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I would like to thank SOAX for answering my interview questions about their proxy service.

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What inspired the creation of SOAX, and how do you ensure it stands out in the proxy service market?

SOAX was born out of our genuine experiences in the ad-tech industry, where the demand for effective data access touched us personally.

Our vision was clear from the start: to create a future where just a few clicks provides businesses with previously inaccessible data, empowering them to make better decisions and drive growth.

We chose proxies as our initial focus due to their complexity and cost significance in the modern data collection pipeline.

At SOAX, our approach is rooted in our Customer-Obsessed DNA. Every decision is made with our customers’ needs as the priority, and we strive to exceed their expectations.

We maintain infrastructure that ensures reliable performance and speed, and we continuously monitor how our products are used so we can optimize each customer’s specific use case and prevent misuse.

We have also made significant investments in AI, which are not only improving our operational efficiencies but are also paving the way for innovative AI-powered products that we’re excited to introduce later this year.

Our proactive customer-first approach, combined with our commitment to technological innovation and ethical practices, sets SOAX apart as a leader in the data extraction market.

Can you detail the technology behind your proxy solutions and how they guarantee anonymity and speed for users?

Our rotating residential proxy service has been written from scratch by our engineering team using modern technologies like Linux, Golang, and Java.

We only bring technical data in our analytic platform: target ADDR, time, and amount of bytes. We use them to control the quality of service and help users get the best experience.

We periodically run performance tests and work on improvement of found limitations to ensure our proxy speeds are competitive.

What types of challenges do you face in maintaining a vast proxy network?

Hosting providers can ruin your user’s experience. That’s why we are working on their diversity to eliminate such risks.

We prioritize speed and agility – we are always ready to jump on call with the customer to adopt the solution they need pretty quickly. This way we can provide the best experience for customers.

How does SOAX address ethical considerations and legal compliance in its operations?

We conduct KYC checks on all our customers, including identity verification through SumSub. This, on top of other proactive measures, ensures that no one misuses our service and that we align our services with legal standards.

We hold this data confidentially and only disclose it if we are legally compelled by an official government request.

This adds a layer of ethical and legal consideration to our proxy solutions.

What unique features or services does SOAX offer that differentiate it from other proxy providers?

When it comes to features, proxy providers don’t really differ much between one another, but I believe that we have a technical advantage.

We put a lot of emphasis on acquisition, selection and management of proxies, to ensure a smooth experience for all of our users.

We also have one of, if not the largest proxy pools on the market, and we are adding new IPs all the time.

Lastly, we push to be the most innovative proxy provider, so we are constantly developing new tools (that rely on our extensive proxy network) to deliver new products and easier ways to extract the data our users need.

How do you manage the balance between performance and security in your services?

I think it’s a typical challenge for any company: you have to keep finding a balance between product features and the security of the product. We need to keep improving product security, it never ends.

However, we are working with a strong security team and auditing our engineering solution. When we have the results, we work on improving upon everything that was found.

We also employ well-known load and performance testing practices that help us understand what experience a product can produce and for an audience of what size.

What future developments or new technologies is SOAX planning to integrate?

We plan to extend our ISP offerings with the new locations and even higher quality proxies.

In regards to our pool of residential proxies, we’re working on more efficient and narrower case coverage. For example, proxies optimized for web browsers and the maximum amount of unique IP addresses for generic scripting, etc.

We are also working on a complete re-launch of our dashboard where all our products will be available and switching from one to another will be much easier.

How does customer feedback influence the development and refinement of your services?

Customer feedback is the key to our development process. Our system for collecting and analyzing feedback enables us to identify areas that require improvement and innovation.

By actively incorporating user insights into our service upgrades, we are sure that our solutions not only meet but exceed customer expectations, resulting in user-centric product evolution.

What support and resources does SOAX provide to its customers to ensure optimal use of its proxies?

SOAX provides strong support and extensive resources to help our customers make the most of their proxy usage. We offer 24/7 technical support, detailed documentation, and educational materials on the best practices for managing proxies.

Our team of experts is always available to assist with setup, troubleshooting, and strategic advice to optimize proxy performance and security.

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