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1. What was the initial vision behind Oxylabs, and how has it evolved with advancements in web technology?

While we started with a quest to become the most reliable proxy provider in the world, the core of our vision has stayed the same over the years.

It has always been about enabling companies of all sizes to get their hands on quality data and creating an environment where everyone can grow and thrive.

It would be fair to say that our clients’ needs have shaped our vision. Technological advancements only made it easier to reach our goals.

2. Could you describe the different types of proxy solutions Oxylabs offers and their specific use cases?

We have catered our proxy solutions to fit diverse business needs and packed them with features that streamline the entire scraping process.

At Oxylabs, we offer:

  • Residential Proxies: Ethically sourced residential IPs assigned by ISPs, giving unparalleled anonymity and access to geo-restricted data worldwide. We also supply Rotating ISP and Static Residential Proxies that enable even longer session times and faster speeds. Altogether, these proxies are well-suited for review monitoring, ad verification, cyber threat intelligence, and travel and fare aggregation.
  • Mobile Proxies: Mobile carrier IPs that are ethically sourced from real mobile devices, helping to overcome robust web tracking systems and geo-restrictions. Great for market research, ad verification, and review
  • Shared Datacenter Proxies: Data center IPs that are shared between multiple users, offering premium proxy quality for a budget-friendly These proxies are widely used for price monitoring, market research, review monitoring, and website change monitoring.
  • Dedicated Datacenter Proxies: Data center IPs that are dedicated to a single user at all times, granting unlimited bandwidth and superior performance. Exceptional for large-scale web scraping, including use cases like market research, brand protection, email protection, and cybersecurity.
  • Web Unblocker: An AI-powered proxy solution equipped with a pool of 102M+ proxies, a headless browser, and a dynamic scraping strategy discovery system. It reaches high success rates even for the most challenging websites and streamlines any business use case.

3. How does Oxylabs ensure the legality and ethical use of its scraping services?

We prioritize the legal, responsible, and ethical use of our services through various measures. It all starts with a rigorous Know Your Customer procedure that is modeled according to the processes of leaders in other sectors, such as banking and finance.

New customers fill out a comprehensive questionnaire and tell us about their intended use cases, which our risk and legal professionals assess and decline businesses with any illegal or unethical uses.

Once we approve a customer, we come to a mutual agreement where the client is subject to our Acceptable Use Policy. Of course, continuous monitoring for any misuse of our services is of utmost importance, helping us safeguard the legal and ethical use of Oxylabs products.

4. What are some of the biggest challenges you face in the data scraping market today?

We dedicate substantial resources to our continuous research and development (R&D) process for extracting public web data, understanding the ecosystem, and making it safe for all parties. Thus, it comes as a challenge as we invest a lot into technology to be at the top of the game.

Another obstacle is that new providers are entering the market but with a lax approach to ethics, willing to cut corners.

Hence, the reputation of the industry, that is already somewhat misunderstood, is a challenge, and Oxylabs is working hard to be the ethical and best practices flagman. 

As such, we have co-founded the Ethical Web Data Collection Initiative, which is dedicated to leading the industry toward ethical and secure data collection processes.

As web scraping is a relatively fresh industry, there is still no legal framework and a lot of uncertainty, which presents a certain difficulty. As a result, Oxylabs is working hard with other like-minded companies to safeguard the industry by self-regulating until the legal grounds catch up.

5. Can you explain how Oxylabs’ technologies manage to stay ahead of anti-scraping measures on websites?

Thanks to our expert developers and engineers, Oxylabs’ services are well-equipped to overcome the most recent advancements in anti-scraping technology.

Minute-by-minute, we test and monitor the success rates of each proxy pool and Scraper API, and take the necessary steps to fix and improve our services.

To add, our infrastructure uses IP addresses that are of the highest quality and ethically sourced, which drastically minimizes the chances of detection by sophisticated anti-scraping techniques.

6. How does Oxylabs handle data privacy and security concerns, especially in heavily regulated industries?

We employ a multi-faceted approach that emphasizes compliance, ethical practices, and stringent security measures.

Our proxies and scrapers are certified for the Information Security Management System according to the ISO/IEC 27001:2017 standard, ensuring our services meet the highest global standards.

With a deep commitment to security and safety, we thoroughly vet all our supply chains, monitor for legal compliance of our services, and secure all our products with Technology Errors & Omissions and Cyber insurance.

7. What are the future goals for Oxylabs in terms of new products or improvements to existing services?

While we cannot yet disclose what is in the works under the Oxylabs hood, we see a growing demand for custom datasets amongst our clients.

As such, we are planning to expand our custom dataset offerings to suit customers who do not necessarily want to allocate resources to scraping the data themselves.

8. How do you manage customer support and user education regarding effective proxy usage?

At Oxylabs, we aim to ensure a seamless user experience by providing resources and communication channels for all customers, whether experienced or novice.

Our resources range from in-depth documentation, blog posts, and YouTube videos to an Ethical Web Data Collection Initiative, OxyCon, and webinars that provide expert knowledge.

In case users have further questions, our 24/7 live chat support, Dedicated Account Managers, and Oxylabs’ Discord server are always there to help clients reach their goals and business success.

9. What impact have customer feedback and market trends had on the development of new features at Oxylabs?

It is needless to say that these two factors are the bread and butter for advancing Oxylabs services. Customer feedback is the main driver that encourages and helps us make the right improvements where necessary. For instance, we have recently revamped the Oxylabs dashboard according to our clients’ suggestions. We also closely follow any market trends and develop new features in cases where we think they would suit the needs of our existing and potential customers.

10. Can you discuss any recent technological innovations at Oxylabs that might interest potential users?

At Oxylabs, we champion innovation through our dedicated R&D teams, holding over 80 patents, and being guided by our AI/ML Advisory Board that underscores our unwavering commitment to progress.

Our recent technological innovations include a patented parser that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to adapt and produce parsing logic for almost any e-commerce website.

Machine Learning (ML) has also proved to be fruitful and innovative in our proxy solution, Web Unblocker, which uses ML to select the best proxy type for a target website and recognize website responses to determine the quality of results for further actions.

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