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3 BEST VPN for Overwatch 2021 [No Lag & Remove IP Ban]

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Some of you may wonder if you can play Overwatch on a VPN and the answer to that question is yes. I have listed a few great VPN providers below for playing Overwatch and gaming in general. You may have a concern with VPN bans, but that should not be an issue.

For the past few years, Blizzard Entertainment has taken the online video game industry by storm with one of its newer games: Overwatch! This first-person shooter game features a multiplayer concept wherein two teams that comprise of six members each battle each other and accomplish various objectives laid out throughout three game modes that are PvP (player vs. player). There are three other game modes that the game offers to its players; however, they are used for practice games and customizing a quick game with close friends.

1. Best VPN for Overwatch in 2021

Because of this lingering issue, gamers have sought many possible ways to alleviate this. One way to overcome this issue is to invest in a VPN (a virtual private network). These kinds of network servers aid gamers in their online ventures, providing them a platform that could help them reduce lag and smooth out FPS. Moreover, this supplies them with a safer and more secure gaming experience. As we all know, the internet world is notorious for cyber attacks. Games like Overwatch are no exception to this kind of security threat. Data encryption is one of the key components in a VPN. In terms of online games, this is an essential asset because it directly establishes servers that run at high-speeds.

There are many VPNs to choose from that can support Overwatch players in their gaming endeavors.

  • NordVPN, one of the top choices for Overwatch players, is a high-quality VPN that provides a vast array of highly secured features such as split tunneling and AES-256 encryption. This VPN brand is compatible with many devices like macOS, Windows, and Android.
  • ExpressVPN, another sought-after choice by gamers, is a VPN that is grounded on all things quick and fast. This brand advocate for speedy connections and quick responses, making it perfect for players who engage in fast-paced games. Just like NordVPN, ExpressVPN is compatible with many devices like macOS, Windows, and Android.
  • Lastly, PureVPN is a secure and trustworthy VPN that caters to the needs of players who need smoother gaming experiences.
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2. Why you may need a VPN when playing Overwatch

As mentioned a while ago, this Blizzard Entertainment game is a first-person shooter game that features a multiplayer concept wherein two teams of six battle against each other. Players are tasked to execute the enemy team in order to do their objectives and, ultimately, win the game. This harbors the idea of fast-paced gaming, using quick reflexes and precise hand and eye coordination when playing games like Overwatch.

Low pings and steady FPS (frames per second) are two essential factors in fast-paced games. However, problems with these two factors arise quite a lot when engaging in these kinds of games. Sometimes, because of a slow internet connection, gamers have to endure through high pings, rendering their game to lag. When this happens, sometimes, the sudden shift of internet connection speed can vary greatly. An occurrence like this is called a “spike.” This is an unfortunate incident when playing Overwatch because players are not able to accurately land their skillshots and escape from the enemy team tailing them.

Moreover, an FPS that fluctuates a lot also contributes to lag in a game. The sudden shift of frames per second could alter the result of any game clashes. Take this as an example. Imagine choosing a support hero and, when a clash happened, the internet connection spiked. Instead of being able to heal the team or stun the enemy team in order to create an opening for the other team members to eliminate them, the support hero froze up and inevitably died in that clash. It’s obviously not the player’s fault. However, this mishap makes it inconvenient for that person’s fellow team members. Instead of having a good game, the whole team has to endure someone who has a fluctuating FPS and high ping.

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3. Game Modes: Overwatch’s Big Three

According to Overwatch’s official website, these three PvP game modes are as follows: Quick Play, Arcade, and Competitive Play (ranked games). The first mode mentioned, Quick Play, is where players are able to go against others that are of the same skill level as them. Skill level, in this Blizzard Entertainment game, is determined by the rank that one has established in his/her “Competitive Play” mode (which will be discussed in a few). If a gamer wants to engage in a quick game or two, as made evident by the name of the game mode, Quick Play is the way to go. The second game mode, Arcade, is a place for experimental plays wherein players can try out new characters without having to risk their ranks decreasing or increasing in any way. People are able to gain rewards with this game mode on a weekly basis.

Competitive Play, the third game mode, is the platform in which gamers are able to contend against others and grind their way to the top of the ranks. This is where avid fans of the game are able to battle against others for the prize of getting the highest rank there is the wholly coveted Grandmaster! To grind to the top, players have to go through six other ranks (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Masters) before acquiring the Grandmaster title. Ranks are achieved through a trophy system. Gamers are granted trophies after every game in accordance with their gameplays and how well they executed their chosen characters’ skills and abilities.

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4. Hero Types: The Astounding 32

Players are able to pick from a wide roster of uniquely designed heroes, each having his/her own set of skills and abilities tailored to the specific roles that they all partake in. To date, Overwatch has a total of 32 characters for gamers to choose from. Each of these characters has their own distinct set of abilities that are tailored to serve their individual purposes. These heroes all procure a particular job in a team, ranging from inflicting damage types to healing and tank types. The game utilizes three types of hero roles: tank, damage, and support. Each of these roles is quite self-explanatory, immediately showing the kind of gameplay that a character from the Blizzard game provides.

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