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I would like to thank uMobix for the chance to ask a few interesting questions about their software.

What inspired the development of uMobix?

We know how glued to phones kids are. Therefore, we decided to develop a reliable parental control tool that would protect kids from any online dangers that could happen to them: bullying, blackmailing, meeting online predators, sharing of sensitive data with strangers, etc.

With uMobix, parents can control their kids’ cell phone activities: read their chats, view call logs, monitor social media activity, and more.

With the uMobix spyware, parents can stay informed about how their children are at school, college, university, etc.

Other users may use uMobix to keep track of their loved ones (spouses – to reveal cheating, parents – to make sure they get to the destination safely, and employees – to make sure they really work).

Can you describe the key features of uMobix and how they benefit users?

Well, uMobix offers 40+ cell phone monitoring features for Android and iOS-operated devices. They include (but are not limited to):

  • Call logs tracking: View incoming/outgoing/deleted call history.
  • Text messages monitoring: Read sent and received messages across SMS, iMessage, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms and instant messaging apps (totaling 12+ platforms).
  • Browser history viewing: Parents can view their browser history remotely (on popular browsers like Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, and Internet Explorer).
  • Installed apps and media files monitoring: Parents can view installed apps and media files stored on their kids’ smartphones or tablets – all this remotely and without physical access to their devices.
  • Keylogging: Every keystroke and letter is monitored.
  • GPS tracking: Users can track the device’s location with timestamps and dates for each. Location tracking by phone number without installation is also possible thanks to the Geofinder feature – only a phone number is needed.
  • Contact book access: Parents can view the device’s contact list, including renamed contacts, recent additions, and deleted contacts.
  • Killer feature for iOS: Parents can manage their kids’ Instagram and Facebook accounts as if they were their own – not only read DMs but also respond to them, leave comments, likes, and more. Jailbreak is not needed. No other competitor has it. uMobix has a high-security system, so Instagram will suspect nothing.
  • As for Android, our app makes regular 5-minute screenshot reports and sends them directly to the user space. Nothing is missed.

How does uMobix ensure user data is kept secure?

We use a secure encryption protocol to safeguard users’ data. Our app works in stealth mode and is not visible on the target cell phone after installation.

Moreover, our team has no direct access to the information the software collects. It is visible only to the user who monitors the device. We do not disclose any private data to third parties and have never had a data leak.

What challenges did you face during the development of uMobix?

Compared to our competitors, our app is compatible not only with Android but also with iOS devices.

It’s worth noting that iOS is generally considered more secure than Android. Implementing our app on iOS posed some challenges due to this higher level of security.

Additionally, we’ve incorporated a feature exclusive to iOS devices that sets us apart from other cell phone trackers: full access (write DMs, block users, follow/unfollow, etc., as if it’s your account) to target Instagram and Facebook accounts without hacking/jailbreak.

This is one of our achievements we’re really proud of.

How does uMobix differentiate itself from other parental control apps in the market?

  • uMobix stands out among other cell phone trackers with its comprehensive range of features, offering over 40 monitoring capabilities. We provide 24/7 live chat support from real agents, not chatbots, ensuring prompt assistance for our users + premium support via phone. Our detailed installation guide simplifies the setup process.
  • For those interested in trying out our app, we provide a 2-day trial version for just $1, available on Android and iOS platforms.
  • Our app operates discreetly, minimizing battery drain and avoiding sending notifications to the target device.
  • We value transparency. Our demo version allows users to explore the app’s interface. All features are listed, allowing users to scroll through and understand the information each feature retrieves.
  • Our app supports multiple languages (English, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Italian, Polish, Japanese, Turkish, French, and more), ensuring accessibility for users worldwide.
  • Phone activity log. With uMobix, a user can see what apps a target uses on their iPhone as soon as they are opened (apps that require an internet connection).
  • Online Status indicator. uMobix allows you to know when your object gets online with any app on Android.
  • All 3 pricing packages are affordable and offer a full pack of features.

What legal considerations must users be aware of when using uMobix?

uMobix is legal to use in three cases:

  • You own the device you’re going to monitor.
  • You are the parent or legal guardian of a minor under 18 who resides with you under the same roof. However, we strongly advise you to verify the legality of such monitoring practices in your country or location.
  • You’ve informed the designated users that their activities are being watched.

In other cases, if you decide to install and use the app discreetly, you should be ready to be responsible for potential legal consequences.

Can you discuss any future developments or features planned for uMobix?

We will develop a uMobix cell phone application that will be accessible for download on both the Play Market and App Store.

This app will enhance the user experience by providing easier access to updated information from the target device, adding an extra convenience layer.

Users will be able to simply open the app to review the latest data as needed.

This application will greatly enhance the user experience with our platform, making navigation and usage of the user dashboard much simpler and more intuitive.

How do you address concerns about privacy and ethics with the use of your software?

At uMobix, we take concerns about privacy and ethics seriously.

  • Reliability and transparency: We are transparent about our software’s capabilities and the data it collects. We provide detailed information about what information our app can retrieve and when it is stored (in the user space). Moreover, we send a detailed installation guide to simplify the installation process on the target device. We always help our customers in case any issues or questions arise.
  • Permission: We point out the importance of obtaining permission to install the app on the device whose activity users want to monitor.
  • Legality: We strictly comply with legal regulations regarding privacy and data protection. Our software is intended for lawful use, and we provide clear instructions on its acceptable use. This includes respecting the privacy rights of others and using the software only for legitimate purposes.
  • Safety and security: We prioritize the security of user data. Our software employs robust encryption and security measures to safeguard sensitive information. So, the user whose activity you track won’t reveal it’s you (until you decide to tell it yourself), and neither the data you will get from the monitored device nor your private information will be shared with third parties.

What support and resources are available for users who need assistance with uMobix?

We offer 24/7 live chat support, on-site contact form, and email support.

Premium customer support by phone is also available upon request for an extra $9.59/month.

What feedback have you received from users, and how has it shaped the evolution of the software?

We are proud to say that currently, many users use uMobix. However, with increased usage comes an inevitable demand for customer support to address product-related inquiries.

Regrettably, our support team received complaints about delayed responses due to system overload.

For this reason, we decided to broaden how customers can contact our support team. They can contact us through an on-site form, email, or live chat.

Additionally, we offer premium support for those seeking prioritized assistance. It works, and we’re happy that this issue could be solved.

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