Your Private Proxy Review

Your Private Proxy Review

Your Private Proxy now offers both datacenter and residential proxies. In this review, I tested one of their datacenter proxies for personal use.

Your Private Proxy overview:

Price $6.97-$1199
Proxy protocol HTTP/HTTPS/SOCK5
Plan setup 5 minutes
Anonymity Elite/High
Locations 28
Trial 24 hours
Support Live Chat & Email
Payment Paypal only
Money-back 3 days
Port 25 blocked yes
Types Datacenter & Residential

1. What is Your Private Proxy?

This is one of the most reliable and fastest proxy service providers from the USA. It allows fast and easy connection to their proxies in different countries and cities with unlimited bandwidth and high speed. You get your proxies in only 5 minutes after the purchase and they are very easy to set up and configure. You are able to use up to 3 devices at the same time without any limits and geographical restrictions.

2. How it works

This service works absolutely the same way as hundreds of similar others. You choose your package, make the payment via PayPal, get your proxies, configure the software or devices, and start using them. All your traffic is redirected via the proxy, so your real IP is hidden and invisible to the server you connect to. The proxy allows using the geo-restricted services as if you were in the country where they are allowed.

3. Features

  • Absolute compatibility with any software working with proxies. You will be able to use it on any operating system, browser, device, and even bots. Both HTTP/HTTPS and SOCK5 proxies are available.
  • 3-day money-back guarantee. The company promises that its proxies will work perfectly with your software and will completely serve your needs. However, if you do not like the service, you can ask for a refund within 3 days.
  • Access to any file or website without any restrictions and censorship. That is really great as a lot of competitors have a lot of limitations.
  • 24/7 technical support. The specialists are ready to answer any question related to proxies and the service in general. They are available round-the-clock via online chat and email. Don’t feel ashamed to ask anything.
  • High anonymity. Your Private Proxy offers dedicated proxies that are completely anonymous. This means that no one will be able to intercept your data, disclose information about you, or find out how you use the proxy.
  • The same IP forever. Your IP will remain valid as long as your subscription is valid so it will not change randomly. However, you are able to buy randomized proxies.
  • 99.8% uptime. You will not suffer from unstable work and constant disconnections. Do what you really have to do.
  • Multiple IP locations. The servers are located in many cities over 5 countries. You can choose any location according to your needs.
  • Unlimited bandwidth without restrictions. Each server has a 1 Gbps port, so you will not be limited at a certain speed either. The only thing that can influence the work is the ping time when you are located too far away from the server.
  • Use your FTP. The proxies allow using your favorite FTP client without any restrictions. Just add the IP address, port, login, and password to your client settings and get started.
  • No ads in your proxy. All the servers are ad-free all the time.

4. Registration, payment, and prices

Buying a Your Private Proxy subscription is a very simple process. You just need a bank card and up to 10 minutes of your time. Here is the step-by-step procedure.

Go to the homepage and click on the Sign-Up button to create the new account. You can also choose the Sign In option and create an account with Google or Facebook which is much faster.

02 your private proxy sign in

When you choose the Sign Up option, add your name, email, login username, and password.

03 your private proxy sign up email

Select the pricing plan. There’s a variety of plans available for different needs. The prices vary from $6.97 to more than $200 per month. We will buy the cheapest plan with 1 dedicated server.

04 your private proxy select plan

Select the location of your proxy.

05 your private proxy select location

Check whether all the information you entered is correct and go to the next step.

06 your private proxy checkout

Make the payment. PayPal is the only payment option at the moment. However, even if it is limited in your country, you can easily use it to make the payment.

07 your private proxy pay now

Log in to your PayPal account or create the new one, and complete the order.

08 your private proxy paypal payment

Once the payment is complete, you get a notification and a timer for when the proxies are ready. They promise to get them ready in no more than 5 minutes.

09 your private proxy completed order

You can even get a free trial period of 24 hours to check how everything works. For that, you have to sign up and ask for a free trial. They promise to provide it in 12 hours but in our case, it took about 38 hours. Terrible result. We decided not to wait and bought their proxy.

10 your private proxy free trial

Very soon after we did, we got an email confirmation with the transaction data.

11 your private proxy email confirmation

All your orders are available in the My Orders section.

12 your private proxy my orders

When you click on the package, you get all the information about it. To get the IP, download the text document with all the data.

13 your private proxy proxy info

Also, we got an email with information about the subscription.

14 your private proxy email subscription

5. Member area

The member area looks very outdated. However, it provides all the necessary information about your profile. At the top of the page, it has the following links: Add Ticket, Announcements, Profile, Subscriptions, Tickets, Cart, Sign Out.

6. Servers and locations

All the proxies are located in the following countries and cities:

  • UK: London.
  • USA: Boston, Seattle, New Jersey, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, New York, Phoenix, Atlanta, San Jose, Houston, Ashburn, Detroit, Las Vegas, Dallas, Washington, Charlotte, Chicago, Miami, Denver.
  • Canada: Toronto, Vancouver.
  • Netherlands: Amsterdam.
  • Germany: Frankfurt.

7. Test

To check how everything works, we used several online services. We ran a proxy check, location test, and speed test for the proxies. Here are the results.

7.1 IP Information

First, we checked the information about our IP address. The service showed a critically low level of anonymity.

16 your private proxy ip info

7.2 Proxy check

The proxy check showed that IP is not detected as a proxy.

17 your private proxy proxy check

7.3 Location test

We selected the proxy location in London. The test really detected the IP location to be in London.

18 your private proxy ip location

7.4 Speed test

The connection speed is really high. It didn’t reduce our connection speed at all.


7.5 Geo-restricted services

We also tried to access BBC iPlayer with our UK proxy. Unfortunately, it didn’t work.

19 your private proxy bbc

8. Support

Officially, the support works 24/7 and is available via email and online chat. In reality, the online chat is constantly off, and the average time to reply via email is a lot more than 12 hours. The replies are not always on point. What is funnier, they have a link to the customer support page but when you click on it, you get the message that the page does not exist. To contact the tech support, open a ticket. The link is available on the top of the page. Select the category and the department you would like to contact and type your message. Keep in mind that you will not get any notification about your ticket being placed in a queue.

20 your private proxy customer support

21 your private proxy open ticket

9. Refund

The company provides a limited refund policy. They will give your money back only when you have technical issues. They reserve the right to refuse all other cases. First, you have to cancel the subscription in PayPal and then ask for a refund. Open a new ticket with the respective topic. They process the refunds on Fridays. We asked for a refund more than one day ago but still didn’t get any reaction. They didn’t send even a single message.

22 your private proxy refund confirmation

10. Pros and cons


  • Fast connection speed.
  • Fast proxy delivery.
  • Easy to use.
  • No restrictions.


  • Very slow technical support.
  • Limited refund policy.

11. Conclusion

Your Private Proxy can improve their customer support, but the proxy I tested was surprisingly fast even if it didn’t work with BBC iPlayer, due to the fact that the DNS leaked in the IP test.

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    Very helpful topic .we need verious website visit but we can’t visit many of website because resricted this website proxy related issues.that time main needable is proxy service.My company provide residential proxy service.
    in the world.if need proxy service for your laptop or desktop you can try it.Typically confused with VPNs, proxy servers additionally present a tunnelled connection to the Web.

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    Your private proxy are very fast to deliver, about 5 minutes after purchase, fast connection but the support are not that fast, still waiting reply for 3 days now.

    In general it’s very good proxies no doubt.

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