Best Antivirus With VPN in 2024

Best Antivirus With VPN

Quick answer: The Best Antivirus with VPN in 2024 is Bitdefender Internet Security!

If you’re looking to enrich your cybersecurity suite, antivirus and VPNs are perhaps your best options. A VPN is great at protecting you from online spying and letting you browse the web privately.

Conversely, an antivirus will block all malware and virus threats, making it a crucial part of this bond. Perhaps, you should aim to use both of them and that would be an ideal scenario – end of the story.

However, what if you don’t have enough money to pay for two separate subscriptions? Well, in that case, you can try out some of the best Antivirus solutions that come with a VPN.

That way, you kill two flies with one hit and you can enjoy all the benefits of both tools, which results in the highest possible level of online security.

Today, we’re examining the best antivirus with VPN and we give you 7 of them, because, let’s be honest – we’re all spoilt for choice.

1. Best Antivirus With a VPN in April 2024

So, with our short introduction out of the way, let’s delve deeper into our list. Oh, and don’t forget to stick right after because there’s more to learn about using an antivirus with a VPN and vice versa.

Our top 7 picks for today include:

1.1 Bitdefender Internet Security

Bitdefender antivirus with vpn

The cheapest available deal for a combined VPN and antivirus package is priced at $34.06 per year. This package supports a variety of platforms, including Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. For the VPN component, there is a bandwidth limit of 200MB, which is upgraded to unlimited for those who opt for the Bitdefender Premium Security package. Additionally, the VPN allows for up to 10 simultaneous connections under the Bitdefender Premium Security plan.

Bitdefender Internet Security stands out as an exceptional antivirus solution with VPN capabilities for several reasons:

  1. Strong Reputation and Reliability: Bitdefender, having been established in 2001, is one of the veterans in the cybersecurity field. This long-standing presence has contributed to its reputation for reliability, which is a critical factor when considering antivirus software.

  2. Effective Virus and Malware Detection: One of the key strengths of Bitdefender is its high virus and malware detection rates. These rates are among the best in the industry, offering users robust protection against a wide array of cyber threats.

  3. Regular Updates: Bitdefender is known for its diligent software updates. Regular updating is crucial in antivirus software as it ensures protection against the latest threats. Daily updates mean that users are not just protected with state-of-the-art technology, but also against newly emerging threats.

  4. Free Antivirus Plan: Although the free plan is limited and lacks VPN functionality, it’s a beneficial offering for users who need basic protection without any cost.

  5. VPN Services: The inclusion of a VPN (Virtual Private Network) in Bitdefender’s Premium Security plan is a significant advantage. This plan offers unlimited VPN traffic, which is a valuable feature for users concerned about online privacy and security. The VPN is noted for its ease of use, substantial speeds, and bank-grade encryption.

  6. Separate VPN Purchase Option: For users specifically interested in VPN services, Bitdefender offers the option to purchase just the VPN separately. This is an affordable choice for those who want premium VPN features without the full antivirus package.

  7. Cons of Free Plan and VPN Limitations: A notable downside is the very limited nature of the free antivirus plan and the 200 MB daily bandwidth limit on the free VPN. This limitation might be insufficient for users with heavier internet usage.

In summary, Bitdefender Internet Security excels as an antivirus with its robust malware detection, regular updates, and the inclusion of a high-quality VPN. While the free plan is quite limited and the free VPN comes with bandwidth restrictions, the overall package, particularly in the Premium Security plan, makes it an excellent choice for those seeking comprehensive digital protection.

Bitdefender Internet Security

1.2 Norton 360

Norton 360 antivirus with vpn

The most affordable deal for the combined VPN and antivirus package is priced at $49.99 per year. This package supports various platforms, including Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. The VPN offers unlimited bandwidth, allowing for extensive usage without restrictions on data transfer. Additionally, it permits simultaneous connections on up to 10 devices, with the Norton 360 Ultimate Plus plan offering unlimited device connections.

Norton 360 stands out as a comprehensive cybersecurity solution, offering a robust antivirus along with a VPN, especially with its Ultimate Plus Plan. Here’s an analysis of why it’s considered a good choice:


  1. Feature-Rich Antivirus: Norton 360 is known for its comprehensive range of features that go beyond basic antivirus protection. These include real-time threat protection, firewall, password manager, and more, depending on the plan.

  2. Good Malware and Virus Detection Rates: Norton 360 consistently scores high in independent antivirus tests for its ability to detect and neutralize malware and viruses, which is crucial for safeguarding your devices.

  3. Fast Speeds on the VPN: The VPN included with Norton 360 offers good speed, which is essential for browsing, streaming, and downloading without significant slowdowns.

  4. 10 Simultaneous Connections: With the ability to connect up to 10 devices simultaneously, Norton 360’s VPN is suitable for individuals with multiple devices or families.


  1. Questionable Logging Policy: Norton’s VPN has faced criticism regarding its privacy policy, particularly around data logging practices. This aspect may concern users who prioritize anonymity and privacy.

  2. Expensive Prices for the Ultimate Plus Plan: While Norton 360 offers a range of features, its Ultimate Plus Plan can be quite expensive compared to other providers, which might be a deterrent for some users.

Additional Considerations

  • VPN as a Standalone Product: Norton offers its VPN as a separate service for those who don’t require the full suite of antivirus features, providing flexibility for users with different needs.

  • Comparison with Bitdefender: While Norton 360 is a strong contender, it’s important to note that its VPN may not be as robust as Bitdefender’s, particularly for activities like torrenting or streaming services like Netflix.

  • Market Positioning: Norton has established a significant presence in the cybersecurity market, offering a blend of security, privacy, and performance, though at a premium price point.


Norton 360 is a good choice for users seeking a comprehensive antivirus solution with the added benefit of a VPN. Its strong malware detection capabilities, coupled with the convenience of a VPN, make it suitable for users prioritizing security and privacy, albeit at a higher cost. However, for users specifically looking for VPN performance in areas like torrenting and streaming, or those concerned about privacy policies, exploring other options like Bitdefender might be advisable.

Norton 360

1.3 Bullguard Internet Security

Bullguard antivirus with vpn

The cheapest deal for a combined VPN and Antivirus package is priced at $127.98 per year. This package supports multiple platforms including Windows, macOS, and Android. The VPN offers unlimited bandwidth, allowing extensive usage without restrictions on data transfer. Additionally, it supports up to six simultaneous connections, enabling multiple devices to be secured under the same plan.

Bullguard Internet Security is a notable choice in the cybersecurity market, especially for users seeking robust antivirus protection. While it’s important to note that Bullguard offers its antivirus and VPN services separately, each of these services brings distinct advantages:

Pros of Bullguard Antivirus:

  1. Award-winning Antivirus: Bullguard is recognized for its effective antivirus solutions. Its antivirus software is known for being user-friendly and efficient in detecting and neutralizing various types of malware.

  2. Easy to Use: The antivirus interface is designed for accessibility, making it suitable for users of all technical skill levels. This ease of use ensures that users can fully utilize all the antivirus features without complexity.

Pros of Bullguard VPN:

  1. Performance: Bullguard’s VPN is noted for its fast speeds, which is a critical factor for activities like streaming, gaming, and large file downloads.

  2. Server Availability: It boasts a wide range of servers, which is beneficial for users looking to access content from different geographical locations or needing reliable connections.

  3. Streaming and Netflix Compatibility: Unlike some VPNs, Bullguard’s VPN works effectively with Netflix and other streaming services, offering more options for accessing geo-restricted content.

  4. Zero-Logging Policy: This policy ensures that users’ online activities are not tracked or stored, offering a higher level of privacy and security.

  5. Solid Device Support and Mobile App: Bullguard provides strong device support, including an efficient mobile app for iOS and Android, making it a versatile option for different platforms.

  6. Additional Features: The VPN service includes 256-bit encryption, support for 6 simultaneous connections, and P2P servers, which are particularly useful for torrenting.


  1. Separate Purchase Required: The VPN service is not included in Bullguard’s antivirus packages. This separation means users interested in both antivirus and VPN protection need to purchase them independently.

  2. Cost Factor: When combined, the cost of both the antivirus and VPN subscriptions may be higher compared to other solutions that offer bundled services.

In conclusion, Bullguard Internet Security offers a robust antivirus solution with an easy-to-use interface and affordable pricing. However, for those specifically looking for a package that includes both antivirus and VPN, Bullguard might not be the most cost-effective or convenient option. The VPN service, while strong in its performance and features, is offered separately, potentially making it a slightly more expensive choice compared to bundled alternatives.

Bullguard Internet Security

1.4 McAfee Total Protection

McAfee antivirus with vpn

The most affordable package for the combination of VPN and antivirus is available at $29.99 per year. This package is compatible with Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android platforms. It offers unlimited VPN bandwidth. For simultaneous VPN connections, the limit is up to 10 devices, with the Ultimate plan providing unlimited connections.

McAfee Total Protection, inclusive of a built-in VPN, presents a compelling package for users seeking comprehensive digital protection. Here’s why it stands out:

Pros of McAfee Total Protection with VPN

  1. Integrated Security Suite: The combination of an antivirus and a VPN in one package is highly convenient. This integration means users can enjoy a streamlined experience with both cybersecurity and online privacy tools from a single provider.

  2. Lightweight Antivirus: McAfee is known for its minimal impact on system performance. This means it provides robust protection against viruses, malware, and other threats without significantly slowing down your device, which is crucial for maintaining optimal device performance.

  3. Additional Features: The inclusion of tools like performance optimization, a password manager, and McAfee Shredder enhances the overall value of the software. These features contribute to overall system efficiency and data protection.

  4. VPN Accessibility and Compatibility: The VPN can be used on up to 10 devices with a single subscription, offering flexibility and convenience for users with multiple devices. It supports key platforms like macOS, Android, Windows, and iOS, ensuring wide compatibility.

  5. Security Protocols and Privacy Policy: McAfee VPN employs 256-bit AES encryption and supports OpenVPN, which are industry-standard protocols for secure data transmission. Its no-logs policy further assures users of their privacy.

  6. Cost-Effectiveness: For users on a budget, McAfee offers an affordable solution that combines antivirus and VPN services. This can be particularly appealing for those looking for a comprehensive security solution without breaking the bank.

  7. VPN-Only Option: For those who don’t need an antivirus, McAfee offers the option to subscribe to the VPN service only, which can be a cost-saving choice for users primarily interested in online privacy.

Cons of McAfee Total Protection with VPN

  1. Limited VPN Functionality: While the VPN provides basic online security, it is not the best in terms of speed and advanced features. Users looking for high-speed VPN services might find it lacking.

  2. Restrictions with Streaming and Torrenting: The VPN does not work with Netflix, which can be a significant drawback for users who want to use a VPN for streaming. Additionally, it’s not the best choice for torrenting, limiting its appeal for users interested in these activities.


McAfee Total Protection with VPN is an excellent choice for those seeking a lightweight, comprehensive security solution at an affordable price. While its VPN might not be the top performer in the market, especially for streaming or torrenting, it offers robust basic security, privacy features, and the convenience of a combined antivirus and VPN package. For users whose primary concern is general internet security and privacy without the need for high-speed or specialized VPN

services, McAfee’s offering is certainly worth considering.

McAfee Total Protection

1.5 AVG Internet Security

AVG antivirus with vpn

The most economical package for a combination of VPN and antivirus is available at $59.88 per year. It supports a range of platforms including Windows, macOS, and Android. Users benefit from unlimited VPN bandwidth, allowing unrestricted data usage. Furthermore, the package allows for up to 10 simultaneous VPN connections.

AVG Internet Security, when combined with its VPN service, offers a compelling package for budget-conscious users, especially those seeking a balance between antivirus protection and online privacy. Here’s a breakdown of why AVG’s combined antivirus and VPN solution might be appealing:


  1. Cost-Effective Solution with Free Antivirus Option: AVG provides a quality free antivirus option, making it an attractive choice for users on a budget. While the free version has limited features, it’s a good starting point for basic protection.

  2. AVG Ultimate Package: Purchasing the AVG Ultimate package offers more than just antivirus protection. It includes the unlimited VPN service and AVG TuneUp, a tool designed to improve device performance.

  3. VPN Service with High Security: The VPN service features a user-friendly interface on all devices, 256-bit AES encryption, and an automatic kill switch, enhancing online privacy and security.

  4. Multi-Device License: The 10-device license offered with AVG’s package is a significant advantage for users with multiple devices, providing a cost-effective way to protect and secure several devices simultaneously.

  5. OpenVPN Protocol: Using OpenVPN, a widely respected and secure protocol, the VPN service offers robust security.


  1. Antivirus Performance: While AVG offers solid antivirus protection, it may not be as comprehensive or advanced as other competitors like Bitdefender or Norton, especially in terms of additional features.

  2. Slow VPN Speeds: One of the notable drawbacks of AVG’s VPN service is its slow speeds, which could be a significant issue for users who require fast internet for activities like streaming or downloading.

  3. Limited Streaming and Torrenting Capabilities: Due to its slower speeds, AVG’s VPN might not be the best choice for users who are interested in streaming content or downloading torrents.

Overall Assessment

AVG Internet Security, with its combined antivirus and VPN service, is best suited for users who are looking for a basic level of protection and privacy at an affordable price. It’s particularly attractive for those managing multiple devices. However, for users with specific needs like high-speed streaming or advanced antivirus features, AVG might not be the most suitable option. The full package of AVG offers a balanced mix of security features as intended by the developer, making it a practical choice for general use.

AVG Internet Security

1.6 Avira Internet Security

Avira antivirus with vpn

The cheapest deal for the combined VPN and antivirus package is priced at $99.99 per year. This package supports various platforms, including Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. Notably, it offers unlimited VPN bandwidth and allows for unlimited simultaneous VPN connections.

Avira Antivirus is a well-regarded option in the realm of online security, and its integration with VPN services adds to its appeal. Here’s a breakdown of why Avira Antivirus is considered a good choice, especially when coupled with VPN:


  1. Effective Virus and Malware Detection: Avira is known for its proficiency in detecting and neutralizing a wide range of viruses and malware, placing it in the same league as other top-tier antivirus programs like McAfee and Kaspersky.

  2. Feature-Rich Offering: The software comes loaded with a suite of useful features. This includes a file Shredder for secure deletion, real-time protection against viruses, malware, and spyware, and a reliable password manager, adding layers of security and convenience.

  3. High Unwanted Software Detection Rates: Avira has excellent detection rates for unwanted software, ensuring that your device stays clear of potentially harmful or intrusive programs.

  4. Comprehensive VPN Service: The Avira VPN offers a range of options, from a basic free version with limited capabilities to a fully-featured paid version with unlimited bandwidth. The VPN is available as a standalone product or as part of Avira Prime, which includes both antivirus and VPN services.

  5. Extensive Server Network: With over 1,400 servers in 37 countries, Avira VPN provides a wide range of options for users looking to mask their IP address or access geo-restricted content.

  6. Unlimited Simultaneous Connections: A standout feature of Avira VPN is the ability to have unlimited devices connected simultaneously, which is particularly beneficial for users with multiple devices.


  1. Higher Price Point: Avira’s pricing can be on the higher end, especially if you are looking for advanced features or unlimited VPN access.

  2. Limited Streaming and Torrenting Capabilities: While Avira VPN provides essential security features, it may not be the best choice for users who prioritize streaming or torrenting due to performance limitations.

  3. Avira Prime for Best Value: To get the most out of Avira’s antivirus and VPN offerings, the Avira Prime package is recommended, but it comes at a higher cost.


In summary, Avira Antivirus, particularly when combined with its VPN service, offers a comprehensive security solution. Its robust antivirus capabilities, extensive feature set, and significant VPN server network make it a strong contender in the market. While the cost may be a consideration, especially for those seeking advanced features, Avira’s offering is competitive, making it a viable option for users prioritizing a combination of security and privacy.

Avira Internet Security

1.7 TotalAV Internet Security

TotalAV antivirus with vpn

The most affordable deal for a combined VPN and antivirus package is priced at $39 per year. This package supports various platforms, including Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. It offers unlimited VPN bandwidth, allowing extensive usage without any data caps. Additionally, under the Total Security plan, it provides the capability for up to 6 simultaneous VPN connections.

TotalAV Internet Security is a notable option in the antivirus market, particularly when combined with its VPN feature. Below is a detailed analysis of why it’s considered a good choice for users, along with its pros and cons:


  1. Relatively Affordable and Reliable Antivirus: TotalAV offers a dependable antivirus solution at a price point that is competitive, especially when considering the additional features it includes.

  2. Applications for Mobile Devices: The availability of apps for mobile devices extends the security coverage, ensuring protection across multiple platforms, which is a crucial aspect in today’s multi-device environment.

  3. OpenVPN Support: TotalAV’s support for OpenVPN, a renowned protocol known for its balance of security and speed, enhances the VPN’s reliability and security.


  1. No Kill Switch: The absence of a kill switch in the VPN can be a significant drawback. A kill switch is critical for maintaining privacy as it automatically cuts off the internet connection if the VPN connection drops, preventing data leaks.

  2. Limited VPN Servers: With just over 70 servers, TotalAV’s VPN network is relatively small. This limitation can impact server speed, availability, and the overall quality of the VPN experience.

  3. No Ability to Buy VPN Separately: The VPN service is not available as a standalone product; it can only be obtained as part of TotalAV’s more expensive plans. This bundling could be inconvenient for users who are only interested in a VPN service.

  4. Slow Speeds: The VPN speeds offered by TotalAV are not particularly fast, which could be a disadvantage for activities that require high-speed internet, such as streaming or gaming.

Additional Considerations

  • Total Protection Aim: TotalAV aims to provide comprehensive protection for your devices, which is evident in its range of features including real-time protection, disk cleaner, and zero-day cloud scanning.

  • Security Features: Despite its limitations, TotalAV’s VPN offers robust security with 256-bit encryption and IP/DNS leak protection, enhancing online privacy and security.

  • Suitability for Basic Needs: TotalAV, with its antivirus and VPN combo, is a suitable choice for users with basic security needs or those who are not heavily reliant on VPN for activities like streaming or torrenting.


TotalAV Internet Security, with its included VPN, is a good option for users looking for a reliable antivirus solution with basic VPN capabilities. It’s particularly suited for those who prioritize antivirus protection and have moderate expectations from a VPN service. However, for users who need advanced VPN features like a kill switch, a large server network, or high-speed connections, especially for streaming or torrenting, might find TotalAV lacking and may need to consider other options.

TotalAV Internet Security

2. How to Choose the Best Antivirus With a VPN?

Even after reading our list of the best antivirus with a VPN, your thoughts might be all over the place. How the hell am I supposed to pick one according to my needs?!

Don’t worry. There are several factors to look out for that will make your life a lot easier. Here’s what to look for in your next VPN-flavored antivirus:

2.1 (Security) Features

If you’re looking for an antivirus with a VPN, chances are that you have security in mind. You don’t want it simply because it’s sunny outside. Or maybe you do – I don’t know. Whatever the case, you want your antivirus and your VPN to be feature-rich.

Your antivirus should have real-time protection and other advanced features. Furthermore, a VPN should have 256-bit encryption, OpenVPN support, a kill switch, and at least IPv6 and DNS leak protection. We also must mention no-logging practices.

Let’s face it. Pretty much every antivirus company stores some logs. This is necessary to be able to detect unwanted software within your device. But, when it comes to VPNs, heavy logging is what we want to avoid.

Therefore, it’s always better to get an antivirus known for minimal logging practices and, if possible, one in a privacy-friendly jurisdiction. In simple terms, you want as many security features as possible, all while not handing out your personal info to your chosen provider.

2.2 Reliability

What is a good VPN or antivirus without reliability? You can have all the features in the world, but if they don’t work, you can kick them into the water. For this case, both antivirus and VPN need to display great reliability.

Antivirus’ real-time protection should do its job flawlessly and your VPN should keep you private all the time. Our choices will all display these characteristics, and thanks to frequent updates, your online security won’t get compromised.

That’s why Bitdefender tops our list.

2.3 Number of Servers

This one is pretty simple. Nobody wants a VPN with 30 or 40 servers. That many servers even you can create and maintain… almost. If you need a VPN for streaming, you should look for a service with at least 1,000 servers in as many countries as possible.

That way, you can unblock geo-blocked websites from all around the world and enjoy streaming on Netflix or BBC iPlayer.

2.4 Antivirus Software Quality

As said, both components of this suite should be top-notch. You may need one more than the other, but if you’re paying for both, you should get at least something for your money.

The best antivirus, in this case, is Bitdefender, with the highest detection percentage. However, you can also check out McAfee or Norton Antivirus, as both of them offer many features that you will find useful.

2.5 Speeds and Bandwidth

This factor applies to VPNs. I hate slow VPNs. And if they happen to limit my bandwidth, I can just say ‘bye, bye!’ to them. Free VPNs are guilty of this and that’s why we suggest paying for antivirus, in which case, you’ll get an unlimited VPN.

By doing so, you get much better speeds and no bandwidth caps. Thankfully, the top picks on our list will fulfill these criteria and you can be sure that no limits will be imposed.

2.6 Device Support

Companies like Norton, Avira, and Bitdefender all develop their apps for different platforms. Employing protection on just one device is pointless when you use at least 2 of them to access the internet. So, your antivirus VPN should support at least Android and iOS phones, and to that, we can also add macOS.

And before you ask, yes, all of these choices offer you this commodity! In fact, most of them offer several simultaneous connections on a single subscription.

2.7 Pricing

Pricing matters, unless you’re Bill Gates or Warren Buffet. If you’re on a tight budget, getting the most out of your money is going to be your priority. For example, AVG is a really decent budget antivirus with a VPN and will satisfy your needs.

More expensive prices can be found on Norton and Bullguard, which makes them not so wallet-friendly. So, before shelling out your hard-earned money, make sure you compare the prices first.

3. Antivirus + VPN FAQ

3.1 Antivirus vs VPN – What Is Better?

What’s the difference between a VPN and antivirus? And what is better?

The difference is actually quite big. Antivirus protects you from unwanted software by scanning your device periodically. It works in the background and informs you of potentially malicious software that you can remove or quarantine.

A VPN, on the other hand, lets you change your IP address and encrypt your connection. By doing that, you make your connection untraceable by your ISP or the government, which grants you an almost anonymous status online.

In simple terms, antivirus protects your device and a VPN protects your personal data and online identity. These are two different things and both tools are great at what they do, so it’s impossible to tell which one is better.

A perfect solution is to merge them. This way, you not only conceal your browsing adventures but you also leave no backdoor for hackers, malware, and viruses.

3.2 Free Antivirus With a VPN – Should I Use One?

No, you shouldn’t use one. That’s because free antivirus and VPNs come half-baked with limited features. An antivirus might lack real-time protection and your VPN might come with a small bandwidth cap.

Usually, we’re talking about 500 MB of daily or even monthly data, which is ridiculous. Not to mention that, if you use a product for free, YOU are a product. This means that your antivirus or VPN provider will sometimes collect and sell your personal info to be able to earn money.

This, as you can guess, isn’t a very pleasant revelation for many people.

3.3 Can a VPN Protect Me From Viruses?

No, it can’t. If you use only a VPN, viruses and malware can still attack your device and the VPN will not be able to detect them.

In that case, the only choice is to use antivirus software that will delete or quarantine the potential threats.

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