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1. What was the motivation behind founding IPRoyal, and what needs were you aiming to fill in the proxy market?

The motivation behind founding IPRoyal stemmed from recognizing a gap in the proxy market.

We’ve noticed a demand for proxy servers that adhere to legal and ethical standards, ensuring complete transparency.

This approach has been a cornerstone of each decision from the very beginning, helping us offer reliable and robust proxy solutions with a focus on integrity and compliance.

2. Can you elaborate on the technology behind your rotating and static residential proxies?

We established our rotating residential proxy network on day one and built it from the ground up. Every participant provides explicit consent before joining the network.

They also get adequately compensated for the resources they share and have the freedom to opt in and out as they wish. Today, our residential proxy network boasts over 32 million IPs in 195 countries.

As for static residential proxies (or ISP proxies), we collaborate with top-tier internet service providers across more than 30 countries. These partnerships enable us to provide reliable, high-performing static residential IPs suitable for various use cases.

3. How does IPRoyal ensure the legality and ethical use of its proxies across different regions?

To ensure the legality and ethical use of our proxies worldwide, we maintain strict compliance measures. Our policies fully align with regulatory standards like GDPR and CCPA.

Each client goes through a strict KYC policy and verification process after registration. Additionally, we actively monitor our network non-stop.

This approach enables us to address any irregularities promptly and protect the network, our clients, and their operations.

4. What are the biggest challenges you face in the proxy industry, and how do you address them?

The proxy industry landscape is dynamic and the needs of our clients are evolving rapidly. Our primary challenge is to ensure constant optimization of our services and meeting these needs.

To stay ahead of the curve, we invest in ongoing research and development while also communicating with our clients and using feedback to understand their needs.

5. What unique features or services does IPRoyal offer that differentiate it from other proxy providers?

IPRoyal differentiates itself through high standards of quality and compliance, as well as our commitment to ethical sourcing, transparent operations, and excellent client support.

Additionally, our non-expiring residential traffic, flexible plans, and competitive pricing make our services suitable for large enterprises, individuals, and everyone in between.

6. How do you ensure customer data security and privacy when using your proxies?

We prioritize customer data security and privacy by adhering to strict compliance standards, including BDPR, CCPA, and ISO/IEC 27001:2013.

Our comprehensive protection measures include data encryption, strict access controls, and continuous network monitoring to ensure regulatory compliance at all times.

7. What future developments or improvements can users expect from IPRoyal?

Continuous improvements and development have been crucial for our success. As we move forward, we remain dedicated to innovation.

We’ll keep optimizing our existing proxy offerings and introduce new products, all while ensuring superior performance and reliability for all our clients.

8. How does customer feedback shape the evolution of your services?

From day one, we paid close attention to every bit of feedback we received. It directly informs our business decisions and plays a critical role in shaping our services.

We’re committed to constantly enhancing our offerings based on the needs and experiences of our clients.

9. What kind of support does IPRoyal provide to users for troubleshooting or optimizing proxy use?

IPRoyal offers multichannel support. Our dedicated support team is available 24/7 through live chat, email, Discord, and beyond, ensuring our clients can always reach us and get the assistance they need.

Additionally, our website offers extensive documentation, quick-start guides for each service, integration tutorials, and other valuable resources to help our clients make the most of our proxies.

10 Can you discuss your pricing model and what makes it competitive in the industry?

All our services offer highly cost-efficient pricing models. Our residential proxy traffic never expires, and we offer substantial bulk discounts to ensure our clients get the most value for their investment without worrying about wasted bandwidth or unexpected charges.

Additionally, our other proxy services feature highly customizable plans with discounts based on the number of IPs and plan duration, providing a perfect mix of flexibility and affordability.

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