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Your IP address is the unique identifier, but it does more than help the Internet to remember which device is requesting a service. The address can reveal other information, such as your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and your physical location. So, as safe as you may feel while browsing the Internet, you risk your sensitive data getting into the wrong hands every time.

That is where an IP scrambler comes into the mix. The term “IP scrambler” is a bit misleading since there is no way to distort an IP address. However, you can hide your real information by appearing to make the request from an alternate IP address.

The IP scrambler, which is nothing more than a proxy server, facilitates this process by taking your original request and rerouting it from a designated server, which becomes the new requestor. When the internet passes data back to the proxy server, the said server then passes it on to your device. The proxy server here plays the role of an intermediary that affords you some level of protection.

To use an IP scrambler effectively, you cannot be making your requests from the same alternate IP address every time. That is why a rotational method must be used.

If you rotate manually, then you have multiple proxies in place and you switch the one you use with every web request. The true IP scrambler method, however, is automatic, and it ensures that the intermediary IP address is changed every time. This makes it even more difficult to denote a pattern and link your activity back to you.

While you may find an IP scrambler effective, there are alternate methods and services you can use to help protect you in an online world. These are other proxy services, VPNs, and a Tor browser.

1. IP Scrambler Method 1: Proxy Services

Just to recap, an IP scrambler is nothing more than a fancy name for what is a proxy service. So, there is no need to go over what a proxy service is since it employs the workflow described above. Instead, here is a look at a few proxy services you could employ to achieve the same result.

1.1 Smartproxy

smartproxy IP scrambler

Smartproxy’s main appeal is its rotational residential proxy system. It features 10s of millions of IPs that span over 190 locations worldwide. Mobile and desktop devices provide these IPs, and you are not restricted to the number of proxies that you can use. However, your IP can have gotten flagged because of another user’s activities.

There are also datacenter proxies available, which are speedier and more reliable, though they have fewer addresses available. However, all the data center proxies reside within the USA.

A rotational system is used, which means better preservation of your data. Note that the service offers both IP and username/password authentication, though the plan you choose determines your access to each.

Smartproxy review


1.2 Oxylabs

Oxylabs IP Scrambler

If you’re looking to change your IP address to hide your original IP or access blocked content, you can try Oxylabs. Oxylabs is a prominent proxy provider with millions of IP addresses, allowing you to swiftly and effortlessly get another IP address from a foreign country.

The great thing about Oxylabs is that it offers millions of residential proxies in pretty much every country worldwide. So, if you need to access content that’s locked to the US, for example, you can get a US residential IP address and get your hands on the content you want.

Oxylabs makes things easier by having a comprehensive user interface. It’s very easy to use and getting an IP from another country takes a few clicks of a mouse. We like that Oxylabs offers rotating IPs as well, so if one IP gets flagged for whatever reason, there’s always another one in the queue.

Aside from residential proxies, Oxylabs offers mobile proxies and the aforementioned rotating ISP proxies. Mobile proxies are great if you want to get an IP from a real mobile device while rotating ISP proxies will prevent captcha prompts and annoying website blocks.

To make things better, Oxylabs offers static residential proxies as well. You’ll be able to have your own proxy with an IP address that only you can enjoy. This means no flagging or blocking, as you can control the content you access and you don’t share this IP with other users.


1.3 SSLPrivateProxy

SSLPrivateProxy IP scrambler

Founded in 2012, SSLPrivateProxy is one of the world’s leaders in the industry. Employing over 200 different locations worldwide, the provider hosts all its services on dedicated dual Xeon servers, which provide speed and reliability. SSLPrivateProxy guarantees up to 99% of uptime and a wide range of subnets that complement all the locations make it incredibly versatile. The best part is fresh monthly IPs are present, which keep things secure. Additionally, both IP and username/password authentication types are supported.

For even more versatility and a customized experience, the service provider offers special proxy packages that cater to specific needs. For example, there are Pokémon Go proxies, classified ad proxies, gaming proxies, Pinterest proxies, etc.

SSLPrivateProxy review


1.4 MyPrivateProxy

MyPrivateProxy IP scrambler

MyPrivateProxy (MPP) boasts thousands of customers, and this is the result of a solid offering. The service has tons of IP addresses from over 500 subnets, and these span multiple locations. Apart from the standard uses, MPP is very good for white hat SEO since it supports a host of useful tools, such as Bookmarkwiz, TweetAdder, Scrapebox, etc. Additionally, you can gain access to proxies that are specially designed to work on certain websites. Dedicated Xeon servers are used, and the number of dedicated addresses continues to increase. Both IP and username/password authentication methods are supported.

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1.5 Storm Proxies

Storm Proxies IP scrambler

Storm Proxies offers a highly anonymous workflow with a rotating proxy system that allows for intermediary server switching every three minutes, every 15 minutes, or with every HTTP request. It is mostly concerned with providing backconnect proxies, which are useful for data scraping purposes.

Note that this does not mean it cannot provide general functionality, as the service has evolved from its SEO-only initial functionality. There are tens of thousands of shared datacenter IP addresses from a pool that customers use and switch based on the rotational frequency being applied.

Since there is a weekly server pool update, you are much less likely going to have to deal with banned IPs. Note, however, that only IP authentication is supported here.

Storm Proxies review

Storm Proxies

2. IP Scrambler Method 2: VPN Services

Like a proxy server, a VPN provides traffic encryption by routing web requests through alternate servers, which give location and information protection (just like an IP-scrambler should). However, the configuration here is done at the system or network level, as opposed to the application level.

So, you may install a VPN service on your desktop, or you could purchase a VPN router to provide traffic encryption to all devices connected to it. Here is a look at some established and reliable VPN services.

2.1 NordVPN

nordvpn IP scrambler

A trusted name in VPN services, NordVPN offers a respectable number of simultaneous connections, reliable speeds, and great support. It is almost the best mix of value and speed you can get in a VPN service. There is a pool of about 5000 IP addresses, over 5000 servers, and 62 different locations to eliminate all the Geolocation troubles you could ever have. NordVPN also uses obfuscated servers to hide the VPN traffic to make it look like “normal” Internet traffic which makes this VPN the best choice as an IP scrambler.

Performance dips are almost non-existent, and you can give it a try for a bit since there is a 30-day money-back guarantee.

NordVPN review


2.2 ExpressVPN

expressvpn IP scrambler

ExpressVPN is a zero-log service, which means there is no record of anything you do, even beyond what an ISP would normally keep track of. It provides respectable speed and performance, and it even includes a kill-switch feature, which means even if the VPN should fail, there is no data leak outside of the established VPN tunnel.

ExpressVPN has been in the game since 2009, and its experience shows in its track record. Take advantage of 30,000 IP addresses, up to five simultaneous connections, and over 3,000 servers spanning 160 locations.

ExpressVPN review


2.3 Surfshark

Surfshark IP scrambler

Surfshark has a notably smaller network than others, but its features and speed are unbelievable, and these are complemented by an amazing price. There are over 3,000 servers present spanning 65 locations. Apart from the traditional installation, Surfshark also offers app support where even consoles can take advantage of it.

If you want to test the waters before diving in, take advantage of the extremely generous 30-day trial to see how much you enjoy the service.


3. IP Scrambler Method 3: Tor


Tor is synonymous with increased difficulty but greater security where hiding your IP address is concerned. It uses a service known as The Onion Router, which takes advantage of more rerouting than you would get with a VPN or proxy service. While either of these may route through one or two other network nodes, the Tor system goes through quite a bit more, which makes the trail back to your device that much harder to follow. This is method is great to use together with an additional VPN to get the most secure IP scrambler possible.

It can do this thanks to thousands of volunteer computers for routing. You can only take advantage of Tor by using the Tor browser or getting a Tor plugin for your existing browser.

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