolution video content.

  7. Cons:

    • Aesthetics: The exterior design may not appeal to all users and does not reflect the device’s high performance.
    • Drive Tray Design: Users may experience issues with drive trays not sliding smoothly, potentially complicating drive installation or replacement.
    • Compatibility Issues: Transitioning from Mac to PC setup can be challenging, although technical support is available to assist.

In summary, the Asustor AS5202T is a strong contender for small businesses looking for a NAS device with a rich selection of applications, robust data protection features, and effective remote access capabilities. While its aesthetic appeal and hardware design might not suit everyone’s taste, and there could be some setup challenges, its performance and versatility make it an excellent choice for a range of business applications.

Asustor AS5202T

1.4 Synology DS718 – Perfect for Small Office Spaces

Synology DS718

The Synology DS718 is an excellent NAS device well-suited for small businesses, particularly those with remote teams and multimedia processing needs. Its features cater to businesses looking for a combination of performance, scalability, and customization. Here’s why it’s a good choice:

  1. Dual-Core Processor and Compact Design: The DS718 is powered by a robust dual-core processor, offering reliable performance for business tasks. Its compact size makes it ideal for small office spaces, where saving room is essential.

  2. Effective File Management and Collaboration: With this NAS, files are centralized, simplifying collaboration across teams. Its syncing capabilities across various devices make it perfect for businesses with remote teams working in different locations.

  3. Multimedia Processing: The device supports 4K video transcoding, a significant advantage for businesses dealing with multimedia content. This feature ensures smooth handling and conversion of high-resolution video files.

  4. Customization Options: The DS718 offers extensive customization, allowing businesses to tailor the device to their specific needs and workflows. This adaptability makes it a versatile tool for various business applications.

  5. Browser-Based Document Editing: The ability to work on documents directly in the browser without downloading them streamlines workflow and saves time, enhancing productivity.

  6. Pros:

    • Ease of Installation: The device is user-friendly and easy to set up, even for those with limited technical expertise.
    • Support for Multiple RAID Configurations: Offers flexibility in data management and redundancy.
    • Variety of Ports: Includes a wide selection of ports, enhancing its connectivity and integration with other devices.
    • Rich Application Ecosystem: Provides a broad range of applications, adding to its functionality.

  7. Cons:

    • No Included Hard Drives: Requires additional investment in hard drives, increasing the overall cost.
    • Learning Curve: The extensive features and capabilities may present a learning curve for some users.
    • Higher Price Point: While offering advanced features, its price may be a consideration for budget-conscious businesses.

In summary, the Synology DS718 is a robust and versatile NAS device ideal for small businesses, especially those with remote teams and multimedia needs. Its performance, customization, and file collaboration features make it a strong contender. However, the need for additional hard drive purchases, a learning curve with its advanced features, and a higher price point are factors to consider when evaluating its suitability for your business.

Synology DS718


2.1 What is a NAS?

Network-attached storage is ideal for businesses of any size. That’s because they can be scalable, flexible, and easier to use than other storage devices. A NAS can help small businesses easily access cloud storage, making employees more independent. It is a data storage device that can be connected to a computer and accessed over a network.

These devices have a processor and an operating system so that they can run applications and appropriate files can be shared with team members.

2.2 Is there anything I should consider?

There are a few things to consider before buying a NAS system. Take some time and check all the features to see if it is the right one for you. Everyone should check the capacity of the device, because there is no point in buying something you can’t put to good use.

You should also make sure that the operating system is the one you want, as there are several to choose from. You should also look at the security and protocols that you will need for your business, so make sure that this NAS fits in with them. The last thing to consider is whether it has backup power in case of a power outage in your area.

2.3 Do people really need a NAS?

A NAS is perfect for small businesses that need more functionality but don’t want to break the bank on the price of buying a new server. Plus, you’ll be using the NAS operating system, which may seem limiting, but it’s better for a small business that doesn’t have a dedicated IT team.

If you’re thinking about file sharing, a NAS is a great solution for any business. Plus, it doesn’t have to be just about the business; you can share with clients outside your network.

Finally, they’re affordable, a big advantage for small businesses. If you think that jumping straight to a large server will be better for you, you’ll be surprised how much it will cost you to set it up properly. However, the aspects of servers used by larger businesses are not even considered when purchasing a NAS, making it easy for businesses to buy.

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