Best Social Media Scraping Tools in 2024

Best Social Media Scraping Tools

Every 6.4 seconds, a new social media account is created online. With around 3.5 billion users on different social media platforms, businesses and marketers have an abundance of opportunities.

Unlike the past, where gathering large data on population was hectic and impossible, social media has made it incredibly easy to create data sets. It provides brands and businesses a golden chance on the platter to tap the market and register high conversions.

Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc., are a large pool of user data, which can be used to target consumers for advertisements.

Advertisers can scrape it using social media scraping tools to garner as many data points as possible on the demographic.

After that, they can use it to create ad campaigns, targeting different sets of potential consumers using the ad programs of these social media platforms.

In the end, they help deliver a promising result in the form of increased revenues for the companies.

1. Best Social Media Scraping Tools in February 2024

1.1 Smartproxy

Smartproxy Social Media Scraping Tool

Smartproxy is considered a good social media scraping tool for several reasons, especially for those seeking an affordable yet reliable solution with flexible pricing and strong support. Here are the key points that contribute to its reputation:

  1. High Success Rate: Smartproxy boasts a 100% success rate in scraping, which is a critical factor for users who rely on consistent and accurate data extraction. This high success rate ensures reliability in obtaining the required information.

  2. Global Reach: The ability to extract data from any country, city, or state is a significant advantage, especially for businesses and individuals looking to gather global insights or target specific geographical locations.

  3. Affordability and Value-Added Features: Smartproxy is known for its affordable pricing, making it accessible to a wide range of users. Additionally, it offers valuable features such as X Browser, Address Generator, and browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox. These tools enhance the overall functionality and user experience.

  4. No-Code Scraper Extension: This feature is particularly beneficial for those with limited technical expertise. It allows users to scrape data without the need for coding, making web scraping more accessible to a broader audience.

  5. Diverse Scraping Capabilities: Smartproxy supports various types of scraping, including SERP (Search Engine Results Pages), eCommerce, Web, and No-Code scraping. This versatility is crucial for users who need to collect different types of data for various purposes, such as improving SEO rankings or conducting market research.

  6. 24/7 Support: The availability of live chat support around the clock is a significant advantage, providing users with immediate assistance whenever needed. This level of support is particularly valuable in a field where timely data access and troubleshooting are essential.

  7. Integration Capabilities: The ability to integrate with multiple third-party applications enhances Smartproxy’s utility, making it a versatile tool that can fit into various workflows and systems.

Despite these advantages, there are some drawbacks to consider:

  • Cost of Enterprise Plans: While Smartproxy starts at an affordable rate, the enterprise plans can be prohibitively expensive for some users, especially smaller businesses or individuals.

  • Limited Money-Back Guarantee: The short 3-day money-back guarantee period might not be sufficient for users to fully assess the tool’s capabilities and determine if it meets their needs.

Overall, Smartproxy is well-suited for users who need a reliable, versatile, and user-friendly scraping tool with comprehensive support and global data access, all at a relatively affordable price point. However, potential users should weigh these benefits against the cost, especially for more advanced plans, and the brief trial period.

ScrapeStorm offers a range of pricing plans to cater to different needs. Here’s a simplified breakdown of their plans:

  1. Lite Plan:

    • Price (monthly): $50
    • Requests: Starting from 13,000 (varies based on the scraper type)
    • Price per 1,000 requests: Starts at $2
    • Supported Scrapers: SERP, eCommerce, Web, No-Code
    • Support: Live chat, email, Skype, Telegram
  2. Basic Plan:

    • Price (monthly): $100
    • Requests: Starting from 35,000 (varies based on the scraper type)
    • Price per 1,000 requests: Starts at $1
    • Supported Scrapers: SERP, eCommerce, Web
    • Support: Live chat, email, Skype, Telegram
  3. Standard Plan:

    • Price (monthly): $250
    • Requests: Starting from 100,000 (varies based on the scraper type)
    • Price per 1,000 requests: Starts at $0.9
    • Supported Scrapers: SERP, eCommerce, Web
    • Support: Live chat, email, Skype, Telegram
  4. Solid Plan:

    • Price (monthly): $500
    • Requests: Starting from 250,000 (varies based on the scraper type)
    • Price per 1,000 requests: Starts at $0.8
    • Supported Scrapers: SERP, eCommerce, Web
    • Support: Live chat, email, Skype, Telegram

These plans are designed to meet the needs of users at different levels, offering various request limits and price points. Users can choose the plan that best suits their scraping requirements and budget.


1.2 Oxylabs

Oxylabs Social Media Scraping

Oxylabs stands out as a social media scraping tool for several reasons:

  1. Affordability and Versatility: It is regarded as a cost-effective option that doesn’t compromise on the range of features and capabilities. This balance of affordability and versatility makes it appealing to a wide range of users, from individuals to businesses.

  2. Global Coverage: With the ability to scrape data from 195 countries, Oxylabs offers extensive geographical reach. This is particularly valuable for users who require access to data from multiple countries, allowing for comprehensive analysis and research.

  3. Country-Specific Targeting: The tool’s country-specific targeting capability enhances its value by allowing users to focus on specific regions. This is crucial for businesses and researchers who need precise, location-specific data.

  4. Payment for Delivered Results: Oxylabs’ pricing model, where users pay only for the results they receive, is cost-effective and risk-free. This ensures that users are not charged for unsuccessful data scraping attempts.

  5. Ease of Use: The simplicity of the platform, where users can input a URL, select geolocation, and send a query to the API, makes it accessible even to those with limited technical expertise.

  6. Wide Range of Features: Beyond social media scraping, Oxylabs offers features like E-Commerce, real estate, SERP (Search Engine Results Page), and general web scraping. This makes it a comprehensive tool that can cater to various data scraping needs.

  7. Unique Web Crawler Feature: The Web Crawler function, which can discover and fetch data from all pages of a specific site, adds a unique aspect to the tool. This is particularly useful for thorough and in-depth data collection.

However, it’s important to note some drawbacks:

  • Cost of Some API Options: While generally affordable, some specific scraper API options can be expensive, potentially limiting access for smaller businesses or individuals with tight budgets.

  • Short Free Trial Period: The one-week free trial may be insufficient for users to fully test and evaluate the tool’s capabilities, especially for complex scraping needs.

Overall, Oxylabs is a robust and user-friendly tool for social media scraping, offering a wide range of features and global coverage, though it may have limitations in terms of the cost of certain features and the length of its free trial.

The service offers four plans: Free Trial, Micro, Starter, and Advanced. The Free Trial offers 5,000 results and includes 24/7 live chat support, but there’s no monthly cost. All plans provide access to the same types of scrapers: SERP, E-Commerce, Web, and Real Estate.

For the paid plans:

  • Micro Plan: Priced at $49 per month, it offers 17,500 results with a cost of $2.8 per 1,000 results.
  • Starter Plan: Costs $99 monthly, providing 38,000 results at $2.6 per 1,000 results.
  • Advanced Plan: At $249 per month, this plan gives 104,000 results, with the cost being $2.4 per 1,000 results.

Each paid plan includes 24/7 live chat support.


1.3 APIfy

apify social media scraping tool

APIfy appears to be a strong choice for social media scraping based on the details you’ve provided. Here’s a breakdown of why it might be considered a good tool:

  1. Widely Used by Major Companies: Being used by over 15,000 companies, including big names like Samsung, Microsoft, and Accenture, suggests a level of trust and reliability in its functionality. This widespread adoption can be a strong testament to its effectiveness and robustness.

  2. Versatile Scraping Capabilities: APIfy offers individual scraper tools for different social media and standard websites. This versatility allows users to tailor their scraping needs specifically to the platform they are targeting.

  3. Automation and Cloud-Based Solutions: The ability to run web scraping in automation directly in the web browser, without the need for installing additional applications, makes the process more streamlined and user-friendly. Plus, the use of cloud-based programs and actors to enhance scraping capabilities indicates a sophisticated and scalable approach.

  4. Customization and Proxy Support: Offering custom solutions for different social media scraping needs, along with up to 100 shared data center proxies in standard plans, indicates a focus on reliable and efficient data scraping. This is crucial for users needing to navigate through various anti-scraping measures employed by websites.

  5. Community and Data Retention: Access to actor programs developed by the community can greatly enhance scraping capabilities. Additionally, the retention of scraped data in the cloud for up to 21 days before deletion is a valuable feature for managing and analyzing collected data.

However, there are some limitations to consider:

  • Not Beginner-Friendly: The tool might not be ideal for beginners in the field, possibly due to its complexity or lack of certain intuitive features.
  • Technical Limitations: The lack of a custom library to handle web socket communication without a browser could be a technical constraint for some advanced scraping tasks. Additionally, there’s room for improvement in the datasets API, which could affect the ease of data manipulation and integration.
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Overall, APIfy seems well-suited for users and companies looking for a reliable, automated scraping solution that can be tailored to specific needs, especially for those who are not beginners in the field. Its use by large, reputable companies further underscores its effectiveness in complex scraping scenarios.


The service offers three plans: Free, Personal, and Team.

  1. Free Plan:

    • Price: Free
    • Shared Proxies: 20
    • External Proxies: Not available
    • SERP Access: Available for a 30-day trial
    • Support: Community-based
  2. Personal Plan:

    • Price: $49 per month
    • Shared Proxies: 30
    • External Proxies: Available
    • SERP Access: Available
    • Support: Email
  3. Team Plan:

    • Price: $499 per month
    • Shared Proxies: 100
    • External Proxies: Available
    • SERP Access: Available
    • Support: Email and Chat

Each plan increases in price and features, with the Team Plan offering the most in terms of proxies, access, and support options.


1.4 Brightdata

brightdata social media scraping tool

Explain why Brightdata is a good social media scraping tool: Best for – Users who need an all-in-one data collection platform with associated services. Brightdata is another social media scraping tool that you can consider. Because it is a comprehensive web data collection platform, you can enjoy many services from a single dashboard. In addition to web data extraction, the platform offers proxy services. It means you can keep your collection on the right track without getting blocked. Pros It offers a dedicated set of tools for individual forms of social media scraping and data collection from other web platforms You can use pre-designed datasets to ensure the best speed while collecting and analyzing data from multiple platforms. These datasets use AI and Machine Learning along with another tech. The package includes a web unlocker utility that can manage browser fingerprints, cookies, auto-intelligent IP selection, and broad compatibility with devices and platforms. It comes with a dedicated search engine crawler for specific keywords. In addition, you can combine it with social media scraped data for enhanced control. Pros The documentation/support resources can be a little confusing for ultimate beginners in the field Sometimes, the lower-tier data collection packages are not powerful enough for extensive needs

Brightdata appears to be an effective social media scraping tool for several reasons:

  1. Comprehensive Data Collection Platform: As an all-in-one platform, Brightdata simplifies the process of collecting and analyzing data from various web sources, including social media. This centralized approach can be more efficient and user-friendly than using multiple, separate tools.

  2. Proxy Services Integration: The inclusion of proxy services helps in maintaining uninterrupted data collection. This feature is crucial because it helps to avoid being blocked by websites, a common challenge in web scraping activities.

  3. Specialized Tools for Different Needs: Brightdata’s offering of dedicated tools for specific types of social media scraping and other web data collection tasks suggests a tailored approach. This can result in more effective and precise data extraction, suited to the unique requirements of different platforms.

  4. Use of Advanced Technologies: The application of AI and Machine Learning in their pre-designed datasets indicates a sophisticated approach to data collection and analysis. This technology can enhance the speed and accuracy of data extraction, making the process more efficient.

  5. Web Unlocker Utility: This feature, which manages browser fingerprints, cookies, and IP selection, is especially valuable. It enhances the ability to access and scrape data from a variety of sources while maintaining compatibility across devices and platforms.

  6. Search Engine Crawler with Enhanced Control: Having a dedicated crawler for specific keywords, which can be combined with social media scraped data, provides users with a powerful tool for comprehensive web analysis.

However, there are some cons to consider:

  • Complex Documentation/Support: For beginners, the platform’s documentation and support resources might be overwhelming or confusing. This could present a learning curve for those new to the field.

  • Limitations in Lower-Tier Packages: For users with extensive data collection needs, the lower-tier packages might not be sufficient. This could necessitate upgrading to more expensive plans for adequate functionality.

Overall, Brightdata’s strengths seem to lie in its comprehensive, integrated approach to data collection, advanced technological tools, and features designed to overcome common web scraping challenges. However, the potential complexity and limitations of lower-tier packages are factors to consider based on individual needs and expertise.


There are four different plans available, each with varying prices and features.

  • Plan 1: Priced at $350 per month, it includes 100,000 page loads with a per-CPM (cost per thousand impressions) pricing of $3.50.
  • Plan 2: For $750 per month, this plan offers 250,000 page loads and has a per-CPM pricing of $3.00.
  • Plan 3: At $1250 per month, it provides 500,000 page loads with a lower per-CPM rate of $2.50.
  • Plan 4: The most extensive plan, priced at $2000 per month, includes 1,000,000 page loads and offers the lowest per-CPM rate of $2.00.

Each subsequent plan increases in price, but offers more page loads and a more cost-effective per-CPM rate.


1.5 Scrapestack

scrapestack social media scraping tool

Scrapestack appears to be a well-regarded tool for social media scraping, particularly for business customers who require effective web scraping and bulk data management. Here’s a breakdown of its strengths and limitations:


  1. Versatile Plans for Different Business Sizes: Scrapestack’s variety of free and paid plans cater to businesses of various sizes, allowing them to choose the most appropriate option based on their needs and budget.

  2. Extensive Proxy and Browser Support: The ability to handle millions of proxy IPs, browsers, and CAPTCHA patterns suggests a high level of compatibility and flexibility. This feature is particularly useful for businesses that need to scrape data from a wide range of sources under varying conditions.

  3. Robust Infrastructure: The platform’s infrastructure, capable of JS rendering and CAPTCHA solving, is indicative of a powerful and sophisticated system. Such infrastructure is crucial for efficient and effective data scraping, especially when dealing with complex websites.

  4. Global Presence: With operations in over 100 locations worldwide, Scrapestack offers businesses the ability to set very specific parameters for dataset collection, which is vital for those requiring localized data or insights from specific geographical regions.


  1. Limited Technical Support: Although Scrapestack provides excellent documentation, the options for instant support might be limited. This could be a drawback for businesses that require immediate assistance or face complex issues that cannot be resolved through documentation alone.

  2. Not a Comprehensive Solution: While Scrapestack is effective for certain aspects of social media scraping, it may not offer a complete, all-encompassing solution. Businesses seeking a 360-degree tool for social media scraping might need to look at additional or alternative options to complement Scrapestack’s capabilities.


Scrapestack is well-suited for businesses looking for a straightforward, powerful tool for web scraping and bulk data management, especially those that value a robust infrastructure and global reach. However, it may not be the best fit for businesses that need comprehensive social media scraping solutions or require extensive technical support. It’s advisable for potential users to evaluate their specific needs against Scrapestack’s offerings to determine if it’s the right tool for them.


  1. Free Plan:

    • Price: $0/month
    • Requests: 100
    • Support: Limited
    • Encryption: None
    • Geolocations: None
  2. Basic Plan:

    • Price: $19.99/month
    • Requests: 200,000
    • Support: Unlimited
    • Encryption: HTTPS
    • Geolocations: 100+
  3. Professional Plan:

    • Price: $79.99/month
    • Requests: 1,000,000
    • Support: Unlimited
    • Encryption: HTTPS
    • Geolocations: 100+
  4. Business Plan:

    • Price: $199.99/month
    • Requests: 3,000,000
    • Support: Premium
    • Encryption: HTTPS
    • Geolocations: 100+

These plans offer different levels of requests, support, encryption, and geolocation options, catering to various user needs and budgets.


1.6 Agenty

agenty social media scraping tool

Agenty is highly regarded as an effective social media scraping tool, particularly for business users who require advanced control and automation in their data scraping processes. Here are some key reasons why Agenty stands out:


  1. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Cloud Computing: Agenty leverages RPA, allowing for automated and efficient data scraping processes. Combined with cloud computing, it provides scalable and reliable performance.

  2. Versatility in Services: It offers a range of services, including data scraping, text extraction, OCR (Optical Character Recognition), change detection, and sentiment analysis. This versatility makes it suitable for various business needs.

  3. Effective Data Extraction Algorithm: Agenty’s algorithm is robust across multiple systems, making it highly efficient for tasks like feed collection and data comparison.

  4. User-Friendly Interface: With its Google Chrome extension, users can initiate social media data scraping effortlessly, without the need for coding or complex configurations.

  5. Advanced Features: Features such as batch URL crawling, scheduling, and the ability to scrape data from both public and password-protected websites enhance its functionality.

  6. Integration Capabilities: Agenty can be easily integrated with other platforms like Google Suite, Dropbox, S3, Webhook, etc., facilitating a seamless workflow.


  1. Limited Customization Post-Data Import: Once data is imported into Agenty, there may be limitations in how it can be customized or manipulated, which might be a drawback for users needing high levels of data manipulation.

  2. Lack of Conversion Tracking and Lead Management Features: While Agenty excels in data scraping, it falls short in areas like conversion tracking and lead management, which could be beneficial additions for a comprehensive business tool.


Agenty’s strengths lie in its ease of use, versatility, and advanced scraping capabilities, making it a suitable choice for business users who need a robust and automated data scraping solution. However, its limited post-import customization and lack of certain business-focused features like lead management may require users to supplement it with other tools for a complete business solution.


The service offers four plans:

  1. Free Plan

    • Price: $0/month
    • Requests: 100
    • Support: Limited
    • Encryption: None
    • Geolocations: None
  2. Basic Plan

    • Price: $19.99/month
    • Requests: 200,000
    • Support: Unlimited
    • Encryption: HTTPS
    • Geolocations: 100+
  3. Professional Plan

    • Price: $79.99/month
    • Requests: 1,000,000
    • Support: Unlimited
    • Encryption: HTTPS
    • Geolocations: 100+
  4. Business Plan

    • Price: $199.99/month
    • Requests: 3,000,000
    • Support: Premium
    • Encryption: HTTPS
    • Geolocations: 100+

Each successive plan increases in price, number of requests, and level of support, with all except the Free Plan offering HTTPS encryption and access to over 100 geolocations.


1.7 ScraperAPI

scraperapi social media scraping tool

ScraperAPI appears to be a strong choice for businesses requiring a dedicated tool for social media scraping, particularly for those looking to integrate scraping capabilities into custom software or portals. Here are some reasons based on the information provided:

  1. Large IP Pool: With a vast pool of over 40 million IPs globally, ScraperAPI significantly reduces the risk of getting blocked during scraping activities. This is particularly useful for social media scraping where platforms often have robust anti-scraping measures.

  2. High Scalability: The capability to scrape over 100 million pages per month caters to businesses with heavy-duty scraping needs. This level of scalability is beneficial for large-scale data collection and analysis.

  3. Customizability: The fully customizable API and Proxy mode are advantageous for businesses looking to tailor the scraping tool to their specific software and application needs. This flexibility ensures that ScraperAPI can be integrated seamlessly into various business processes.

  4. High-Speed and Unlimited Bandwidth: Speeds of 100Mb/s and unlimited bandwidth are significant advantages. They enable quick data retrieval and processing without additional costs for bandwidth, leading to time and cost savings.

  5. Free Trial without Credit Card Requirement: Offering a 7-day free trial without the need for a credit card lowers the entry barrier for potential users. This allows businesses to test the service and its compatibility with their requirements without financial commitment.

  6. Discount Availability: The availability of a discount code (e.g., “proxyguide10”) makes it more accessible financially, especially for smaller businesses or those just starting with scraping activities.

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However, there are some cons to consider:

  1. Imperfect Anti-Block System: While ScraperAPI has measures to prevent blocking, the system is not foolproof. This might result in occasional challenges in scraping certain sites, especially those with stringent anti-scraping measures.

  2. Cost of Lower Plans: The lower-tier plans may be expensive and may not offer the best value for money. This could be a deterrent for small businesses or individual users with limited budgets.

In summary, ScraperAPI seems well-suited for businesses with substantial scraping needs, requiring a scalable, customizable, and efficient tool. However, potential users should weigh the cost against their specific requirements and budget constraints.


  1. Hobby Plan:

    • Price: $29
    • API Calls: 250,000
    • Concurrent Threads: 10
    • Support: Email
    • Geo Targeting: No
  2. Startup Plan:

    • Price: $99
    • API Calls: 1,000,000
    • Concurrent Threads: 25
    • Support: Email
    • Geo Targeting: USA
  3. Business Plan:

    • Price: $249
    • API Calls: 3,000,000
    • Concurrent Threads: 50
    • Support: Priority Email
    • Geo Targeting: 12+ Geo Targeting options

These plans offer different pricing levels, API call limits, concurrent thread allowances, support options, and geo-targeting features to meet a variety of user needs and preferences.


1.8 ScrapeStorm

scrapingstorm social media scraping tool

ScrapeStorm stands out as a good social media scraping tool, particularly for advertisers who lack a background in programming or complex coding. Its user-friendly interface and advanced features make it accessible and efficient for a variety of scraping tasks. Here’s a breakdown of why ScrapeStorm is considered a favorable choice:

  1. User-Friendly for Non-Programmers: One of ScrapeStorm’s primary advantages is its no-code requirement. This makes it an ideal tool for users who are not skilled in programming, allowing them to scrape web data without needing to write any code.

  2. AI-Powered Smart Mode: The AI algorithms used in ScrapeStorm’s smart mode intelligently identify and scrape lists, tabular data, and pagination buttons. This feature simplifies the process as users don’t have to set scraping rules manually, just enter the URL.

  3. Visual Flowchart: The flowchart feature presents complex scraping rules in an easily understandable visual format. Users can click on any part of a webpage to see the associated scraping rules and a simulation of the scraping process. This visual approach greatly enhances usability and understanding.

  4. Scheduling and IP Rotation: ScrapeStorm allows users to schedule scraping tasks and enables IP rotation to prevent getting blacklisted by servers. This is crucial for continuous and uninterrupted scraping activities.

  5. Versatility for Different User Levels: ScrapeStorm caters to a wide range of users, from individuals to enterprise-level teams. It offers features like a speed boost engine, webhook, and RESTful API, making it adaptable to various scraping requirements.

  6. Multiple Data Export Formats: The ability to auto-export scraped data in various formats (CSV, Excel, TXT, HTML, MySQL, SQL Server, MongoDB, WordPress, and Google Sheets) is a significant advantage, offering flexibility in how the data is used and integrated into different systems.

However, there are some cons to consider:

  • Multi-Device Login Issues: Users have experienced difficulties logging in to multiple devices with a single ID. This can be a limitation for teams or individuals who work on multiple platforms.

  • Performance with Complex Websites: ScrapeStorm can be slow when extracting data from websites with complex structures, and the UI may become unresponsive with extensive datasets. This indicates a need for more robust performance optimization for handling larger or more complex scraping tasks.

In summary, ScrapeStorm is well-suited for advertisers and users without technical expertise in coding, offering a visually intuitive, AI-enhanced, and versatile scraping solution. While it excels in user-friendliness and a range of features, potential users should be aware of its limitations in handling very complex or large-scale scraping tasks.


Here’s a simplified description of the pricing and features for the three plans:

  1. Starter (Free) Plan:

    • Price: FREE (annually)
    • Scraping Task: 10
    • Export to Local File: 100 Rows
    • IP Rotation: No
    • Scheduling: No
  2. Professional Plan:

    • Price: $39.99/month
    • Scraping Task: 100
    • Export to Local File: 10,000 Rows
    • IP Rotation: Yes
    • Scheduling: Yes
  3. Premium Plan:

    • Price: $79.99/month
    • Scraping Task: Unlimited
    • Export to Local File: Unlimited
    • IP Rotation: Yes
    • Scheduling: Yes

These plans offer different levels of service and are priced accordingly, with the Premium Plan providing the most comprehensive features.


1.9 Diffbot

diffbot social media scraping tool

Diffbot presents itself as an effective tool for social media scraping, especially for business customers who require a comprehensive solution for various forms of data retrieval. Here’s why Diffbot is highly regarded:

  1. Comprehensive Data Solution: Diffbot is designed as a complete solution for data collection, integration, and interpretation, regardless of the data type. This makes it suitable for businesses that handle diverse data sources and need an all-in-one platform.

  2. Integration of AI and ML: The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) in its operations sets Diffbot apart. This integration allows for the processing and interpretation of social media data quickly and efficiently, providing actionable insights.

  3. Trusted by Major Organizations: Diffbot’s client base, including prominent companies like Intel, DuckDuckGo, Yandex, Microsoft, and FINRA, is a testament to its reliability and effectiveness. The use by such organizations can give new users confidence in its capabilities.

  4. Versatile Data Integration and Control: The tool offers extensive data collection and integration capabilities, granting users significant control over both the process and the outcomes of their data scraping efforts.

  5. Range of Services Offered: Diffbot includes various services such as Knowledge Graph Search, Knowledge Graph Enhance, Natural Language, Extract, and Crawl, along with customizable features. This variety ensures a broad range of use cases can be accommodated.

  6. Scalability and Customization: As businesses grow and their requirements evolve, Diffbot’s non-rule-based nature allows for customization, making it scalable and adaptable to changing needs.

However, there are some drawbacks:

  • Learning Curve: Although no coding is required, new users may need time to familiarize themselves with the platform. This could be a hurdle for those who need to start scraping data immediately.

  • Complex Data Output: In some cases, the data retrieved can be complex, requiring additional time and effort to filter and organize. This might be challenging for users who need straightforward, easily interpretable data.

Overall, Diffbot’s strengths in handling complex data, AI integration, and scalability make it a robust choice for businesses looking for a comprehensive tool for social media scraping and data integration.


Here’s a concise and clear description of the pricing options:

  1. Startup Plan:

    • Price: $299 per month
    • Extract Options: Datacenter Proxies only
    • Credits: 250,000
    • Calls per Second: 5
    • License: Single User
    • Support: Email
  2. Plus Plan:

    • Price: $899 per month
    • Extract Options: Datacenter Proxies and Bulk Extract
    • Credits: 1,000,000
    • Calls per Second: 25
    • License: 3 Users
    • Support: Email

The Startup Plan is more affordable and suitable for single users, while the Plus Plan offers higher credits, more features, and allows for three users to access the service.


1.10 Mozenda

mozenda social media scraping tool

Mozenda stands out as a social media scraping tool for several reasons, tailored to meet the needs of users and businesses seeking managed scraping services. Here’s an analysis of why Mozenda could be considered a good choice:

  1. Preferred by Major Companies: The fact that Mozenda is trusted by a significant number of Fortune 500 companies for web scraping indicates a high level of reliability and effectiveness in meeting complex scraping needs.

  2. Managed Scraping Services: Mozenda’s approach of managing the heavy-lifting of scraping processes is a significant advantage. This service model means that users can receive freshly scraped social media data without needing to engage deeply in the technical aspects of scraping.

  3. Data Integration and Presentation: The ability to integrate data with leading partner sites or perform custom data integration with selected sites is highly beneficial. Moreover, the use of data wrangling software for data presentation and preparation means that the raw data is not only harvested but also compiled into a more usable and tidy form, aiding in decision-making processes.

  4. Versatile Data Scraping and Export Options: Mozenda’s capability to scrape data from various formats like images, texts, and PDFs on social media web pages, and to export this data in several renowned formats (JSON, TSV, CSV, XML, XLSX), makes it highly versatile. This is particularly useful for users needing to process and use data in different contexts.

  5. On-Premise Scraping Option: Offering an on-premise social media scraping option, where all the software is installed on the user’s hardware, provides more control over the data and customized solutions. This can be crucial for businesses with specific security or data governance requirements.

However, there are some downsides to consider:

  • Limited Testing/Logical Functionality: An inadequate testing or logical functionality might limit the tool’s ability to handle more complex scraping tasks or to adequately test the data scraping processes.
  • No Support for Flash Sites: The inability to scrape from Flash sites could be a limitation for users who need data from such sources.
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In summary, Mozenda is well-suited for users and businesses looking for a comprehensive, managed scraping solution that offers data in an organized manner, with a focus on ease of use and integration capabilities. While it may have some limitations in terms of testing and support for certain types of websites, its strengths in data handling and preparation make it a strong contender in the realm of social media scraping tools.



importio social media scraping tool stands out as a social media scraping tool for several reasons, particularly for businesses and marketers who need to scrape social media data on a large scale:

  1. Scale and Efficiency: is designed for large-scale data scraping, learning from user actions to improve efficiency. This adaptability makes it particularly suitable for businesses that need to handle large volumes of data regularly.

  2. Ease of Use: The tool simplifies the scraping process by allowing users to simply enter a URL, after which it manages the extraction process. This user-friendly approach is beneficial for users who may not have advanced technical skills.

  3. Capability to Extract Behind Login Pages: The ability to scrape data from pages hidden behind logins expands the range of data accessible to users. This feature is crucial for comprehensive social media analysis, as much content is often restricted to logged-in users.

  4. Advanced Training and Customization Options: The tool’s capability to auto-train using machine learning algorithms means it can quickly adapt to various data extraction scenarios. Additionally, the ability to apply custom JavaScripts and create custom extraction rules using XPath and Regex offers flexibility and precision in data scraping.

  5. Compliance with GDPR: Automatically redacting personally identifiable information (PII) in accordance with GDPR compliance is a significant advantage. It ensures that businesses can scrape data while adhering to privacy regulations, which is increasingly important in today’s data-sensitive environment.

However, there are some drawbacks:

  • Cost: The starting price of $299/month can be prohibitive for single-user customers or small businesses with limited budgets. This pricing model suggests that the tool is more geared towards larger enterprises or users with significant data scraping needs.

  • Tool Stability: There may be issues with stability on low-end computers, which could be a limitation for users without access to high-performance computing resources.

In terms of pricing, while is on the higher end, the availability of a trial version allows potential users to evaluate the tool’s capabilities before committing to a purchase.

Overall,’s strengths lie in its scalability, ease of use, advanced training and customization options, and compliance with data protection regulations. These features make it a compelling choice for businesses and marketers focused on large-scale social media data scraping, although the cost and potential stability issues on lower-end computers are factors to consider.

1.12 ScrapingRobot

scrapingrobot social media scraping tool

ScrapingRobot seems to be a particularly useful tool for digital marketers who require detailed web data extraction, especially from websites with complex structures. Here’s an analysis of its strengths and limitations:


  1. In-Built Parsing Logic: The tool eliminates the need for a separate parser for metadata, as it comes with an integrated parsing logic. This feature simplifies the process and reduces the time and resources required for data extraction.

  2. Machine Learning-Enhanced Extractor: The ability to auto-train the extractor using machine learning algorithms is a significant advantage. It allows users to quickly transform a URL into a dataset, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in data scraping.

  3. No Need for Extensive Proxy Pools: ScrapingRobot manages the proxy requirements internally, using’s onboard pool. This aspect is particularly beneficial for users who want to avoid the hassle and expense of maintaining their own proxy pools. It also helps in achieving higher conversion rates with fewer bans.

  4. Customizable Templates (Modules): The presence of custom templates or modules with predefined configurations greatly eases the scraping process. This feature can save time and effort, especially for users who regularly scrape similar types of data.


  1. Limited Data Export Formats: The tool supports a limited number of formats for data export, which might restrict its usability for users who require data in specific formats not supported by ScrapingRobot.

  2. Lack of Direct Social Media Integration: The absence of direct integration with leading social media platforms could be a significant limitation, especially for digital marketers who rely heavily on social media data. This means users may need to find workarounds or use additional tools for integrating scraped data with their social media analytics.


ScrapingRobot is well-suited for digital marketers and professionals who need to extract detailed web data, particularly from complex websites. Its machine learning capabilities, in-built parsing logic, and internal proxy management make it a robust and efficient tool. However, its limitations in data export formats and lack of direct social media integration might require users to seek supplementary solutions or consider other tools if these aspects are critical for their specific needs.


There are three pricing plans available: Free, Business, and Enterprise.

  • Free Plan: This plan is entirely free of charge and includes 5000 scrapes. It does not offer custom API requests but does provide proxy management and the ability to parse data before presentation.

  • Business Plan: Priced at $0.0018 per scrape, this plan offers a range of 0 to 500,000 scrapes. It includes proxy management, the ability to parse data before presentation, and does not include custom API requests.

  • Enterprise Plan: The Enterprise plan costs $0.00045 per scrape and is suitable for those requiring 500,000 or more scrapes. It includes custom API requests, proxy management, and the option to parse data before presentation.

Each plan has its own pricing structure and features, catering to different needs and usage levels.


1.13 OutWit

outwit services social media scraping tool

OutWit is an effective social media scraping tool, particularly suited for users looking for a comprehensive, standalone software solution. Here’s an overview of why OutWit is a good choice:


  1. Standalone Software: OutWit Hub is a self-contained software, eliminating the need for additional plugins or extensions. This makes it a convenient all-in-one solution for social media scraping and data collection.

  2. Customizability: Users have the flexibility to customize the software’s appearance and functionality, tailoring it to specific needs and preferences.

  3. Versatile Use Cases: The tool is versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes including brand identity audits, monitoring ads, e-commerce, and social media monitoring. This wide range of applications makes it suitable for different business needs.

  4. Tailor-Made Scrapers: OutWit offers the service of creating custom scrapers based on individual user requirements. This ensures that both basic and advanced needs are met, providing a personalized experience.

  5. User Interface Flexibility: The user interface can be as simple or complex as needed, catering to both novice users and those requiring more sophisticated features.


  1. Cost of Custom Tools: Developing custom scrapers can be expensive, making it potentially less suitable for beginners or those with a limited budget.

  2. Time-Consuming Process: Since custom solutions require providing requirements and waiting for development, there can be delays in getting the tool up and running, which might not be ideal for time-sensitive projects.


OutWit stands out for its customizability, versatility, and the ability to serve as a comprehensive standalone tool for various web scraping needs, including social media. However, the cost and time involved in developing custom solutions may be a drawback for some users, especially those new to web scraping or with limited budgets. Despite these cons, for users who require a tailored solution and have the resources to invest in it, OutWit presents a robust and adaptable option.


The pricing plans of OutWit social media scraping are custom-made.


2. What is a social media scraping tool?

A social media scraping tool is an automatic application that scrapes or extracts user data from the social media websites available for the public.

Tools have bots that can be set based on different parameters, such as scraping data of users living in a particular city or following certain pages or posts on social media.

When combined with API(Application programming interface), Bots can deliver streamlined results within a short period. Make sure to use a good proxy for the tool to avoid getting blacklisted by the platforms.

3. Social Media Scraping Tools FAQ

3.1 Are free scraping plans enough to get things done?

You can always use free trials for getting started. The problem arises when you need all the features onboard, involving bigger scrape requirements. You cannot rely on free plans to scrape social media data as the quota gets plummeted pretty quickly.

3.2 Do we need programming expertise for scraping social media data using these tools?

Some extra features like custom scripts and modules require JavaScript, python to get things done. You can quickly get by using the conventional methods in cases of standard requirements. Tools such as Mozenda and Scrapestorm are your best bet as they emphasize usability for non-programmers.

3.3 Cloud vs. Desktop app – Which one is better?

This is a question you must ask yourself, interpolating your requirements. Cloud is ideal for users who want their data backed up and tools accessible from anywhere, on several devices.

On the other hand, a desktop app is ideal for on-site deployment involving large-scale scraping. You need a specialized hardware setup for obtaining data from social media sites on a large scale.

3.4 Are onboard proxy pools better than mine?

You will need to test the onboard proxies to determine their feasibility and reliability. Your custom requirements may warrant specific proxies that cannot be matched by the ones provided by the tool.

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